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'B' 02 vs. Switzerland
Wednesday, 21 May 1947
End-of-Season Tour 'B' Friendly Match

Switzerland 0 FA XI 0 [0-0]
Stadium to be confirmed, Genève
Kick-off (CET): tbc tbc DDST (two hours ahead of standard time)

Attendance: "Twenty thousand spectators"
unknown kicked-off
  [0-0] Jimmy Hagan strike hits the upright 27
[0-0] Gyger clears Finney's strike off the goalline 40
[0-0] Scott clears a Bader strike off the goalline 88  
there is no Radio coverage

Match Summary

Officials          Switzerland   England
Viktor Sedz
"From Zürich we flew to Geneva, where another game had been arranged. It was clearly understood our team would be an F.A. XI, and for the game we would be wearing [red] shirts borrowed from the R.A.F. But this did not stop the Swiss—keen to draw a big crowd—from billing the match "Swiss 'B' v. England 'B'." - The World's My Football Pitch, Billy Wright, p50.
Wright stated 'blue' - but all evidence suggests England wore red.
tbc tbc
Switzerland B Team
Rank No official ranking system established; Colours probably white jerseys, black shorts and black socks.
Captain   Selector  
Switzerland Lineup
  Corrodi, Eugenio     G      
2 Gyger, Rudolf     RB FC Cantonal    
3 Belli, Andre     LB Servette FC    
4 Neukom, Willy     RHB      
5 Luscenti, Gerhard     CHB      
6 Ibach, A.     LHB      
7 Ernest, B.     OR      
8 Hasler, Robert     IR      
9 Zanetti     CF      
10 Bader, Rene     IL      
11 Siegenthaler, Hans     OL      
unused substitutes: -
2-3-5 Corrodi -
Gyger, Belli -
Neokomm, Luscenti, Ibach -
Erest, Hasler, Zanetti, Badr, Siegenthaler.
Averages: Age - Appearances/Goals - -
FA XI Team
Rank No official ranking system established; Colours The 1947 away uniform - Red collared jerseys, white shorts, black socks with white turnovers.


not known
Manager Walter Winterbottom, 34 (31 March 1913), appointed as FA national director of coaching/team manager on 8 July 1946;
Physiotherapist: Walter Max first of fourteen B matches, W 0 - D 1 - L 0 - F 0 - A 0¹⁴
Party chosen by the Intermediate Selection Committee, headed by Arthur Drewry, following the France match on 3 May, team chosen on 19 May.
FA XI Lineup
B. no.   league position (19 May)  
1   Swift, Frank V. 33
146 days
26 December 1913 G Manchester City FC (FL2 TOP) 1 0ᵍᵃ
1 oldest B player (until next match)
2 2 Scott, Lawrence 30
28 days
23 April 1917 RB Arsenal FC (FL 16th) 1 0
3 3 Robinson, Richard 20
122 days
19 January 1927 LB Middlesbrough FC (FL 9th) 1 0
youngest B player (until 1953) only B app 1947
4 4 Taylor, Philip H. 30
245 days
18 September 1917 RHB Liverpool FC (FL 4th) 1 0
5 5 Franklin, Cornelius 25
117 days
24 January 1922 LHB Stoke City FC (FL 3rd) 1 0
6 6 Wright, William A. 23
104 days
6 February 1924 CHB Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL TOP) 1 0
7 7 Finney, Thomas 25
46 days
5 April 1922 OR Preston North End FC (FL 8th) 1 0
8 8 Mannion, Wilfred J. 29
5 days
16 May 1918 IL Middlesbrough FC (FL 9th) 1 0
9 9 Mortensen, Stanley H. 25
360 days
26 May 1921 CF Blackpool FC (FL 5th) 1 0
10 10 Hagan, James 29
120 days
21 January 1918 IR Sheffield United FC (FL 6th) 1 0
only B app 1947
11 11 Langton, Robert 28
255 days
8 September 1918 OL Blackburn Rovers FC (FL 17th) 1 0
unused substitutes: George Hardwick (Middlesbrough FC (FL 9th)), Eddie Lowe (Aston Villa FC (FL 7th)), Stan Matthews (Blackpool FC (FL 5th)), Raich Carter (Derby County FC (FL 13th)), Tommy Lawton (Chelsea FC (FL 12th)).
team notes: This is the first occasion that England have played with a team considered the B side.
2-3-5 Swift  -
Scott, Robinson -
Taylor, Franklin, Wright -
Finney, Mannion, Mortensen, Hagan, Langton.
Averages: Age 27 years 99 days Appearances/Goals 1.0 0
        Match Report in the Nottingham Journal, Thursday, 22 May 1947

