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England's Goalkeeper Uniforms



England's Goalkeeper Uniform

2012 Purple Uniform
2012 Red Uniform
2013 Gold Uniform
2013 Green Uniform

not worn in play



Blue shirt, with three huge concentric circles covering the whole of the chest, in three shades of blue, from darker to lighter towards the innermost circle over the left breast. Embroidered gold emblem wholly within the innermost circle, with a gold star above the emblem. Commemorative logo underneath the emblem, with 150 YEARS in white on a gold riband and the years 1863 and 2013 in gold either side of it. White Swoosh on right breast, white number one below the Swoosh and on reverse, in same font as on all of the other new England shirts, with surname in capitalised white lettering in an arc above number on reverse in same font. Gold emblem at base of number on reverse. Reinforcing blue rounded rubber upper-case T-shaped bar across top of each sleeve seam and then along shoulder seam towards the neck. Eleven rounded blue rectangular plastic strips running horizontally across to each side seam on the inside of the front of the shirt, with eight ventilation holes on the uppermost, followed by strips of seven, six and five holes, then two of four holes, two of three holes and three of two holes on the lowest strips. Rectangular obsidian label on left hip with AUTHENTIC in large white capitalised letters, with two white lines underneath, followed by DESIGNED TO THE EXACT SPECIFICATIONS OF CHAMPIONSHIP ATHLETES in white capitalised letters below, with a white Swoosh to the left of a nine-digit serial number in white at the bottom of the label. DRI-FIT in capitalised white lettering embroidered onto right hip. Blue shorts, with blue drawstring, and blue rounded rubber upper-case T-shaped bar running down each seam and towards each other across the back. DRI-FIT in capitalised white lettering embroidered onto right hip. White number one on left thigh, in same font as on shirt, with white Swoosh underneath. Embroidered gold emblem on right thigh. Blue socks, with a white Swoosh on shin.


Following hot on the heels of the  gold and green goalkeeping kits came this blue design from the same Nike stable. It was worn by Luke Steele against Israel in the Euro 2013 Under-21 Championship in Jerusalem on 11 June, but never found its way into the full international dressing room.