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Minutes of Annual General Meeting
On Monday, 17th June, 1901.

MR. D. W. FOY (Irish Football Association) P

PRESENT:J. Sheehan (Irish Football Association), J. K. McDowall and R. Dixon (Scottish Football Association), C. Crump and R. P. Gregson (The Football Association), T. E. Thomas and John Davies (The Football Association of Wales). Mr. J. MacBride (Hon. Sec. Irish Football Association), acted as Secretary.

The Minutes of the Meeting held at Llangollen, Wales, were read and confirmed.

Mr. McDowall proposed the following alteration :—

Law 14.—Delete "12 yards from his own goal line" and substitute "a radius of 12 yards from either goal post."


Law 14.—Delete "any point 12 yards from the goal line" and insert "the 12 yards line opposite to where the infringement took place."

Mr. Davies seconded the alteration.

Messrs. Gregson and Crump opposed on behalf of the Football Association, and the Chairman and Mr. Sheehan opposed on behalf of the Irish Football Association, and no alteration was therefore made.

Mr. Crump proposed, and Mr. Sheehan seconded the following alteration :—

Law 1.—After "goal-post" in line 13 introduce the following sentence :— "A short dotted line shall be marked out 18 yards from each goal-line to assist the Referee in enforcing the regulations as regards the penalty kick under Law 14."

After discussion Mr. Crump was given permission to alter the proposal to the following :—"A suitable mark shall be made opposite each goal-post, 18 yards from the goal-line, to assist the Referee in enforcing the regulations as regards the penalty kick under Law 14."

This alteration was unanimously agreed to.

Law 1.—The word "also" was introduced after the word "shall in line 14.

The following alterations were also proposed by Mr. Crump and adopted unanimously :—

Law 8 to read : "A player shall not intentionally handle the ball under any pretence whatever, the goal-keeper excepted who may within his own half of the field of play use his hands, but shall not carry the ball. The goal-keeper may be changed during the game, but notice of such change must first be given to the Referee."

Law 10—To be added, "or when he has passed outside the 6 yards semi-circles."

Law 14—To read, "if any player shall intentionally trip, charge from behind, push, kick, jump at, or hold &c."

Law 17—To be added, "A free kick shall also be awarded to the opposite side if under Law 14 the ball is not kicked forward, or is played a second time by the player who takes the penalty kick until it has been played by another player."

It was decided to place a note on the Minutes that next year the question shall be considered of Amalgamating Laws 10 and 14, excepting the part which refers to the goal-keeper.

The Representatives of the Football Association withdrew the request that the Board should make some provision which will give a National Association, as regards its Cup Matches, jurisdiction over clubs and players of another National Association who may be guilty of misconduct ; and it was left to the Football Association and Football Association of Wales to come an agreement, and have same recorded on the Minutes.

NOTE.—The following agreement has since been entered into between the two Associations concerned :—"It is mutually agreed between the Football Association and the Football Association of Wales, that any case of misconduct on the part of Clubs or players which may occur in connection with Cup Matches, shall be dealt with by the Association having control of the competition, and that each Association will adopt and carry out the decision of the other with regard to such cases."

The Board was asked to give a ruling on the following point :—May a Referee award a free kick and not a penalty kick if a player unintentionally charges from behind, pushes, or holds an opponent within twelve yards from his own goal line?

It was decided to allow the question to remain on the minutes until next year, so that it may be decided in conjunction with the proposed amalgamation of Laws 10 and 14.


The following are


Law 14.—"If a Goalkeeper has been changed without the Referee being notified, and the New Goalkeeper handles the ball within the 12 yards' line, a penalty kick must be awarded."

"In the event of the ball touching the goal-keeper before passing between the posts when a penalty kick is being taken at the expiry of time, a goal is scored."


Mr. McDowall moved, and Mr. Gregson seconded—"That the Agreement re Referees passed at Rostrevor, on 14th June, 1897, be rescinded. Passed unanimously.

Moved by Mr. Thomas, seconded by Mr. Crump, and passed unanimously—"That from this date no item in the Memorandum of Agreements shall be altered or rescinded without notice being given in accordance with Rule 3 of the International Board.


The Football Association gave notice that they will ask the Board to consider the desirability of introducing a Law to give Referees power to deal with Linesmen who have been guilty of serious misconduct.

On the motion of Mr. Crump, seconded by Mr. Dixon, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the Chairman for his conduct in the Chair.

On the motion of Mr. McDowall, seconded by Mr. Davies, the best thanks of the Board were tendered to Mr. MacBride for acting as Secretary.

D. W. FOY, Chairman.
J. MACBRIDE, Secretary.