The first ten minutes of the second international Soccer match between Switzerland and England at Geneva last night was a scrappy affair, but when Hagan (Sheffield United) went near the Swiss goal with a fierce drive a minute afterwards it looked for a moment as if England would quickly avenge their defeat of last Sunday. But the ball sailed harmlessly over the crossbar.
The fast Swiss attack always threatened danger, but their finishing was weak. Britain playing with the wind did most of the attacking and played with more zest than on Sunday, despite their four-hour train journey.

In the 27th minute Hagan hit the upright with a great drive, and England continued to press but the shooting of the forwards was weak. Shortly before half-time Finney, Mortensen and Hagan produced a lovely movement with the last-named being just offside. Swift then saved well from Hasler when he was clean through. England nearly took the lead when first Gyger kicked a shot from Finney off the goal-line, and then, in a melee, the same player saved an almost certain goal. Franklin was playing a storming game for England and time and again robbed the fast Swiss forwards.
After the interval England were playing against the wind, but they were on top and Taylor went very near with a fierce drive. The Swiss defence, however, was very strong and the quick-tackling halves did not allow the English attack any scope, although Mannion and Hagan were interchanging nicely in the forward line.
Swift brought off two fine saves, first from Gyger and then when Zanetti appeared to have the goal at his mercy. England continued to press and the Swiss goal underwent several lucky escapes. Two minutes from the finish there was a sensational save for England. Swift threw himself forward to clear the ball as it was entering the net, but could not get to it. Scott, however, was on the spot and kicked to safety.


        Match Report by Eric Thornton, Manchester Evening News, Thursday, 22 May 1947

A Scene We Shall Never Forget
Gigolos of the night clubs in this French border corner of Switzerland were still whirling their elderly, but wealthy, patrons across the dance floors, and heatedly discussing, like everyone else here, England's 'Swift-saving' match in the early hours to-day as we clambered into our four-engined plane for the 950-miles hop to Lisbon.
The goalless game between England and Switzerland last night has not only set these folk talking but also presented the F.A. with a problem concerning continuance of Continental fixtures and the education of referees and players and crowds,

Right from the start the Swiss had their elbows up, and although our own boys refused retaliatory methods the locals continued to bounce them. Frank Swift, with whom I spent the evening at a banquet arranged by the Swiss F.A., was the great figure.
The manner in which he strode towards the mob which swarmed on to the field screaming for a penalty, and persuaded them to go back, was a scene one cannot readily forget. One point is patently clear—we have here a side capable of taking England right to the top of the international soccer tree.
Perhaps Langton, the Blackburn Rovers outside-left, is not yet perfection, and more experience must come to young Robinson, the Middlesbrough left full-back. The same side is not likely to be fielded against the Portuguese at Lisbon on Sunday night. It seems to me that only Hardwick, Matthews, and Lawton can be restored. These changes would mean the switching of Finney to outside-left. Bob Langton is walking around with plaster strips over his right eye. He was also kicked several times and elbowed.


        Source Notes
Original newspaper reports
  Rothman's Yearbooks
Billy Wright's The World Is My Football Pitch