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Thursday, 11 June 1992
European Championships 1992 Finals Group One, match two

Denmark 0 England 0 [0-0]


Match Summary
Denmark Squad

England Squad

Malmö Stadion, Solbacken, Malmöt, Sweden
Kick-off: 8.15pm CEST, 7.15pm BST
Live on BBC (UK) -
Commentator: John Motson and Trevor Brooking. Also live on Eurosport (UK) - Commentator: Peter Brackley and David Pleat

England - Martin Keown (7), Keith Curle (9),Tony Daley (67).
Denmark - John Sivebaek (83)
Results 1990-1995

? kicked-off. ? minutes (? & ?).


Match Summary

Officials from Netherlands




Referee (-) - John Blankenstein
x (-).

Linesmen - Jan Dolstra and Robert Overkleeft

Reserve official - Mario van der Ende

Denmark replaced Yugoslavia as Championship contestants.

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

Denmark Team



No official ranking;
EFO ranking

ELO rating 11th
Colours: Made by Hummel - Red collared hummel shadowed jerseys with white collar/black trim, white sleeves with red panel/thin stripes, white shorts with red side panel and red/black hem, red socks with black/white hoops.
Capt: Lars Olsen Manager: Richard Möller Nielsen, 54
29th match,
Denmark Lineup
1 Schmeichel, Peter 28 18 November 1963 G Manchester United FC, England 48 ? GA
2 Sivebaek, John 30 25 October 1961 D AS Monaco FC, France 78 1
Sivebaek cautioned in the 83rd min.
3 Nielsen, Kent 30 3 June 1968 D Arhus GF 51 3
4 Olsen, Lars 31 2 February 1961 D Trabzonspor AS, Turkey 58 3
5 Andersen, Henrik 27 7 May 1965 M 1. FC Köln 01/07 eV, Germany 26 2
6 Christofte, Kim 31 24 August 1960 D Brondbyernes IF 12 1
7 Jensen, John Faxe 27 3 May 1965 M Hamburger SV eV, Germany 44 1
18 Vilfort, Kim 29 15 November 1962 M Brondbyernes IF 43 6
9 Povlsen, Flemming 25 3 December 1966 F BV Borussia 09 eV Dortmund, Germany 46 17
15 Christensen, Brian 25 4 January 1967 F FC Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 eV, Germany 18 8
11 Laudrup, Brian 23 22 February 1969 M FC Bayern München eV, Germany 26 5

unused substitutes:

8-Johnny Mölby, 10-Lars Elstrup, 12-Torban Piechnik, 13-Henrik Larsen, 14-Torben Frank, 16-Mogens Krogh, 17-Claus Christiansen, 19-Peter Nielsen, 20-Morten Bruun.
4-4-2 -


Age - Appearances/Goals - -


England Team



No official ranking;
EFO ranking

ELO rating 2nd to 3rd
Colours: The 1990 Umbro home uniform - White collared jersey with shadowed diamonds and navy collar/cuff, navy shorts with white panel and red triangle, white socks with navy tops.
Capt: Gary Lineker, sixteenth captaincy Manager: Graham Taylor, 47 (15 September 1944), appointed 23 July 1990,
22nd match, W 13 - D 8 - L 1 - F 32 - A 14.
England Lineup
1 Woods, Christopher C.E. 32 14 November 1959 G Sheffield Wednesday FC 32 14 GA
2 Curle, Keith, off 62nd min. 28 14 November 1963 RB Manchester City FC 3 0
Curle cautioned in the 9th min. for Unsporting behaviour, for a foul on Andersen.
3 Pearce, Stuart 30 24 April 1962 LB Nottingham Forest FC 48 2
4 Keown, Martin R. 25 24 July 1966 CD Everton FC 7 1
Keown cautioned in the 7th min. for Unsporting behaviour, for a foul on Povslen.
5 Walker, Desmond S. 26 26 November 1965 CD Nottingham Forest FC 45 0
12 Palmer, Carlton L. 26 5 December 1965 CM Sheffield Wednesday FC 5 0
7 Platt, David A. 26 10 June 1966 M Juventus FC SpA, Italy 30 10
8 Steven, Trevor M. 28 21 September 1963 RM/RB Olympique de Marseille, France 35 4
17 Smith, Alan M. 29 21 November 1962 F Arsenal FC 12 2
10 Lineker, Gary W. 31 30 November 1960 CF Tottenham Hotspur FC 78 48
16 Merson, Paul C., off 71st min. 24 20 March 1968 LM Arsenal FC 6 1
England Substitutes
18 Daley, Anthony M., on 62nd min. for Curle 24 18 October 1967 RM Aston Villa FC 6 0
Daley cautioned in the 67th min.
15 Webb, Neil J., on 71st min. for Merson 28 30 July 1963 LM Manchester United FC 25 3

unused substitutes:

9-Nigel Clough, 11-Andy Sinton, 13-Nigel Martyn, 14-Tony Dorigo, 19-David Batty, 20-Alan Shearer.
4-4-2 Woods -
Curle (Daley),  Keown, Walker, Pearce -
Steven, Palmer, Platt, Merson (Webb) -
Lineker, Smith.
notes: After 62nd minute, Daley took Steven's right midfield spot and Steven moved to Curle's right back post.


