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'U23' 25 vs. Italy
Sunday, 22 May 1960
End of Season Tour of Europe Intermediate Match

Israel A
4 England 0
The National Stadium, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Gush Dan
Kick-off (IST):
4.30pm 2.30pm BST
Attendance: '35,000'; '40,000';
unknown kicked-off
[1-0] Rafı Levi 24
 'cannon-balled home a twenty yard goal'
 'Macedo, apparently dazzled by the sun, stood nonchalantly on the line as Levy hammered the ball past him from 30 yards'
[2-0] Rafı Levi penalty 70
 'slammed the ball past Macedo'
 (Miller fouled Glazer)

[3-0] Yeoshua Glazer volley 75
 'he volleyed in a right wing cross'
[4-0] Avraham Menchel 77
 'pierced the defence with a solo dribble'
There is no Television or Radio coverage
"DISASTER..." Daily Mirror
Officials from England Israel FIFA ruling on substitutes England Party
John Kelly
44 (28 May 1915), Chorley, Lancashire
tbc tbc
Israel Team


No official ranking system established; Colours: Pale blue jerseys with white collar/cuffs, white shorts, dark socks
Capt: Nahum Stelmach Head Coach: Gyula Mándi, 60 (14 July 1899 in Buda-pest, Austria-Hungary), appointed 1958.
Israel Lineup
1 Hodorov, Ya'akov 32
341 days
16 June 1927 G Hapoel Tel Aviv FC 23 49ᵍᵃ
יעקב חודורוב
2 Benbinisti, Mordechai 22
82 days
1 March 1938 RB Hapoel Jerusalem FC 3 0
מרדכי בנבנישתי
3 Levkovich, Amatsia 22
147 days
27 December 1937 LB Hapoel Tel Aviv FC 14 0
אמציה לבקוביץ
4 Goldstein, Yosef 28
54 days
29 March 1932 RHB Maccabi Tel Aviv FC 20 1
יוסף גולדשטיין
5 Moisecu, Zvi 20
252 days
13 September 1939
in Sinala, Romania
CHB Maccabi Netanya FC 3 0
צבי מויססקו
Menchel, Avraham 24
162 days
12 December 1935 LHB Maccabi Haifa FC 13 4
אברהם מנצ'ל
7 Amar, Aharon 22/23 1937
in Casablanca, Morocco
OR Maccabi Haifa FC 8 0
אהרון אמר
8 Nahari, Shlomo 25
218 days
17 October 1934 IR Hapoel Petah Tikva FC 8 1
שלמה נהרי
9 Stelmach, Nahum 23
308 days
19 July 1936 CF Hapoel Petah Tikva FC 23 13
נחום סטלמך
Levi, Rafı 22
90 days
22 February 1938 IL Maccabi Tel Aviv FC 14 10
רפאל לוי
Glazer, Yehoshua 32
145 days
29 December 1927 OL Maccabi Tel Aviv FC 32 15
יהושוע גלזר mst apps/gls 1949-60
unused substitutes: not known
team notes: After the first goal, 'Israel tried to pull out outside right Shaye Glazer and bring on a substitute soon after this. But he refused to leave the field.'
It was Head Coach Gyula Mándi that was the Hungarian trainer that oversaw the English demolitions of 1953 and 1954.
2-3-5 Hodorov -
Benbinisti, Levkovich -
Goldstein, Moisecu, Menchel -
Amar, Nahari, Stelmach, Levi, Glazer
Averages: Age 21 years 185 days Appearances/Goals 14.6 3.6
England Intermediate Team


