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Friday, 14 May 1937
End-of-Season Tour Friendly Match

Norway 0 England 6 [0-4]

Match Summary
Norway Party

England Party

Ullevål Stadion, Ullevål, Oslo
Attendance: 20,000
; Kick-off: 6.15pm CET; 7.15pm BST

England - Alf Kirchen (swerved round Ulleberg and scored with a hard drive which just scraped in under the crossbar 18), Øivind Holmsen (own goal from a poor Goulden shot 38), Tom Galley (thirty-yard left-foot shot 40), Freddie Steele (from a Woodley goal-kick 43, an easy header from a Kirchen pass 61), Len Goulden (barged through the defence to score with a beautiful left-foot drive 85)
Results 1930-39

? won the toss, ? kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - Einer Ulrich
41 (6 May 1896), København, Denmark

Linesmen - Herbert N. Mee, Nottingham, and not known

England wore Party numbers worn on the back of the shirts for the first time.

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

Norway Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 14th to 16th
Colours: Red laced-up shirt with white trim/cuffs, white shorts, red and white hooped socks.
Capt: Jørgen Juve Selectors: Asbjørn Halvorsen, 38 (3 December 1898). Appointed 1935.
17th match, W 6 - D 3 - L 8 - F 35 - A 32.
Norway Lineup
  Johansen, Henry H. 32 21 July 1904 G Vålerengens Fotball 42 74 GA
  Eriksen, Nils K. 26 5 March 1911 RB Odds BK 26 0
Holmsen, Øivind J. 25 28 April 1912 LB Ski og FK Lyn 17 0
  Ulleberg, Frithjof M.B. 25 10 September 1911 RH Ski og FK Lyn 8 0
  Juve, Jørgen 30 22 November 1906 CH/OL Ski og FK Lyn 44 30
  Holmberg, Rolf J.A. 22 24 August 1914 LH Odds BK 9 0
  Kvammen, Reidar O. 22 23 July 1914 OR Viking IL 21 6
  Frantzen, Odd 24 20 January 1913 IR SK Hardy 7 2
  Martinsen, Alf W.M. 25 29 December 1911 CF Lillestrøm SK 9 3
  Isaksen, Magnar N. 26 13 October 1910 IL Ski og FK Lyn 6 3
  Brustad, Arne 25 14 April 1912 OL/CH Ski og FK Lyn 13 8


reserves not known

team notes:

Following the match, George Allison, the Arsenal team manager who was accompanying the England side, attempted to purchase Reider Kvammen for a £10,000 transfer fee. But the policeman was unlikely to leave as he would not have received a working permit.
2-3-5 Johansen -
Eriksen, Holmsen -
Ulleberg, Juve (Brustad), Holmberg -
Kvammen, Frantzen,
Martinsen, Isaksen, Brustad (Juve).
Shortly after England's first goal, Juve was injured and he took up the outside-left position, although he did return to the centre before the end of the match.


Age 25.6 Appearances/Goals 18.4 4.7


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 9th
Colours: The 1935 home uniform - White collared jerseys, navy blue shorts, black socks topped with two white hoops
Capt: George Male, fourth captaincy Selectors:
In charge: Frederick W. Rinder
Attendant: Tom Whittaker
The fourteen-man FA International Selection Committee selected a sixteen man Party on 26 April 1937, team chosen the day before the match.
176th match, W 111 - D 30 - L 35 - F 520 - A 202.
England Lineup
1 Woodley, Victor R. 27 26 February 1910 G Chelsea FC 2 3 GA
2 Male, C. George 27 8 May 1910 RB Arsenal FC 14 0
3 Catlin, A. Edward 27 11 January 1910 LB Sheffield Wednesday FC 4 0
5 Britton, Clifford S. 27 27 August 1909 RH Everton FC 8 1
9 Young, Alfred 31 4 November 1905 CH Huddersfield Town AFC 4 0
6 Copping, Wilfred 29 17 August 1907 LH Arsenal FC 11 0
13 Kirchen, Alfred J. 24 26 April 1913 OR Arsenal FC 1 1
10 Galley, Thomas 21 4 August 1915 IR Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 1 1
16 Steele, Frederick C. 21 6 May 1916 CF Stoke City FC 4 3
11 Goulden, Leonard A. 24 9 July 1912 IL West Ham United FC 1 1
12 Johnson, Joseph A. 26 4 April 1911 OL Stoke City AFC 3 0


4-Eddie Hapgood (Arsenal FC), 7-Harry Betmead (Grimsby Town FC), 8-Ken Willingham (Huddersfield Town AFC), 14-Joe Payne (Luton Town FC), 15-Jack Robinson (Sheffield Wednesday FC).

team notes:

Eddie Hapgood had replaced Manchester City FC's Sam Barkas on 27 April. Betmead was then invited to join on 29 April, he replaced West Bromwich Albion FC's Teddy Sandford, who had been struggling with a knee injury. Stoke City FC's Stanley Matthews was also part of the original sixteen-man party, he withdrew and his place went to Kirchen on 5 May. The party arrived in Bergen on board the S.S. Venus on 12 May.
This is the first time England have played on a Friday.
2-3-5 Woodley -
Male, Catlin -
Britton, Young, Copping -
Kirchen, Galley, Steele, Goulden, Johnson.


Age 25.8 Appearances/Goals 4.8 0.1


     Match Report


England beat Norway by six goals to none here today. The English team was greeted by the playing of the National Anthem. The King of Norway, who invariably attends these matches, was still away in London for the Coronation celebrations...

England went ahead after 18 minutes, Kirchen swerving round Ulleberg and scoring with a hard drive which just scraped in under the crossbar...

With only seven minutes remaining before half-time, a tragedy occurred to Norway. Goulden took a shot, and although there was little sting behind it, Holmsen, the Norwegian left back, failed to connect properly, and deflected the ball into his own goal. This encouraged England to further success, and two minutes later Galley increased their lead with a left-footed shot from 30 yards out, which went well wide of the goalkeeper. Then Woodley's goal kick went to Steele, who was standing unmarked, and the Stoke centre-forward had little difficulty in steering the ball wide of Johansen to make England's total 4-0. This happened two minutes before half-time...

After 16 minutes Kirchen broke away on the right and finished with a fine pass to Steele, who headed an easy goal to put England five up. England's forwards swarmed round the home goal, and eventually Goulden, going through on his own, scored with a good left-footed shot. - The Times - Saturday 15th May, 1937


F.A. Players Numbered in Matches

   Only a few friends and relations saw the departure yesterday [11 May] of the London group of the F.A. team to tour Scandinavia. Among those accompanying the party were Mr. [Stanley] F. Rous, secretary of the F.A.; Mr. [Henry] J. Huband, the treasurer; and Mr. George Allison, manager of Arsenal. The rest of the team joined their colleagues in the North.
   Mr. [Stanley] F. Rous said, "All the players are fit and well and looking forward keenly to the trip. In all matches the players will be numbered." -
Yorkshire Post, Wednesday, 12 May 1937


It was on 14 May 1937 that eight men were killed on HMS Hunter when it hit a mine off the Spanish coast, whilst patrolling the area to enforce the arms blockade during the Spanish Civil War. The Royal Navy destroyer returned to service, two years later, following repairs, but it was sunk by German destroyers in a Norwegian fjord in 1940.

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