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England had entered the 1984 UEFA Under-16 Championship with an Under-17 team as the competition was held over two seasons, but it was not until after a full academic year of the Football Association General Motors National School (opened at Lilleshall on 4 September 1984) had been completed that a true Under-16 team first took part in international action. 25 students were enrolled on a two-year course, at the age of 14, residing at the National Sports Centre and taking academic lessons at a nearby school in the morning, with football coaching at Lilleshall in the afternoon. During their first year, they played against club youth teams, whilst some also represented the English Schools Football Association at Under-15 level. The new Under-16 team was comprised entirely of National School students, but over time, other youngsters that were not at the school were included in squads.
Season 1985-86
Class of 1986 (born after 31 July 1969 - 16 or under on 31 July 1986):
Top Scorer: 6 -
Adam King
Full internationals: none
P14 - W11 - D2 - L1 - F32 - A10 (86% successful)
The Nordic Cup 1985 in Norway
1 England played 'hors-concours' - "engaged in contest but not competing for prize"
29 July 1985 - Finland 0 England 3 [0-2]
Krohnsminde kunstgressbane, Bergen (250)
Robins (2), Chapman (pen) NW
England: A.Elliott, A.Pearson, S.Cam, C.Teasdale, J.Walkington, N.Siviter, I.Chapman, A.King (R.Wignall), P.Williams, M.Robins, G.Osbourne.
2 30 July 1985 - Sweden 0 England 0 [0-0]
Narvik Stadion, Narvik (350)
England: A.Miller, A.Pearson, C.Howarth (S.Cam), B.Wright, D.Pitcher, J.Walkington, I.Chapman, N.Siviter (C.Teasdale), R.Wignall, M.Robins (A.King), G.Osbourne.
3 31 July 1985 - Iceland 1 England 3 [nk]
tbc (nk)

Robins, Osbourne, Williams
England: A.Elliott, B.Wright (D.Pitcher), S.Cam (C.Howarth), C.Teasdale, J.Walkington, A.Pearson, I.Chapman, P.Williams, A.King, M.Robins (R.Wignall), G.Osbourne.
4 1 August 1985 - Denmark 1 England 3 [nk]
tbc (nk)

Osbourne, Pitcher (2)
England: A.Miller, B.Wright, S.Cam (C.Howarth), J.Walkington, D.Pitcher, N.Siviter, P.Williams, A.Pearson, A.King, M.Robins (R.Wignall), G.Osbourne.
5 3 August 1985 - Norway 1 England 3 [nk]
Brann Stadion, Bergen (nk)

Osbourne, Pearson, Williams
England: A.Miller, B.Wright, S.Cam (C.Howarth), C.Teasdale (D.Pitcher), J.Walkington, A.Pearson, I.Chapman (N.Siviter), P.Williams, A.King, M.Robins (R.Wignall), G.Osbourne.
Friendly match (AC Delco Challenge)
6 10 August 1985 - England 3 Yugoslavia 2 [0-2]
Wembley Stadium, Wembley (82,000)
Esqulant, Pearson, Williams
Lukić, Katić
preceded the FA Charity Shield between Everton and Manchester United
England: A.Miller (A.Elliott), B.Wright, S.Cam, L.Darby (P.Kelly), C.Teasdale (D.Pitcher), J.Walkington, A.King (M.Robins), A.Pearson, J.Beckford, D.Esqulant, G.Osbourne (P.Williams).
Tournoi Cadets U-16 de Monaco
7 15 November 1985 - Italy 2 England 3 [nk]
Stade Louis-II, Monaco (nk)

Hutchinson (2), Williams
England: A.Miller, A.Pearson, S.Cam, D.Pitcher (P.Atkin), J.Walkington, P.Kelly, S.Hutchinson (M.Robins), J.Ebbrell, J.Beckford, D.Esqulant, P.Williams.
8 17 November 1985 - West Germany 2 England 1 [nk]
Stade Louis-II, Monaco (nk)

