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Definition of an own goal

When the ball’s clearly heading in a different direction away from goal and a defender (including the goalkeeper) diverts it into goal, then it has to be an own goal. Some clarifications: 

  1. If an effort is on target, but the goalkeeper looks like he’s going to stop it and a defender diverts it away from him into goal, that is NOT an own goal, because the original effort was on target.
  2. If a defender hits it more than once and ends up putting it into his own net, even if it was on target, that IS an own goal, but only if at least one of his touches stops it from going in. A good example of this is Gordon Strachan’s in the 1992 Charity Shield when the ball gets caught under his feet. He stops it, but then accidentally knocks it in because he can’t work out exactly where the ball is!
  3. If an effort is on target and it hits two defenders on its way into goal, only if one of the defenders diverts it away from goal does it become an own goal when it subsequently ends up in the net. In the 1984 Charity Shield, Alan Hansen stops a shot and it then rebounds in off Grobbelaar.
  own goals scored at home 5
own goals scored away 5
Own Goals 1872-1914 10
  own goals scored at home 1
own goals scored away 4
Own Goals 1919-1939 5
  own goals scored at home 20
own goals scored away 26
Own Goals Post-War 46
Own Goals for England 61



The Ten Pre-WW1 Own Goals Scored for England

1 1878-79

5 April 1879, 5-4 vs. Scotland, The Surrey Cricket Ground, Kennington
32 year-old goalkeeper Robert Parlane pushed in a 75th minute own goal from a Norman Bailey throw-in.
'The ball went into touch close to their lines, and Bailey aimed the ball right in front of the goal, and although struck by Parlane it glanced between the posts.'
The fact is, Bailey could not claim the goal because goals direct from throw-ins were not permitted.
Not only is this England's first own goal in their favour, it is also the England's first ever equalising goal.

2 1879-80

15 March 1880, 3-2 vs. Wales, The Racecourse, Wrexham
20 year-old debutant goalkeeper Harry Hibbott scored an opening 33rd minute own goal. William Brindle (or Francis Sparks) had only sent the ball in, Hibbott 'stopped it but made a stumble and put it through'.

3 1884-85

28 February 1885, 4-0 vs. Ireland, Manchester Football Ground, Manchester
21 year-old debutant full-back William Eames put England 3-0 up with his own goal. He 'inadvertently breasted in Joe Lofthouse's corner' in the 77th minute.

4 1886-87

26 February 1887, 3-2 vs. Wales, The Racecourse, Wrexham
26 year-old back Jack Powell opened the scoring after fourteen minutes to put England 1-0 up. Nevill Cobbold headed the ball, but most reports add that it went in off Powell, making his eleventh appearance.

5 1893-94

12 March 1894, 5-1 vs. Wales, The Racecourse, Wrexham
24 year-old right-back Charlie Parry's unfortunate own goal was a result of James Trainer's clearance rebounding into the goal off Parry. It put England into a 31st minute lead that they never lost.

6-8 1894-95

(2) 9 March 1895, 9-0 vs. Ireland, Derbyshire County Cricket Ground, Derby
For the first (and only—until 2010) time, two own goals are scored by the opposition in a single match, firstly, the 25 year-old left-back Sam Torran's third minute own goal was a result of Joe Schofield's corner being 'glanced into the net.', Although Steve Bloomer is often creditted with the goal in many newspaper reports.
The second came about 27 minutes later, when the 27 year old goalkeeper Tom Gordon failed to deal with Billy Bassett's shot, succeeding in diverting it into his own net.  'from a grand side shot by Bassett, Gordon, in clearing. put the ball through his own goal'; 'Bassett, from almost off the line, put in an electric centre, which Gordon partially saved, but his efforts to clear from the corner of the goalposts failed and the fourth goal was registered somewhat luckily' and 'the goalkeeper caught the ball but fumbled it against the post and allowed it to slip into the net'.
6 April 1895, 3-0 vs. Scotland, Goodison Park, Liverpool
22 year-old left half Neil Gibson was unfortunate enough to get in the way as Jack Goodall's shot was saved by Daniel McArthur for it to rebound past the posts off Gibson in the 35th minute.

9 1899-1900

17 March 1900, 2-0 vs. Ireland, Lansdowne Road, Dublin
The 25/26 year-old left-back Michael Cochrane scored a twelfth minute own goal. The goal is often credited to Harry Johnson. But Johnson cleverly dropped the ball in front of the Irish goal, and an attempted clearance by Cochrane was ill-judged, and he sliced it into his own net.

