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129 vs. Scotland
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Saturday, 21 October 1922
Home International Championship 1922-23 (35th) Match

England 2 Ireland 0 [0-0]

The Hawthorns, Sandwell, West Bromwich, Staffordshire
Attendance: 20,173;
Kick-off: 2.00pm GMT

Match Summary
England Party

Ireland Party

England - Harry Chambers (flicked on by Osborne from a Mercer corner 66, an instant shot from a Williams cross 85)
Results 1919-30

England won the toss, Ireland kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - Alexander A. Jackson

Linesmen - E.S. Baylis, Wolverhampton, and A. Donnelly

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  Attempts on Target  
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  Corner Kicks Won  
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England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 10th
Colours: The 1903 uniform - White collared jerseys and dark club shorts
Capt: Arthur Grimsdell, second captaincy Selectors: The fourteen-man FA International Selection Committee, following the trial match, on Saturday, 14 October 1922.
97th match, W 66 - D 18 - L 13 - F 305 - A 88.
England Lineup
  Taylor, Edward 35
228 days
7 March 1887 G Huddersfield Town AFC 1 0 GA
  Smith, Joseph 32 10 April 1890 RB West Bromwich Albion FC 2 0
  Harrow, Jack H. 34 8 October 1888 LB Chelsea FC 1 0
  Moss, Frank 27 17 April 1895 RH Aston Villa FC 3 0
  Wilson, George 30 14 January 1892 CH The Wednesday FC 6 0
  Grimsdell, Arthur 28 23 March 1894 LH Tottenham Hotspur FC 5 0
  Mercer, David W. 29 20 March 1893 OR Sheffield United FC 1 0
  Seed, James M. 27 25 March 1895 IR Tottenham Hotspur FC 2 0
  Osborne, Frank R. 26 14 October 1896
in South Africa
CF Fulham FC 1 0
Chambers, Henry 25 17 November 1896 IL Liverpool FC 4 3
  Williams, Owen 26 23 September 1896 OL Clapton Orient FC 1 0


Billy Watson (Burnley FC) and George Elliott (Middlesbrough FC)

team notes:

On 17 October, Middlesbrough FC informed the Football Association that Jackie Carr, the original outside-right, was unable to take his place, due to him getting injured in the inter-league match the previous Saturday. His place went to Mercer.
Burnley's Billy Watson was released from being a reserve, to allow teammate Bill Emerson to take his place in the Irish line-up. Thus Burnley being allowed to call on one of their wing-halves.
Ted Taylor is now the second oldest England debutant.
2-3-5 Taylor -
Smith, Harrow -
Moss, Wilson, Grimsdell -
Mercer, Seed, Osborne, Chambers, Williams


Age 29.0 Appearances/Goals 2.5 0.1


Ireland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 35th
Colours: Royal blue jerseys, white shorts.
Capt: to be confirmed Selectors: Team Selection by Committee;
Ireland Lineup
  Harland, Alfred I. 24 26 November 1897 G Linfield FAC 2 4 GA
  Rollo, David 32 26 August 1890 RB Blackburn Rovers FC, England 11 0
  Curran, John J. 23/24 1898 LB Pontypridd FC, Wales 3 0
  Emerson, William J. 30 16 December 1891 RH Burnley FC, England 8 1
  Smith, Ernest E. 26 4 January 1896 CH Cardiff City FC, England 2 0
  Morgan, F. Gerald/Gerard 23 25 July 1899 LH Linfield FAC 2 0
  Lynar, David 29 9 January 1893 OR Manchester United FC, England 5 0
  Irvine, Robert W. 22 29 April 1900 IR Everton FC, England 2 0
  Nelis, Patrick 24 5 October 1898 CF Nottingham Forest FC, England 1 0
  Gillespie, William B. 31 6 August 1891 IL Sheffield United FC, England 11 8
  Burns, James 22/23 1899 OL Glenavon FC 1 0


reserves not known

team notes:

Manchester City FC's Mick Hamill was in the original starting line-up, but on Friday, 13 October, he informed the Irish FA that he had retired from international football, and so his place went to Crystal Palace FC's Bob McCracken. In turn, on Wednesday, 18 October, Burnley FC and Crystal Palace FC both refused to release their players, Billy Emerson and Bob McCracken. Although it was decided that Emerson could keep his place after teammate Billy Watson was relieved of his 'reserve status' for England, McCracken's place went to Morgan.
2-3-5 Harland -
Rollo, Curran -
Emerson, Smith, Morgan -
Lyner, Irvine, Nelis, Gillespie, Burns


Age 26.0-2 Appearances/Goals 4.4 0.8


    Match Report


England beat Ireland by two goals to none at West Bromwich on Saturday, and played well enough for the occasion. Higher praise for the successful side in a poor game is impossible.

A high wind, blowing almost straight down the ground, seriously handicapped the players, but better turf than that at the Hawthorns could not be desired, and England had so much of the play that they would have overcome that one difficulty and become a great side if they had possessed the individual ability looked for in men chosen for representative matches.

Strong sunshine, which they faced in the first half, would not have worried them if they had kept the ball low and under control, and failure to do this accounted for the disappointing nature of the football.

England did much of the attacking that their forwards must bear the blame for an inability to attack with the method that leaves a man with a certain goal if he shoots straight...

The forwards caused Harland more anxiety, and he was well beaten by Chambers, to whom the ball came out after a corner, taken by Mercer. The second goal was scored as the result of really good football five minutes from the end. Williams, receiving a pass, ran almost to the goal-line before centring. Seed returned the pass, and Chambers shot immediately and accurately.

Nearly 20,000 people watched the game without becoming enthusiastic. There was no reason why they should do so. - The Times - Monday 23rd October, 1922

Source Notes

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