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"I can't really remember when we've had a side who haven't turned up. England C doesn't work like that. They are so highly-motivated and proud that they're wearing an England shirt." - Paul Fairclough (The Non-League Paper, March 2020).

Following the abolition in 1974 of the distinction between amateur and professional, there had been no opportunity for players outside the Football League to earn international honours. The Alliance Premier League became the first national semi-professional league when it was formed in 1979 and provided a convenient source for all of the country's best non-league talent. A quadrangular international tournament for semi-professional (or non-League) players was then organised by the Football Association.

In arranging such matches, a major problem had always existed in agreeing the standard of player in other countries which would approximate to the senior non-leaguer in England. For the purpose of this competition, it was decided that Scotland would select players up to and including the Second Division of the Scottish League. Netherlands would send an amateur team. Italy had a recognised semi-professional league (Serie C).

The England Semi-Professional Team
Season 1978-79


Howard Wilkinson

International Semi-Professional Tournament in England
1 31 May 1979 - England 5 Scotland 1 [3-0]
Marston Road, Stafford
Adamson (3 (2 pens)), Mutrie, Whitbread
Morton (pen)
England: J.Arnold, B.Thompson (G.Simmonite), J.Davison, D.Adamson, T.Peake, A.Jennings ͨ, E.O'Keefe, B.Phillips, L.Mutrie, K.Houghton (J.Watson), B.Whitbread.
In the other semi-final, Netherlands beat Italy at Northwich 3-0. The Italians had two men sent off. In the third-place play-off, the Italians beat Scotland 2-1.
2 3 June 1979 - England 1 Netherlands 0 [0-0]
Marston Road, Stafford
O'Keefe HW
England: J.Arnold, B.Thompson (G.Simmonite), J.Davison, D.Adamson, Peake, A.Jennings ͨ, E.O'Keefe, B.Phillips, L.Mutrie, K.Houghton, B.Whitbread.
The England semi-professional team were the winners of the inaugural International Tournament. The other members of the squad were Parker, Lee, Chapman, Ironton and Clayton. Eamonn O'Keefe signed for Everton after the tournament and went on to win full-international caps for the Republic of Ireland.

In its second year the tournament was staged in the Netherlands. The participants were the same, but the format altered, with the competition played on a league basis. Each team, therefore, played three matches. It was agreed that all players other than full-timers should be eligible. Scotland would, this time, only exclude players from their Premier Division.

Season 1979-80


Keith Wright

International Semi-Professional Tournament in The Netherlands
3 3 June 1980 - England 2 Italy 0 [1-0]
Sportpark Panhuis, Veenendaal
Hill, Smith NW
England: D.Clarke, G.Simmonite, J.Davison, A.Jennings ͨ, D.Adamson, L.Mutrie, J.Watson, B.Whitbread, I.Smith, K.Hill (N.Merrick), P.Mayman.
In the following match, Scotland beat Netherlands 3-0 with a Clark hat-trick, to put Scotland on top of the league on goal difference. 
4 5 June 1980 - England 2 Scotland 4 [2-2]
Sportpark Panhuis, Veenendaal
Mutrie, Hill
Morris, Connor (2 (1 pen)), Christie
England: B.Parker (D.Clarke), G.Simmonite, J.Davison, A.Jennings ͨ, N.Merrick (B.Whitbread), D.Adamson, L.Mutrie, J.Watson, I.Smith, K.Hill, P.Mayman (B.Phillips).
In the day's second match, Netherlands drew 2-2 with Italy.
5 7 June 1980 - Netherlands 1 England 2 [1-1]
Sportpark Panhuis, Veenendaal
de Haas
Whitbread, Watson
England: D.Clarke, R.Stockley, K.Hill, A.Jennings ͨ, G.Simmonite, B.Phillips, D.Adamson, J.Watson, J.Denham (I.Smith), L.Mutrie, B.Whitbread.
Prior to this match, Scotland drew 0-0 with Italy to secure the second tournament title.

Season 1980-81
International Semi-Professional Tournament in Italy
6 9 June 1981 - England 2 Netherlands 0 [0-0]
Stadio Porta Elisa, Lucca
Williams, Davison (pen) NW
England: D.Clarke, B.Thompson, J.Davison, K.Barrett, A.Jennings ͨ, N.Sellers, T.Finnigan, J.Watson, B.Howard, C.Williams, J.Rogers (F.Ovard).
Prior to this match, the Scots played out a scoreless draw with the Italians.
7 11 June 1981 - England 0 Scotland 0 [0-0]
Stadio Carlo Castellani, Empoli (tbc)
England: D.Clarke, B.Thompson, J.Davison, K.Barrett, A.Jennings ͨ, N.Sellers, T.Finnigan (J.Johnson), J.Watson, B.Howard, C.Williams, J.Rogers (F.Ovard).
In the day's second match, hosts Italy beat Netherlands 1-0.
8 13 June 1981 - Italy 1 England 1 [0-1]
Stadio Comunale,
Montecatini Terme (tbc)
Davison (pen)
England: D.Clarke, B.Thompson, J.Davison, K.Barrett, A.Jennings ͨ, N.Sellers, J.Watson, J.Johnson, B.Howard, B.Whitbread (F.Ovard), J.Rogers.
Before this match, Scotland drew 2-2 with Netherlands, meaning that England only had to draw to secure the third tournament title on goal difference.

Season 1981-82
9 27 April 1982 - Gibraltar 2 England 3 [1-0]
Victoria Stadium, Gibraltar (tbc)
Baglietto, B.Asquez (pen)
Ashford, Camilleri OG, Stephens
England: G.Phillips, K.Barrett, J.Davison, A.Jennings ͨ, D.Waite, N.Sellers, M.Stephens, J.Johnson, N.Ashford (B.Howard), J.Rogers, Alan Smith.
Alan Smith went on to make 13 full appearances for England, the first semi-professional international to make the progression and the one that won the most full-international caps in the process.

After two weekends of preparation for the defence of the title, the England squad travelled to Scotland in fine form having defeated the British Colleges in the final warm-up match.

International Semi-Professional Tournament in Scotland
10 1 June 1982 - England 0 Italy 0 [0-0]
Pittodrie, Aberdeen
England: D.Clarke, B.Thompson, J.Davison, A.Jennings ͨ, K.Barrett, J.Johnson, J.Watson, M.Stephens, B.Howard, C.Williams (J.Rogers), Alan Smith.
After this match, the Scots beat the Dutch 2-1 to lead the table.
11 3 June 1982 - Netherlands 0 England 1 [0-0]
Pittodrie, Aberdeen
Ashford NW
England: D.Clarke, B.Thompson, J.Davison, A.Jennings ͨ, K.Barrett, J.Johnson, J.Watson, M.Stephens, B.Howard, N.Ashford, Alan Smith (N.Sellers).
In the day's second match, hosts Scotland drew with Italy 2-2.
12 5 June 1982 - Scotland 1 England 1 [0-0]
Pittodrie, Aberdeen (tbc)
England: D.Clarke, B.Thompson (M.Stephens), J.Davison, A.Jennings ͨ, K.Barrett, N.Sellers, J.Watson, J.Johnson, B.Howard, J.Rogers, N.Ashford.
Before this match, the Netherlands beat Italy 4-2, meaning that Scotland only had to draw to secure the fourth tournament title on goals scored.

Season 1982-83
International Semi-Professional Tournament in England
13 31 May 1983 - England 2 Italy 0 [0-0]
Athletic Ground, Scarborough (tbc)
Sellers, Cordice HW
England: D.Richardson, B.Thompson, J.Davison, P.Robinson, K.Barrett, N.Sellers, J.Watson ͨ, J.Johnson, A.Cordice, C.Williams, N.Ashford.
Prior to this match, the Scots drew 3-3 with the Netherlands.
14 2 June 1983 - England 6 Netherlands 0 [2-0]
Athletic Ground, Scarborough (tbc)
Williams, Johnson, Davison (pen), Cordice, Watson, Ashford HW
England: D.Clarke, B.Thompson, J.Davison, P.Robinson, K.Barrett, N.Sellers, J.Watson ͨ (P.Derbyshire), J.Johnson (N.Ironton), A.Cordice, C.Williams, N.Ashford.
In the day's first match, Scotland beat the Italians 3-1.
15 4 June 1983 - England 2 Scotland 1 [0-1]
Athletic Ground, Scarborough (tbc)
Davison (pen), Williams
England: D.Clarke, B.Thompson, J.Davison, P.Robinson, K.Barrett, N.Sellers (M.Ward), J.Watson ͨ, J.Johnson (P.Derbyshire), A.Cordice, C.Williams, N.Ashford.
Before this match, the Netherlands had beaten the Italians 3-2. England's victory secured them the fifth tournament title with a perfect record.

Season 1983-84
16 27 March 1984 - Wales 2 England 1 [nk]
Latham Park, Newtown (tbc)
not known
England: D.Richardson, B.Thompson, J.Davison ͨ, P.Robinson, M.Newson, O.Smith, T.Morley, N.Ironton, A.Cordice, P.Culpin, N.Ashford. Subs: K.Barrett, J.Watson.
International Semi-Professional Tournament in Italy
17 5 June 1984 - England 3 Netherlands 3 [nk]
Stadio Comunale, Parma (tbc)
Johnson, Davison (pen), Barrett
not known
England: D.Clarke, B.Thompson, J.Davison, K.Barrett, M.Newson, J.Watson ͨ, T.Morley, C.Williams, Peter Taylor, N.Ashford, J.Johnson.
After this match, the Italians and the Scots played out a scoreless draw. Peter Taylor had made four full-international appearances for England in 1976 and went on to manage them as caretaker-boss in 2000 for a game in Italy after three years in charge of the under-21s. 
18 7 June 1984 - Scotland 0 England 2 [0-nk]
Stadio Alberto Braglia, Modena (tbc)
Williams, Ashford NW
England: D.Clarke, B.Thompson, J.Davison, K.Barrett, M.Newson, J.Watson ͨ, T.Morley, C.Williams (A.Cordice), Peter Taylor, N.Ashford, J.Johnson (A. Joseph).
In the day's second match, the hosts, the Italians beat the Netherlands 3-1.
19 9 June 1984 - Italy 1 England 0 [nk-0]
Stadio Mirabello, Reggio nell'Emilia (tbc)
not known AL
England: D.Clarke, B.Thompson (A.Cordice), J.Davison, P.Robinson, M.Newson, J.Watson ͨ, T.Morley, C.Williams, Peter Taylor (D.Pearce), N.Ashford, J.Johnson.
Before this match, the Netherlands had beaten the Scots 4-2. So in a 'winner takes all' match, the Italians secured the sixth Tournament title.

