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Many thanks to Andy Kelly for filling in a number of gaps on this page.

Season 1953-54

1 Friday, 30 April 1954 - England 2 Young England 1 [1-1]
Arsenal Stadium, Highbury (43,554)
Mannion, Lawton

England: Bartram, Mozley, L. Smith, Johnston, Leuty, Cockburn, Matthews, Mannion, Lawton, Shackleton, Langton. 
Young England:
 Sims, Sillett, Byrne, Adamson, T. Smith, Edwards, Hooper, Quixall, Hines, Viollet, Pilkington.

Season 1954-55

2 Friday, 6 May 1955 - England 5 Young England 0 [1-0]
Arsenal Stadium, Highbury (38,000)
Matthews, Lawton (2), Langton (pen), Mortensen

England: Swift (Kelsey), Ramsey, Eckersley, Johnston, Chilton, Dickinson, Matthews, Mortensen, Lawton, Baily, Langton. 
Young England:
 Matthews, Sillett, Shaw, Clayton, Smith, Flowers, Hooper, Atyeo, Hines, Haynes, Blunstone.

41-year-old, Frank Swift came out of retirement to play for the over-thirties. Despite pulling a muscle in the opening minutes and limping around his goalmouth, he kept a clean sheet for 55 minutes, before being replaced by Arsenal's 25-year-old Welsh international 'keeper, Jack Kelsey.

Season 1956-57

3 Friday, 3 May 1957 - England 1 Young England 2 [0-2]
Arsenal Stadium, Highbury (30,795)
Stevens, Groves

England: Ditchburn, Staniforth, Garrett, Armstrong, Wright,ᶜ Dickinson, Matthews, Taylor, Lofthouse, Baily, Metcalfe. 
Young England: Hopkinson, Armfield, Shaw, Anderson, Smith, Neal, Groves, Stevens, Clough, Haynes,ᶜ  A'Court.

It was the Under-23 side that represented Young England. For the first three of these games, the England team were restricted to the over-30s.

Season 1957-58

4 Friday, 2 May 1958 - England 4 Young England 2 [2-1]
Stamford Bridge, Fulham (40,630)
Finney, Haynes, Douglas, Kevan
A'Court, Clough

England: McDonald, Howe, Langley, Clayton, Wright,ᶜ  Slater, Douglas, Robson, Kevan, Haynes, Finney. 
Young England: Hodgkinson, Hall, Sillett, Setters, Norman, Clamp, Brabrook, Hayes, Clough, Broadbent, A'Court.

Season 1958-59

5 Friday, 1 May 1959 - England 3 Young England 3 [3-1]
Arsenal Stadium, Highbury (34,212)
Flowers, Charlton (2)
Parry, Pointer, Greaves

England: Hopkinson, Howe, Shaw, Clayton, Wright ,ᶜ  Flowers, Bradley, Broadbent, Charlton, Haynes, Holden. 
Young England:
 Macedo, Armfield,ᶜ  Allen, McGuinness, Smith, Kay, Brabrook, Greaves, Pointer, Parry, Scanlon.

Season 1959-60

6 Friday, 6 May 1960 - England 2 Young England 1 [2-0]
Arsenal Stadium, Highbury (34,671)
Baker (2)

England: Springett, Armfield, Wilson, Robson, Swan, Kay, Brabrook, Haynes,ᶜ  Baker, Greaves, Charlton.
Young England:
 Macedo, Angus, Allen (Cohen), Setters, Labone, Miller, Paine, Eastham, Pointer, Fantham, Holliday.

Season 1960-61

7 Friday, 5 May 1961 - England 1 Young England 1 [1-1]
Stamford Bridge, Fulham (46,661)

England: Springett, Armfield, McNeil, Robson, Swan, Flowers, Douglas, Eastham, Hitchens, Haynes,ᶜ  Charlton. 
Young England:
 Macedo, Angus,ᶜ  Ashurst, Kirkham, McGrath, Moore, Paine, Hill, Baker, Robson, Harris.