No official ranking system established; Colours: The 1954 Umbro away shirt - Red v-necked short-sleeved continental jerseys, navy shorts, red socks with blue/white tops.
Capt: Maurice Setters
8th match, W 4 - D 2 - L 2 - F 20 - A 16.
Manager: Ronald Greenwood, 38 (11 November 1921), appointed over the 1959 summer, also assistant manager of Arsenal FC;
eighth intermediate match, W 4 - D 2 - L 2 - F 20 - A 16.
trainer: Fred Ford
Party chosen by the Intermediate Selection Committee, headed by Frank Adams, on Wednesday, 20 April, the team was chosen on Saturday, 21 May.
England Lineup
  four changes from the previous U23 match league position (20 April)  
  Macedo, Eliot 22
90 days
22 February 1938
in Gibraltar
G Fulham FC (FL 10th) 8 12ᵍᵃ
2 Angus, John 21
263 days
2 September 1938 RB Burnley FC (FL 3rd) 4 0
3 McNeil, Michael 20
105 days
7 February 1940 LB Middlesbrough FC (FL2 3rd) 5 0
Setters, Maurice E.
158 days
16 December 1936
Manchester United FC (FL 8th)
16 1
most apps 1960
final U23 app 57-60
5 Miller, G. Brian 23
124 days
19 January 1937 CHB Burnley FC (FL 3rd) 3 0
final U23 app 1960
6 Kay, Anthony H. 23
9 days
13 May 1937 LHB Sheffield Wednesday FC (FL 4th) 7 1
final U23 app 59-60
7 Mannion, Gerald Patrick 20
153 days
21 December 1939 OR Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL TOP) 2 1
final U23 app 1960
8 Eastham, George E. 23
242 days
23 September 1936 IR Newcastle United FC (FL 6th) 6 3
final U23 app 57-60
9 Pointer, Raymond 23
225 days
10 October 1936 CF Burnley FC (FL 3rd) 5 3
final U23 app 59-60
10 Dobing, Peter A. 21
173 days
1 December 1938 IL Blackburn Rovers FC (FL 17th) 5 1
11 Holliday, Edwin 20
350 days
7 June 1939 OL Middlesbrough FC (FL2 3rd) 5 2
final U23 app 59-60
reserves: David Gaskell (Manchester United FC (FL 8th)), George Cohen (Fulham FC (FL 10th)), Brian Labone (Everton FC (FL 16th)), Freddie Hill (Bolton Wanderers FC (FL 7th)), Terry Paine (Southampton FC (FL3 TOP)), John Fantham (Sheffield Wednesday FC (FL 4th)).
team notes: Despite the lavish national stadium, the pitch was well below standard, with stones and pieces of broken glass embedded in the grass. The dressing rooms were very poor, the team changed in a luxury hotel and had a police escort before and after the match.
2-3-5 Macedo -
Angus, McNeil -
Setters, Miller, Kay -
Mannion, Eastham, Pointer, Dobing, Holliday.
Averages: Age 22 years 73 days Appearances/Goals 6.0 1.1
               Match Report by Ken Jones, Daily Mirror, Monday, 23 May 1960

ANGRY Young England players swarmed around Lancashire referee Jack Kelly in the Ramat Gan stadium here tonight after a fantastic penalty decision had finally ripped them apart in a desperate losing battle against the full Israel side.
Hanging on grimly as their strength was sapped in the heat that swept in from the surrounding desert, Young England crumbled during a drama-charged five minutes in the second half. They were a goal down and fighting for the equaliser when in the sixty-fifth minute centre forward Ray Pointer was sent hurtling to the ground at least a yard inside the penalty area. But Football League referee, Kelly, who was flown over especially for the game, turned down their pleas, to give a free-kick on the edge of the area.
Five minutes later centre half Brian Miller pulled down Israeli left winger Glazer. Again Kelly turned his back on his own countrymen to award a fantastic penalty decision that must rate as one of the worst I have seen. Skipper Maurice Setters led his players in bitter protests to Kelly and was then sent staggering by a punch from an Israeli player. Setters, calling on every ounce of self-control, brushed aside this attack, while his attacker was hauled away by teammates. But the damage had already been done and 'keeper Tony Macedo had no chance as centre forward Rafi Levy hit home the penalty kick.
   Again the England players argued with Kelly as they walked back to the centre.
Those shattering decisions had knocked the guts out of them. The rhythm and skill that had beaten Poland and East Germany earlier on this tour had gone. The Israelis piled it on to race to a 4—0 victory that ranks as the greatest sporting result in this young country's history. In a sweet, flowing first twenty minutes that produced great Soccer, three chances created by inside right Eastham and outside left Eddie Holliday, were tossed away and we never created such chances again. In the twenty-fourth minute Israeli centre forward Levy cannon-balled home a twenty yard goal that generated fantastic scenes of football fever.
   Hats, programmes, newspapers and even shirts were sent twirling into the air as Levy's shot rocketed into the net.
Israel tried to pull out outside right Shaye Glazer and bring on a substitute soon after this. But he refused to leave the field. After that penalty incident he hit tip form to Score Israel's third goal and lay on their fourth. In the seventy-fifth minute he volleyed in a right wing cross. Two minutes later his shot was beaten out by Macedo for inside left Mentzel to crack it back into the net. Yes, this was an unhappy finish to the tour for Young England. Things just did not go our way on this cast-iron pitch against players who have made fantastic improvement under the Hungarian coach Geiler Mandi.

               Match Report as appears in the F.A. Yearbook 1960-61 page 38

The first visit of an International team from England to Tel Aviv resulted in a heavy defeat, yet the score could be considered flattering. Israel fielded her full International side. Played before 40,000 in a temperature approaching 90 degrees, England missed countless opportunities during the first half. To begin with England played well and Pointer at centre forward was unlucky in his attempts to score. On the wings Mannion and Holliday showed moments of brilliance and only Dobing appeared to be out of touch. But the turning point came when the English referee, J. Kelly, penalised Miller for a tackle on outside-right Glaser, Israel's goal were scored by Levy (2), Glaser, and Mentzel.

               Source Note
Official matchday programme
FA Yearbook 1960-61
  Rothman's Yearbooks
Original newspaper reports