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Saturday, 22 October 1966
Home International Championship 1966-67 (72nd) Match &
European Championship 1968 Group Eight Qualification Match

Northern Ireland 0 England 2 [0-1]


Match Summary
Northern Ireland Squad
England Squad

Windsor Park, Donegall Avenue, Belfast, county Antrim
Attendance: 48,600;
Kick-off: 3.00pm BST

England - Roger Hunt (40), Martin Peters (60)
Expulsion: Northern Ireland - Billy Ferguson (80-89)
Results 1965-1970

? kicked-off. ? minutes (? & ?).


Match Summary

Officials from Scotland

Northern Ireland



Referee (-) - Robert Holley Davidson
x (-).

Linesmen - tbc

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

Northern Ireland Team



No official ranking;
EFO ranking

ELO rating 33rd
Colours: Made by Bukta - Green crew necked jerseys with white collar/cuffs, white shorts, green socks.
Capt: Alex Elder Manager: Robert Peacock
Northern Ireland Lineup
  Jennings, Patrick, off 46th min.     G     GA
2 Parke, John     RB      
3 Elder, Alexander     LB      
4 Todd, Samuel     RHB      
5 Harvey, Martin     CHB      
6 McCullough, William     LHB      
7 Ferguson, William     OR      
8 Crossan, John     IR      
9 Irvine, William     CF      
10 Dougan. Derek     IL      
11 Best, George     OL      
Northern Ireland Substitutes
12 McFaul, WIlliam, on 46th min.            

unused substitutes:

- -


Age - Appearances/Goals - -


England Team

Current World Champions Colours: The 1965 Umbro home uniform - White crew necked jerseys, blue shorts, white socks.


No official ranking;
EFO ranking
ELO rating first
Capt: Bobby Moore, 31st captaincy Manager: Alfred Ernest Ramsey, 46 (22 January 1920), appointed 25 October 1962, effective part-time 31 December, full from May 1963.
45th match, W 30 - D 9 - L 6 - F 108 - A 52.
England Lineup
  Banks, Gordon     G     GA
2 Cohen, George     RB      
3 Wilson, Ramon 31 17 December 1934 LB Everton FC 52 0
4 Stiles, Norbert P. 24 18 May 1942 RHB Manchester United FC 21 1
5 Charlton, John     CHB      
6 Moore, Robert F.C. 25 12 April 1941 LHB West Ham United FC 48 2
7 Ball,Alan     OR      
8 Hurst, Geoffrey     IR      
9 Charlton, Robert     CF      
10 Hunt, Roger     IL      
11 Peters, Martin S. 22 8 November 1943 OL West Ham United FC 9

unused substitutes:

- -


Age - Appearances/Goals - -


    Match Report by Mike Payne


    Match Report by Norman Giller

The Irish, with George Best and Derek Dougan in menacing mood, battled desperately to overcome England in their first match as world champions, but they were sunk by a goal in each half by first Roger Hunt and then Martin Peters. The match deteriorated into a bad tempered encounter, and in the closing minutes Linfield winger Billy Ferguson was ordered off after a savage tackle on Alan Ball.  Bobby Moore's attention during the build up to the match was claimed by the Inland Revenue, who announced they would be taxing the £1,000 bonus collected by each of the 22 players in England's World Cup winning squad.  On behalf of the team, skipper Bobby took the Taxman to the steps of the law courts before they relented and agreed to make it tax free. What a way to treat heroes.

Source Notes

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Rothman's Yearbooks
Mike Payne's England: The Complete Post-War Record (Breedon Books Publishing Company, Derby, U.K., 1993)
Norman Giller
, Football Author