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Friday, 6 June 1986
1986 FIFA World Cup Finals First Phase Group F match three

England 0 Morocco 0 [0-0]

Estadio Tecnológico, Junco de le Vega, Tecnológico, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
(CST): 4.00pm 11.00pm BST
Attendance: 20,200

Mark Hateley kicked-off  90½minutes 45:23 & 45:10
[0-0] Gary Lineker strike hits the post 40:53  
Ray Wilkins 41 40:01  
Expulsion: Ray Wilkins 42 41:44

Mark Hateley 68 57:57
Labid Khalifa 51 50:20

Abderrazak Khairi 77 76:07
World Cup '86: Commentator: Martin Tyler with David Pleat

"DISGRACE" - Daily Mirror

Officials (black)

England Squad


Morocco Squad

Efrain Gabriel Gonzalez Roa
44 (18 March 1942), Puerto Casado, Paraguay.
  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
Linesmen   Hit Bar/Post  
Siegfried Kirschen
42 (13 October 1943), Chemnitz, German Democratic Republic (red)
Carlos Alfonso Espósito
44 (4 November 1941), Argentina
(yellow flag)
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
    Fouls Conceded  

England Team



No official ranking;
EFO ranking

ELO rating 4th to 5th
Colours: The 1986 Umbro World Cup uniform - White v-necked jersey with shadow stripes, blue collar with white/red trim and thin blue stripe along shoulder, blue shorts with white seams with blue/red trim, white socks with blue Umbro diamond trim.
Capt: Bryan Robson, 29th captaincy
Ray Wilkins, 39th min
Peter Shilton, 42nd min.
Manager: Robert W. Robson, 53 (18 February 1933), appointed 7 July 1982,
46th match, W 24 - D 12 - L 10 - F 80 - A 25.
England Lineup
1 Shilton, Peter L. 36 18 September 1949 G Southampton FC 83 51ᵍᵃ
gk most apps
2 Stevens, M. Gary 23 27 March 1963 RB Everton FC 11 0
6 Butcher, Terence I. 27 28 December 1958
in Alexandra Park, Singapore
RCD Ipswich Town FC 42 3
14 Fenwick, Terence W. 26 17 November 1959 LCD Queen's Park Rangers FC 17 0
3 Sansom, Kenneth G. 27 26 September 1958 LB Arsenal FC 67 1
4 Hoddle, Glenn 28 27 October 1957 RM Tottenham Hotspur FC 35 8
Wilkins, Raymond C. 29
265 days
14 September 1956 DM Milan AC, Italy



Fourth expulsion for England oldest expulsion so far
Wilkins cautioned in the 41st min. for Unsporting Behaviour, after tussling with Timoumi on the halfway line, in front of the referee. (38:33)
Wilkins was then sent-off in the 42nd min. for Dissent, after throwing the ball at the referee (41:40) after disagreeing with the offside decision awarded against him. Suspended
7 Robson, Bryan, injured off 39th min. (38:03) 29 11 January 1957 LM Manchester United FC 53 18
10 Lineker, Gary W. 25 30 November 1960 RF Everton FC 15 6
Hateley, Mark W., off 76th min. 24 7 November 1961 CF Milan AC, Italy 20 9
Hateley cautioned in the 68th min. for Ungentlemanly Conduct, after his high foot caught the head of Dolmy in the centre circle
11 Waddle, Christopher R. 25 14 December 1960 LF Tottenham Hotspur FC 18 2
England Substitutes
18 Hodge, Steven B., on 42nd min. (41:05) for Robson  23 25 October 1962 LM Aston Villa FC 5 2
15 Stevens, Gary A., on 76th min. (75:26) for Hateley 24 30 March 1962 M Tottenham Hotspur FC 6 1 0

unused substitutes:

13-Chris Woods, 19-John Barnes, 20-Peter Beardsley.

substitute notes:

another injury to Bryan Robson means he is replaced by a substitute for a record-breaking twelfth occasion, two more than Tony Woodcock.
The substitution of Mark Hateley in the 76th min. means England have now used a record-equaling 26 substitutions this season, equal with the previous season.

team notes:
'the five minutes of madness'

