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Wednesday, 18 May 1960
End of Season Tour of Europe Intermediate Match

Poland 2 England 3

Stadion Dziesięciolecia Manifestu Lipcowego, Warszawa, Manifestu Lipcowego
Kick-off: tbc

Attendance: '30,000';
unknown kicked-off


[1-1]Władysław Kawula penalty 31
 'hammered home.'
(Kay fouled Wilczek)
[0-1]George Eastham penalty 10
'casually slid home a penalty kick'
(Oślizło fouled Kay)
[1-2] Gerry Mannion header 36
'Eddie Holliday scythed his way down the left wing, crossed the ball to the far post and Mannion scored with a  header'
[1-3] Maurice Setters 43
'From a free-kick Dobing sold a dummy, Tony Kay pushed the ball square and Setters blasted in'
(Eastham fouled)
[2-3] Zbigniew Myga header 49
 'defensive slip let in Wilczek, and Myga brushed aside two defenders to nod in'
[2-3] Lerch scrambled ball in disallowed:offside
There is no Television or Radio coverage
Officials from Bulgaria Poland FIFA ruling on substitutes England Party
Atanas Kiriakov
41 (13 July 1918)
'Bulgarian referee, Kiriakov, made every tackle a peril as he awarded 31 free-kicks and a penalty against the Englishmen, while we had ten free kicks and a penalty'
tbc tbc
Poland Team


No official ranking system established; Colours: Red jerseys, white shorts
Capt: not known Head Selector: not known
Poland Lineup
1 Kornek, Konrad 23
96 days
12 February 1937 G Legia Warszawa SA   ᵍᵃ
2 Brezja, Henryk 21
150 days
20 December 1938 RB OKS Odra Opole    
Kawula, Władysław 22
234 days
27 September 1937 LB TS Wisła    
4 Grzegorczyk, Ryszard 20
241 days
20 September 1939 RHB KS Polonia Bytom SA    
5 Oślizło, Stanisław 22
187 days
13 November 1937 CHB Górnik Zabrze SA    
6 Blaut, Bernard A. 20
136 days
3 January 1940 LHB OKS Odra Opole    
Wilczek, Erwin F. 19
180 days
20 November 1940 OR Miner Zabrze    
Myga, Zbigniew 20
188 days
12 November 1939 IR Zagłębie Sosnowiec SA    
9 Lerch, Eugeniusz J. 21
93 days
15 February 1939 CF Ruch Chorzów SA    
10 Gasz, Willi, off 35th minute nk not known IL not known    
11 Faber, Eugeniusz 21
42 days
6 April 1939 OL Ruch Chorzów SA    
Poland Substitute
scoreline: Poland 1 England 1
  Sykcta, Andrzej, on 35th min. for Gasz 19
252 days
9 September 1940 IL TS Wisła    
result: Poland 2 England 3
unused substitutes: not known
team notes: Brezja replaced Krgyzanowski at right back.
2-3-5 Kornek -
Brejza, Kawula -
Grzegorczyk, Oślizło, Blaut -
Wilczek, Myga, Lerch, Gasz, Faber.
Averages: (start)
Age 21 years 118 days¹⁰
21 years 64 days
England Intermediate Team


No official ranking system established; Colours: The 1959 Bukta home uniform - White v-necked short-sleeved continental jerseys, dark blue shorts, socks to be confirmed
Capt: Maurice Setters
7th match, W 4 - D 2 - L 1 - F 20 - A 12.
Manager: Ronald Greenwood, 38 (11 November 1921), appointed over the 1959 summer, also assistant manager of Arsenal FC;
seventh intermediate match, W 4 - D 2 - L 1 - F 20 - A 12.
trainer: Fred Ford
Party chosen by the Intermediate Selection Committee, headed by Frank Adams, on Wednesday, 20 April, the team was chosen on Wednesday, 17 May.
England Lineup
  four changes from the previous U23 match league position (20 April)  
  Macedo, Eliot 22
86 days
22 February 1938
in Gibraltar
G Fulham FC (FL 10th) 7 8ᵍᵃ
2 Angus, John 21
259 days
2 September 1938 RB Burnley FC (FL 3rd) 3 0
3 McNeil, Michael 20
101 days
7 February 1940 LB Middlesbrough FC (FL2 3rd) 4 0
Setters, Maurice E. 23
154 days
16 December 1936 RHB Manchester United FC (FL 8th) 15 1
most apps 1960
5 Miller, G. Brian 23
120 days
19 January 1937 CHB Burnley FC (FL 3rd) 2 0
Kay, Anthony H. 23
5 days
13 May 1937 LHB Sheffield Wednesday FC (FL 4th) 6 1
81 7
Mannion, Gerald Patrick 20
149 days
21 December 1939 OR Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL TOP) 1 1
Eastham, George E. 23
238 days
23 September 1936 IR Newcastle United FC (FL 6th) 5 3
9 Pointer, Raymond 23
221 days
10 October 1936 CF Burnley FC (FL 3rd) 4 3
10 Dobing, Peter A. 21
169 days
1 December 1938 IL Blackburn Rovers FC (FL 17th) 4 1
Holliday, Edwin 20
346 days
7 June 1939 OL Middlesbrough FC (FL2 3rd) 4 2
reserves: David Gaskell (Manchester United FC (FL 8th)), George Cohen (Fulham FC (FL 10th)), Brian Labone (Everton FC (FL 16th)), Freddie Hill (Bolton Wanderers FC (FL 7th)), Terry Paine (Southampton FC (FL3 TOP)), John Fantham (Sheffield Wednesday FC (FL 4th)).
2-3-5 Macedo -
Angus, McNeil -
Setters, Miller, Kay -
Mannion, Eastham, Pointer, Dobing, Holliday.
Averages: Age 22 years 69 days Appearances/Goals 5.0 0.8
               Match Report by Ken Jones, Daily Mirror, Thursday, 19 May 1960

