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Season 2020-21


Lee Carsley
Friendly match
117 13 October 2020 - England 2 Wales 0 [2-0]
St George's Park, Burton upon Trent (bcd)
Ramsey, Amaechi HW
England: L.Ashby-Hammond (M.Dewhurst), H.Lawrence (N.Ogberta), L.Thomas (L.Buchanan), T.Harwood-Bellis, A.Alese (C.Drameh), P.Maghoma (M.Whittaker), X.Amaechi (J.Garner), T.Doyleᶜ, F.Balogun (B.Duncan), J.Ramsey, Anthony Gordon.
Training Camp Game
u/o 17 November 2020 - Aston Villa 3 England 1 [2-1]
Bodymoor Heath Training Ground, Bodymoor Heath
Barkley (pen), Cash, El Ghazi
Villa fielded an extremely strong line-up which included former England internationals, Ross Barkley and Tom Heaton, plus Anwar El Ghazi of the Netherlands, Egypt's Ahmed Elmohamady, former Welsh international, Neil Taylor, future England international, Ollie Watkins and future Polish international, Matty Cash.
England: J.Griffiths (C.Rushworth), V.Daley-Campbell (H.Lawrence), L.Thomas (N.Ogbeta), N.Wood, T.Harwood-Bellis, T.Doyle (H.White), M.Whittaker (V.Livramento), J.Garner (L.Sibley), F.Balogun (E.Simms), J.Ramsey (F.Anjorin), Anthony Gordon (M.Lewis).

Season 2021-22


Andy Edwards
Elite League 2021-22
118 6 September 2021 - England 6 Romania 1 [2-0]
St George's Park, Burton upon Trent (tbc)
Mola, McAtee, Gelhardt (2 (1 pen)), Weir, Rak-Sakyi
England: J.Trafford, C.Drameh (K.Kesler Hayden), L.Buchanan (D.Cirkin), L.Bate (L.Clarkson), N.Woodᶜ (J.Hill), C.Mola (J.Branthwaite), J.Philogene (J.Gelhardt), M.Azeez (J.Weir), S.Greenwood (L.Sibley), J.McAtee (J.Rak-Sakyi), A.Mighten (M.Rogers). (unused: B.Young, H.Davies).
119 7 October 2021 - England 1 Italy 1 [1-1]
Technique Stadium, Chesterfield (6,394)
England: J.Trafford, C.Drameh, D.Cirkin (H.Lawrence), J.Weir, J.Hill, N.Woodᶜ, J.McAtee, L.Bate (M.Azeez), S.Greenwood (J.Stansfield), F.Anjorin (M.Rogers), J.Philogene. (unused: K.Kesler Hayden, M.Cox, T.Mengi, J.Branthwaite, L.Clarkson, J.Rak-Sakyi, B.Young).
120 11 October 2021 - Czech Republic 0 England 5 [0-1]
AGC Aréna Na Stinadlech, Teplice (3,645)
Azeez, Stansfield, Anjorin, Rogers, Hill AW
Anjorin shot wide from a ninth-minute penalty
England: J.Trafford (M.Cox), K.Kesler Hayden, H.Lawrence, L.Clarkson, N.Woodᶜ (J.Hill), J.Branthwaite, J.Rak-Sakyi (J.Philogene), M.Azeez, J.Stansfield (S.Greenwood), F.Anjorin (L.Bate), M.Rogers. (unused: C.Drameh, J.Weir, D.Cirkin, B.Young).
121 11 November 2021 - Portugal 2 England 0 [0-0]
Estádio Dr Magalhães Pessoa, Leiria (tbc)
Couto, Cruz AL
England: J.Trafford, H.Lawrence (K.Kesler Hayden), J.Wilson-Esbrands, D.Neil (T.Morton), T.Mengi, A.Alese (R.Welch), J.Philogene (J.Rak-Sakyi), L.Bate, S.Greenwoodᶜ (J.Stansfield), J.McAtee (L.Clarkson), M.Rogers (C.Archer). (unused: L.Moulden, D.Cirkin, H.Cartwright).
122 25 March 2022 - Poland 2 England 0 [0-0]
Stadion Miejski, Bielsko-Biała (6,148)
Golębiowski, Szwedzik AL
England: H.Cartwright, K.Kesler Hayden (T.Gardner-Hickman), N.Ogbeta, C.Mola, N.Woodᶜ , A.Alese, J.McAtee (J.Rak-Sakyi), T.Morton (D.Neil), S.Greenwood (L.Plange), L.Clarkson (J.James), T.Dolan (J.Stansfield). (unused: J.Trafford, C.Setford).
123 29 March 2022 - England 3 Germany 1 [1-0]
JobServe Community Stadium, Colchester (8,437)
Greenwood, McAtee, Dolan
England: J.Trafford, T.Gardner-Hickman (J.Stansfield), N.Ogbeta (K.Kesler Hayden), J.Hill, N.Woodᶜ , C.Mola (A.Alese), J.McAtee (J.Rak-Sakyi), D.Neil (T.Morton), C.Archer (T.Dolan), L.Clarkson (J.James), S.Greenwood (L.Plange). (unused: H.Cartwright, C.Setford).

