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 1 vs. Scotland
Saturday, 5 March 1870
an unofficial International friendly

England 1 Scotland 1 [0-0]
there is a half-time score because no goals were scored within the first 45 minutes.
postponed from Saturday, 19 February 1870, due to severe frost

The Surrey Cricket Ground, The Oval, Kennington, London
Kick-off (London Time): 'soon after a quarter past three o'clock';
Attendance: 'a very numerous assemblage', 'large number of spectators';

Charlie Alcock kicked-off.
    Played according to Football Association rules.
  [0-1] Robert Crawford 75
following a long run by Lindsay and an Alcock mistake 'a long and rather lucky kick'
[1-1] Alfred Baker 89
 'by an exceptionally fast and well-sustained run'

Match Summary

No Officials

No mention is ever made of Umpires and Referees, which indicates that any disputes were settled between the Captains - Andy Mitchell's First Elevens, page 21. Notes: Thomas Hooman, Wanderers and Old Carthusians, was due to start for England, he was replaced with Alcock. Butler replaced Crystal Palace's A.Llloyd. The 17 year-old Thornton was due to be the original captain, until Alcock took over.
RRN Ferguson, Civil Service and Lord Kilmarnock (Charles Gore Hay), Old Harrovians, were due to start for Scotland. They were replaced by Gordon and Morten respectively.

England Team



No official ranking system established; Colours: not known
Capt: Charles W. Alcock Selector: None; team selection by Charles W. Alcock, 27, and Robert Graham;
England Lineup
  Alcock, Charles William 27
93 days
2 December 1842 -

Wanderers FC, Old Harrovians AFC & Upton Park FC

Baker, Alfred Joseph 24
23 days
10 February 1846 F

Wanderers FC & No Names FC

  Bowen, Edward Ernest 32
340 days
30 March 1836
in Ireland

Wanderers FC & Harrow Chequers FC

  Butler, William Charles 26
47 days
17 January 1844 -

Barnes Club

Crake, William Parry 18
22 days
11 February 1852
in India

Wanderers FC & Harrow Chequers FC

  Freeth, Evelyn 23
284 days
25 May 1846 B

Wanderers FC, Old Etonians AFC & Civil Service FC

  Lubbock, Edgar 22
11 days
22 February 1847 B

Wanderers FC & Old Etonians AFC & West Kent FC

  Nash, Alexander Andrew Ellis 20
187 days
30 August 1849 F

Wanderers FC & Clapham Rovers FC

  Smith, Giulio Cowley Tyler 20
307 days
2 May 1849 -

Wanderers FC, Crusaders FC & Westminsters School FC

  Thornton, Alfred Horace 17
37 days
27 January 1853
in India

Wanderers FC & Old Harrovians AFC

  Vidal, Robert Walpole Sealy 16
183 days
3 September 1853 F

Wanderers FC & Westminsters School FC

formation not known  

Averages (Starting XI):


22 years 306 days



Scotland Team



No official ranking system established;

Colours: not known
Capt: James Kirkpatrick Selector: None; team selection by Arthur Kinnaird and James Kirkpatrick, from London-based teams.
Scotland Lineup
  Baillie-Hamilton, Charles Robert 21
162 days
24 September 1848
in Greenwich

Civil Service FC, England

  Baillie-Hamilton, William Alexander 25
180 days
6 September 1844
in Brighton

Civil Service FC & Old Harrovians AFC, both England

Crawford, Robert Ernest Wade 17
183 days
5 September 1852
in Jersey

Harrow Chequers FC, England

  Gladstone MP, William Henry 29
275 days
3 June 1840
in Wales

Old Etonians AFC, England

  Gordon, George Croughly 19
257 days
21 June 1850
in London

CCC (Clapham), Civil Service FC & No Names FC, all England

  Kinnaird, Arthur Fitzgerald 23
17 days
16 February 1847
in London

Crusaders FC  Wanderers FC & Old Etonians AFC, all England

  Kirkpatrick, James 28
348 days
22 March 1841
in Canada

Civil Service FC & Wanderers FC, both England

  Lindsay, William 22
214 days
3 August 1847
in India

Civil Service FC & Old Wykehamists AFC, both England

  Malcolm MP, John Wingfield 36
323 days
16 April 1833
in London

London Scottish Rifles FC & Old Etonians AFC, both England

  Morten, Alexander 37/38 1831/32
in London

Crystal Palace FC, England

  Muir Mackenzie, Kenneth Augustus 24
249 days
29 June 1845
The only Scot in the team
- Old Carthusians AFC, England
formation not known  

Averages (Starting XI):


25 years 3 days based on ten players
however, the addition of Morten's numbers will make this significantly rise



Match Report The Illustrated Sporting and Theatrical News, Saturday, 12 March 1870, page 7.

This match took place at Kennington Oval on Saturday in the presence of a very numerous assemblage of spectators. The match was first fixed for Saturday, the 19th of February, but was postponed in consequence of the severe frost until Saturday last. Both sides were well represented, though the Scottish eleven were crippled by the unavoidable retirement of Lord Kilmarnock and R. N. Ferguson. Soon after a quarter past three o'clock the English captain, having lost the toss for choice of goals, and thereby placed his eleven under the disadvantage of contending against an unusually strong wind, kicked off, the ground, it may be added, being rather too greasy for dribbling purposes. During the early portion of the game the Scottish team held a slight advantage, the opposition of the wind, combined with the slippery nature of the ground, prevented the Englishmen from making any impression on the ranks of their opponents. Gradually, however, warming to their work, and becoming more accustomed to each other's game, the English eleven commenced to assail the quarters occupied by their rivals, and although, when three quarters of an hour had elapsed, and a change of ends was necessitated, no event of moment had fallen to either side, it was   apparent that the tide was steadily turning in favor of the English. At four o'clock positions were accordingly reversed and from this time the English, aided by the wind, kept their opponents closely besieged, the excellent defence of Messrs W H Gladstone and A Morten, the latter of whom proved a most efficient goal keeper, alone frustrating the ceaseless attacks of Baker, Crake and Vidal among the English forwards. This siege of the Scottish lines was never raised until a quarter of an hour before the time fixed for the cessation of the game, when owing to an excess of confidence on the part of the English captain the English goal, which had been left quite unprotected, fell to a long and rather lucky kick by R E Crawford, this evidently unexpected success of the Scotchmen creating no little excitement among their partisans. After the further change of ends the Englishmen awakened to the necessity of renewed exertions, playing up with desperate energy, and their efforts were happily rewarded just as time was called by a most brilliant run on the part of A Baker, who thus saved England from the odium of defeat and left the question of the respective merits of the two countries on the football field as open a question as before the commencement of the match.


Source Notes

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original newspaper report

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Douglas Lamming's A Scottish Internationalists' Who's Who 1872-1986


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