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Monty Betts West Kent FC, Harrow Chequers FC, Old Harrovians AFC
& Wanderers FC

1 appearance, 3 goals against

P 1 W 0 D 0 L 1 F 1: A 3
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captain: none
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  Morton Peto Betts
Birth Monday, 30 August 1847 in Bloomsbury, Middlesex
  registered in Pancras October-December 1847 Pancras was in Middlesex Registration County up until 1889.
Education Attended Harrow School
  According to the 1851 census, Morton Peto is the middle child, the third of five, of Edward Ladd and Ann (née Peto), living at 29 Tavistock Square in St Pancras, Marylebone, London, with eight servants. His father is an Engineer.
According to the 1861 census, Morton P. is the eldest of six children (three more since ten years ago!). Living with eleven servants at Preston Hall Mansion, Bridge Cottage in Aylesford. His parents are on holiday at the Royal Hotel in Plymouth.
There are none of the Bett's family on the 1871 census! Morton visiting North America in August 1865 from Liverpool, with Arthur Kinnaird, before enrolling into Trinity College, Cambridge. They  return in the October.
(His father died on 21 January 1872)
First marriage to Jeannie Bouch, on Thursday, 17 April 1879, at St. George's Church in Bickley, Kent
  registered in Bromley May-June 1879
"BETTS―BOUGH.―April 17, inst., at St. George's Church, Bickley, Morton, second son of the late Edward Ladd Betts, by the Rev. Ernest W. Betts, M.A., brother of the bridegroom, to Jeannie, fourth daughter of John Bouch, of Coombe Lea, Bickley. No cards." - London Daily News/Evening Standard/Pall Mall Gazette, Thursday, 24 April 1879.
Children Monty and Jeannie Betts had three children together. Marion Alice (b.January 1880) and another (b.29 November 1882), Ethel Maud Liddell (b.20 October 1885)
  According to the 1881 census, now a Civil Engineer and married to Jane with a daughter Marrin and two servants. At 1 Plaistow Road in Bromley.
"BIRTHS ..BETTS.―On the 29th ult., at Streatham, Surrey, the wife of Morton Betts, of a daughter." - London Morning Post, Saturday, 2 December 1882.
  The Kelly's Directory of 1890 puts Morton at The Chestnuts in Fairlop Road, Leytonstone.
According to the 1891 census, Morton is visiting the Henley Arms, at 31 Fishergate in Preston. He remains a Civil Engineer!
(Jeannie Betts dies in March 1892)
  According to the 1901 census, Morton P. is a widower and a Civil Engineer. He is boarding at the home of the Winstone's in 10 Oaklands Terrace in Swansea.
Second marriage to Jane Eva Morgan, on 6 July 1901, in Croydon, Surrey
  registered in Croydon July-September 1901
"BETTS―MORGAN.―On the 6th inst., at Croydon, Morton P. Betts, Esq., to Eva J. Morgan, daughter of the late Rev. Herbert Morgan, of Swansea." - The Globe, Thursday, 11 July 1901/Sussex Agricultural Express, Saturday, 13 July 1901.
  (His mother died on 23 January 1908)
Not on the 1911 census, he is living at Villa Massa St.Anne, Garavan, Mentone, Alpes Maritimes in France.
Death Sunday, 19 April 1914 in Villa Massa St. Anne, Garavan, Mentone, Alpes Maritimes, France
aged 66 years 232 days no registration found
Probate "BETTS Morton Beto of Villa Massa Mentone France died 19 April 1914 Probate London 5 August to Jane Eva Betts and Frank Amsden manufacturer.
Effects £40 8s. 8d." [2019 equivalent: £4,650]
  Jane Eva Betts dies in March 1937
Source Douglas Lammings' An English Football Internationalist Who's Who [1990] &
Playing Career
Club(s) Began his education at Harrow School and played with Harrow Chequers in 1871, before becoming an Old Harrovian.  In between times, he played for West Kent FC and Wanderers FC.
Club honours FA Cup winners 1871-72; [under the pseudonym A.H. Chequer]

Betts was cup-tied for the 1872 FA Cup final match; he had begun the tournament registered with Harrow Chequers. They had withdrawn prior to the first game but, under the rules of the time, Betts could not play with another club in the same tournament.

Individual honours None
Distinctions Also played first-class cricket for Middlesex & Kent, as well as Essex.
Height/Weight not known
Source Douglas Lammings' An English Football Internationalist Who's Who [1990].
England Career
Player number One of seven who became the 43rd players (43) to appear for England.
Position(s) Goalkeeper; Seventh goalkeeper to appear.
Only match No. 6, 3 March 1877, England 1 Scotland 3, a friendly match at The Surrey Cricket Ground, The Oval, Kennington, London, aged 29 years 185 days.
Individual honours The South (one appearance, 1870)
Beyond England
Member of the F.A. Council for twenty years, served as a Committee member 1870-71 & 1881-90, commencing to FA vice-President 1890-91. A Civil Engineer circa 1881. Was also the secretary of Essex County Cricket. - Cricket Archive.

The Numbers
parties Apps withdrew minutes Goals
GA ave.min clean sheets captain
2 1 one 90 3 30 min none none
The minutes here given can only ever be a guideline and cannot therefore be accurate, only an approximation.
1 0 0 1 1 3 -2 0 0 1 3 0 -1
His only match was a friendly match and at one of his home grounds

Match History
 Clubs: West Kent F.C. & Harrow Chequers F.C. - no full appearances F.A. Committee  - one full appearance (90 min) 3ᵍᵃx

apps match match details comp res. rundown pos

Age 23
u/o 19 November 1870 - England 1 Scotland 0, The Surrey Cricket Ground, Kennington Fr Umpire

one appearance - The South vs. The North, December 1870

u/o 25 February 1871 - England 1 Scotland 1, The Surrey Cricket Ground, Kennington Fr HD Start gk

Age 24
u/o 18 November 1871 - England 2 Scotland 1, The Surrey Cricket Ground, Kennington Fr HW Start gk

 Clubs: Old Harrovians A.F.C. & Wanderers F.C. - one full appearance (90 min) 3ᵍᵃ  

Age 25
1 30 November 1872 - Scotland 0 England 0, The West of Scotland Cricket Ground, Partick Fr AD withdrew

Age 29
1 6 3 March 1877 - England 1 Scotland 3
The Surrey Cricket Ground, Kennington (home ground)
Fr HL 3ᵍᵃ
cs: 25min
ᵍᵃ2 kicks & freekick

one of seven who became the 43rd (43) players to appear for England
the second (& last debutant) Old Harrovian to represent England
one of two players (18) from Wanderers FC to become the 18h to represent England
The seventh goalkeeper to appear for England - the second to concede three goals

Age 35
18 24 February 1883 - England 7 Ireland 0, Liverpool Cricket Ground, Liverpool Fr Umpire

  International Selection Committeex

Age 37
25 21 March 1885 - England 1 Scotland 1, The Surrey Cricket Ground, Kennington BC Umpire

Age 39
30 26 February 1887 - England 4 Wales 0, The Surrey Cricket Ground, Kennington BC Umpire

Age 40
33 17 March 1888 - Scotland 0 England 5, Hampden Park, Glasgow BC Umpire

Age 42
38 15 March 1890 - Ireland 1 England 9, Ulster Cricket Ground, Belfast BC Umpire