Season 2022-23


Ian Foster
Costa Cálida Supercup at Pinatar Arena
124 21 September 2022 - England 3 Chile 0 [2-0]
Pinatar Arena, San Pedro del Pinatar (tbc)
Delap, Oyegoke, Edozie NW
England: H.Davies, D.Oyegoke (E.Ingram), C.Doyle, A.Scott (C.Patino), R.Edwards (T.Iroegbunam), F.Burns (R.Welch), S.Edozie (M.Ebowei), C.Chukwuemekaᶜ, L.Delap (D.Scarlett), A.Ramsey (J.Balagizi), S.Iling-Junior (H.Vale).
125 24 September 2022 - England 2 Morocco 1 [1-0]
Pinatar Arena, San Pedro del Pinatar (tbc)
Patino, Iroegbunam
England: T.Oluwayemi, R.Welch, T.Iroegbunam, C.Doyle (L.Delap), E.Ingram (D.Oyegoke), C.Patino (A.Scott), C.Chukwuemeka (F.Burns), H.Valeᶜ (S.Iling-Junior), M.Ebowei (S.Edozie), J.Balagizi (A.Ramsey), D.Scarlett (D.Jebbison).
126 27 September 2022 - England 3 Australia 0 [2-0]
Pinatar Arena, San Pedro del Pinatar (tbc)
Jebbison, Ramsey, Edozie NW
England: M.Cox, D.Oyegoke (E.Ingram), F.Burns, T.Iroegbunam (C.Patino), R.Edwards, R.Welch (C.Doyle), S.Edozie (J.Balagizi), A.Scott (C.Chukwuemeka), D.Jebbison (L.Delap), A.Ramseyᶜ (D.Scarlett), S.Iling-Junior (M.Ebowei).
England are the winners of the Costa Cálida Supercup  
Elite League 2022-23
127 22 March 2023 - England 2 Germany 0 [1-0]
Manchester City Academy Stadium, Manchester (2,205)
Iling-Junior (2) HW
England: H.Davies, B.Norton-Cuffy (D.Oyegoke), C.Doyle, A.Scott (T.Iroegbunam), B.Humphreys, J.Quansah, A.Devine (H.Vale), C.Chukwuemekaᶜ (D.Corness), D.Scarlett (L.Delap), A.Ramsey (S.Edozie), S.Iling-Junior (M.Joseph).
Young Stars Week in Spain
128 25 March 2023 - United States 2 England 4 [1-2]
Marbella Football Center, San Pedro de Alcántara (tbc)
Paredes, Wolff
(2), Vale, Quansah
England: M.Cox (O.Goodman), D.Oyegoke (B.Norton-Cuffy), L.Mbete, T.Iroegbunam (C.Chukwuemeka), R.Edwards, J.Quansah (B.Humphreys), S.Edozie (A.Devine), D.Corness (A.Scott), M.Joseph (D.Scarlett), H.Valeᶜ, S.Iling-Junior (A.Ramsey).
129 28 March 2023 - France 1 England 1 [1-1]
Marbella Football Center, San Pedro de Alcántara (tbc)
England: M.Cox, B.Norton-Cuffy (D.Oyegoke), C.Doyle (R.Edwards), A.Scott (D.Corness), B.Humphreys, J.Quansah, A.Devine, C.Chukwuemeka, L.Delap (D.Scarlett), A.Ramsey (S.Iling-Junior), H.Valeᶜ (M.Joseph).
The twenty-third FIFA Under-20 World Cup 2023 in Argentina

