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This page is especially for the young readers comments regarding the England team or international football.  Send your remarks and pictures to England Football Online and we'll try to put them up soon after we get them.  Please tell us your name, age, city or town and country.

Why Roary, Mane and Paws, simply because that's the name of our beloved three lions.


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From Conall Green, in Walsall, UK, age 8, writes:

My name is Conall and I'm 8 and live in Walsall. I support Villa and England.

My favourite Villa players are Baros, Moore and my favourite England players are Owen, A Cole and Lampard.  I hope England win the World Cup and think they have the team to do it, it also would mean I get to see more matches as Dad says I can watch all the England games on TV. I love football and play nearly every day at school and train on Wednesday nights with Silverdale FC, I'm an attacking midfielder as I like to score the odd goal.


From Katie Bailey, in Burnley, UK, age 12, writes:

i think england have a really good chance of winning the world cup this year, because we have a class team with robinson, A.cole, terry, ferdinand, beckham, lampard, gerrard, rooney and owen but we have made the england team even stronger by getting really good, strong players like J.cole,carrick and peter crouch.

My favourite team in the whole world is burnley. I think some of our players should play for england with players like Jensen(beast), mcgreal, sinclair, duff, J.o'connor, G.o'connor, Elliot, branch (dibranchio) and we have quite a few players on loan like bardsley from man utd, andy gray from sunderland (who is signing for us at the end of season) ricketts from leeds and quite a few more.

I play for Burnley fc girls under 12s and we finished second in the league. I play football all the time whenever i can and it is the best thing in the world!!


From Keryn, in the UK, age 11, writes:

England are the best football team in the world i am there biggest fan i have an England bedroom with England curtains, England bedcover, England posters, England photos, England everything. I play football a lot and watch it all the time I love football it is the best!

Ever since I was little I dream about playing with the England team running beside of Beckham and Rooney and cheering with Ferdinand. Terry, Cole, and the rest of the team it would be so cool to train with Paul Robinson, you see i play three positions Goalie, Centre defence and Centre midfield.

I play for Camrose under11's

From Chloe, from the Royal School for Deaf, Kent, UK, writes:

     chloe xxxxxx

From Karter Byrne, in Leicester, UK, age 12 writes:

Come on England!

I think we'll win because we've got a player with the potential to be better than George Best as the best British Footballer ever in Wayne Rooney, we've got the 1st ever robot footballer in Peter Crouch, probably the best all-round midfield and defence in the world, we've got the unemotional swedish bloke who causes more controversy than Pete Doherty as the gaffer and we're EN-GER-LAND!!

From Katie Fenner, in Hailsham, UK, age unknown writes:






  • Sent in by Abi, aged 5, from
    Stockton-on-Tees, England.
  • Sent in by Bronwyn Gough,
    aged 7, from London, England.

Bronwyn also wrote:

England let me down cause they did not win the World Cup.

From Bronwyn's mum, in Wood Green, London, UK, writes:

To the England team,

with no prompting, my 7 year old daughter wrote this out.  Just thought I would send it to show how much support there has been, perhaps it could serve as some inspiration for the Euro's.