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Sandip Singh, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. (in exile from Coventry), 17 March 2002, on his predictions: 

World Cup squad:
GK: Seaman, Martyn, James
D:  G.Neville, P.Neville, Campbell, Ferdinand, Keown, Southgate, Ashley Cole, Carragher
M:  Beckham, Gerrard, Scholes, Butt, Dyer, McManaman, Murphy
F:  Owen, Heskey, Fowler, Sheringham, Vassell

Benjamin Sharp, Paris, France, 18 January 2002, on his predictions:

Here are the 23 for the World Cup.
GK:  Martyn, Robinson, Seaman
D:  Ferdinand, Campbell, King, Ashley Cole, Bridge, Carragher, Neville (even he's very average)
M:  Beckham, Gerrard, Joe Cole, Dyer, Carrick, Bowyer, McManaman, Scholes
F:  Smith (should be playing alongside Owen), Owen, Sheringham (supersub), Fowler, Cole

Paul Robinson, Kanata, Ontario, Canada, 3 January 2002, on his predictions:

Here are my 23 for the World Cup for England at the present:
GK:  Seaman (hopefully without the porn director's ponytail), Martyn, James
D: Ferdinand, Campbell, G. Neville, Ashley Cole, Carragher, Southgate, Ledley King
M: Beckham, Scholes, Gerard, Bowyer, Hargreaves (yeah, a pseudo Canadian), J. Cole, Dyer, Sinclair
F: Owen, Fowler, Sheringham,  Andrew Cole, Alan Smith

In case of late injuries:
GK: Richard Wright
D: Woodgate, Wes Brown, Mills
M: Anderton, Carrick, Dunn
F: Defoe

Absolutely under no circumstances:

GK: Flowers, Walker
D: P. Neville (not very effective at passing it to a colleague), Keown (a petulant nasty player in my opinion who will get carded)
M: Batty, Parlour, Ince, Wise (all four of these are of the old school of elbows and fouling that doesn't transfer to international football), Butt, McManaman (I don't think he can be bothered to play at times), Gascoigne
F: Heskey (falls down too much and doesn't score enough), Sutton, Phillips (he's had his chances and now he can't even score from penalties for Sunderland)

Hopefully, this team can gel well and bring home the World Cup.