Keith Wright resigned from his position as the England semi-professional manager on 1 December 1984, to become the secretary of the English Golf Union. His assistant, Kevin Verity, was appointed in his place.

Season 1984-85


Kevin Verity

20 27 March 1985 - England 1 Wales 0 [0-0]
Bucks Head, Wellington (1,253)
Robinson HW
England: K.Charlton (A.Pape), P.Robinson, A.Turner, M.Newson, J.Glover, D.Newton, A.Joseph, T.Morley, G.Hooley (P.Culpin), N.Ashford, S.Mell (T.Smithers).
International Semi-Professional Tournament in Netherlands
21 11 June 1985 - Italy 2 England 2 [1-1]
Sportpark Oud Wulven, Houten (tbc)
Di Vitan, Lorenzo
Culpin, Barrett
England: K.Charlton, D.Constantine, J.Davison ͨ, K.Barrett, J.Glover, J.Johnson, A.Joseph, T.Smithers, A.Cordice, C.Williams (N.Ashford), P.Culpin.
After this match, the Dutch beat the Scots by three goals to nil.
22 13 June 1985 - Netherlands 0 England 3 [0-0]
Sportpark Fletiomare-Oost, Vleuten-De Meern (2,000)
Culpin (3 (1 pen)) AW
England: A.Pape, D.Constantine, J.Davison ͨ, K.Barrett, J.Glover, D.Newton (R.Howell), A.Joseph, J.Johnson, A.Cordice, C.Williams, P.Culpin.
John Davison missed a penalty. In the day's first match, the Scots beat the Italians by a single goal.
23 15 June 1985 - Scotland 3 England 1 [0-1]
Sportpark De Strokel, Harderwijk (tbc)
McCoy, Nicol, McCabe
England: A.Pape, D.Constantine, J.Davison ͨ, K.Barrett (R.Howell), J.Glover, D.Newton, A.Joseph, J.Johnson, A.Cordice, C.Williams (T.Morley), P.Culpin.
Before this match, the Italians beat the Netherlands 2-1. So in another 'winner takes all' match, in which England came off second best for the second year in a row, the Scots secured the seventh tournament title.

The four nations' tournament for 1986 was cancelled following the withdrawal of Italy, as it had been brought forward to late-May to avoid a clash with the World Cup in Mexico and it then became impossible because it coincided with the end of the Italian season.
Season 1985-86
24 18 March 1986 - Wales 3 England 1 [nk]
Penydarren Park, Merthyr Tydfil (452)
Grypton, Morgan, Smith
England: A.Pape (D.Richardson), D.Constantine, J.Davison ͨ, D.Howell, R.Wilcox, M.Stephens, P.Walker (J.Johnson), T.Smithers (A.Joseph), P.Wilson, P.Davies, K.Casey (M.Doherty).
25 24 May 1986 - England 2 Republic of Ireland 1 [0-1]
Aggborough, Kidderminster (tbc)
Johnson, Casey
England: A.Pape, P.Shirtliff, J.Davison ͨ, D.Howell, R.Wilcox, M.Stephens (G.Simpson), P.Walker (D.Buchanan), J.Johnson, N.Ashford, C.Richards, K.Casey.
26 26 May 1986 - England 2 Republic of Ireland 1 [nk]
Manor Park, Nuneaton (tbc)
Wilcox, Agana
England: D.Richardson, P.Shirtliff, J.Davison ͨ, D.Howell (P.Walker), R.Wilcox, J.Johnson (M.Stephens), G.Clayton (K.Casey), G.Simpson, C.Richards, D.Buchanan, T.Agana.
John Davison made a record 24th and last appearance.

Season 1986-87
27 17 March 1987 - England 2 Wales 2 [2-1]
Meadow Park, Gloucester (tbc)
Casey, Ashford
Webley, Green
England: A.Pape, P.Shirtliff, N.Thompson, C.Brazier, D.Howell ͨ, T.Jones, J.Margerrison (N.Ashford), A.Joseph, K.Casey, M.Carter, P.Davies.
International Semi-Professional Tournament in Scotland
28 18 May 1987 - Italy 2 England 1 [1-0]
East End Park, Dunfermline (tbc)
Viviani (2)
England: A.Pape, P.Shirtliff (A.Joseph), N.Thompson, D.Howell ͨ, P.Cuddy, N.Ashford, N.Farrelly, G.Simpson, M.Carter, P.Davies, K.Casey (G.Abbot).
After this match, the Scots beat the Dutch with a single goal.
29 20 May 1987 - England 4 Netherlands 0 [nk-0]
Stark's Park, Kirkcaldy (tbc)
Carter (4) NW
England: A.Pape (S.Humphries), P.Shirtliff, N.Thompson, D.Howell ͨ, P.Cuddy, N.Ashford (M.Golley), N.Farrelly, G.Simpson, M.Carter, P.Davies, A.Joseph.
In the day's second match, the Italians beat the Scots by four goals to two.
30 23 May 1987 - Scotland 1 England 2 [nk]
East End Park, Dunfermline (tbc)
not known
Carter, Howell
England: A.Pape, M.Golley, N.Thompson, D.Howell ͨ, P.Cuddy, N.Ashford (G.Abbot), N.Farrelly, G.Simpson, M.Carter, P.Davies (P.Walker), A.Joseph.
After this match, the Italians knew that a draw would secure them their second title in three years, and with a scoreless draw against the Netherlands, they secured the eighth tournament title.

The Semi-Professional Tournament in 1988 was due to be held in England. However, the Scottish Football Association decided to scrap their semi-professional team, and with the Dutch looking for commitments to a continuing cycle of hosting, it left the FA wondering if it was right that the GM Vauxhall Conference had its own England team, whilst the associate members of the Football League did not. Thus, the tournament came to an abrupt end.

Season 1987-88
31 15 March 1988 - Wales 0 England 2 [0-0]
Belle Vue, Rhyl (2,830)
Carter (2) AW
England: A.Pape (J.McKenna), P.Shirtliff, P.Densmore, S.Teale, D.Howell ͨ, A.Joseph, M.Golley (S.Brooks), R.Codnor, P.Davies, M.Carter (S.Norris), S.Butler.

Kevin Verity tendered his resignation as manager of the England semi-professional set-up due to his other FA coaching commitments and, in November 1988, his assistant, Wealdstone AFC manager, Tony Jennings, the first captain of the semi-professional team, was appointed in his place.

Season 1988-89

Tony Jennings

32 29 January 1989 - Italy 1 England 1 [1-1]
Stadio Alberto Picco, La Spezia (4,000)
Ravanelli (pen)
England: A.Pape (M.Beeney), P.Shirtliff (A.Lee), P.Densmore, P.Gridelet, D.Howell ͨ, M.Lake (P.Shearer), P.Bancroft, A.Joseph, M.Golley, M.Carter, S.Butler (P.Davies).
With a full set of club fixtures played in England on the previous day, the four half-time substitutes were crucial in maintaining the competitiveness of the game. Fabrizio Ravanelli won the Champions League with Juventus in 1996, scoring in the final and then spent the following season with Middlesbrough, playing in both major domestic finals.
33 21 March 1989 - England 2 Wales 0 [1-0]
Aggborough, Kidderminster (1,156)
Rogers, Carter HW
England: A.Pape, P.Shirtliff, P.Watts, P.Gridelet, D.Howell ͨ, A.Joseph, M.Golley, P.Rogers, P.Bancroft (R.Cooke), M.Carter, S.Butler.

Eleven days before the trip to Italy, the squad beat a British Colleges and Polytechnics side 2-0 at Rugby. Bancroft and Clarke scored the goals. Paul Grainger, who never won a cap, was dismissed for a dangerous foul.
Season 1989-90
34 25 February 1990 - Italy 2 England 0 [1-0]
Stadio Donato Vestuti, Salerno (3,000)
Favi (2) AL
England: J.McKenna (A.Pape), P.Shirtliff (M.Hone), P.Watts (P.Bancroft), D.Howell ͨ, G.Skivington, P.Rogers (R.Cooke), A.Joseph, A.Hessenthaler (S.Conner), P.Furlong, M.Carter, G.Simpson.
Just as in the previous year, the squad flew out to Italy after a full set of club fixtures forced them to play on consecutive days.
35 6 March 1990 - Wales 0 England 0 [0-0]
Penydarren Park, Merthyr Tydfil (tbc)
England: A.Pape, P.Shirtliff, P.Bancroft, D.Howell ͨ, G.Skivington, P.Gridelet, J.Askey, S.Hanlon, P.Furlong, N.Ashford, G.Simpson.
Efan Ekoku, who went on to represent Nigeria at full international level against England at Wembley, four years later, was on England's bench. For the first time, Wales fielded players who were with English clubs.
36 25 May 1990 - Republic of Ireland 1 England 2 [1-0]
Dalymount Park, Dublin (tbc)
Carter (2 (1 pen))
England: J.McKenna, P.Shirtliff, P.Watts, P.Bancroft, D.Howell ͨ, P.Gridelet, S.Brooks, A.Clarke (A.Joseph), M.Carter, N.Ashford (P.Furlong), G.Simpson (P.Rogers).
37 27 May 1990 - Republic of Ireland 0 England 3 [0-2]
Turners Cross, Cork (tbc)
Furlong, Ashford, Carter AW
England: A.Pape (J.McKenna), P.Shirtliff, P.Watts (S.Brooks), D.Howell ͨ, P.Gridelet, P.Rogers, A.Joseph, P.Furlong, M.Carter (A.Clarke), N.Ashford (G.Skivington), G.Simpson (P.Bancroft).

Season 1990-91
38 5 March 1991 - England 0 Italy 0 [0-0]
Rockingham Road, Kettering (1,910)
England: J.McKenna, A.Lee, P.Watts, G.Skivington, P.Nicol, S.Conner, K.Lowe, P.Rogers, M.Carter ͨ, P.Furlong (R.Willis), P.Showler (N.Ashford).
The teams shared the Lotto Trophy.
39 17 May 1991 - England 1 Wales 2 [0-0]
Marston Road, Stafford (683)
Giles (pen), Colville
England: J.McKenna, A.Lee, P.Bancroft, G.Skivington ͨ, P.Nicol (P.Showler), S.Conner, K.Lowe, K.Todd (D.Humphreys), P.Rogers, P.Furlong, M.West (M.Carter).
England's first ever home defeat after twelve games in twelve years. Mark Carter ended his international career with a record thirteenth goal in eleven appearances.