England: A.Elliott, B.Wright, S.Cam, P.Atkin (D.Pitcher), J.Walkington, P.Kelly, S.Hutchinson (J.Beckford), J.Ebbrell, M.Robins, D.Esqulant, G.Osbourne (P.Williams).
9 19 November 1985 - France 0 England 2 [0-nk]
Stade Louis-II, Monaco (nk)
Kelly, Hutchinson NW
England: A.Elliott (A.Miller), A.Pearson, S.Cam, P.Atkin (D.Pitcher), J.Walkington, P.Kelly, J.Beckford (S.Hutchinson), J.Ebbrell, M.Robins, D.Esqulant, P.Williams.
England are the winners of the Tournoi Cadets U-16 de Monaco
Friendly match
10 8 March 1986 - England 3 Denmark 0 [nk]
National Sports Centre, Lilleshall (nk)
King (2), Esqulant HW
England: A.Elliott (A.Miller), A.Pearson, I.Denmark, C.Teasdale, J.Walkington, D.Thomas (J.Beckford), N.Siviter (P.Kelly), J.Ebbrell, C.Howarth, A.King, R.Wignall (D.Esqulant).
Tournament in eastern France
11 29 March 1986 - Algeria 0 England 2 [0-nk]
Stade de Romagny, Annemasse (nk)
King, Wignall NW
England: A.Miller, A.Pearson, R.Wignall (A.King), C.Teasdale, J.Walkington, P.Kelly, D.Thomas (J.Ebbrell), P.Atkin, S.Hutchinson, D.Esqulant, C.Howarth.
12 29 March 1986 - Hungary 0 England 0 [0-0]
Stade de Romagny, Annemasse (nk)
England: A.Elliott, A.Pearson, I.Denmark, P.Atkin, J.Walkington, N.Siviter, S.Hutchinson, J.Ebbrell, A.King, D.Esqulant, R.Wignall.
13 29 March 1986 - Yugoslavia 1 England 2 [nk]
Stade de Romagny, Annemasse (nk)

Kelly, Hutchinson
England: A.Miller, A.Pearson, I.Denmark, C.Teasdale, J.Walkington, P.Kelly, D.Thomas (R.Wignall), J.Ebbrell, A.King, D.Esqulant, C.Howarth (S.Hutchinson).
14 30 March 1986 - Tunisia 0 England 4 [0-nk]
Stade de Romagny, Annemasse (nk)
King (3), Esqulant NW
England: A.Elliott, A.Pearson, P.Atkin, C.Teasdale, J.Walkington, P.Kelly (N.Siviter), S.Hutchinson, J.Ebbrell, A.King, D.Esqulant, C.Howarth (D.Thomas).
England are the winners of this Tournament.
Season 1986-87
Class of 1987 (born after 31 July 1970 - 16 or under on 31 July 1987):
Full internationals: none
Other full internationals: Dean Kiely (Republic of Ireland)
Friendly match (AC Delco Challenge)
15 16 August 1986 - England 0 France 1 [0-1]
Wembley Stadium, Wembley (88,231)
Roche HL
preceded the FA Charity Shield between Everton and Liverpool
England: A.Marriott, J.Bond, J.Drysdale (J.Hall), G.McKeown, D.Duffy (J.Soloman), L.Parker, R.Thomas, G.Stuart, L.Cormack, W.Bullimore (P.Shepstone), R.Morris (A.Littlejohn).
Torneo Internazionale in Province of Rome
16 30 October 1986 - West Germany 3 England 3 [nk]
Stadio Comunale, Santa Marinella (tbc)

Cormack (2), Thomas
England: A.Marriott, J.Bond, J.Drysdale, D.Duffy, L.Parker (J.Soloman), L.Cormack, R.Thomas, P.Shepstone, G.Stuart, G.McKeown, R.Morris (A.Littlejohn).
17 31 October 1986 - France 1 England 0 [nk-0]
Stadio Comunale, Santa Marinella (tbc)
England: D.Kiely, G.Stuart, J.Hall, J.Solomon, D.Duffy, L.Cormack, G.McKeown (R.Morris), W.Bullimore (A.Littlejohn), R.Thomas, J.Drysdale, P.Shepstone.
18 2 November 1986 - Italy 3 England 1 [nk]
Stadio Comunale, Santa Marinella (tbc)

