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1912 meeting
1913 special meeting

1913 meeting
The International Football Association Board meeting  

Minutes of adjourned and special meeting held at 42, Russell Square, London, Friday, April 4th, 1913.

Present :—Mr. T. E. Thomas (Football Association of Wales), in the chair, Messrs. J. R. Stephens (Football Association of Wales), C. Crump and W. Pickford (Football Association), A. M. Robertson and D. Campbell (Scottish Football Association), H. Hegan and J. MacBride (Irish Football Association).

There were also in attendance :—Messrs. T. Steen (Scottish Football Association), F. J. Wall (Secretary, Football Association), J. McDowall (Secretary, Scottish Football Association), J. Ferguson (Irish Football Association), and T. Robbins (Secretary, Football Association of Wales), who acted as Secretary to the Board.


Apologies for absence were received from Mr. R. T. Gough (President, Football Association of Wales), and Mr. D. B. Woolfall (Football Association).

The following Proposals of the Football Association, that the Rules be altered as hereinafter mentioned, were carried :—

RULE I.—This Board shall be called the INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION BOARD. The Football Association, the Scottish Football Association, the Football Association of Wales, the Irish Football Association, and La Federation Internationale de Football Association, shall each be entitled to send two representatives, who shall constitute the Board.

RULE IV.—The Board shall meet annually, on the SECOND SATURDAY IN JUNE. The meetings shall be in rotation, in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Paris, at the invitation of each Association in order of seniority. The invitation for the year 1913 shall be given by Ireland, and for 1914 by The Federation Internationale de Football Association. One of the representatives of the Association convening the meeting shall preside, and the other shall act as Secretary.

RULE VI.—Business shall not be proceeded with at any meeting unless Four Associations are represented.

RULE VII.—Alterations in the Laws of the Game shall only be made at the Annual Meeting in June, and no alteration shall be adopted unless agreed to by at least four-fifths of the representatives present and voting. All other resolutions, whether submitted at the Annual Meeting or at a Special Meeting, must be agreed to by at least four-fifths of the representatives present and voting.

RULE VIII.—Omit the word " four " in the eighth line.

RULE IX.—The decisions of the Board shall be at once binding on all the Associations, and no alterations in the Laws of the Game shall be made by any Association until the same shall have been passed by this Board.

The following Proposal submitted by The Scottish Football Association was unanimously carried :—

That the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish Associations petition Parliament to take measures to repress " Ready Money Football Coupon Betting."

It was further decided that The Football Association take up the matter and circularize Members of Parliament for them to support the measure.

A vote of thanks was tendered the Chairman for presiding.


(Signed)   T. ROBBINS,

The Football Association of Wales,

Acting Secretary.