Season 1991-92
40 3 March 1992 - Wales 0 England 1 [0-0]
Park Avenue, Aberystwyth (tbc)
Mayes AW
England: J.McKenna (R.Price), P.Shirtliff, P.Watts, P.Nicol, S.Conner, D.Humphreys (G.Abbot), K.Richardson, M.Golley, B.Mayes, T.Robbins (S.Reade), P.Cavell.

Season 1992-93
41 2 March 1993 - England 2 Wales 1 [1-1]
Whaddon Road, Cheltenham (tbc)
Robbins (pen), Leworthy
England: R.Price, P.Shirtliff, P.Watts, M.Shail, A.Kerr, S.Stapleton, S.Thompson, P.Richardson, T.Robbins (B.Ross), D.Leworthy, Steve Guppy.
Steve Guppy went on to win a full international cap for England in 1999.
42 14 April 1993 - England 1 Finland U21 3 [nk]
Kingfield, Woking (tbc)
Sumaila (2), Vaisanen
England: R.Price (L.Batty), P.Shirtliff, P.Watts, M.Hone, S.Conner, B.Butler (D.Collins), P.Webb, P.Richardson, T.Robbins (J.Coleman), P.Cavell, A.Hemmings (B.Ross).

- 15 May 1993 - Highland League 2 England 2 [nk]
Borough Briggs, Elgin (tbc)
not known
P.Richardson, Cavell
R.Price (L.Batty), M.Hone, P.Watts, K.Richardson, S.Conner, J.Broom, P.Webb (D.Collins), P.Richardson, B.Ross, P.Cavell (G.Abbot), A.Hemmings (B.Butler).

Season 1993-94
43 22 February 1994 - Wales 1 England 2 [nk]
Farror Road, Bangor (tbc)
Webb, Humphreys
England: G.Benstead, S.Hodson (M.Hone), S.Brighton, K.Richardson, S.Holden, G.Brabin, D.Humphreys, P.Webb, T.Robbins, D.Leworthy (B.Ross), D.Collins (D.Venables).
44 14 March 1994 - Guernsey 1 England 3 [nk]
Blanche Pierre Lane, Saint Martin (tbc)
not known
Browne (2), Venables
England: K.Rose (D.Williams), P.Simpson, S.Brighton (J.Bartlett), M.Hone, K.Richardson (S.Hodson), G.Brabin (P.Webb), D.Venables, D.Brown, T.Robbins, C.Browne, R.Milton.
45 30 May 1994 - Finland U21 2 England 0 [nk-0]
Keskuskenttä, Äänekoski (tbc)
not known AL
England: G.Benstead (K.Rose), P.Simpson (S.Hodson), N.Ashby, S.Holden (M.Hone), K.Richardson, P.Webb (C.Browne), R.Milton, D.Humphreys, T.Robbins (D.Brown), D.Collins, G.Brabin.
Kevin Rose saved a penalty.
46 1 June 1994 - Norway U21 2 England 1 [nk-0]
Slemmestad Stadion (tbc)
not known
England: K.Rose (G.Benstead), S.Hodson, N.Ashby, M.Hone (S.Holden), K.Richardson, D.Brown, R.Milton (P.Simpson), D.Humphreys, T.Robbins (C.Browne), D.Collins (P.Webb), G.Brabin.

Season 1994-95
47 28 February 1995 - England 1 Wales 0 [0-0]
Huish Park, Yeovil (703)
Hine HW
England: L.Batty, P.Webb, C.Hogarth, A.Reid, K.Brown, S.Stott, S.Terry, R.Forsyth (M.Hine), B.Ross, D.Humphreys, L.Watson (I.Arnold).
48 11 April 1995 - Netherlands 0 England 0 [0-0]
Sportpark Hornmeer, Aalsmeer (tbc)
England: L.Batty (S.Farrelly), P.Webb, C.Hogarth, K.Brown, S.Holden (N.Howarth), R.Forsyth, D.Venables, M.Hine (S.Stott), B.Ross, I.Arnold (C.Browne), D.Humphreys (Watson).

- 19 May 1995 - England 3 Highland League 4 [nk]
Clarence Park, St Albans (500)
I.Richardson, May, Hayles
not known
listed as an FA XI representative side
England: D.Williams (D.Mogg), P.Webb, N.Ashby, K.Brown, A.Reid (K.Richardson), I.Richardson, D.Venables (Pye), R.Forsyth, S.Stott, J.Bolton (B.Hayles), L.May (S.Taylor).

49 31 May 1995 - Gibraltar 2 England 3 [1-2]
Victoria Stadium, Gibraltar (800)
not known
Taylor, Bolton, Venables
England: L.Batty (S.Farrelly), P.Webb, N.Ashby, K.Brown, S.Holden, S.Stott (McDonald), D.Venables, R.Forsyth, J.Bolton, S.Taylor, I.Richardson (L.May).

Season 1995-96
50  27 February 1996 -
England 4 Republic of Ireland 0
Aggborough, Kidderminster
Alford, Hayles, McGuinness OG, Kimmins HW
England: R.Price, P.Webb, N.Ashby, S.Stott, M.Smith, M.Tucker, D.Venables (C.Rose), B.Hayles (G.Kimmins), C.Alford (P.Power), K.Cramman, L.Hughes.
Barry Hayles went on to represent Jamaica at full-international level, following a brief appearance for the Cayman Islands in a friendly against a club side.
51 2 April 1996 - England 3 Netherlands 1 [nk]
Nene Park, Irthlingborough (1,660)
Stott, Alford, Hayles
not known
England: R.Price, P.Webb, N.Ashby, S.Stott, M.Smith, K.Brown, L.Endersby (D.Venables), B.Hayles, C.Alford (G.Kimmins), C.Rose (P.Power), L.Hughes.

Season 1996-97


Ron Reid

52 25 February 1997 -
Republic of Ireland
2 England 0 [2-0]

Richmond Park, Dublin (1,100)
S.Geoghegan 2 AL
England: S.Cooksey (P.Gothard), J.Gill, M.Gardiner, P.Webb (D.Harlow), N.Howarth, K.Brown, N.Doherty (J.O'Connor), K.Cramman, D.Leworthy, G.Butterworth, L.Hughes (G.Kimmins).
53 8 April 1997 - Netherlands 0 England 0 [0-0]
Burgemeester Welleman Sportpark, Appingedam (1,500)
England: R.Price, M.Bignot, K.Cramman, D.Harlow (S.Prindiville), S.Payne, G.Butterworth, P.Webb, S.Walters, D.Leworthy, C.Byrne, L.Hughes (J.O'Connor).

- 10 May 1997 - Highland League 1 England 5 [nk]
Balmoral Stadium, Aberdeen (500)
not known
O'Connor, Hughes, Hayles, Harlow (2)
listed as an FA XI representative side
England: B.Stewart (S.Mackenzie), M.Bignot, S.Prindiville, R.Cousins (K.Cramman). M.Smith, P.Ellender, S.Terry, G.Butterworth, L.Hughes (D.Harlow), M.Bignall (B.Hayles), J.O'Connor.

Season 1997-98


John Owens

54 3 March 1998 - England 2 Netherlands 1 [nk]
Broadfield Stadium, Crawley (1,561)
Grayson, Bradshaw
not known
England: B.Stewart (S.Cooksey), D.Hooper (A.Comyn), M.Bradshaw (J.Victory), C.Banks, M.Smith, T.Ryan, L.Howells, G.Butterworth, N.Grayson (O.Pickard), D.Watkins, B.Healy (K.Betsy).

Season 1998-99
55 2 March 1999 - England 4 Italy 1 [1-0]
Church Road, Hayes (1,012)
Grayson (2), Charles, OG
England: S.Book (P.Gothard), S.Shaw (S.Wormull), P.Underwood, M.Danzey (A.Comyn), M.Smith, T.Ryan, M.Yates, G.Butterworth, W.Patmore (D.Watkins), N.Grayson, G.Patterson (L.Charles).
Seven years later, Vincenzo Iaquinta was a member of Italy's World Cup-winning squad and played in the final.
56 30 March 1999 - Netherlands 1 England 1 [nk]
Sportpark de Wetering, Genemuiden (1,300)
England: S.Book, S.Shaw, P.Underwood (M.Fishlock), M.Danzey, M.Smith, T.Ryan, S.Stott (J.Williams), G.Butterworth, W.Patmore (A.Comyn), N.Grayson (L.Charles), G.Patterson.

- 21 May 1999 - England 1 Highland League 1 [nk]
The Meadow, Chesham (400)
not known
listed as an FA XI representative side
England: P.Gothard, M.Yates, S.Wormull, A.Comyn, M.Smith, T.Ryan, L.Howells (G.Pitcher), G.Butterworth, W.Patmore, L.Charles (N.Grayson), G.Patterson (B.Williams).

57 23 May 1999 - England 2 Wales 1 [nk-0]
Clarence Park, St Albans (507)
Patmore (pen), Pitcher
England: S.Book (P.Gothard), B.Williams (A.Comyn), S.Wormull (L.Howells), C.Banks, M.Smith, T.Ryan, M.Yates (S.Stott), G.Butterworth, W.Patmore, N.Grayson, G.Pitcher (L.Charles).

Season 1999-2000
58 1 March 2000 - Italy 1 England 1 [1-1]
Stadio Euganeo, Padua (1,035)
England: S.Farrelly (A.Sollitt), S.Marples (R.Cousins), P.Underwood, J.Goodliffe (A.Smith), M.Smith, T.Ryan, G.Pitcher (S.Drummond), G.Butterworth ͨ, W.Patmore (M.McGregor), D.Watkins, G.Patterson.
59 21 March 2000 - England 1 Netherlands 0 [0-0]
Drill Field, Northwich (1,150)
Watkins HW
England: S.Farrelly (A.Sollitt), S.Marples (K.McIntyre), S.Wormull, J.Goodliffe (R.Cousins), M.Smith (A.Smith), T.Ryan, G.Pitcher, S.Drummond, W.Patmore (M.McGregor), D.Watkins, G.Patterson ͨ.
60 16 May 2000 - Wales 1 England 1 [0-1]
Stebonheath Park, Llanelli (517)
England: A.Sollitt (S.Farrelly), S.Wormull, K.McIntyre, J.Goodliffe, A.Smith, T.Ryan, G.Pitcher (R.Cousins), S.Drummond, J.Jackson, (I.Foster), D.Watkins (D.Bennett), G.Patterson ͨ (M.Smith).