10 1908-09

29 May 1909, 4-2 vs. Hungary, Millenáris Sportpálya, Budapest
The 21 year-old debuting right-half János Weinber
scored an own goal eleven minutes from the end. The goal is often credited to Vivian Woodward. However, the run and the shot by Woodward went in off Weinber to finalise England's victory.

The Five Inter-War Own Goals Scored for England

11 1923-24

17 May 1924, 2-1 vs. France, Stade Pershing, Paris
29 year-old right-back Edouard Baumann scored an own goal seven minutes from the end to secure England's victory. He diverted Harry Storer's cross into his own net.

12 1924-25

21 May 1925, 3-2 vs. France, Stade Olympique, Paris
25 year-old right-half Philippe Bonnardel, making his 22nd appearance, headed into his own net when trying to prevent Arthur Dorrell's shot from going in, shortly after the second half began.

13 1926-27

26 May 1927, 6-0 vs. France, Stade Olympique, Paris
21 year-old left-back Andre Rollet scored an own goal in the 55th minute to put England 4-0 up.

14 1927-28

28 November 1927, 1-2 vs. Wales, Turf Moor, Burnley
33 year-old centre-half and captain Fred Keenor scored an own goal turning in Louis Page's corner-kick eleven minutes from the end. It was nothing more than a consolation for England.

15 1936-37

14 May 1937, 6-0 vs. Norway, Ullevål Stadion, Oslo
25 year-old left-back Øivind Holmsen, on his seventeenth appearance, was on the end of a poor Len Goulden shot, putting England two goals ahead.

The 46 Post-War Own Goals Scored for England

16&17 1 & 2 1948-49           

 9 October 1948, 6-2 vs. Ireland, Windsor Park, Belfast
25 year-old goalkeeper Billy Smyth was making his debut and his first outing turned nightmarish after 27 minutes when he allowed Stan Matthews' cross to hit the post behind him. Unfortunately for Smyth, it then hit his own back and rebounded into the net. It is England's first goal of six in the afternoon, a goal which is often credited to Stan Matthews. 

18 May 1949, 4-1 vs. Norway, Ullevål Stadion, Oslo
30 year-old right-back Björn Spydevold diverted Wilf Mannion's sixtieth minute shot back to his goalkeeper Torgier Torgensen, who slipped and allowed the ball to pass him. The error put England 3-1 up and ended any hope of a Norway come-back.

18 3 1951-52           

3 October 1951, 2-1 vs. France, Arsenal Stadium, Highbury
31 year-old right-half Kader Firoud diverted Tom Finney's fourth minute failed through-ball past his own goalkeeper René Vignal from eight yards.

19 4 1955-56          

22 October 1955, 1-2 vs. Wales, Ninian Park, Cardiff
23 year-old centre-half John Charles leapt and planted a superb header past his own goalkeeper Jack Kelsey after 52 minutes from three yards, it came after Roger Byrne put in a harmless lob into the Welsh penalty area. It proved to be nothing more than an England consolation.

20 5 1957-58          

19 October 1957, 4-0 vs. Wales, Ninian Park, Cardiff
After Johnny Haynes threaded a strong through ball for Derek Kevan to chase in the sixth minute, 22 year-old left-back Mel Hopkins intercepted and rolled the ball back to goal, Kelsey had already advanced to pick out the cross, allowing the ball to trickle into the empty net.

21 6 1964-65        

21 October 1964, 2-2 vs. Belgium, Empire Stadium, Wembley
25 year-old left-back Laurent Verbiest scored an equalising seventieth minute own goal after the debuting Terry Venables run and clever pass to Alan Hinton, whose weak cross was met by Verbiest, deflecting into his own net past Jean Nicolay.

22 7 1966-67        

16 November 1966, 2-2 vs. Wales, Empire Stadium, Wembley
24 year-old centre-half Terry Hennessey scored an 80th minute own goal after he hit Roger Hunt's chip high over his own goalkeeper, dropping just beneath Tony Millington's crossbar.

23 8 1971-72        

13 October 1971, 3-2 vs. Switzerland, Sankt Jakob Stadium, Basel
Thirty year-old defender Anton Weibel scored a 77th minute own goal after Martin Chivers' low right-sided cross fell into his path and he diverted it into Marcel Kunz' net.