Bryan Robson was initially injured (37:02) after he was running onto a Hateley headed pass in the penalty area. He was bundled over by Mustapha El Biyaz, dislocating his shoulder. He was taken off the field a minute later (38:03) for treatment. Morocco restarted with a goalkick. Wilkins then picked up a stray pass, only to be unceremoniously hacked down by the loser of the ball, Khairi (38:33), three yards in front of the referee. Although a free-kick was awarded, Wilkins shortly after received a caution for a tussle with Timoumi. Lineker's deflected strike hit the post, and as the corner was being set-up, Hodge had entered the field. Wilkins then picked up a forward pass from Hoddle, only to be considered in an offside position and another freekick awarded against him. Having picked up the ball, believing he had been awarded the free-kick, he threw the ball at Gabriel Gonzalez, landing at his feet. He was shown the red card four seconds later.
4-3-3 Shilton -
MG.Stevens, Butcher, Fenwick, Sansom -
Hoddle, Wilkins, Robson
(Hodge) -
Lineker, Hateley (GA.Stevens), Waddle


Age - Appearances/Goals - -


Morocco Team



No official ranking;
EFO ranking

ELO rating 40th to 37th
Colours: Made by Adidas - Red v-necked collared jerseys with green Adidas trim/collars/shoulder panels, red shorts with green Adidas trim, red socks with green Adidas trim.
Capt: Zaki Badou Manager: José Faria
Morocco Lineup
1 Badou, Ezzaki 27 2 April 1959 G Wydad AC 8 ᵍᵃ
Khalifi, Labid 31 1 January 1955 RB Kenitra AC 3  
Khalifi cautioned in the 51st min. for Dissent, after refusing to accept he committed a foul on Hoddle on the edge of the penalty area
3 Lamriss, Abdelmajid, off 73rd min. 27 12 February 1959 RCD AS des Forces Armées Royales 8  
4 El Biyaz, Mustapha 25 12 February 1960 LCD Kawkab AC Marrakech 6  
5 Bouyahyaoui, Noureddine 31 7 January 1955 LB Kenitra AC 8  
6 Dolmy, Abdelmajid 33 19 April 1953 RM Raja CA 8  
8 Bouderbala, Aziz El Idrissi 25 26 December 1960 CM FC de Sion, Switzerland 4  
9 Merry, Abdelkrim 31 13 January 1955 LM Le Havre AC, France 3  
10 Timoumi, Mohamed 26 15 January 1960 RF AS des Forces Armées Royales 7  
Khairi, Abderrazak 23 20 November 1962 CF AS des Forces Armées Royales 3  
Khairi cautioned in the 77th min. for Unsporting Behaviour, for pulling on Gary Stevens' shirt as he ran past him heading for the penalty area.
11 Merry, Mustafa, off 87th min. 28 21 April 1958 LF Valenciennes FC, France 6  
Morocco Substitutes
14 Ouadani, Lahcen, on 73rd min. (72:09) for Lamriss 26 14 July 1959 RCD AS des Forces Armées Royales 4  
21 Souleimani, Abdelaziz, on 87th min. (86:34) for M.Merry 28 30 April 1958 LF Maghreb AS de Fés 3  

unused substitutes:

12-Salahdine Hmied, 15-Mouncif El Haddeoui, 16-Azzedine Amanallah.

team notes:

The Merry's, Abdelkrim and Mustafa, were brothers.
4-3-3 Badou -
Khalifi, Lamriss, El Biyaz, Bouyahyaoui -
Dolmy, Bouderbala,
A.Merry -
Timoumi, Khairi,


Age - Appearances/Goals - -


    Match Report by Mike Payne


    Match Report by Norman Giller

England's World Cup turned into a nightmare in the space of five minutes just before half-time when first Bryan Robson was taken off with a recurrence of his shoulder injury, and then acting captain Ray Wilkins was sent off for throwing the ball at the referee in protest at an off-side decision. The ten men of England battled with enormous energy and spirit in the second-half and could feel satisfied with their point. Temperatures on the pitch soared above 100 degrees, and players on both sides were reduced to walking pace. The ten men of England played boldly and bravely, and the defence - with Terry Butcher like a colossus - stifled any hopes the Moroccans had of making capital of their extra man.

Source Notes

Original newspaper reports
Rothman's Yearbooks
Mike Payne's England: The Complete Post-War Record (Breedon Books Publishing Company, Derby, U.K., 1993)
Norman Giller
, Football Author