England: A.Marriott (D.Kiely), J.Bond, J.Hall, L.Parker (J.Soloman), D.Duffy, G.McKeown (L.Cormack), P.Shepstone, W.Bullimore, R.Thomas, G.Stuart, A.Littlejohn.
Friendly matches
19 28 March 1987 - England 2 Norway 0 [nk-0]
National Sports Centre, Lilleshall (tbc)
Stuart (2) HW
England: A.Marriott (D.Kiely), J.Bond (A.Littlejohn), J.Drysdale, J.Soloman, L.Parker (D.Duffy), L.Cormack, G.McKeown, P.Shepstone (W.Bullimore), G.Stuart, R.Thomas, J.Hall.
20 8 April 1987 - England 2 Canada 0 [nk-0]
National Sports Centre, Lilleshall (tbc)
England: A.Marriott, J.Drysdale, J.Hall (J.Bond), J.Soloman, D.Duffy, P.Shepstone, L.Cormack, G.McKeown, G.Stuart, R.Thomas, A.Littlejohn (W.Bullimore).
Season 1987-88
Class of 1988 (born after 31 July 1971 - 16 or under on 31 July 1988):
Nordic Cup: Runners-up - first competitive entry
Top Scorer: 4 - Steve Walters

Full internationals (3): Andy Cole (1995), Trevor Sinclair (2001), Ian Walker (1996)
P9 - W5 - D1 - L3 - F14 - A10 (61% successful)
Nordic Cup 1987 in Sweden
u/o group B
Turner, own goal
24 July 1987 - Sweden 1 England 2 [nk]
Brunsvallens Idrotsplatts, Ronneby (tbc)
England: Ian Walker (J.Stanger), P.Mitchell, M.Alexander, W.Seymour (P.Towler), J.Kavanagh, P.Williams (S.Charlton), S.Houghton, S.Walters, H.Dang (O.Morah), M.Turner, B.Small (Trevor Sinclair).
England played Sweden II, a B team included to make up the numbers in England's group. Their first-choice team beat England in the final.
21 25 July 1987 - Finland 0 England 3 [0-nk]
tbc (tbc)
Walters, Dang, own goal NW
England: Ian Walker (J.Stanger), M.Alexander (O.Morah), S.Charlton, P.Towler, J.Kavanagh, S.Walters, S.Houghton (Trevor Sinclair), P.Williams, H.Dang, M.Turner, B.Small.
22 27 July 1987 - Norway 0 England 2 [0-nk]
tbc (tbc)
Morah, Dang NW
England: Ian Walker (J.Stanger), P.Mitchell (S.Charlton), M.Alexander, P.Towler (W.Seymour), J.Kavanagh, S.Walters, S.Houghton (Trevor Sinclair), P.Williams (O.Morah), H.Dang, M.Turner, B.Small.
28 July 1987 - Sweden 3 England 1 [nk]
Brunsvallens Idrotsplatts, Ronneby (tbc)

England: Ian Walker, S.Charlton (P.Mitchell), M.Alexander, P.Towler (W.Seymour), J.Kavanagh, P.Williams (O.Morah), S.Walters, M.Turner, S.Houghton, H.Dang, B.Small.
England are runners-up in the 1987 Nordic Cup
Friendly matches
24  8 August 1987 - England 2 Denmark 1 [nk]
Wembley Stadium, Wembley (61,000)
Dang (2)
General Motors' Challenge preceded the Mercantile Credit Football League Centenary Classic v. Rest of the World
England: Ian Walker (J.Stanger), S.Charlton (W.Seymour), M.Alexander, P.Towler, J.Kavanagh, S.Walters, S.Houghton (Trevor Sinclair), H.Dang, O.Morah (P.Williams), M.Turner, B.Small (D.Hancock).
25 9 March 1988 - England 0 Sweden 2 [0-nk]
Villa Park, Birmingham (tbc)
England: Ian Walker, M.Alexander, S.Charlton (P.Mitchell), W.Seymour (P.Towler), J.Kavanagh, S.Walters, S.Houghton (P.Williams), H.Dang, Andy Cole, M.Turner, B.Small.
The school was now known as the GM Vauxhall FA National School.
26 11 March 1988 - England 2 Sweden 0 [nk-0]
Craven Cottage, Fulham (tbc)
Cole, Walters HW
England: Ian Walker (J.Stanger), P.Mitchell, M.Alexander, S.Walters, J.Kavanagh, P.Towler (W.Seymour), S.Houghton (P.Williams), H.Dang, Andy Cole, M.Turner, S.Chorlton (B.Small).
27 26 March 1988 - England 2 Scotland 2 [nk]
Gay Meadow, Shrewsbury (tbc)
Cole, Walters
England: Ian Walker, P.Mitchell, M.Alexander, W.Seymour (P.Towler), J.Kavanagh, S.Walters, S.Houghton, H.Dang (P.Williams), Andy Cole, M.Turner, S.Charlton (B.Small).
28 3 April 1988 - Israel 1 England 0 [nk-0]
Tel Aviv (tbc)
England: Ian Walker, P.Mitchell, S.Charlton, S.Walters, P.Towler, W.Seymour, S.Houghton (P.Williams), H.Dang, J.Kavanagh (Andy Cole), M.Turner, B.Small (M.Alexander).
29 4 April 1988 - Israel 1 England 2 [nk]
Tel Aviv (tbc)

