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Derrick Sarpong, Ghana, 15 December 2005, on Ghana and the World Cup:-

i am very happy to have the best team in the world cup and hope God 

see us through. i am an england supporter and will be happy to get pictures of the players and a magazine of the team ... wishing you the best in germany 2006.

CG: Thank you very much kind sir...

Adam Pavao, Portugal, 15 December 2005, on Euro 2004:-

I wasent sure how to post a letter up so I thought that i could just send an email well anyways I know euro 2004 is long gone and world cup 2006 is coming but i was looking at your website and reading some of the stuff that the England fans have been writing and I would like to say that the English fan are just a bunch of babys I mean I can understand how you feel becasue im Portuguesse and Portugal hasent won a cup ever and and we havent done good tell now in cups but when you say that Portugal didnt deserve the win and that England is better really makes me mad beacasue if you say England is so good why does Portugal beat them in the world cup in 2002 and now in euro im not saying Portugal is the best or im not saying that Portugal is better then Englang becasue are the euro teams were good they had to be they were in the euro but you cant say that the ref was on a payroll with Portugal or that he was a fan of Portugal casue thats all bull Portugal derved it the MOST in that competion beacasue we never done as good as we did  that ref was swiss so it was all love and desire for the win and Portugal had that and we might have not won the cup but in heart we are the champs of the europe VIVA PORTUGAL 2006 is coming god bless PORTUGAL

CG: What can I say....

Francisco Sorice, Italy, 14 November 2005, on the World Cup Draw:-

I have just read your comments on England in WC 2006 and found them very interesting. I fully agree with you that there was not any logical criteria, by which the final draw had been regulated. However, since you can give me expert advice on football (England is its hometown!), how should the teams be seeded before Germany 2006. Will the Fifa ranking be used for that purpose. What do the Fifa rules say in this respect?

Thank you and greetings from Italy (hope to see Italy and England playing the final match, because never did a non-European team win a World Cup on the Continent, except Brazil in Sweden, but they were more human than human...)!

CG: Only FIFA know what summary they are going to use... but they will more than likely stick the format they used for the past two World Cup draws.

A disgruntled Poland fan, Poland, 12 October 2005, on England vs. Poland:-

fuck off fucking english pussys.

CG: Firstly, may I commend you on your English, and secondly, I'm sure we'll meet again in the World Cup Finals next summer.

Sandy, Malaysia, 8 October 2005, on England vs. Austria:-

I would like to voice out my comment regarding the game between England and Austria today. I think that Becks should not deserve the 2nd yellow card. The camera has shown that he did not actually done anything wrong to make that Austrian player fallen. Why did he been given a card?.

Huu Ta, Vietnam, 7 October 2005, on Sven:-

We are Vietnamese. We always think of England National Team (ENT). We also enjoy English Premiership every Saturday and Sunday. Actually, We do not believe in what Mr. Eriksson leads the ENT. Last year 2004, ENT lost against Portugal Team was his mistake. At that time, After one goal from Michel Owen. All England players were very colsed to panallty are so Portugal Team got a goal. If Mr. Eriksson still runs ENT, ENT will be lost in Germany 2006.

Steve Flanagan, Merseyside, 7 September 2005, on Unofficial Matches:-

I have been reading, with interest, your arguments with regards to what are official and unofficial England matches.  May I say that your arguments have been so persuasive, that I have gone with your classifications when dealing with these matches which included players from my club, Everton.

Anyway, I noticed your list of unofficial matches, and saw that England had played Tottenham on 4 Feb 1975, and this would seem the only club side England have played.  However, Everton played an England XI behind closed doors at Goodison Park on 18 October 1955.  Everton won 3-1 and the match was definitely played as I have seen a match report in the local paper up here in Liverpool.

Everton's side that day was:

Leyland; Moore, Tansey, Donovan, Jones (Woods), Lello, Fielding, Wainwright, J.Harris, Parker, Eglington.  The Everton scorers were Parker and Jimmy Harris with 2.  I didn't make a note of the England team I'm afraid, but if you want me to I'll jot it down next time I get a chance to look at the Daily Post and Echo archives in the library up here.

Also, my research into internationals played by Everton players has discovered another unofficial match played on 14 May 1986 during their stay in America in the build up to the World Cup.  The game was against Korea Republic and England won 4-1. 

CG: The Korea Republic match has been added to the Unofficial Matches section.  More matches will be added shortly... i.e. when we find them.

Mirek Szacillo, Warsaw, Poland, 20 September 2005, on British Championship:-

Englandfootballonline is worldwildy the best site in its category, with a big distance. I can only be proud the Polish is the second one. With distance to you, alas. I know what I say because I'm a fervent collector of data bases on national teams' records from all over the world.

Please, fasten the work on British Championship pages because the national data bases of Wales and Northern Ireland available through Internet are more than poor.

CG: Thank you for your compliments.  We at England Football Online have undertaken a vast task in what we are trying to achieve here.  All we can say is, the British Championship pages will be completed soon...

...we hope!