ENGLAND'S battling Soccer babes have done it again.
In a tense, nail-biting clash here tonight, they whipped Young Poland to send our prestige rocketing sky high in this Iron Curtain city. And I repeat that the Poles were whipped, despite the dramatic last half-hour, when England were hanging on to their tight 3—2 lead. For it was only three super-saves by Polish keeper Kornek, and atrocious luck in front of goal that stopped England grabbing a bagful.
   The Poles had tried everything, including the now wearisome Soccer confidence trick of bringing on a substitute without the formality of an injury.
In the first half, they brought on mystery man Syckta in place of inside-left Gasz. Later an F A official said: "Is it any wonder that we don't allow substitutes in England?" The most sparkling feature of this England win, was our domination in every phase of Soccer technique. For once we had the players who could match Continental ball skill . . . players like pencil-slim inside right George Eastham, inside left Peter Dobing and left winger Eddie Holliday.
   They were the Soccer charmers—not the red-shirted Poles.
And the 30,000 shirt-sleeved crowd were not lacking in appreciation. The cheers were for England skill, like the fantastic left wing run that took Holliday past three defenders. For Eastham's shot to finish just inches wide of a post. Like the jinking Eastham run that opened up the Polish defence as wide as Warsaw Square only for 'keeper Kornek to beat out his shot with a daring dive. England got the boost of a tenth minute goal when Eastham casually slid home a penalty kick after Tony Kay had been sent sprawling. But a fantastic decision by referee Kiriakov helped to put the Poles level. Kay challenged for a ball in the air and for no apparent reason Kiriakov pointed to the spot, and up came left back Kawula to hammer home the equaliser. Three minutes later the Poles pulled their fast one with substitute Syckta, despite a protest by England team manager Ron Greenwood. Greenwood told me later: "What can you do about it. The only answer is to put the ball in the back of the net."
  And that's what outside right Gerry Mannion did within a minute of this touchline barney.
Holliday scythed his way down the left wing, crossed the ball to the far post and Mannion scored with a typical Wolves-type header. Two minutes before half time came the goal of the match from Maurice Setters, England's chunky, successful skipper. From a free-kick Dobing sold a dummy, Kay pushed the ball square and Setters blasted it in. But in the fifty-second minute, the Poles cut the lead. A defensive slip let in right winger Wilczek, and inside right Myga brushed aside two defenders to nod in.
   Now the battle was on, with England beginning to tire.
The Poles seemed to have grabbed the equaliser when centre forward Lerch finished off a goalmouth scramble. But referee Kiriakov gave him offside. We breathed again and Young England held on for their second win of this tough, three-game tour.


               Match Report as appears in the F.A. Yearbook 1960-61 page 38

In Warsaw Young England, for whom Mannion played at outside-right in place of Paine, scored another brilliant victory. After 10 minutes, clever midfield play between Dobing and Eastham led to the first goal from a penalty-kick taken by Eastham, after Kay had been brought down when moving through to score. Twenty-two minutes later Poland equalised through Kawula from a penalty-kick. Further goals were scored for England by Mannion and Setters but Poland reduced the lead 5 minutes after halftime through Myga. England was sound in all departments, but none played better than Eastham in attack, and Miller in defence, while Setters was, as usual, an effective driving force.

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               Source Note
Official matchday programme
FA Yearbook 1960-61
  Rothman's Yearbooks
Original newspaper reports