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Send any questions you have regarding the England team or international football to England Football Online.  We'll try to answer them.  We hope our readers will send in answers if we're stumped.  Read the rules for submitting questions or we may ignore your question.


1.  Your question is not accompanied by your name, city or town and country.  

2.  Your question concerns the buying or selling of England merchandise, including shirts, or England tickets.  We are not equipped to answer questions on these subjects.  There are other sites that may have information on these matters.  

3.  Your question is already answered on this website.  Please familiarise yourself with the website's contents.  We are tired of answering the same questions over and over again when it is obvious the askers have made no effort to find the answer on the website.  

4.  Your question does not concern the England team or international football at the national team level.  We will not answer questions about domestic football in England or anywhere else or questions about international football at the club level.

5.  Your question asks for particularly useless information, as in "name all the England players since 1983 with a double t ("tt") in their last name."  The answer adds nothing to one's knowledge of the England team or international football.  These questions are devised by quiz masters who think their audience has nothing better to do, and we won't waste our time on them.

We no longer will respond in any way to such questions.  Our time is as limited as yours, and time spent answering these questions takes away from time available for developing the website.