Season 2000-01
61 13 February 2001 - England 0 Wales 0 [0-0]
Nene Park, Irthlingborough (1,181)
England: W.Brown (S.Cooksey), T.Mustafa, P.Underwood (K.McIntyre), T.Skiverton (S.West), J.Goodliffe, T.Ryan (P.Ellender), S.Drummond, G.Pitcher, W.Patmore (M.McGregor), J.Jackson, G.Patterson ͨ.
62 22 March 2001 - Netherlands 0 England 3 [0-nk]
Sportpark Drakesteyn, Weert (tbc)
Roddis, Charlery, McDougald AW
England: S.Cooksey (W.Brown), T.Mustafa, K.McIntyre, S.Guyett, T.Ryan, N.Roddis (C.Ruffer), G.Pitcher (M.Beesley), S.Drummond, W.Patmore (K.Charlery), G.Patterson ͨ, S.Jones (D.McDougald).

- 15 May 2001 - Highland League 0 England 3 [nk]
Grant Street Park, Inverness (350)
Ryan, Pitcher, Jones AW
listed as an FA XI representative side
England: P.Bastock (W.Brown), S.Travis, T.Ryan, J.Goodliffe, N.Moore, S.Drummond, G.Pitcher, G.Butterworth, G.Patterson ͨ, K.Charlery (D.McDougald), S.Brodie (N.Roddis), S.Jones.

The Football Association created a National Game Division in July 2000 to lead the development and investment of English grassroots football. Reflecting the changes and the movement of a number of Nationwide Conference clubs to use full-time players, the status of 'semi-professional' was no longer applicable to the best non-league players. Thus, the team acquired a new name, whilst the FA revived the Four Nations Tournament, after a gap of fifteen years, with a sponsor, though now with only teams from the British Isles competing.

The England National Game XI
Season 2001-02
63 20 March 2002 - England 2 USA 1 [0-1]
Broadhall Way, Stevenage (548)
Crittenden, Ryan (pen)
England: W.Brown (A.Woods), S.Travis, A.Tonkin, T.Skiverton, J.Goodliffe, T.Ryan, M.Stimson, S.Drummond (S.Watson), N.Roddis (N.Crittenden), K.Jackson, L.Braithwaite (N.Moore).
64 24 April 2002 - England 1 Netherlands 0 [0-0]
Huish Park Stadium, Yeovil (824)
Anderson HW
England: A.Woods (W.Brown), S.Travis (N.Durkin), T.Ryan (A.Webster), G.Heald, N.Moore, N.Roddis, D.Stride, T.Hambley (W.Peyton), J.Taylor, M.Quayle (D.Anderson), M.Gower.
UniBond Four Nations Tournament in England
65 14 May 2002 - England 1 Wales 1 [0-0]
York Street, Boston (425)
England: W.Brown, S.Wormull, T.Ryan, N.Moore, J.Goodliffe, N.Roddis (S.Watson), S.Drummond (S.Weatherstone), M.Gower, J.Taylor (A.Stansfield), D.McDougald, A.Webster (M.Angel).
In the day's first match, Republic of Ireland beat Scotland 2-0 in Kettering to lead the table.
66 16 May 2002 - England 1 Republic of Ireland 2 [0-2]
York Street, Boston (518)
Byrne (2)
England: A.Woods, A.Lockwood (N.Roddis), T.Ryan, J.Goodliffe, N.Moore (S.Drummond), S.Wormull, S.Weatherstone (J.Taylor), M.Gower, K.Jackson (D.McDougald), A.Stansfield, M.Angel.
England's only defeat during John Owens' time in charge. Republic of Ireland remained the only team with a hundred-per-cent record, and Scotland's 2-1 loss at the hands of Wales meant that they had yet to register a point.
67 18 May 2002 - England 2 Scotland 0 [0-0]
Rockingham Road, Kettering (827)
Drummond, Weatherstone HW
England: W.Brown, S.Wormull, T.Ryan, N.Moore, J.Goodliffe, N.Roddis, S.Watson (M.Gower), S.Drummond (S.Weatherstone), K.Jackson (J.Taylor), A.Stansfield (D.McDougald), M.Angel (A.Webster).
Prior to this match, Wales overturned the Republic of Ireland's lead by beating them 5-2 in Boston to win the Four Nations Tournament. England came third.

John Owens stood down after the tournament to take up a full-time role at Liverpool FC's academy. His assistant, Steve Avory took over as caretaker-manager and the side was restricted to players under 23 years of age to prevent former professionals from gaining further international opportunities at the expense of developing younger players. In the new year, Paul Fairclough was appointed and he would go on to become his country's longest-serving manager.

Season 2002-03


Steve Avory

68 20 November 2002 - Italy U23 3 England 2 [3-0]
Stadio Giovanni Zini, Cremona (1,500)
not known
Kennedy, Boardman
England: M.Baker (C.Weale), A.Lockwood, M.Rose, L.Johnson ͨ, I.Boardman, W.Peyton, J.Kennedy, W.Purser, G.Thompson, R.Sugden, A.Webster; other subs used: D.Anderson, M.Lancaster, C.Blackburn, D.Way.


Paul Fairclough

69 11 February 2003 - Belgium U20 3 England 1 [1-0]
Albertpark, Ostend (870)
Vandenbergh (2), De Ceulaer


England: L.Key (N.Bull), J.Kennedy, S.Ward ͨ, M.Pullan (M.Tomlinson), C.Duffy, A.Riviere, I.Craney, F.Manuella, A.Wilde (J.Keeling), C.McAllister (T.Sills), S.Rickards (R.D'Sane).
Fairclough's hands were tied from the very beginning when the Nationwide Conference refused to release its players for friendlies during the season over fears that they would not be insured if they picked up an injury on international duty. This decision was made after he had already selected a squad that consisted solely of Conference players. Consequently, he was restricted to players from the sixth tier and below. This was the last entirely semi-professional team to play for England. 
70 25 March 2003 - Netherlands 0 England 0 [0-0]
Sportpark 't Heereind, Beek en Donk (950)
England: W.Brown (C.Weale), J.Kennedy, S.Guyett, D.Collins, M.Rose, M.Janney, R.Norris, S.Drummond, L.Elam, G.Blundell, J.Agogo; other subs used: L.Johnson, J.Jackson, R.D'Sane, A.Rigoglioso.
Agreement was reached with the Conference and Fairclough was able to select his strongest side which was also not restricted by age.
UniBond Four Nations Tournament in Wales
71 20 May 2003 - England 4 Republic of Ireland 0 [3-0]
Penydarren Park, Merthyr Tydfil (tbc)
D'Sane, Jackson (3) NW
England: C.Weale, J.Kennedy (W.Hatswell), S.Guyett, T.Skiverton, M.Rose, L.Johnson (P.Terry), D.Way, S.Drummond, L.Elam, K.Jackson (J.Agogo), R.D'Sane.
In the first match of the day, Wales had beaten Scotland 2-1.
72 22 May 2003 - Wales 0 England 2 [0-1]
Penydarren Park, Merthyr Tydfil (711)
Way, D'Sane (pen) AW
England: C.Weale, J.Kennedy, S.Guyett, T.Skiverton (W.Hatswell), M.Rose, L.Johnson, D.Way (P.Terry), S.Drummond, L.Elam, K.Jackson, R.D'Sane (T.Whitman).
In the day's second match, Scotland beat Republic of Ireland 4-3.
73 24 May 2003 - England 1 Scotland 1 [0-1]
Richmond Park, Carmarthen (tbc)
Murray (pen)
England: M.Baker, J.Kennedy, S.Guyett, J.Boardman, M.Rose, L.Johnson, T.Whitman, P.Terry (S.Drummond), R.Norris (L.Elam), J.Agogo (K.Jackson), R.D'Sane.
England needed just a point to secure the second Four Nations Tournament title. Republic of Ireland beat the hosts Wales 2-0 in the second match. Junior Agogo went on to represent Ghana as a full international and scored their winning goal in the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations quarter-final.

Season 2003-04
74 4 November 2003 - England 2 Belgium U21 2 [0-1]
Reynolds Arena, Darlington (3,166)
Ricketts, Rodgers
Lepoint (2)
England: J.Bittner (P.Smith), P.Cavanagh, T.Jordan, A.Charles, D.Perkins, L.Hogg, S.Ricketts, A.McLean (C.Murphy), L.Rodgers, R.D'Sane, A.Elding (S.Rickards).
England reverted back to an Under-23 side for Fairclough's first home game, on their first trip to the north for twenty years. A record crowd for a non-league international was admitted for free. Just over a year later, Sam Ricketts was a full Welsh international and went on to make 52 appearances over a nine-year period.
75 11 February 2004 - England 1 Italy U23 4 [1-2]
Gay Meadow, Shrewsbury
Mannini (2), Cozzolini, Sforzini
England: J.Bittner (J.Kennedy), P.Cavanagh, J.Boardman, D.Collins, D.Perkins, A.Miller, J.Challinor, K.Murray, G.Sheldon, R.D'Sane, L.Rodgers; other subs used: A.McLean, A.Charles, R.Purdie, I.Yakubu.
The game against the Italian Olympic team was originally scheduled to be played at Telford United's New Bucks Head, but an FA Cup tie was rearranged for the same night and the international was switched to Shrewsbury, where free admission meant that the attendance record was broken again. The Italians went to Greece, six months later, and won bronze medals at the Olympics.
UniBond Four Nations Tournament in Scotland
76 18 May 2004 - Republic of Ireland U21 3 England 2 [1-1]
Princess Royal Park, Banff (390)
Flood, Zayed, Russell
Guinan (2)
England: M.Baker (D.McDonnell), P.Cavanagh (J.Sedgemore), A.Tretton, M.Redmile, D.Perkins, G.Thompson (A.Foyewa), S.Ricketts (G.Southam), S.Kerr, G.Sheldon, S.Guinan ͨ, L.Hatch.
Scotland and Wales played out a scoreless draw in the first match.
77 20 May 2004 - Wales 2 England 0 [0-0]
Kynoch Park, Keith (240)
Evans, Owen NL
England: D.McDonnell (M.Baker), M.Redmile, J.Boardman, A.Tretton, J.Sedgemore, G.Southam, S.Kerr, G.Thompson, S.Guinan ͨ, L.Hatch, G.Sheldon; other subs used: A.Foyewa, S.Ricketts, D.McNiven.
Scotland beat Republic of Ireland by the same scoreline in the second match of the day.
78 23 May 2004 - Scotland 1 England 3 [nk]
Princess Royal Park, Banff (2,214)
Guinan (pen), Southam, Hatch
England: M.Baker (D.McDonnell), M.Redmile, D.Perkins, A.Tretton, J.Sedgemore, S.Kerr, S.Ricketts, S,Guinan ͨ, L.Hatch, G.Sheldon; other subs used: A.Foweya, D.McNiven, G.Thompson, J.Boardman.
England came third in the third Four Nations Tournament, with Wales winning their second title in three years.
79 27 May 2004 - England 1 Iraq 5 [1-1]
Moss Rose, Macclesfield
Swadi, Abbas (2), Karim, Fawzi
England: M.Baker (J.Kennedy), D.Perkins, A.vićkers, J.Sedgemore, J.Kennedy, G.Thompson, S.Kerr ͨ, G.Southam, D.McNiven, L.Hatch, G.Sheldon; other subs used: D.Carlton, G.Cowan, A.Procter, D.Bacon.
The record attendance was broken for the third home game in succession, but this time by paying spectators, who witnessed the Iraqi full-international team in control against the National Game XI.
80 9 June 2004 - USA 0 England 0 [0-0]
Blackbaud Stadium, Charleston
England: M.Baker (J.Kennedy), J.Sedgemore, J.Boardman, A.Tretton, D.Perkins, G.Southam (G.Thompson), J.Kennedy, G.Sheldon, I.Craney (I.Yakubu), L.Hatch (D.McNiven), S.Guinan ͨ (L.Boylan).

