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four Saturday, 6 March 1875
Association friendly match

England 2 Scotland 2 [1-1]

Match Summary
England Party
Scotland Party
Team Records


England Party to face Scotland  February 1875
Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Capt
Alcock, Charles W. 2 December 1842 32 F

Wanderers FC

0 0 0
Birley, Francis H. 6 March 1850 24 FB Oxford University AFC 1 0 0
Bonsor, Alexander G. 7 October 1851 23 F Wanderers FC & Old Etonians AFC 1 1 0
Carr, William H. 14 November 1848 26 G Owlerton FC 0 0ᵍᵃ 0
Geaves, Richard L. 6 May 1854 20 OL Clapham Rovers FC 0 0 0
Haygarth, Edward B. 26 April 1854 20 FB Swifts FC, Reading FC, Lancing Old Boys AFC & Wanderers FC 0 0 0
Heron, G. Hubert H. 30 January 1852 23 CF Wanderers FC & Swifts FC 2 0 0
Lubbock, Edgar 22 February 1847 28 F

Old Etonians AFC

0 0 0

Edgar Lubbock withdrew from the line-up due to injury.

Rawson, Herbert E. 3 September 1852 22 F Royal Engineers FC 0 0 0
Rawson, William S. 14 October 1854 20 FB Oxford University AFC, Wanderers FC & Old Westminsters AFC 0 0 0
von Donop, Pelham G. 28 April 1851 23 F Royal Engineers FC 1 0 0
Wollaston, Charles H.R. 31 July 1849 25 F Wanderers FC, Lancing Old Boys AFC & Clapham Rovers FC 2 0 0


Wednesday, 3 February 1875 - The second trial match arranged by the English committee took place at Surrey Cricket Ground. Accident prevented the appearance of some of the candidates at the last moment, and the ground was so slippery that good forward play was almost impossible. The scratch team were not strong forward at any point, and but for the excellent form shown by their backs a decisive victory would in all probability have greeted The Wanderers. As it was, the latter were hardly ever threatened and the game was ultimately in their favour by two goals (C.W. Alcock and Hubert Heron) to one. For the scratch team E.B. Haygarth (Reading) played very well back throughout, while the goal-keeping of C.E. Charles (Old Etonian), who commanded them, prevented many a disaster. For the Wanderers F.H. Birley at half-back worked hard, as did F.B. Maddison up, but the forwards were as erratic as on the previous Saturday.

Saturday, 13 February 1875 - A match was played at Surrey Cricket Ground this afternoon, with the view of selecting a team to meet Scotland in the International match in March next. Mr Alcock and Mr F.T. Green respectively captained the teams, and the former eleven won by six goals to two.

Wednesday, 24 February 1875 - The football players of Sheffield will regret to learn of the meeting tonight of the London Football Association that the alteration proposed by the Sheffield Football Association on the London Rule V. (the 'kick-in' rule) was negatived by a majority of only two votes, although warmly advocated by Mr Alcock and Major Merriman.

The alterations passed were as follow:—
LAWS OF THE GAME.—Rule 1: Proposed by Queen's Park, Glasgow:—After the word "tape" to insert "or bar."—Proposed by the Royal Engineers:—To erase the rule and substitute for it the following:— "That the limits of the ground be, maximum length 200 yards, minimum length 100 yards, maximum breadth 100 yards, minimum breadth 50 yards.
The length and breadth shall be marked off with flags, and the goal shall be upright posts, eight yards apart, with a tape across them, eight feet from the ground."—
Rule 3: Proposed by Queen's Park, Glasgow:—To erase rule and substitute following: "Ends shall only be changed at half time. After a goal is won the losing side shall kick off, but after the change of ends at half-time the ball shall be kicked off by the opposite side from that which originally did so; and always as provided in Rule 2."—
Rule 4: Proposed by Queen's Park, Glasgow:— After the words "tape" to insert "or bar," and in place of the words, "The ball hitting one or other of the boundary posts," to insert, "The ball hitting the goal, or boundary posts, or goal-bar, or tape."

At the same meeting, the England team to face Scotland in the coming international match was decided.

Saturday, 6 March 1875 - Today, the annual international match, according to the rules of the Football Association, will be played in London on the Surrey Cricket Ground. It is asserted that the Scottish eleven is the best that has ever represented Scotland.  Play will commence at three o'clock punctually. The English will wear, as in previous matches, white jerseys, with the English arms in black on the left breast.

England Form: last six games
                    D W L   f  5:a 4    success:  50%
1 30 November 1872 - Scotland 0 England 0 [0-0]
The West of Scotland Cricket Ground, Partick (2,500 to 5000)
  Fr AD
2 8 March 1873 - England 4 Scotland 2 [2-2]
Surrey Cricket Ground, Kennington (3,000)
Kenyon-Slaney (2), Bonsor, Chenery
Renny-Tailyour, Gibb
3 7 March 1874 - Scotland 2 England 1 [2-1]
The West of Scotland Cricket Ground, Partick (8,000)
Anderson, MacKinnon