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1912 meeting
1913 adjourned meeting

1913 meeting
The International Football Association Board meeting  



25th January, 1913.

Dear Sir,


Football Association Board.

A Special Meeting of the above Board will be held at the Wynnstay Hotel, Wrexham, Saturday, February 22nd, 1913, at 11 a.m.


To consider the following Proposals submitted by "The Football Association " :—

1.    That 2 Representatives of the International Federation of Association Football be admitted to the International Football Association Board.

2.   That the Rules of the International Football Association Board be altered accordingly.

To consider the following proposal submitted by " The Scottish Football Association " :

That the English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh Associations petition Parliament to take measures to repress " Football Coupon Betting."

I am,

Yours faithfully,


Secretary Football Association of Wales



Football Association Board.


Minutes of a SPECIAL MEETING held at the Wynnstay Hotel, Wrexham, on Saturday, February 22nd, 1913.

Present :—Messrs. R. T. Gough (in the chair), T. E. Thomas and J. R. Stephens (Football Association of Wales), C. Crump, D. B. Woolfall (Football Association), A. M. Robertson and D. Campbell (Scottish Football Association), H. Hegan and J. MacBride (Irish Football Association). There was also in attendance :—Messrs. T. Steen (Scottish Football Association), J. M. Small (County Antrim Association), J. McDowall (Secretary Scottish Football Association), and T. Robbins (Secretary Football Association of Wales), who acted as Secretary to the Board.


The President with all members standing referred to the great loss Mr F. J. Wall and Family had sustained in the death of Mrs. Wall. The Secretary was instructed to convey to Mr. Wall and Family, the heartfelt sympathy of the Board with them. Mr. Crump thanked the Board on behalf of Mr. Wall.

A hearty vote of congratulation was passed to Mr. Crump, Mr. T. E. Thomas, and Mr. McDowall, who had attended the meetings of the Board for a period extending over 25 years.


A lengthy and interesting discussion took place on the proposition brought forward by The Football Association—That 2 Members of the Federation Internationale de Football Association be admitted to the above Board.

It was decided that the matter be adjourned until the 4th April, in order that the proposers may bring forward amended propositions.