Cole, Walters
England: Ian Walker (J.Stanger), P.Mitchell, S.Charlton, S.Walters, P.Towler, W.Seymour, P.Williams (S.Houghton), H.Dang, Andy Cole, M.Turner, B.Small (M.Alexander).

Season 1988-89
Class of 1989 (born after 31 July 1972 - 16 or under on 31 July 1989):
Nordic Cup: Runners-up - second year in succession (first two competitive entries) - unbeaten
Top Scorer: 7 - Ollie Morah

Full internationals (1): Trevor Sinclair (2001)
P12 - W5 - D3 - L4 - F19 - A16 (54% successful)
7% down on previous season
Nordic Cup 1988 in Sweden
30 31 July 1988 - Finland 0 England 4 [0-nk]
tbc (tbc)
Morah (2), Makin, Flatts NW
England: J.Stanger (M.Foster), D.Hancock, K.Fowler (D.Schonberger), P.Reed, R.Price (C.Gaunt), G.Flitcroft, Trevor Sinclair, S.Clements, O.Morah (A.Kenton), M.Joseph (C.Makin), M.Flatts.
31 1 August 1988 - Norway 1 England 1 [nk]
tbc (tbc)
Price ND
England: J.Stanger, A.Fuller, D.Schonberger, C.Gaunt (R.Price), P.Reed, S.Clements, M.Joseph, G.Flitcroft (Trevor Sinclair (K.Fowler)), A.Kenton (O.Morah), C.Makin, M.Flatts.
32 3 August 1988 - Denmark 2 England 2 [nk]
England won on penalty-kicks
tbc (tbc)

Morah (2)
England: J.Stanger, D.Hancock, K.Fowler (D.Schonberger), P.Reed, R.Price (C.Gaunt), S.Clements, C.Makin, G.Flitcroft (A.Fuller), A.Kenton (O.Morah), M.Joseph, M.Flatts.
33 5 August 1988 - Iceland 0 England 2 [0-nk]
tbc (tbc)
Flatts, Morah NW
England: J.Stanger, D.Hancock, D.Schonberger (C.Makin), P.Reed, C.Gaunt (R.Price), S.Clements, A.Fuller, G.Flitcroft, A.Kenton (O.Morah), M.Joseph, M.Flatts (Trevor Sinclair).
34 6 August 1988 - Sweden 0 England 4 [0-nk]
Arosvallen, Västerås (tbc)
Kenton (2), Morah, Joseph AW
England: J.Stanger (M.Foster), D.Hancock (C.Makin), K.Fowler, R.Price (C.Gaunt), P.Reed, S.Clements, A.Fuller (Trevor Sinclair), G.Flitcroft, O.Morah (A.Kenton), M.Joseph, M.Flatts.
England are runners-up in the 1988 Nordic Cup
Friendly match (Vauxhall Challenge)
35 20 August 1988 - England 1 Israel 1 [0-1]
Wembley Stadium, Wembley (54,887)
Stanger OG
preceded the FA Charity Shield between Liverpool and Wimbledon
England: J.Stanger, D.Hancock (C.Makin), K.Fowler (D.Schonberger), G.Flitcroft, R.Price (C.Gaunt), P.Reed, A.Fuller (Trevor Sinclair), S.Clements, O.Morah (A.Kenton), M.Joseph, M.Flatts.
Trofeo IP Citta di Colombo in Liguria, Italy
36 3 November 1988Spain 2 England 0 [nk-0]
Stadio Comunale, Chiavari (tbc)
England: J.Stanger, D.Hancock (C.Makin), K.Fowler, P.Reed, R.Price, G.Flitcroft, S.Clements, M.Joseph, M.Flatts (Trevor Sinclair), O.Morah, A.Kenton (A.Fuller).
37 4 November 1988West Germany 2 England 3 [nk]
Stadio Comunale, Chiavari (tbc)