Season 2004-05
81 10 November 2004 - Italy 0 England 1 [0-1]
Stadio Gino Pistoni, Ivrea (2,000)
King AW
England: N.Bull, C.Blackburn, I.Yakubu, S.King, D.Perkins, S.Thurgood, S.Kerr ͨ, D.Sinclair, A.Elding, K.Hawley, A.Bishop; subs: D.Stockdale, S.Jackson, B.Surey, R.Purdie, I.Craney.
82 16 February 2005 - England 3 Netherlands 0 [2-0]
Kingfield, Woking (3,343)
Thurgood, Elding, Hatch HW
England: N.Bull (S.Jalal), C.Blackburn, L.Oliver, S.King, D.Moxey, S.Thurgood, S.Kerr ͨ, D.SInclair, A.Elding, K.Hawley, A.Bishop; other subs used: N.Bailey, L.Hatch, J.Grant.
Free admission again attracted a decent crowd and they were rewarded with a great performance from the National Game XI.
Four Nations Tournament in Republic of Ireland
83 24 May 2005 -
Republic of Ireland U21 0 England 1 [0-0]
Turners Cross, Cork (2,500)
Elding AW
England: N.Bull, S.Travis, I.Yakubu, K.Charnock, M.Robinson, N.Bailey, D.Sinclair, S.Kerr ͨ, A.Elding, D.Campbell, A.Stansfield; subs: S.Haslam, C.Stanley, A.Taylor.
Scotland beat Wales 5-1 in the day's first match.
84 26 May 2005 - England 1 Wales 0 [1-0]
Turners Cross, Cork (tbc)
Mackail-Smith NW
England: M.Glennon, S.Haslam, I.Yakubu, K.Charnock, M.Robinson, C.Stanley, G.Southam, S.Kerr ͨ, A.Elding, A.Taylor, C.Mackail-Smith; subs: N.Bailey, D.Sinclair.
In the first match of the day, hosts Republic of Ireland drew with Scotland.
85 28 May 2005 - England 3 Scotland 2 [1-1]
Knockgriffin Park, Midleton (tbc)
Stansfield, Kerr. Sinclair (pen)
Mackay, Johnston (pen)
England: M.Glennon, S.Haslam, I.Yakubu, S.King, M.Robinson, N.Bailey, D.Sinclair, S.Kerr ͨ, A.Elding (A.Taylor), D.Campbell, A.Stansfield; other subs used: G.Southam, A.Taylor, C.Mackail-Smith.
England's hundred-per-cent record ensured their triumph in the fourth Four Nations Tournament, after Wales had beaten Republic of Ireland 2-1 earlier in the day. It was a double celebration for Paul Fairclough, as he had also led Barnet to the Nationwide Conference title and promotion back to the Football League.

Following the success of the Four Nations Tournament, the Football Association returned to competitive European action, but whereas the original International Semi-Professional Tournament that ended in 1987 was contested in a host country, the new European Challenge Trophy was played for on a home-and-away basis. The National Game XI Under-23s from the Nationwide Conference and below, faced Belgium's Under-21s, Italy's Serie C Under-21s and the Netherlands Under-23 amateur team.

Season 2005-06
European Challenge Trophy
86 16 November 2005 - Belgium U21 0 England 2 [0-1]
Stade Justin Peeters, Wavre (1,500)
Bishop, Carey-Bertram AW
England: R.Robinson (P.Jones), S.Wales, T.Mkandawire, K.Charnock, D.Perkins ͨ (A.Brown), D.Oli (C.Mackail-Smith), I. Craney, M.Carr, G.Boyd (B.Jones), J.Slabber (D.Carey-Bertram), A.Bishop.
Though Fairclough was now managing in the Coca-Cola Football League with Barnet, he still kept an eye out for the best non-league players and guided them to three points in their opening game of the new competition. Two weeks later, the Netherlands beat Italy 2-1 in their opener.
87 15 February 2006 - England 3 Italy 1 [1-1]
Abbey Stadium, Cambridge (3,025)
Bishop, Blackburn, Mackail-Smith
England: S.Jalal (P.Jones), C.Blackburn, T.Mkandawire, K.Charnock, D.Perkins ͨ, C.Baker (C.Mackail-Smith), I.Craney, M.Carr (D.Bridges), G.Boyd, J.Shaw (G.Roberts), A.Bishop (R.Austin).
With Belgium winning 2-0 in Holland, a week later, England needed only a point from their final game to lift the trophy, though they would have to wait until the following season.
Four Nations Tournament in England
88 23 May 2006 - England 2 Republic of Ireland 0 [0-0]
Priory Lane, Eastbourne (824)
Carr, Oli HW
England: S.Jalal, S.Travis, D.Kempson, K.Charnock, J.Nutter (S.Blackett), D.Oli, S.Thurgood ͨ, I.Craney (M.Carr), G.Boyd, A.McLean (C.Mackail-Smith), J.Richards (G.Roberts).
Wales beat Scotland 2-1 in Bognor Regis in the day's second match.
89 25 May 2006 - England 1 Wales 1 [1-0]
Priory Lane, Eastbourne
Moore (pen)
England: S.Jalal, S.Travis, D.Kempson, K.Charnock, J.Nutter, D.Oli, S.Thurgood ͨ, I.Craney (M.Carr), G.Boyd, A.McLean (G.Roberts), J.Richards (C.Mackail-Smith).
Tony Roberts, a former full international, was in goal for Wales. In the second match of the day, Scotland beat Republic of Ireland 2-1 in Worthing.
90 27 May 2006 - England 2 Scotland 0 [0-0]
Priory Lane, Eastbourne (2,036)
Richards, Mackail-Smith HW
England: S.Jalal, S.Travis, K.Charnock, J.Nutter, R.Henry, M.Carr, S.Thurgood ͨ, A.McLean, G.Boyd, G.Southam, D.Oli; subs: J.Richards, S.Blackett, C.Mackail-Smith, G.Roberts.
Both George Boyd and Craig Mackail-Smith went on to play for Scotland at full-international level. England had needed to match Wales's 3-0 victory against the Republic of Ireland in Worthing, so they were left as runners-up on goals scored in the fifth Four Nations Tournament, despite not conceding a goal in open play.

Season 2006-07
European Challenge Trophy
91 29 November 2006 - England 4 Netherlands 1 [2-1]
Pirelli Stadium, Burton upon Trent (784)
Morison (pen), Charnock, Boyd, Mackail-Smith
England: A.Lee-Barrett (L.Cronin), A.Yates, S.Griffiths, A.Quinn, C.Stanley, K.Charnock, G.Sole (L.Afful), M.Carr (L.Chalmers), S.Morison (C.Donaldson), C.Mackail-Smith (M.Morrison), G.Boyd.
England won the inaugural European Challenge Trophy with maximum points and extended their unbeaten record to twelve games.
92 13 February 2007 - Northern Ireland 3 England 1 [2-0]
Mourneview Park, Lurgan (1,600)
Hamilton, McAreavey, Scullion
England: D.Alcock (M.Rice), B.Fuller, S.Griffiths, A.Quinn, C.Stanley, K.Charnock (R.Henry), L.Afful (G.Sole), M.Carr, S.Morison, C.Donaldson (P.Benson), S.Long (M.Kelly).
After ten wins in eleven games, England's run came to an abrupt end in their first meeting with a side selected from the Carnegie Premier League. Steve Morison missed a penalty.
Four Nations Tournament in Scotland
93 22 May 2007 - England 5 Republic of Ireland 0 [1-0]
Grant Street Park, Inverness (tbc)
Cole (3), Southam, Tubbs NW
England: L.Cronin, D.Foster, A.Quinn (J.Ashton), K.Charnock, K.Nicholson, G.Southam, N.Bishop (M.Molesley), P.Carden ͨ (L.Chalmers), M.Cole, G.Seddon (J.Grant), M.Tubbs (A.Burgess).
Wales beat Scotland in the second match of the day.
94 25 May 2007 - Scotland 0 England 3 [0-1]
Victoria Park, Dingwall (1,802)
Burgess, Grant, Ashton AW
England: S.Tynan, D.Foster, A.Quinn ͨ (A.Yates), J.Ashton, K.Nicholson, L.Chalmers, M.Molesley, A.Burgess, M.Cole (G.Southam), J.Grant, P.Brayson.
Prior to this match, Wales and Republic of Ireland played out a 1-1 draw.
95 27 May 2007 - England 3 Wales 0 [1-0]
Grant Street Park, Inverness (tbc)
Seddon (2), Cole NW
England: L.Cronin (S.Tynan), A.Yates, K.Nicholson, A.Quinn (J.Ashton), N.Bishop (M.Molesley), K.Charnock, G.Southam, P.Carden ͨ, J.Grant (M.Cole), G.Seddon, A.Burgess.
England completed a hundred-per-cent record, without conceding any goals and scoring eleven, to secure another title in the sixth Four Nations Tournament. Scotland beat Republic of Ireland 2-1 after this match.
96 1 June 2007 - Finland U21 0 England 1 [0-0]
Tehtaan kenttä, Valkeakoski (400)
Cole AW
England: L.Cronin (A.Bartlett), D.Foster, L.Solomon, A.Quinn (J.Ashton), M.Molesley, M.Morrison, S.Morison, C.Baker (G.Southam), L.Chalmers (G.Sole), S.Harrad (J.Grant), M.Cole.

