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170 vs. Scotland
172 vs. Austria

Saturday, 10 May 1930
End-of-Season Tour Friendly Match

Germany 3 England 3 [1-2]

Match Summary
Germany Party

England Party

Deutsches Stadion, Reichssportfeld, Westend, Berlin
Attendance: 50,000;
Receipts: £3,500; Kick-off: 5.30pm UHR

England - Joe Bradford (following a Watson run 11, 25), David Jack (headed in a Crooks return 83)
Germany - Richard Hofmann (equalised following a breakaway after Blenkinsop was injured in a collision with a German forward 21, 49, from a Leinberger pass 60 hat-trick)
Results 1919-30

Germany won the toss, England kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - Johannes Mutters

Linesmen - Alfred Birlem, Germany and Shaw, England

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

Germany Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 13th
Colours: Red collared shirts, white shorts, black shorts
Capt: Ludwig Hofmann Selectors: Professor Otto Nerz
Germany Lineup
  Kreß, Willibald 23 13 November 1906 G SC Rot Weiß Frankfurt 4 4 GA
  Schütz, Franz 29 6 December 1900 RB Eintracht Frankfurt eV 11 0
  Stubb, Hans 23 8 October 1906 LB Eintracht Frankfurt eV 2 0
  Heidkamp, Konrad 24 27 September 1905 RH FC Bayern, München eV 8 1
  Leinberger, Ludwig 26 21 May 1903 CH SpVgg Fürth eV 12 0
  Mantel, Hugo 22 14 May 1907 LH Eintracht Frankfurt eV 3 0
  Bergmaier, Josef 21 5 March 1909 OR FC Bayern, München eV 2 0
  Pöttinger, Josef 27 16 April 1903 IR FC Bayern, München eV 14 9
  Kuzorra, Ernst 24 16 October 1905 CF FC Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 eV 5 4
Hofmann, Richard 24 8 February 1906 IL Dresdner SC 1898 eV 11 14
  Hofmann, Ludwig 29 9 June 1900 OL FC Bayern, München eV 16 2


reserves not known
2-3-5 Kreß -
Schütz, Stubb -
Heidkamp, Leinberger, Mantel -
Bergmaier, Pöttinger, Kuzorra,
R.Hofmann, L.Hofmann.


Age 24.7 Appearances/Goals 8.0 2.5


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 7th
Colours: The 1923 uniform - White collared jerseys and dark club shorts
Capt: David Jack, second captaincy Selectors:
In Charge: Arthur G. Kingscott
The fourteen-man FA International Selection Committee, on Thursday, 17 April 1930.
138th match, W 89 - D 26 - L 23 - F 424 - A 154.
A less reliable source names Roy Goodall as Captain
England Lineup
  Hibbs, E. Henry 23 27 May 1906 G Birmingham FC 3 5 GA
  Goodall, F. Roy 27 31 December 1902 RB Huddersfield Town FC 11 0
  Blenkinsop, Ernest 28 20 April 1902 LB Sheffield Wednesday FC 12 0
  Strange, Alfred H. 30 2 April 1900 RH Sheffield Wednesday FC 2 0
  Webster, Maurice 30 13 November 1899 CH Middlesbrough FC 2 0
  Marsden, William, injured off 46th min. 28 10 November 1901 LH Sheffield Wednesday FC 3 0
  Crooks, Samuel D. 22 16 January 1908 OR Derby County FC 2 0
Jack, David B.N. 32 3 April 1898 IR Arsenal FC 6 3
  Watson, Victor M. 32 10 November 1897 CF West Ham United FC 4 4
Bradford, Joseph 29 22 January 1901 IL Birmingham FC 10 3
  Rimmer, Ellis J. 23 2 January 1907 OL Sheffield Wednesday FC 2 2


Sam Cowan (Manchester City FC) and Tom Cooper (Derby County FC). Cowan replaced Fred Ewer (Corinthians FC)

team notes:

It was decided on 17 April that the team that beat Scotland on 5 April is the team to face Germany and Austria.
The injury to Marsden that prevented him from playing in the second half is more serious than at first thought. He has been admitted to hospital suffering from concussion of the brain, as well as suffering an injury to his spinal column.
2-3-5 Hibbs -
Goodall, Blenkinsop -
Strange, Webster, Marsden -
Crooks, Jack, Watson, Bradford, Rimmer


Age 27.6 Appearances/Goals 5.2 0.8


    Match Report


The Association football match between England and Germany at the Deutsches Stadium here yesterday ended in a draw, each side scoring three goals. It was an excellent, clean game, the result being in doubt till the last. Most unfortunately Marsden, the English left-half was severely hurt, apparently in a collision with one of the English backs, early in the game. He played on, but at half-time was unfit to continue. He was taken to hospital, and the German Football Association is seeing to it that he has the best care and treatment. The nature of his injury is not clear, but it is understood that the doctors are satisfied with his condition.

Every inch of the Stadium was packed with people. The last Anglo-German match, played in 1913, ended in a draw. Yesterday's game, however, was the first in which 11 of England's best had met a German team, and, football having taken a firm hold of the German imagination, it was the biggest sporting event of its kind for years. The English team took the offensive and held it until half-time. In the eighth minute Watson cleverly took the ball past several defenders and passed near the goal mouth to his inside-left, Bradford, who shot straight and true...

After 20 minutes the German forward line broke away and their inside-left, Hoffmann, of Dresden, who scored all their three goals, equalized with a delightful shot. England continued to dominate the game, missing shots at goal, until Bradford again scored with a low, fast shot from 20 yards out, the best shot in the game...

The absence of Marsden had thrown the English defence out of balance, and before it had adjusted itself the Germans had drawn ahead. Hoffmann scored from a centre and again from a pass from the centre half-back, Leinberger, who ran the ball through the defence until he was in a good position. Both shots were swift, and Hibbs had little chance to stop them. With half an hour to go Germany led by three goals to two...

Jack, at inside-right, maintained the attack at high pressure, and 12 minutes before the end equalized after some fine passing in which the English forward line moved down the field with the ball. As he approached the goal Jack passed out to Crooks, on the right wing, ran past the German left back, and received the ball back again from Crooks in the ideal position for heading into the net--a delightful goal. And that was the end...

Last night the representatives of the Football Association were the guests at a dinner given by the German Football Association. Three members of the teams which met in the first Anglo-German match 31 years ago were present; J. Bache, who then played for England and is now the trainer of the Mannheim Club, and Dr. L. Schricker and another member of the then German side. - The Times - Monday 12th May, 1930


It was on 9 May 1930 that the Grayson County Courthouse at Sherman in Texas was burned to the ground by an angry mob trying to get at George Hughes, an African-American farmhand accused of assaulting his employer's wife. The mob prevented firefighters from tackling the blaze by cutting their hoses. Hughes died in the fire and his badly-burned body was taken out and tied to a car to be dragged through the streets into the segregated business area, where shops, a hotel and homes used by black people, were looted and burned, and Hughes's body was strung up. The town was placed under martial law for the next two weeks, but only one of the ring-leaders went to prison for the racially-motivated violence.

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