Gaunt, Sinclair, Morah
England: J.Stanger, P.Reed, C.Gaunt, G.Flitcroft, S.Clements, A.Fuller, M.Joseph, Trevor Sinclair, D.Schonberger (K.Fowler), C.Makin (D.Hancock), O.Morah.
38 semi-final
Flitcroft, Fuller
7 November 1988 - Italy 1 England 2 [nk]
Stadio Giacomo Carlini, Genova (tbc)
England: J.Stanger, D.Hancock, K.Fowler, P.Reed, C.Gaunt, G.Flitcroft, S.Clements, A.Fuller, M.Joseph, Trevor Sinclair (M.Flatts), O.Morah.
9 November 1988 - Spain 2 England 0 [nk-0]
Stadio Giacomo Carlini, Genova (tbc)
England: J.Stanger, D.Hancock (C.Makin), K.Fowler, P.Reed, C.Gaunt (R.Price), G.Flitcroft, S.Clements, A.Fuller, M.Joseph, M.Flatts (Trevor Sinclair), O.Morah.
England are runners-up in the Trofeo IP Citta di Colombo
Friendly matches
40 15 February 1989 - Oman 2 England 0 [nk-0]
Sohar Club Stadium, Sohar (tbc)
England: S.Sheppard (J.Stanger), C.Makin, K.Fowler (D.Schonberger), A.Fuller, C.Gaunt, G.Flitcroft (P.Reed), Trevor Sinclair, S.Clements, O.Morah, A.Kenton (M.Joseph), M.Flatts.
41 17 February 1989 - Oman 3 England 0 [nk-0]
Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex, Muscat (tbc)
England: S.Sheppard (J.Stanger), P.Reed, K.Fowler (D.Schonberger), A.Fuller, C.Gaunt, G.Flitcroft, M.Joseph, S.Clements (C.Makin), O.Morah, A.Kenton (Trevor Sinclair), M.Flatts.

Season 1989-90
Class of 1990 (born after 31 July 1973 - 16 or under on 31 July 1990):
Nordic Cup: Winners - first time (third year in succession in top two, first three competitive entries)
Top Scorers: 4 -
Trevor Berry, The Vinh Nguyen
Full internationals (1): Nick Barmby (1995)
P12 - W5 - D4 - L3 - F19 - A18 (58% successful)
4% up on previous season
Vauxhall Nordic Cup 1989 in west Midlands
42 5 August 1989 - England 2 Norway 1 [nk]
Marston Road, Stafford (400)
Lee, Berry
England: M.Foster (A.Stephenson), M.Fancutt (M.Jackson), A.Hughes (N.Everingham), M.Basham, M.Harriott, D.Caskey, A.Myers (S.Newcombe), R.Burke, Nick Barmby, T.Nguyen (T.Berry), J.Lee.
43 7 August 1989 - England 2 Iceland 3 [nk]
National Sports Centre, Lilleshall (200)
Newcombe, Lee
England: A.Stephenson (M.Foster), M.Harriott, N.Everingham (A.Hughes), M.Basham, M.Jackson (M.Fancutt), D.Caskey, J.Lee, S.Newcombe (R.Burke), Nick Barmby, T.Berry (T.Nguyen), A.Myers.
44 8 August 1989 - England 2 Denmark 1 [nk]
Central Ground, Sutton Coldfield (800)
Berry, Myers
England: M.Foster (A.Stephenson), M.Fancutt (M.Jackson), A.Hughes, M.Basham (N.Everingham), M.Harriott, S.Newcombe, J.Lee, R.Burke (Nick Barmby), T.Berry, T.Nguyen, A.Myers.
45 9 August 1989 - England 3 Sweden 2 [nk]
Gresty Road, Crewe (1,200)
Nguyen (2), Caskey