The National Game XI was welcomed into the Football Association's Club England as one of its 23 national teams and renamed as the England C team. Its first job was to defend the European title in a competition that was now called the International Challenge Trophy as it expanded to two groups of four. All teams were restricted to players under the age of 23, with Italy continuing to field an Under-21 side selected from Serie C.

The England C Team
Season 2007-08
International Challenge Trophy Group A
97 14 November 2007 - Finland 0 England 2 [0-1]
Finnair Stadium, Helsinki (tbc)
Morrison, Tubbs AW
England: L.Cronin, J.Brayford, L.Brownhill, L.Chalmers, R.Henry ͨ, M.Morrison, R.Penn, S.Lewis, J.Constable, M.Tubbs (S.Harrad), E.Okay (D.Gleeson).
A return to Finland brought a fifth successive victory and clean sheet for England in freezing conditions on an artificial pitch. Italy beat Wales 4-2 in the other opening game in Group A.
98 20 February 2008 - England 2 Wales 1 [1-0]
St James Park, Exeter (2,443)
Cole, Morrison
England: L.Cronin, J.Brayford, L.Brownhill, B.Harding, R.Henry ͨ, M.Morrison, R.Penn (D.Gleeson), L.Chalmers, S.Harrad (R.Holmes), M.Cole (J.Goulding), D.Moxey.
Wales continued to select players from the fifth tier of English football (now the Blue Square Premier League) and below, as well as the Principality Building Society Welsh Premier League (plus one from a Spanish non-league club). Finland surprisingly beat Italy 2-1, seven weeks later, leaving England needing a point in Italy in November to reach the final.
Four Nations Tournament in Wales
99 20 May 2008 - England 1 Gibraltar 0 [1-0]
Llanelian Road, Old Colwyn (tbc)
Cole NW
England: A.Bartlett, C.McPhee, J.Brayford, M.Morrison, K.Nicholson ͨ, B.Harding, L.Chalmers (J.Martin), R.Penn (D.Gleeson), A.Burgess, M.Cole (S.Harrad), S.Morison (J.Shaw).
With the Republic of Ireland withdrawing due to their International Challenge Trophy commitments (playing against Northern Ireland, the previous week) during the eircom League of Ireland season, the Gibraltar national team were drafted in as replacements and made England fight for their solitary-goal victory. Wales and Scotland played out a 1-1 draw after this match.
100 22 May 2008 - England 1 Scotland 0 [0-0]
Llanelian Road, Old Colwyn (tbc)
Morison NW
England: S.Tynan, J.Brayford, M.Morrison, W.Hatswell, K.Nicholson, C.McPhee, J.Martin, D.Gleeson (M.Cole), D.Moxey (A.Burgess), S.Harrad, J.Shaw (S.Morison).
Wales had beaten Gibraltar 6-2 before this match.
101 24 May 2008 - Wales 0 England 3 [0-2]
Belle Vue, Rhyl (659)
Burgess (pen), Morrison, Harrad AW
England: A.Bartlett, J.Brayford, K.Nicholson, B.Harding, W.Hatswell, M.Morrison (C.McPhee), R.Penn, M.Cole (S.Harrad), J.Martin (L.Chalmers), A.Burgess, S.Morison (J.Shaw)..
For the second tournament in a row, England secured the title with a hundred-per-cent record and no goals conceded in the seventh Four Nations Tournament. Scotland beat Gibraltar 4-2 afterwards. Three years later, Steve Morison played twice for Wales against England in qualifiers for Euro 2012 in front of huge crowds at Wembley and the Millennium Stadium.
102 31 May 2008 - Grenada 1 England 1 [1-0]
Police Ground, St George's
England: S.Tynan, J.Brayford, M.Morrison, W.Hatswell, K.Nicholson, A.Burgess, D.Gleeson (R.Penn), L.Chalmers, M.Woolford (S.Harrad), S.Morison (J.Shaw), M.Cole.
After nine successive wins with only one goal conceded, the players were rewarded with a trip to the Caribbean where the run came to an end in a game which they had dominated in extreme heat.
103 2 June 2008 - Barbados 0 England 2 [0-1]
Barbados National Stadium, Saint Michael (3,100)
Shaw, Penn AW
England: A.Bartlett, J.Brayford, M.Morrison, J.Smith (W.Hatswell), K.Nicholson ͨ, A.Burgess, R.Penn, L.Chalmers (D.Gleeson), M.Cole (M.Woolford), J.Shaw (S.Morison), S.Harrad.

In November 2008, twenty years after first scrapping its semi-professional team, the Scottish Football Association again withdrew its funding. With England's recent domination of the Four Nations Tournament, the other countries showed more interest in the growing International Challenge Trophy and the annual end-of-season gathering was consequently abandoned.

Season 2008-09
104 16 September 2008 -
Bosnia and Herzegovina B 6 England 2 [4-0]
Stadion Grbavića, Sarajevo (200)
Bogičević, Žižović, Savić, Selimović, Bekrić, Tosunović
Moore, Day
England: L.Cronin, M.Day, M.Wright (J.Stevens), L.Foster, A.Robinson, J.Smith, N.Arnold, J.D'Laryea (S.Bailey), R.Brodie (S.Harrad), L.Moore, M.Cole.
An inexperienced England side, the first to play so early in the season, were no match for the team selected mostly from the Premijer Liga in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and suffered their first defeat in twelve games, but it was good preparation for the forthcoming test in Italy. Mark Wright became more famous as a member of the cast of the ITV2 reality series, 'The Only Way Is Essex'.
International Challenge Trophy Group A
105 12 November 2008 - Italy 2 England 2 [1-0]
Stadio Santa Colomba, Benevento (800)
Dionisi, Statella
Simpson, Constable
England: A.Bartlett, D.Gleeson, C.Tremarco (N.Wright), J.Smith, J.Simpson, E.Geohaghon, R.Penn (A.Robinson), J.D'Laryea (M.Bostwick), J.Constable, M.Cole, J.Pittman (S.Harrad).
The holders had to twice come from behind to secure their place in the final. Five minutes into added time, Italy had a goal disallowed for offside. It would have put them into the final, had it been allowed. Mitchell Cole made his final appearance. An incredible seven goals in his first six games in just under a year had been virtually all match winners. He died just four years later, at the age of 27 from a deteriorating heart condition.
106 17 February 2009 - Malta U21 0 England 4 [0-1]
Hibernians Stadium, Paola (tbc)
Brown, Borg OG, Newton, Tomlin AW
England: D.Roberts (S.Arnold), S.Densmore, S.Newton, J.Byrom, N.Wroe, M.Riley (S.Doe), L.Tomlin, L.McMahon ͨ (T.Shaw), P.Clayton, J.Walker (A.Boyes), P.Brown (I.Welsh).
Paul Fairclough was no longer managing in the Football League as he had left Barnet, two months earlier. Scorers are as reported in detailed descriptions by the Times of Malta. The FA gave the second goal to Tomlin, the third to Densmore and the fourth to Newton. Wikipedia gives the second goal to Tomlin and the fourth to Densmore and the Sky Sports Football Yearbook lists Brown, Borg o.g., Densmore and Newton as the scorers.
International Challenge Trophy Final
107 19 May 2009 - England 0 Belgium U21 1 [0-0]
Kassam Stadium, Oxford (2,842)
Capon HL
England: A.Bartlett, S.Densmore, E.Geohaghon, D.Charles, S.Laird (S.Newton), R.Penn ͨ (I.Welsh), N.Wroe, J.Byrom (A.Fleming), L.Tomlin, J.Constable, P.Clayton (L.Hearn).
Home advantage was not enough for England to retain the title against a side containing future Liverpool goalkeeper, Simon Mignolet, and Radja Nainggolan, who scored a spectacular goal to give Belgium the lead against Wales in the Euro 2016 quarter-finals. Scott Laird had previously captained Scotland at Under-16 level.

Season 2009-10
108 15 September 2009 - Hungary U23 1 England 1 [1-1]
Sóstói Stadion, Székesfehérvár (tbc)
England: D.Roberts (J.Welch), C.Reynolds (L.Vaughan), S.Rents, S.Garner ͨ, R.Jarvis, T.Cadmore (K.McFadzean), L.Briscoe (J.Simpson), K.Nix, N.Wright, C.Holroyd, N.Knight-Percival (M.Green).
109 17 November 2009 - Poland U23 1 England 2 [1-1]
Stadion Dyskobolii, Grodzisk Wielkopolski (500)
Holroyd, Barnes-Homer
England: D.Roberts (J.Hedge), S.Densmore, S.Newton, T.Cadmore, D.Charles, J.Howells, M.Porter (J.Reason), R.Jarvis, N.Wright (T.Shaw), C.Holroyd, R.Brodie (M.Barnes-Homer).

- 22 May 2010 -
East of Scotland League 0 England 1 [0-0]
Ainslie Park, Edinburgh (tbc)
Porter AW
listed as an FA XI representative side
England: J.Mimms (D.Roberts), C.Obeng (S.Densmore), S.Newton, B.Saah (S.Garner), S.Gregory (R.Jarvis), K.McFadzean ͨ (T.Cadmore), A.Morgan-Smith (M.Porter), A.Fleming, A.Rodman (M.Barnes-Homer), S.Deering, R.Hall.

International Challenge Trophy Group B
110 26 May 2010 - Republic of Ireland 1 England 2 [0-1]
Waterford Regional Sports Centre (1,570)
Fleming, Porter
England: D.Roberts, S.Densmore, Cadmore, K.McFadzean ͨ, S.Newton, A.Morgan-Smith (C.Obeng), S.Gregory, A.Fleming (R.Jarvis), S.Deering (A.Rodman), M.Barnes-Homer, M.Porter (R.Hall).
Eleven teams entered the competition which left England in a three-team group for the first time.