Age - Appearances/Goals - -


    Match Report by Mike Payne


    Match Report by Norman Giller

England were hustled out of their stride by a Danish team surprised to find themselves in the finals following the barring of war-torn Yugoslavia. Concentrating on quick and incisive counter attacks, it was Denmark who looked most likely to break the deadlock and England had a lucky escape when a shot from John Jensen struck a post with goalkeeper Chris Woods beaten. The English defence missed the steadying influence of injured Mark Wright, but Carlton Palmer gave a good account of himself against a Danish side in which Brian Laudrup was outstanding as the orchestrator of their attacks. The Danes got better and better as the tournament wore on and finally emerged as the unexpected champions.

    Match Report

There had been nothing to suggest in the early stages of England's opening European Championship match that Graham Taylor's side would not make a winning start to their bid for success.  Denmark's late summons to replace the outcast Yugoslavs had left them short on preparation, and Taylor's team was going into the game with just one defeat in his two years as national manager.

To the surprise of those people who had believed he would make his victory attempt with three centre-halves, England began the game with a 4-4-2 line-up.  The loss of three right full-backs through injury had left the squad without a recognised right-back and Keith Curle was asked to fill an emergency and play there against the Danes.  Alan Smith was chosen as striking partner to Gary Lineker with the manager clearly feeling the Danes might be vulnerable in the air.

England might have had the ideal start when Lineker's dash down the right flank and cross caught the Danes flat and shapeless.  But David Platt, having anticipated the cross and made his run, arrived a yard ahead of the ball and was unable to adjust to finish off what would have been a wonderful opening move.  This was to be one of several chances falling to England in the first half where there seemed no real cause for alarm, other than from the measured and finely weighted passes of Brian Laudrup.  Platt could himself have had a hat-trick on another day, while Paul Merson engineered a wonderful chance for himself, only to drive the ball across the face of goal.

With Curle finding the right-back position uncomfortable after an early caution, the Danes were beginning to cause alarm with heir quick acceleration.  Bent Christensen might well have embarrassed England, but lifted a fine opportunity created by Laudrup over the crossbar and in the 66th minute John Jensen hit the England upright.

The introduction of Tony Daley for Curle in the 62nd minute brought a flicker of hope as Peter Schmeichel was forced into a tip-over save.  But then the Danes had yet another glorious opportunity in the 77th minute when Laudrup was through on goal only to steer his shot wide of the target.  What had started as an encouraging performance ended with some worrying aspects for the England management team who had anticipated getting off to a winning start against Denmark. - The F.A. England Year 1992-93, Stanley Paul & Co Ltd, London, 1992, pages 17-18.

Source Notes

Five of the most complete national team websites in the world are devoted to Denmark's national team.  They are remarkably consistent in their incredibly detailed records, but there is disagreement among them on whether this 1992 European Championship match against England was Bent Christensen's 17th or 18th appearance and consequently on whether he earned 26 or 27 career caps.  It seems there were two Bent Christensens', and the crux of the disagreement is which of them made his debut against Poland on May 18, 1988.  Both Bent Christensens' appeared against Malta on February 8, 1989, and the sources differ over which Bent Christensen was then making his debut and which was making his second appearance.  The Dansk Bodspil-Union website has the Bent Christensen who played against England in 1992 also appearing in the 1988 Poland match, and because of its official status, we have gone along with it and credited him with his 18th of 27 appearances in a career starting in 1988 rather than 1989.  Needless to say, the sources also differ over whether the other Bent Christensen earned three or four career caps and whether his career began in 1988 or 1999.  This sort of confusion no doubt explains why the Football Association uses initials to distinguish between English players bearing the same name, as in the case of the two players named Gary Stevens on the 1996 World Cup squad. - PY

Original newspaper reports
Offical Teamsheet
Rothman's Yearbooks
Mike Payne's England: The Complete Post-War Record (Breedon Books Publishing Company, Derby, U.K., 1993)
Norman Giller
, Football Author