group E
22 May 2023 - England 1 Tunisia 0 [1-0]
Estadio Único Diego Armando Maradona, La Plata (2,765)
Scarlett NW
England: 1.M.Cox, 4.A.Scott, 5.B.Humphreys (8.X.Simons), 6.J.Quansah, 7.A.Devine, 9.D.Scarlett (20.D.Jebbison), 11.H.Valeᶜ, 14.D.Gyabi, 15.R.Edwards, 17.S.Edozie (18.M.Joseph), 21.D.Oyegoke. (unused subs: 12.J.Beadle, 13.T.Sharman-Lowe, 16.I.Samuels, 19.L.Delap).
131 25 May 2023 - Uruguay 2 England 3 [0-2]
Estadio Único Diego Armando Maradona, La Plata (27,231)
González Fernández, Abaldo
Humphreys, Devine, Gyabi
England: 1.M.Cox, 4.A.Scott, 5.B.Humphreys, 6.J.Quansah, 7.A.Devine (16.I.Samuels), 9.D.Scarlett (8.X.Simons), 11.H.Valeᶜ, 14.D.Gyabi, 15.R.Edwards, 18.M.Joseph (20.D.Jebbison), 21.D.Oyegoke. (unused subs: 12.J.Beadle, 13.T.Sharman-Lowe, 17.S.Edozie, 19.L.Delap).
132 28 May 2023 - Iraq 0 England 0 [0-0]
Estadio Único Diego Armando Maradona, La Plata (12,122)
Delap's penalty in the sixth minute of added time at the end of the first half was saved by Hasan.
England: 12.J.Beadle (13.T.Sharman-Lowe), 5.B.Humphreys, 6.J.Quansah, 7.A.Devine, 8.X.Simons, 11.H.Valeᶜ, 15.R.Edwards, 16.I.Samuels (14.D.Gyabi), 17.S.Edozie (9.D.Scarlett), 19.L.Delap (20.D.Jebbison), 21.D.Oyegoke. (unused subs: 1.M.Cox, 4.A.Scott, 19.M.Joseph).
133 round of sixteen
31 May 2023 - England 1 Italy 2 [1-1]
Estadio Único Diego Armando Maradona, La Plata (12,832)
Baldanzi, Casadei (pen)
England: 1.M.Cox, 2.B.Norton-Cuffy (21.D.Oyegoke), 4.A.Scott, 5.B.Humphreys (3.C.Doyle), 6.J.Quansah (19.L.Delap), 7.A.Devine, 9.D.Scarlett, 10.C.Chukwuemeka, 11.H.Valeᶜ (17.S.Edozie), 15.R.Edwards, 18.M.Joseph (14.D.Gyabi). (unused subs: 8.X.Simons, 12.J.Beadle, 13.T.Sharman-Lowe, 16.I.Samuels, 20.D.Jebbison).
England are eliminated from the 2023 Under-20 World Cup in the second round. Uruguay are the eventual winners.  
From the 2023-24 season, the Under-20s were renamed the Elite League squad. Extending the age range to 22 meant that players could take part in additional competitive international matches in the season before they became integrated with the Under-21 squad.
Season 2023-24


Joe Edwards
Elite League 2023-24
134 12 October 2023 - Romania 2 England 0 [2-0]
Stadionul Naţional de Rugby Arcul de Triumf, București ()
Mihai, Trică AL
Scarlett shot wide with the last kick of the first half, from a penalty.
England: O.Goodman, R.Andrews, L.Hall, J.Katongo (N.Abbey), R.Edwardsᶜ, D.Gyabi (O.Arblaster), O.Forson (C.Webster), D.Gore (M.Joseph), D.Scarlett (M.Olakigbe), M.Burstow (D.Mubama), A,Devine (E.Soglo).
135 17 October 2023 - England 1 Portugal 2 [1-1]
Stadium MK, Milton Keynes (1,756)
Chermiti, Falé
England: J.Beadle, R.Andrews, L.Hall, R.Edwardsᶜ, N.Abbey, D.Gore (O.Forson), E.Soglo (D.Gyabi), O.Arblaster (M.Joseph), D.Scarlett (M.Burstow), D.Mubama (C.Webster), A.Devine (M.Olakigbe).
James Beadle dropped down from the Under-21 squad, who were playing against Ukraine in Slovakia on the evening before the Elite League squad's game. Two unused goalkeepers, Charlie Setford and Joe Whitworth were also in the squad for the two October fixtures.