Season 2010-11
111 14 September 2010 - Wales U23 2 England 2 [0-2]
Mid Wales Leisure Latham Park, Newtown (tbc)
Moses, Surman
McFadzean, Rodman
England: D.Roberts (S.Brown), S.Hatton, G.Taylor, A.Flint (B.Saah), S,Gregory (D.Rose), K.McFadzean ͨ, C.Henry, M.Porter, M.Barnes-Homer (M.Gash), J.Howells, A.Rodman (B.Wright).
Tragically, Dale Roberts took his own life just three months later.
International Challenge Trophy Group B
112 12 October 2010 - Estonia 0 England 1 [0-0]
Kadrioru staadion, Tallinn (114)
Votti OG AW
England: S.Brown, S.Hatton, S.Newton, A.Flint, S.Gregory, M.Wylde, C.Henry, M.Porter ͨ, M.Barnes-Homer (B.Wright), J.Howells, A.Rodman (K.Nix).
With the Republic of Ireland winning in Tallinn, two weeks earlier, England won the group and progressed to the semi-finals. Most sources credit the goal to Jake Howells, but the FA website described his shot as rebounding off Votti into the net.
International Challenge Trophy Semi-Final
113 9 February 2011 - England 1 Belgium U21 0 [1-0]
Kenilworth Road, Luton (2,315)
Barnes-Homer HW
England: S.Brown, S.Hatton (P.Bignot), J.Day, R.Atkinson, S.Gregory, M.Wylde, A.Morgan-Smith (A.Mangan), J.Simpson (J.Byrne), M.Barnes-Homer, M.Porter ͨ, J.Howells.
England put out the holders, including 18-year-old Thibaut Courtois, who developed into one of the world's greatest goalkeepers, winning multiple awards and prizes including La Liga and the Europa League with Atlético Madrid, and the Premier League and the FA Cup with Chelsea. Seven months after this game, at the age of 19, he became Belgium's youngest-ever full-international goalkeeper and was a vital part of the team that finished third in the 2018 World Cup. Jake Howells won his last cap for England, having started the season against Wales. Less than a year later, despite still playing in the Blue Square Bet Premier League for Luton Town, he won his first cap for Wales Under-21s.
International Challenge Trophy Final
114 19 May 2011 - England 0 Portugal 1 [0-0]
Sixfields Stadium, Northampton (1,517)
Tavares HL
England: P.Edwards, L.Vaughan, C.Franklin (M.Blair), R.Atkinson, M.Porter ͨ, M.Wylde (J.Coulson), A.Mangan, D.Rose (J.Byrne), G.Donnelly, J.Simpson (R.Styche), S.Clancy.
A strong Portuguese side, with two full internationals in the team, consigned England to a second successive final defeat with only one survivor (captain Max Porter) from their opening game of the competition, a year earlier. Reece Styche went on to represent Gibraltar as a full international.

England were due to face the visiting Indian Under-23s at the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Stadium on 6 September 2011 as part of a joint tour with Pakistan, but the tour was called off after a series of riots across England in early-August had led to five deaths, including three Pakistani men in Birmingham.

Season 2011-12
115 15 November 2011 - Gibraltar 3 England 1 [1-0]
Victoria Stadium, Gibraltar (1,850)
Casciaro, Perez (pen), Guilling
England: J.Hedge (P.Edwards), S.Beeley (S.Killock), S.Newton, J.Turley, R.McAuley (A.Watkins), L.Meikle, J.Reason, D.Rose ͨ (K.Davis), R.Willmott (A.Chambers), A.Boyes (C.Jennings), J.Kissock (M.West).
International Challenge Trophy Group A
116 28 February 2012 - England 1 Italy 1 [0-0]
Highbury Stadium, Fleetwood (4,628)
England: J.Hedge, K.Roberts, J.Brown, J.Turley, K.Davis, E.Oshodi, M.Coulson, K.Forbes (A.Watkins), S.Spencer (A.Boyes), D.Rose ͨ (A.Chambers), M.Blair (A.Owens).
England C's first appearance in Lancashire, with free admission, brought them a record attendance for their opening match of the Trophy and an equaliser in the second minute of added time. Italy had already drawn 2-2 in Belgium, three months earlier, in an extremely tough group. Only eight teams entered this edition of the competition and they were split into two groups.
117 5 June 2012 - Russia U21 4 England 0 [2-0]
Arena Khimki, Podmoskovye (2,000)
Deljkin (2), Bibilov, Smolov (pen) AL
England: J.Hedge (N.McDonald), S.Ainge, S.Garner ͨ, R.McAuley, J.Brown, LMeikle (A.Owens), K.Forbes (K.Davis), J.Vincent, M.Johnson (M.Coulson), J.Wilson (S.Brogan), A.Gray.
England's heaviest competitive defeat was inflicted by a very strong Russian team that also beat Belgium 4-0, two months later, to win the group, leaving England needing to win in Belgium to give themselves a decent chance of reaching the semi-finals.

Season 2012-13
118 12 September 2012 - Belgium U21 1 England 2 [1-1]
Gemeentelijk Sportstadion, Zaventem (tbc)
(pen), Gray
England: P.Edwards, J.Turley ͨ, S.Ainge, E.Oshodi, A.Thomas, K.Forbes (A.Watkins), J.Vincent, S.Brogan (A.Gray), J.Gillies (G.Taylor), S.Spencer (J.Wilson), L.Meikle.
England celebrated Paul Fairclough's fiftieth game in charge with an impressive away win that took them into the semi-finals as Group A runners-up, once Italy had failed to beat Russia in the group's final game, two months later. In the meantime, England were scheduled to face Albania's Under-21s at Stadiumi Niko Dovana in Durrës on 16 October 2012, but it was called off when the pitch was flooded by torrential rain.
International Challenge Trophy Semi-Final
119 5 February 2013 - England 0 Turkey A2 1 [0-0]
Princes Park, Dartford
Yılmaz HL
England: P.Edwards, J.Turley ͨ, S.Ainge (R.Jackson), E.Oshodi, A.Thomas, S.Wedgbury, K.Forbes, K.Davis, J.Gillies (C.Jolley), L.Meikle, A.Gray (S.Spencer).
England crashed out to an 87th minute winner against what was, effectively, Turkey's B team, with three 25-year-old players (including the goalscorer) and three players with full-international caps. Admission for spectators was free. Unsurprisingly, Turkey beat Norway in the final, six months later.
120 4 June 2013 - Bermuda 1 England 6 [1-2]
Bermuda National Stadium, Devonshire Parish (tbc)
Sarcević, Jackson (pen), Norwood
(3 (1 pen)), Gray
England: P.Edwards ͨ (M.Walker), R.Jackson, F.Franks, A.Acheampong, M.Demetriou (C.Stokes), H.Beautyman, J.Hunt, A.Sarcević (D.Bradley), S.Clucas, M.Jackson (J.Norwood), A.Cook (A.Gray).

Season 2013-14
121 10 September 2013 - Latvia U23 1 England 0 [1-0]
Zemgales Olimpiskais centrs, Jelgava (tbc)
Višņakovs AL
England: M.Walker (N.McDonald), J.Oastler (B.Wood), B.Richards-Everton (G.Dean), C.Dunkley ͨ, D.Andrew, R.Donaldson (L.Moult), J.Armson, M.Pearson, K.Marsh-Brown, J.Hyde (H.Dunk), J.Norwood.
Gareth Dean took over the captaincy for the second half, even though Chey Dunkley played for the full ninety minutes.
122 19 November 2013 -
England 2 Czech Republic U21 2

Kingfield, Woking (2,153)
Franks, Norwood (pen)
Krmenčík, Stratil


England: J.Belshaw (M.Walker), A.MacDonald, M.Demetriou (D.Fitzpatrick), J.Turley ͨ (A.Parry), M.Pearson (J.Payne), F.Franks, K.Marsh-Brown (J.Lolley), J.Armson, A.Gray (D.Fitchett), J.Norwood, E.Frear.
Spectators were admitted for free on a bitterly cold night and saw England finally salvage some reward with goals in the 85th and 95th minutes.
123 4 March 2014 - Jordan U23 0 England 1 [0-1]
King Abdullah Sports City Stadium, Amman (tbc)
Berry AW
England: A.Coughlin (D.Lloyd-Weston), A.MacDonald, J.Holland (J.Turley), F.Franks ͨ, M.Demetriou, K.Marsh-Brown (M.Pearson), L.Berry, J.Payne (J.Gallagher), E.Frear, A.Gray (D.Fitchett), J.Norwood.

In preparation for the upcoming International Challenge Trophy opener in Slovakia, England trained for three days at Sparta Prague's Strahov Training Centre in the Czech Republic. On the last day, they faced their hosts' under-21 reserve team, who played in the Bohemian league (the České fotbalová liga) in the third tier of Czech football. To give all of England's 18-man squad at least two continuous half-hours, the training game (played behind closed doors) was split into three half-hour segments. England led twice, with both goals being scored by Matty Taylor, a late addition to the squad, but Sparta fought back to draw 2-2.

International Challenge Trophy Group A
124 24 May 2014 - Slovakia U21 1 England 0 [0-0]
Národné tréningové: centrum Poprad (1,589)
Vrablec AL
England: M.Walker, A.Yiadom, M.Roberts, F.Franks ͨ, M.Demetriou, D.Bradley (J.Marwood), J.Payne, M.Pearson (J.Gallagher), K.Marsh-Brown (M.Maddison), J.Norwood (M.Taylor), E.Frear (D.Fitzpatrick).
Tough opposition for England, who fell to a goal, eight minutes from time. Slovakia had already drawn with the holders in an eight-goal thriller in Turkey, two months earlier, and completed their fixtures with a two-goal victory in Estonia, three days later, to qualify for the semi-finals.
125 28 May 2014 - Hungary U19 4 England 2 [2-0]
Szusza Ferenc Stadion, Újpest (500)
Bobál, Mervó, Varga, Tóth
Pearson, Taylor
England: A.Coughlin, A.MacDonald (A.Yiadom), D.Fitzpatrick, M.Roberts, J.Payne (M.Pearson), F.Franks ͨ (M.Demetriou), J.Marwood (E.Frear), J.Gallagher, M.Taylor, D.Bradley (J.Norwood), M.Maddison (K.Marsh-Brown).
A very successful warm-up for Hungary, who were about to host the UEFA Under-19 Championship.

