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Match No. 790 vs. Cameroon Match No. 792 vs. Argentina Match Results

England National Football Team Match No. 791

England 1 Sweden 1 [1-0]

Sunday, 2 June 2002

Match Summary and Report

Saitama Sutajiamu Niimarumarunii, Saitama-shi, 2 June, 2002 - The England lineup that faced Sweden. 
Back row - Emile Heskey, Sol Campbell, David Seaman, Rio Ferdinand, Wes Brown, Michael Owen. 
Front row - Darius Vassell, Owen Hargreaves, Paul Scholes, David Beckham, Ashley Cole.

Match Summary

Status: World Cup 2002 Final Tournament Group F, First Phase, Game Two.
Venue: Saitama Sutajiamu Niimarumarunii, Saitama-shi, Japan, capacity 63,060.
Attendance: 62,561.
Goals: England - Sol Campbell, 24th min.  David Beckham provides a typically precise cross - and Sol Campbell rises to power a superb header into the back of the Sweden net.
Sweden - Niclas Alexandersson, 59th min. 
Tobias Linderoth plays a hopeful ball into the box, which Mills should easily clear. But the right-back dallies and his hurried clearance goes straight to Niclas Alexandersson, who takes his time before hitting a shot past the back-pedalling David Seaman and into the net.
Cautions: England - Sol Campbell, 12th min. hacks down Henrik Larsson five yards outside the area
Sweden - Marcus Allb�ck, 45th+2 min. 
Sweden - Andreas Jakobsson, 73rd min.
Darius Vassell breaks the last line of the Sweden defence, only to be pulled back by Andreas Jakobsson, who is booked as a result.
Expulsions: None.
Officials: Referee - Carlos Eugenio Simon, 36 (03-Sep-1965), Brazil, FIFA-listed 1998.
Assistant Referees - Jorge Paulo Oliveira Gomes, 43 (23-Apr-1959), Brazil & Yuri Dupanov, 39 (07-Jun-1962), Bulgaria.
Fourth Official - Mark Alexander Shield, 28 (02-Sep-1973), Australia.
Note: The Football Association bizarrely give refereeing credit to UAE's Ali Mohammed Bujsaim, all sources, including FIFA, give it correctly to Simon.
Conditions: Kickoff at 6.30 p.m. local time. 10.30 a.m BST.
Miscellany: None.




Goal Attempts 10 13
Attempts on Target 4 6
Hit Bar/Post - -
Corner Kicks Won 2 3
Offside Calls Against 2 1
Fouls Conceded 13 15
Time of Possession 53 47


England Team


12th inFIFA ranking of 15th May 2002; 7th in Elo world ranking before this match and 7th after this match.

Colours: White shirts with red stripe down left side, navy blue shorts with red stripe down right side, white socks - The "2001" home uniform.
Coach: Sven-G�ran Eriksson, 54, appointed 31 October 2000, took post 12 January 2001, 
16th match,
W 8 - D 6 - L 2 - F 34 - A 15.
Captain: David Beckham, 14th captaincy.

England Lineup

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
1-Seaman, David A. 19-Sep-1963 38 G

Arsenal FC

69 0 1988-2002
2-Mills, Daniel J. 18-May-1977 25 D Leeds United AFC 8 0 2001-active
3-Cole, Ashley 20-Dec-1980 21 D Arsenal FC 9 0 2001-active
18-Hargreaves, Owen L. 20-Jan-1981 21 M FC Bayern M�nchen AG, Germany 7 0 2001-active
5-Ferdinand, Rio G. 07-Nov-1978 23 D Leeds United AFC 23 0 1997-active
6- Campbell, Sulzeer J. 18-Sep-1974 27 D Arsenal FC 47 1 1996-active
7-Beckham, David R.J., sub off 63rd min. 02-May-1975 27 M

Manchester United FC

50 6 1996-active
8-Scholes, Paul 16-Nov-1974 27 M Manchester United FC 45 13 1997-2004
20-Vassell, Darius, sub off 74th min. 13-Jun-1980 21 F Aston Villa FC 6 2 2001-2004
10-Owen, Michael J. 14-Dec-1979 22 F Liverpool FC 37 16 1998-active
11-Heskey, Emile W.I. 11-Jan-1978 24 M/F

Liverpool FC

25 3 1999-active

England Substitutes

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
19-Cole, Joseph J., sub on 63rd min. for Beckham 08-Nov-1981 20 M West Ham United FC 7 0 2001-active
23-Dyer, Kieron C., sub on 74th min. for Vassell 29-Dec-1978 23 M Newcastle United FC 10 0 1999-active


Seaman -
Mills, Ferdinand, Campbell, A Cole -
Beckham (Dyer), Scholes, Hargreaves, Heskey -
Owen, Vassell (J Cole).

Not Used:
4-Trevor Sinclair, 9-Robbie Fowler, 12-Wes Brown, 13-Nigel Martyn, 14-Wayne Bridge, 15-Martin Keown, 16-Gareth Southgate, 17-Teddy Sheringham, 21-Nicky Butt, 22-David James.

Sweden Team


19th in FIFA ranking of 15th May 2002; 14th in Elo world ranking before this match and 13th after this match.

Colours: Blue shirts, white shorts, blue socks; made by Adidas.
Coach: Tommy S�derberg, 53, and Lars Lagerb�ck, 53, appointed joint-coaches in January 2000.
Captain: Johan Mj�llby

Sweden Lineup

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
1-Hedman, Magnus 19-Mar-1973 29 G

Coventry City FC, England

46 0 1997-active
2-Mellberg, E. Olof 03-Sep-1977 24 D Aston Villa FC, England 23 0 2000-active
16-Lucic, Teddy 15-Apr-1973 29 D AIK Stockholm 43 0 1995-active
4-Mj�llby, Johan 09-Feb-1971 31 D The Celtic FC, Scotland 37 4 1997-active
15-Jakobsson, Andreas 06-Oct-1972 29 D FC Hansa Rostock, Germany 14 0 1996-active
6-Linderoth, Tobias 21-Apr-1979 23 M

Everton FC, England

21 1 1999-active
7- Alexandersson, Niclas 29-Dec-1971 30 M Everton FC, England 60 7 1993-active
17-Svensson, Magnus, sub off 56th min. 10-Mar-1969 33 M Br�ndby IF, Denmark 26 2 1996-active
9-Ljungberg, K. Fredrik 16-Apr-1977 25 M Arsenal FC, England 33 2 1998-active
10-Allb�ck, Marcus, sub off 80th min. 05-Jul-1973 28 F SC Heerenveen, Netherlands 20 9 1999-active
11-Larsson, Henrik 20-Sep-1971 30 F The Celtic FC, Scotland 69 21 1993-active

Sweden Substitutes

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
8-Svensson, Anders, sub on 56th min. for Magnus Svensson 17-Jul-1976 25 D

Southampton FC, England

26 6 1999-active
22-Andersson, Andreas, sub on 80th min. for Allb�ck 10-Apr-1974 28 F AIK Stockholm 34 8 1996-active


Hedman -
Mellberg, Mj�llby, Jakobsson, Lucic -
Linderoth, Alexandersson, Ljungberg, Magnus Svensson (A Svensson)  -
Allb�ck (A Andersson), Larsson.

Not Used:
3-Patrik Andersson, 5-Michael Svensson, 13-Tomas Antonelius, 14-Erik Edman, 18-Mattias Jonson, 19-Pontus Farnerud, 20-Daniel Andersson, 21-Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 23-Andreas Isakson

Match Report




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