Ben Futcher
136 16 November 2023 - England 0 Italy 3 [0-1]
Eco-Power Stadium, Doncaster (4,714)
Hasa (2 (1 pen)), Missori HL
England: J.Beadle, J.Katongo (R.Andrews), L.Hall, A.Wharton (O.Arblaster), C.Hughes, R.Edwardsᶜ, S.Bell (M.Godo), A.Gray (L.Chambers), D.Scarlett (M.Joseph), A.Devine, S.Edozie (D.Gyabi).
Daniel Gore, Timothy Iroegbunam and Aaron Ramsey withdrew from the squad for the two November fixtures, with injuries, whilst Jay Stansfield was called up into the Under-21 squad for two UEFA qualifiers; in Serbia (where he came on as a substitute), and against Northern Ireland at Goodison Park. Godo came in as a replacement and Gray was called up from the Under-19 squad, but did not travel to Germany.
137 20 November 2023 - Germany 2 England 3 [1-1]
Jahnstadion, Regensburg (9,700)
Wanner, Godo OG
Joseph, Edozie, Webster
 height=Nelson Abbey79
England: J.Beadle, R.Andrews, L.Chambers (L.Hall), O.Arblaster (C.Hughes), R.Edwardsᶜ, N.Abbey, M.Godo (S.Bell), D.Gyabi (C.Webster), M.Joseph (D.Scarlett), A.Devine (A.Wharton), S.Edozie (E.Soglo).
Webster was also brought in as a replacement before the Italy game, and James Wright was added for the trip to Germany, but along with another goalkeeper, Tommy Simkin, he did not make the bench. Joe Whitworth was on the bench for both of the November fixtures.
138 22 March 2024 - Poland 1 England 5 [0-1]
Stadion Miejski, Białystok (tbc)
Iroegbunam, Scarlett
(3 (1 pen)), Nelson
England: J.Beadle (T.Simkin), J.Katongo, L.Hall (L.Chambers), T.Iroegbunam (A.Devine), R.Edwardsᶜ (B.Nelson), N.Abbey, T.Fellows (M.Godo), A.Wharton (B.Clark), D.Scarlett, L.Miley (O.Arblaster), M.Hamilton (K.Gordon).
Ryan Andrews withdrew from the squad due to injury. Ashley Phillips was also in the squad for the two March fixtures, and was on the bench in Poland.
139 26 March 2024 - Czech Republic 1 England 3 [0-1]
Mĕstský stadion, Karviná-Ráj (tbc)
Arblaster, Scarlett
England: J.Beadleᶜ, R.Walters (J.Katongo), L.Chambers, T.Iroegbunam (T.Fellows), B.Nelson, N.Abbey, K.Gordon (M.Hamilton), O.Arblaster, D.Mubama (D.Scarlett), A.Devine, M.Godo (L.Hall).
Ruell Walters came in as a replacement for Andrews, whilst Adam Wharton was called up into the Under-21s and came on as a substitute in a European Championship qualifier against Luxembourg at Bolton, on the evening of the Czech game. Goalkeeper, Jed Ward was also in the squad for the two March fixtures, and was on the bench against the Czechs.
Friendly matches in northern Croatia
140 7 June 2024 - Sweden U21 1 England 2 [0-1]
Stadion Sportsko-rekreacijskog centra Sesvete, Zagreb (tbc)
Alves, Scarlett
England: J.Ward, B.Chrisene (B.Hills), B.Nelson (A.Brown), K.Casey (C.Hughes), K.Fisher (R.Dixon), G.Earthy (B.Baker-Boaitey), J.Bellingham (A.Matos), W.Alves (M.Godo), N.Buck (S.Braybrooke), D.Scarlettᶜ (B.Cadamarteri), A.Kamara (R.Esse).
Romain Esse was brought into the squad to replace Omari Kellyman.
141 11 June 2024 - England 2 Republic of Ireland U21 2 [1-1]
Gradski stadion kraj Sajmišta, Vrbovec (tbc)
Brown, Scarlett (pen)
Hodge, Oko-Flex
Ward pushed Oko-Flex's 88th-minute penalty onto the post, but Oko-Flex scored from the rebound
England: J.Ward, K.Fisher (B.Cadamarteri), A.Brown (G.Earthy), S.Braybrooke (R.Dixon), B.Hills (B.Chrisene), C.Hughes (R.Esse), A.Kamara (W.Alves), A.Matos (J.Bellingham), D.Scarlettᶜ (N.Buck), B.Baker-Boaitey (B.Nelson), M.Godo (K.Casey).
Each of Ireland's scorers, Joe Hodge and Armstrong Oko-Flex played for England's Under-17s in 2018. Ben Cisse, Tommy Setford and Tommy Simkin were unused goalkeepers on the bench for both June fixtures.