Lorraine Turner, destination unknown, 7 September 2005, on Northern Ireland 1 England 0:-

Sack the Swede and the rest of the veggies on the team.

Jan Kubisz, Poland, 7 September 2005, on Chorz�w:-

Please correct name of City.  Not CHORZYW � Name of this polish silesian city is CHORZ�W.

CG: wherever I can I have used CHORZ�W.  I try to faithfully represent the correct spelling of every city.

I think is very hard to find properly pronunciation of "Chorz�w" for English-speeking people. The nearest could be "Hoshoov" for example. But it can not be perfect. "rz" is not representing in English. In French language we can find "j". It sounds like "rz" in polish. For example in phrase: "Je
sui".  �=u in polish pronunciation.  In English it sounds like "oo" (mood, food etc.) or "u" (put, push).

CG: that's settled then!

Kevin Ross, destination unknown, 19 August 2005, on video clips:-

great job and superb site!!! Keep up the fabulous work!!! Stumbled on the website by chance but got to say it is impressive.... Compliments aside, i got a suggestion. Perhaps video clips of some of England's finest goals ever scored could be put up as well. Stats are all well and good but if these clips could be introduced, the fans would have an appreciation of what the England team can do on the pitch (excluding defending like headless chickens in Denmark though!)

CG: I agree with your suggestion, but we have a copyright issue to deal with.

Ray Buckwell, destination unknown, 17 August 2005, on England vs. Denmark:-

Get david james out of the team he�s a waste of time. I know it�s a friendly but sven shoudn�t change the team so radically at half time. When we lose face there�s no one can keep hold not even becks. How are we supposed to win the world cup? We lose to a team that�s 4th in there group.

CG: and 5 minutes later....

I bloody told you that david james should go. He should leave, or sven should sack him he�s bloody pony. Im sorry to say im sorry to be English from this loss, I WANT AN ENGLISH MANAGER..

Katie Goodwin, (no relation!), destination unknown, 2 July 2005, on Frank Lampard:-

hi please tell frank that i am his biggest fan i have his pictures all over my wall.

CG: I'll try, if I ever see him.

A Portuguese fan from Portugal, 29 June 2005, on Portugal:-

England is bad at soccer. Portugal is the best.  Owen is the only good player with 24 goals, Figo has 30, Pauleta has 28. Have a nice day!

CG: Thank you for that... I stand corrected.

Bob McCormack, New York, U.S.A., 31 May 2005, on England against U.S.A.:-

Please note the following corrections to some of the ENG-USA matches of the past.

Firstly, I'm humbled to have to say congratulations for your away win this past Saturday, 28 May 2005 in our Friendly.  Secondly, I'm surprised our countries have not played against each other more than just 8 times. Please invite us to Old Trafford or some cherished ground where we will make you wince. (!)

1) Match #280. New York City is in our state of New York, not New Jersey. Unless done purposely to irritate millions of New York Yankee baseball fans, Yankee Stadium is in the Borough of the Bronx, of the City of New York.  Technically, the city's official name is just New York, though New York City is tolerated and usually accepted if mentioned by itself.  Officially it is New York, New York.  (so great a place they named it twice!!).

2) I know of no stadium in Los Angeles, California called Wrigley Field.  The Wrigley Field we all know here across the "pond" is in Chicago - a beautiful, though rather ancient, 1920's ivy & brick structure used primarily for baseball.  Now, whether Match #334 in 1959 was played in Los Angeles or Chicago I do not know, but Wrigley and L.A. do not go together. If it was L.A. then the choices would be the LA Memorial Coliseum, or the Rose Bowl, or possibly some other ground no longer standing.

3) Match #379 - all info correct, EXCEPT New York City is again, not in the State of New Jersey.

4) Match #827. This past Saturday's match was played at Soldier Field in Chicago.  Yes, it is considered a stadium, but not in name. It is simply called Soldier Field (no "stadium").

P.S. Best of Luck at Germany 2006.  I'm sorry to say, that if we meet again there, us upstart Yanks will surprise you!!  How 'bout a few quid on that???

CG: Corrections have been made with grateful thanks.  I certainly hope no one else was offended by the incorrect terms and names.  Although following point 2, I can re-affirm that England did play United States at Wrigley Field in Los Angeles, apparently home to a baseball team called the L.A. Angels, demolished in 1966.

Regarding the next England captain throughout the US tour:-
Winkins Lam, Hong Kong, 5 May 2005:

I think Rio is most likely the captain for the US Tour, but only for the US Tour.  As long as Eriksson leasing England, the line-up of captain would be:   

Beckham --> Owen --> Gerrard --> Terry --> Ferdinand

Paul Linford, destination unknown, 9 May 2005:

Rio Ferdinand.

Katie Warren, destination unknown, 9 May 2005:

I think Frank Lampard should be the captain for the match.

Bill Jefferson Clinton, destination unknown, 9 May 2005:

England's Captain Rio??? You must be joking!!! That druggie? What sort of example is he? The Captain should be Frank Lampard of course!!!