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1913 meeting
The International Football Association Board meeting  


Held at the Queen's Hotel, Aberystwyth, on Saturday,
June 8th, 1912.


Present : Messrs. R. T. Gough (Presiding), T. E. Thomas and T. H. Bushby (Football Association of Wales), C. Crump and D. B. Woolfall (The Football Association) ; A. M. Robertson and D. Campbell (Scottish Football Association) ; H. Hegan and J. Ferguson (Irish Football Association).

Also present :— Messrs. J. K. McDowall (Secretary, S.F.A.), and T. Robbins (Secretary Football Association of Wales) who acted as Secretary to the Board.

Minutes of Meeting held at the Station Hotel, Turnberry, on Saturday, June 10th, 1911, were held as read and confirmed.

The Chairman welcomed the Representatives to Wales.


The following alterations were proposed on behalf of the Football Association (England) by Mr. C. Crump, and seconded by Mr. D. B. Woolfall, and passed unanimously :—

Law 8.—For the first sentence the following to be substituted :—The Goalkeeper may, within his own penalty area, use his hands, but shall not carry the ball.

Law 9 (footnote).—Delete the words " no penalty must be awarded " and substitute the words " no offence is committed."


In accordance with notice given by The Football Association the following agreement was entered into  :—

A player who takes part in an International Match without proper qualification shall not be allowed to again play in any International Match, unless a satisfactory explanation is given to the Associations concerned."

It was decided to add the following words as footnote (a) to the second sentence of the agreement made the 17th day of June, 1895 :—

(a) " See Supplementary Agreement dated June 8th, 1912."


The Secretary read a letter he had received from the Secretary of the "Federation Internationale de Football Association," whereby a wish was expressed that the Board would invite a member of the Federation to sit on the Board.

The matter was carefully considered, and an interesting debate took place, all representatives taking part therein. It was unanimously decided that the time is not ripe to invite a delegate to attend the Board meetings, and the Secretary was requested to write a suitable letter to the Federation.


On the motion of Mr. R. T. Gough (the President), seconded by Mr. C. Crump, supported by Mr. A. M. Robertson, and carried unanimously, a vote of sympathy was accorded the Council of the Irish Association in its troubled times, and a hearty vote was passed to stand loyally by the Irish F.A., and give it the support of the other Associations.

It was further unanimously decided by the delegates present to urge their respective Associations to play International Matches with Ireland for the ensuing season in Ireland and thus give the Irish F.A. valuable financial support.


It was unanimously decided to recommend all the Associations represented by the Board not to allow soldiers purchased from the army to play as professionals until 12 months after the date of such purchase.

It was unanimously decided to ask all the Associations to fall into line in regard to the re-instatement of professionals as amateurs.

On the motion of Mr. H. Hegan, seconded by Mr. D. B. Woolfall, a hearty vote of thanks was unanimously accorded to Mr. R. T. Gough for presiding.

R. T. GOUGH, Chairman.
T. ROBBINS, Secretary.