Season 2014-15
International Challenge Trophy Group A
126 14 October 2014 - Turkey A2 2 England 0 [1-0]
Başakşehir Fatih Terim Stadyumu, İstanbul (tbc)
Colak (2) AL
James Norwood
England: C.Kitscha, A.Halls, L.Brown, M.Pearson (J.Roberts), M.Roberts, C.Dunkley, J.Gallagher (J.Comley), J.Payne, L.Moult (J.Burrow), J. Norwood ͨ, E.Frear.
For the second successive International Challenge Trophy, England were eliminated by the experienced Turkish B team, who progressed to the semi-finals, winning Group A on goals scored from Slovakia. With six of Turkey's starting eleven having already been capped at full-international level, it was, perhaps, not surprising that the cream of the Vanarama Conference came off second best against them. England's two conquerors met again in the final, almost a year later, with Slovakia beating the holders on penalty-kicks, following a 2-2 draw.
127 18 November 2014 - England 4 Estonia 2 [2-1]
The Shay, Halifax (2,388)
Bogle, Beautyman, Yiadom, James
Lepistu, Kase
England: B.Hall (J.Ollerenshaw), A.Halls, L.Brown, J.Nolan (J.Gallagher), C.Dunkley ͨ, T.Parkes, A.Yiadom, K.James (M.Pearson), O.Bogle (J.Burrow), H.Beautyman (C.Jennings), E.Frear.
Free admission once again as England secured third place in Group A, but ended their participation in the International Challenge Trophy for another year.
128 17 February 2015 - Cyprus U21 2 England 1 [0-1]
Ammochostos Stadium, Larnaca (tbc)
Charalambos, Adamos
England: A.Coughlin (C.Kitscha), J.Bolton (A.Halls), M.Roberts ͨ, T.Parkes, L.Brown, A.Yiadom, M.Pearson (A.Woodyard), K.James (P.Lewis), E.Frear, J.Norwood (S.Payne), J.Burrow.
129 1 June 2015 - Republic of Ireland U21 1 England 2 [0-0]
Eamonn Deacy Park, Galway (tbc)
Pearson, Roberts
England: A.Coughlin (C.Kitscha), J.Bolton, B.Heneghan (C.Goode), S.Raggett, J.Roberts, A.Woodyard, J.Gallagher (C.Chettle), F.Shaw, K.James, L.Moult (A.Williams), M.Pearson ͨ.
For the first time against England C, the Irish put out an under-21 side, most of whom were with Sky Bet Football League clubs.

At the end of the 2014-15 season, there was a real danger that the England C team would be axed to raise funds for the Football Association to develop its new grassroots plan with more 3G artificial pitches. In the end, the team survived, but with a reduced budget which would only cover them for games in, what was to be, the last International Challenge Trophy. The competition was losing interest and only four teams entered. Consequently, they were placed in a single group, with the top two meeting again in the final.

Season 2015-16
International Challenge Trophy
130 22 March 2016 - Ukraine U20 0 England 2 [0-2]
Bannikov Stadium, Kyiv (tbc)
Guthrie, Jackson AW
England: B.Hall (P.Crook), J.Bolton (A.Halls), B.Heneghan, J.Holland, S.Habergham, K.Marsh-Brown (C.Isaac), A.Woodyard ͨ, J.Gallagher (C.Clay), J.Goddard, K.Jackson, K.Guthrie (B.Daniels).
Due to the budget cuts, this was England's first game in nine months.
131 5 June 2016 - England 3 Slovakia U21 4 [2-1]
The Borough Sports Ground, Sutton (1,572)
Holland, John (2)
Haraslín, Huk, Faško (2)
England: B.Hall (J.Butler), J.Bolton (D.Wishart), B.Heneghan, J.Holland (L.John), S.Habergham, J.Gallagher, A.Woodyard ͨ, J.Leesley, E.Whitehouse (D.Sweeney), D.Southwell (J.Williams), J.Goddard.
England found themselves 3-1 up after 52 minutes on the 3G pitch, but the holders fought back to win the group and book their place in the final, having drawn with Ukraine, four days earlier. It would be another 17 months before they played the final.

Season 2016-17
132 15 November 2016 - Estonia 1 England 2 [1-2]
A. Le Coq Arena, Tallinn (305)
Whitehouse, Lowe
England: B.Hall, N.Arnold, D.Wishart, J.Holland, E.Pinnock, A.Woodyard ͨ, J.Gallagher, K.James, E.Whitehouse (K.Moore), J.Hardy (B.Turgott), J.Lowe (C.Alexander).
With Ukraine being held to a draw in Tallinn, two months earlier, after being 3-1 up, England needed only a point to reach the final and their mission was accomplished in freezing temperatures with snow falling at the end of the game against a side containing nine full internationals. England now had to wait a week shy of a full year for the rematch with group winners and holders, Slovakia. Substitute, Kieffer Moore played against England for Wales, four years later, and again in the 2022 World Cup.
133 28 May 2017 - England 2 Panjab 1 [1-0]
Automated Technology Group Stadium, Solihull (750)
McQueen (2)
England: J.Montgomery, K.Wood ͨ, D.Ferguson, C.Howe (J.Tunnicliffe), K.Lokko, G.Mafuta (J.Powell), F.Okenabirhie, R.Croasdale, J.Alabi (M.Ferrier), D.McQueen (J.Ironside), B.Taylor (G.Carline).
A historic match as a previously uncapped England side faced a team representing ethnic Punjabis descended from the Indian sub-continent, all of whom were playing for English non-league clubs. Admission to the ground was free.

Jacksons' Trophy
- 30 May 2017 - Jersey 1 England 1 [0-0]
Jersey won 4-3 on penalty-kicks

Springfield Stadium, St. Helier (tbc)
listed as an FA XI representative side
England: R.Fitzsimons, G.Carline, J.Tunnicliffe, K.Lokko, D.Ferguson ͨ, J.Powell, R.Croasdale, H.Vince, M.Ferrier (F.Okenabirhie), J.Ironside (J.Alabi), D.McQueen (B.Taylor).
Jersey equalised in added time and then won the shootout after Powell and Alabi had had their kicks saved by Euan Van der Vliet, who would play for England C, a year later, alongside Jersey team-mate, Cavaghn Miley.

Season 2017-18
International Challenge Trophy Final
134 8 November 2017 - Slovakia 4 England 0 [1-0]
Mestský štadión, Žiar nad Hronom (2,215)
Oršula, Ivan, Faško, Herc AL
England: G.Smith (B.Hall), A.Cartwright, D.Ferguson, L.John, J.Gallagher ͨ (J.Powell), A.Wynter, S.Barratt (D.Johnson), R.Croasdale, M.Ferrier, J.Rees (J.Ward), F.Okenabirhie (O.Afolayan).
17 months after their group meeting, the competition finally reached its conclusion and the holders switched to an under-23 side so that some of the players that had got them to the final were still eligible. Slovakia also missed a penalty, but they retained their title and England were runners-up for the third time. The final had been held over from the previous season and the competition was scrapped following this edition.
135 20 March 2018 - Wales 2 England 3 [0-1]
Jenner Park, Barry (tbc)
Jones, Venables
Okenabirhie (3 (1 pen))
England: G.Smith (J.Montgomery), S.Ling, D.Jones, F.Horsfall (J.Jones), J.Staunton, R.Ramshaw (C.Adams), R.Croasdale ͨ, E.Pinnock, D.Maguire (J.Gilchrist), J.Hardy, F.Okenabirhie (S.Barratt).
This was the first match for the new Wales C team, now selected entirely from the JD Welsh Premier League without any age restriction. The previous under-23 team, including players from English non-league clubs, had been disbanded following their exit from the International Challenge Trophy in 2012.
136 27 May 2018 -
Republic of Ireland Amateur 4 England 2 [1-1]
Whitehall Stadium, Dublin (tbc)
Stritch, Murphy, Hayes (2)
Pennell, Walker
England: T.McHale (E.Van der Vliet), S.Ling (A.Brown), L.Pennell, F.Horsfall, J.Staunton ͨ, C.Miley, C.Adams (J.Wheatley), T.Wright (T.Crawford), J.Koroma (T.Walker), F.Okenabirhie (K.Marsh-Brown).

Season 2018-19
137 10 October 2018 - England 1 Estonia U23 0 [0-0]
Breyer Group Stadium, Leyton (635)
Pavey (pen) HW
England: B.Killip (R.Huddart), R.Tinkler, M.Ekpiteta, L.Maguire (L.Pennell), J.Binnom-Williams (J.Mellish), R.Croasdale ͨ, A.Pavey (K.Willoughby), T.Walker (J.Taylor), W.Fonguck, J.Hardy, E.Williams.
138 20 March 2019 - England 2 Wales 2 [1-0]
Peninsula Stadium, Salford (709)
Peate OG, Willoughby
McLaggon, Roscrow
England: B.Killip (R.Huddart), L.Trotman, L.Maguire ͨ, J.Mellish, D.Jones (D.Happe), J.Taylor, L.James (J.Rowley), G.Olley, E.Williams (T.White), J.Hardy, K.Willoughby (B.Goodship).
England were captained by Laurence Maguire, brother of Harry, an England full international.
139 5 June 2019 - Estonia U23 2 England 0 [0-0]
Kadrioru staadion, Tallinn (264)
Poom, Usta AL
England: B.Killip (R.Huddart), LTrotman, D.Longe-King, M.Dickenson, A.Brown, R.Croasdale ͨ, T.White, J.Hardy (I.Galliford), E.Mason-Clark (M.Lowe), K.Willoughby, J.Rowley (W.Fonguck).
England held out their hosts, who included six full internationals, until the 88th minute, when Estonia's captain, Markus Poom scored the opening goal. Poom is the son of Mart (120 international appearances and ex-Derby County goalkeeper).

Season 2019-20
Manager, Paul Fairclough celebrated his seventieth birthday in January 2020 and England C were due to face Wales again on 24 March at The Oval, Caernarfon, with another international lined up for 25 May against Nepal at The EBB Stadium, Aldershot. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Welsh game was called off on 13 March. Five days later, the Nepal game was also cancelled as all football in the United Kingdom ground to a halt.
Hear Russell Osborne's interview with Paul Fairclough (and James Norwood) from July 2020 on the Three Lions Podcast.

Season 2021-22
After almost three years without a game, England C returned, with Paul Fairclough still in charge, and with the team receiving external funding from the three leagues sponsored by Pitching In (Northern Premier League, Isthmian Football League and Southern Football League).
Hear Russell Osborne's interview with Paul Fairclough announcing the team's return in March 2022 on the Three Lions Podcast.
140 30 March 2022 - Wales 4 England 0 [4-0]
The Oval, Caernarfon (1,400)
Evans (2), Edwards (2) AL
England: S.Loach (R.Boot), D.Winter, S.Beard, W.Wright (M.Palmer), A.Palmer ͨ, M.Robinson, A.Little (L.Baines), L.Mandeville (E.Mason-Clark), M.Cheek (J.Sbarra), B.Waters, C.Roberts.
To include some of the players that had missed out on selection because of the pandemic, England fielded a team without age restriction. Scott Loach had previously represented England Under-21 and had been an unused substitute for two full internationals in 2010.

Season 2022-23
141 21 March 2023 - England 1 Wales 0 [1-0]
J. Davidson Stadium, Altrincham (860)
De Havilland HW
England: S.Howes (H.Male), G.Scott-Morriss, V.Harper, K.Richardson (J.Debrah), T.Cordner ͨ, R.Booty (H.Phipps), J.Lundstram, R.De Havilland (J.Vennings), J.Nuttall, E.Acquah, J.Sbarra (O.Dyson).