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Saturday, 6 March 1875
International Friendly Match

England 2 Scotland 2 [1-1]

Match Summary
England Squad
Scotland Squad
Team Records

The Surrey Cricket Ground, The Oval, Kennington, London, Surrey
Attendance: 2,000; Kick-off 3:20pm London Time

England - Charles Wollaston ('kicked, following a Birley free-kick' c 30), Charlie Alcock ('breasted from a von Donop corner' 65).
Scotland - Henry McNiel ('kicked' c 35), Peter Andrews ('kicked' after ten minutes further play c. 75).
  Notes: Three newspapers, including The Standard, state that Bonsor scored the opening goal.

England won toss, Scotland kicked-off.


Match Summary

Officials [umpires and referees are of equal relevance]




Umpires -
Francis A. Marindin
36 (21 May 1838), Weymouth, England &
J.C. Mackay

Referee -
Alfred Stair

29 (summer 1845), Greenwich, London, England.

Played according to Football Association rules.

English and Scottish, each wore stockings of different colours. This was, in the first place, to indicate to a player in possession of the ball the positions of his fellow-players on the field, by watching their pedal extremities; and, secondly, to enable the spectators to identify a player by his party-coloured stockings. Cards were issued by the Queen's Park, giving the teams, and the colours of their stockings.

England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: "The Englishmen, who represented different clubs, adopted various costumes..."
Capt: Charlie Alcock, only captaincy. Selectors: The Football Association Committee following trial games, with Secretary Charles W. Alcock having the primary influence, on 24 February 1875.
England Lineup

Carr, William H., on 15 min.

26 late 1848 G

Owlerton FC

1 2 GA
  Haygarth, Edward B. 20 26 April 1854 FB Swifts FC, Reading FC, Lancing Old Boys AFC & Wanderers FC 1 0
  Rawson, William S. 20 14 October 1854
in South Africa
FB Oxford University AFC, Wanderers FC & Old Westminsters AFC 1 0
  Birley, Francis H. 25 6 March 1850 FB Wanderers FC 2 0
  von Donop, Pelham G. 23 28 April 1851 F Royal Engineers FC 2 0
Wollaston, Charles H.R. 25 31 July 1849 F Wanderers FC, Lancing Old Boys AFC & Clapham Rovers FC 2 1
Alcock, Charles W. 32 2 December 1842 F Wanderers FC 1 1
7 Rawson, Herbert E. 22 3 September 1852
in Mauritius
F Royal Engineers FC 1 0
  Bonsor, Alexander G. 23 7 October 1851 G/F Wanderers FC & Old Etonians AFC 2 1
  Heron, G. Hubert H. 22 30 January 1852 F Wanderers FC & Swifts FC 3 0
  Geaves, Richard Lyon 20 6 May 1854
in Mexico
OL Clapham Rovers FC 1 0


reserves not known

team notes:

The original team that was in the morning's papers included Old Etonians AFC's Edgar Lubbock. His place went to William Rawson.
Herbert and William Rawson are brothers.
Hubert Heron equals the record tally of most England appearances, shared with Charles Chenery.
Charlie Alcock becomes England's oldest goalscorer.
Eight of these players will not play for England again, a record equalled in the previous match.

 formation not known, but probably 2-2-6



Age 23.5 Appearances/Goals 1.5 0.3


Scotland Team


No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 2nd
Colours: "The Scotchmen all wore blue jerseys, with lion in red on the left breast, and white knickerbockers"
Capt: Joseph Taylor Selectors: Scottish Football Association Selection Committee
Scotland Lineup
1 Gardner, Robert 27 31 May 1847 G

Clydesdale FC

4 7 GA
2 Hunter, John - - B Glasgow Eastern FC 2 0
3 Taylor, Joseph 24 16 December 1850 B Queen's Park FC 4 0
  McLintock, Alexander - - HB Vale of Leven FC 1 0
  Kennedy, Alexander - - HB Glasgow Eastern FC 1 0
  Weir, James B. 23 23 November 1851 F Queen's Park FC 3 0
  Mackinnon, William M. 23 18 January 1852 F Queen's Park FC 4 0
McNiel, Henry 22/23 1853 F Queen's Park FC 2 1
9 Highet, Thomas C. 22/23 1853 F Queen's Park FC 1 0
Andrews, Peter - - F Glasgow Eastern FC 1 1
11 McPherson, John - - CF

Clydesdale FC

1 0


reserves not known
 2-2-6 Gardner -
Hunter, Taylor -
McLintock, Kennedy -
Weir, Mackinnon, McNiel, Highet, Andrews, McPherson.


Age n/a Appearances/Goals 2.2 0.2



Match Report

Very wet and muddy

Both teams played with great determination and were almost on an equality, the Englishmen having but a trifle the best of it, and when time was called there was little to choose, neither side being able to make any further score.

The Scotchmen were good runners and they had a very excellent goalkeeper, whose office was by no means a sinecure. The Englishmen all played well but, owing to the greasy nature of the turf, dribbling, which is their speciality, was almost out of the question. - Bell's Life in London and Sporting Chronicle - Sunday 7th March, 1875

Source Notes

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London Hearts
original newspaper snippet
Cris Freddi's invaluable research
The Football Association Yearbook, various years