England: A.Stephenson (M.Foster), M.Harriott (S.Newcombe), N.Everingham (A.Hughes), M.Basham, M.Jackson (M.Fancutt), D.Caskey, J.Lee, T.Berry, T.Nguyen (R.Burke), Nick Barmby, A.Myers.
46 11 August 1989 - England 1 Finland 1 [nk]
Vale Park, Stoke-on-Trent (1,500)
England: M.Foster (A.Stephenson), M.Harriott, A.Hughes (N.Everingham), M.Basham, M.Jackson (M.Fancutt), D.Caskey, J.Lee, T.Berry, Nick Barmby (R.Burke), T.Nguyen, A.Myers (S.Newcombe).
England are the winners of the 1989 Vauxhall Nordic Cup
Friendly match (Vauxhall Challenge)
47 12 August 1989 - England 2 Scandinavia 1 [nk]
Wembley Stadium, Wembley (63,149)
Newcombe, Nguyen
preceded the FA Charity Shield between Arsenal and Liverpool
England: M.Foster (A.Stephenson), M.Fancutt (M.Jackson), A.Hughes (N.Everingham), M.Basham, M.Harriott, D.Caskey, S.Newcombe, T.Berry (R.Burke), T.Nguyen, Nick Barmby, A.Myers (J.Lee).
Trofeo IP Citta di Colombo in Liguria, Italy
48 17 October 1989 - Italy 1 England 1 [nk]
Stadio Comunale di Alassio Sandro Ferrando, Alassio (500)

England: A.Stephenson, M.Fancutt, A.Hughes, M.Harriott, M.Basham, S.Newcombe, R.Burke, T.Berry, Nick Barmby, T.Nguyen A.Myers.
49 18 October 1989 - USSR 0 England 0 [0-0]
Stadio Cesare Brin, Cairo Montenotte (150)
England: M.Foster, M.Fancutt, N.Everingham, S.Newcombe (T.Berry), M.Basham, M.Jackson, R.Burke, I.Selley, Nick Barmby, T.Nguyen, J.Lee (A.Myers).
50 19 October 1989 - Turkey 1 England 3 [nk]
Stadio Comunale di Alassio Sandro Ferrando, Alassio (150)

Hughes, Barmby, own goal
England: A.Stephenson, M.Harriott, A.Hughes, T.Nguyen, M.Basham, M.Jackson, I.Selley, A.Myers, Nick Barmby, T.Berry, R.Burke.
51 semi-final
21 October 1989 - Scotland 1 England 1 [nk]
10-9 on penalty-kicks

Stadio Valerio Bacigalupo, Savona (tbc)
England: M.Foster, M.Harriott, A.Hughes, A.Myers, M.Basham, M.Jackson, I.Selley (J.Lee), T.Nguyen, Nick Barmby, T.Berry, R.Burke.
52 third-place play-off
23 October 1989 - West Germany 2 England 1 [nk]
Stadio Giacomo Carlini, Genova (tbc)
England: A.Stephenson, M.Fancutt, N.Everingham (J.Lee), S.Newcombe (I.Selley), M.Basham, M.Harriott, T.Berry, A.Myers, Nick Barmby, T.Nguyen, R.Burke.
England finish fourth in the Trofeo IP Citta di Colombo
Friendly match
53 3 March 1990 - Scotland 4 England 1 [nk]
Broomfield Park, Airdrie (200)

England: M.Foster, M.Fancutt, A.Hughes (N.Everingham), D.Caskey (A.Turner), M.Basham, M.Harriott, R.Burke (A.Bayley), S.Newcombe, Nick Barmby, T.Nguyen (J.Forrester), A.Myers.