Season 1961-62

8 Friday, 4 May 1962 - England 3 Young England 2 [2-2]
Arsenal Stadium, Highbury (21,051)
Peacock, Charlton, Hitchens
Barnwell, Byrne

England: Springett, Armfield, Wilson, Robson, Swan, Flowers, Douglas, Peacock, Hitchens, Haynes,ᶜ  Charlton. 
Young England:
 West, Kirkup, Jones, Crawford, Labone, Moore,ᶜ  Paine, Barnwell, Byrne, Tambling, Thompson.

Season 1962-63

9 Friday, 24 May 1963 - England 3 Football League 3 [2-2]
Arsenal Stadium, Highbury (26,994)
Greaves (pen), Hinton, Byrne
Hunt, Hurst, Kay

England: Springett, Armfieldᶜ  (Marchi), Wilson, Moore, Norman, Milne, Douglas, Greaves, Byrne, Eastham, Hinton. 
Football League:
 Bonetti, Shellito, Shaw, Flowers,ᶜ  Labone, Kay, Paine, Hunt, Hurst, Melia, Dobson.

The Football League eleven were all English players (effectively England B). Only Bonetti, Dobson, Hurst and Labone were eligible to play for the Under-23s.

Season 1963-64

10 Friday, 1 May 1964 - England 3 Young England 0 [0-0]
Stamford Bridge, Fulham (29,761)
Charlton, Greaves, Hunt

England: Banks, Cohen, Wilson, Milne, Norman, Flowers,ᶜ  Paine, Greaves, Hunt, Eastham, Charlton. 
Young England:
 Bonetti, Badger, Thomson, Bailey, Talbut,ᶜ  Cross, Usher, Tambling, Chivers, Venables, Thompson.

Season 1964-65

11 Friday, 30 April 1965 - England 2 Young England 2 [1-1]
Arsenal Stadium, Highbury (26,840)
Temple, Bridges
Tambling, Hollins

England: Banks, Cohen, Wilson, Stiles, Flowers,ᶜ  Mullery, Paine, Greaves, Bridges, Eastham, Temple. 
Young England:
 West, Knowles, Thomson,ᶜ  Hollins, Mobley, Peters, Murray, Tambling, Jones, Ball, Armstrong.

Season 1965-66

12 Friday, 13 May 1966 - England 1 Young England 1 [1-1]
Stamford Bridge, Fulham (18,274)

England: Bonetti, Armfield, Newton, Milne, Flowers, Moore,ᶜ  Callaghan, Hurst, Byrne, Greaves, Eastham. 
Young England:
 Stepney, Reaney, Knowles, Smith,ᶜ  Cross, Peters, Ball, Chivers, Saul, Venables, Thompson.

Season 1966-67

13 Friday, 19 May 1967 - England 0 Young England 5 [0-2]
Arsenal Stadium, Highbury (13,018)
Marsh (2), Clarke (2 pens), Barrett

England: Springett, Cohen, Newton, Peters, Labone, Moore,ᶜ  Summerbee, Hunt, Byrne, Hurst, Ball (Boyce).
Young England:
Montgomery, Charles, Thomson, Harvey, Mobley, Hurst, Barrett, Marsh, Clarke, Sammels, Sissons.

Season 1967-68

14 Friday, 17 May 1968 - England 1 Young England 4 [0-0]
Arsenal Stadium, Highbury (20,077)
Baldwin (2), Chivers (2)

England: Banks, Newton, Knowles, Mullery, Moore,ᶜ  Hunter, Bell, Hunt, Clarke, Peters, Thompson. 
Young England:
 Jones, Badger, Cooper, Hollins,ᶜ Stephenson, Smith, Sammels, Baldwin, Osgood (Harris), Chivers, Sissons (Doyle).

Season 1968-69

15 Friday, 25 April 1969 - England 0 Young England 0 [0-0]
Stamford Bridge, Fulham (18,140)

England: Bonetti, Knowles, McNab, Mullery, McGrath, Moore,ᶜ  Sammels, Hurst, Astle, Peters, Tambling.
Young England:
 Springett, Smith, Charles, Brown, McFarland, Hollins, Coates, Robson, Weller, Gould, Sissons.