24&25 9&10 1972-73        

14 February 1973, 5-0 vs. Scotland, Hampden Park, Glasgow
Allan Clarke and Colin Bell set up a move down the right culminating in a Clarke cross, which was meant for Mick Channon, but he was marked by Peter Lorimer, and it was the 26 year-old Scot who got the decisive header, giving England a six minute lead.
10 June 1973, 2-1 vs. USSR, Central V.I. Lenin Stadium, Moskva
Following a Mick Channon corner, Martin Peters dummied over the ball, hitting the hapless 30 year-old Murtaz Khurtsilava, diverting it into his net after 55 minutes

26&27 11&12 1979-80        

17 October 1979, 5-1 vs. Northern Ireland, Windsor Park, Belfast
Tony Woodcock's ball found Phil Neal, who in turn, hammered in a probing ball, for the unfortunate 22 year-old
Jimmy Nicholl to turn past Pat Jennings after 74 minutes.

20 May 1980, 1-1 vs. Northern Ireland, Wembley Stadium, Wembley
Emlyn Hughes played a centre ball, helped on by Kenny Sansom, the ball ran onto the far post, for David Johnson to nip in, the ball going in off Noel Brotherston's boot. The 23 year-old was making his second Ireland appearance.

28 13 1980-81        

19 November 1980, 2-1 vs. Switzerland, Wembley Stadium, Wembley
Steve Coppell fired in a low diagonal shot across the goal. Phil Neal attempted to lunge at it, but was beaten to it by 26 year-old Markus Tanner, who then deflected it into his net.

29 14 1982 World Cup Finals           
20 June 1982, 2-0 vs. Czechoslovakia, Estadio San Mamés, Bilbao
27 year-old left back Jozef Barmoš intercepted some smart play between Paul Mariner and Trevor Francis, sliding the ball past Stanislav Seman, the Czech keeper.

30 15 1982-83        

15 December 1982, 9-0 vs. Luxembourg, Wembley Stadium, Wembley
After eighteen minutes, Bryan Robson sent Luther Blissett away down the left hand side, his cross was low and Marcel Bossi's clearance was prevented from going to its intended destination when it hit 34 year-old goalkeeper Jeannot Moes and rebounded into his goal.

31 16 1985-86        

29 January 1986, 4-0 vs. Egypt, Nasser Stadium, Cairo
A Ray Wilkins chip, aimed for Mark Hateley, was intercepted by 27 year-old
Mohammed Omar, who stroked the ball into his own net after 41 minutes.

32 17 1988-89        

8 February 1989, 2-1 vs. Greece, Olympiakó Stádio Spiros Louis, Athína
After a foul on Alan Smith, the sharp-thinking John Barnes took a quick free-kick, which hit the crossbar and away from the goal before going in off the back of 29 year-old goalkeeper
Spiros Economopoulos.

33&34 18&19 1990-91        

27 March 1991, 1-1 vs. Republic of Ireland, Wembley Stadium, Wembley
When Staunton headed away a Stuart Pearce cross only as far as right-back Lee Dixon, Dixon's first time shot was going wide, until it struck 22-year old left-back Steve Staunton's left knee and went past the wrong-footed Paddy Bonner into the net.
1 June 1991, 1-0 vs. Australia, Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
Following a Stuart Pearce forty minute free-kick, the penalty area scramble to clear the ball somehow ended in the net, off 27 year-old midfielder Ian Gray's head.

35 20 1991-92        

12 May 1992, 1-0 vs. Hungary, Népstadion, Budapest
A chipped 56th minute pass by Andy Sinton sent Gary Lineker free in the penalty area. He hit an instant cross to the far left post, where Neil Webb stooped to head towards goal. The ball appeared to be covered by goalkeeper István Brochauser, but the 21-year old left-back András Telek stuck out a foot, knocking the ball into his own net.

36 21 2001-02        

17 April 2002, 4-0 vs. Paraguay, Anfield Road, Liverpool
As Teddy Sheringham jumped on the six yard line and missed Robbie Fowler's chip into the box, it rolled past goalkeeper Ricardo Tavarelli off the back of the 31 year-old centre back Celso Ayala, making his 77th appearance, who was beneath Sheringham.

37 22 2002 World Cup Finals           
15 June 2002, 3-0 vs. Denmark, Niigata Sutajiamu, Niigata-shi
Faced with an open goal from a Beckham corner, Ferdinand headed the ball sideways, where 26 year-old goalkeeper Thomas Sørenson pushed it over his line, touching it more than once. Awarded officially by FIFA as a Rio Ferdinand goal, but this is just wrong!

38 23 2003-04        

18 February 2004, 1-1 vs. Portugal, Estádio Algarve, Almancil
Often credited to Ledley King, as both rose to head David Beckham's free-kick, but it was the 24 year-old substitute Miguel who put the ball in his own net. The first substitute to score an own goal in favour of England.

39 24 2004 European Championship Finals           
17 June 2004, 3-0 vs. Switzerland, Estádio Municipal de Coimbra, Coimbra
Although still credited as a Wayne Rooney goal, his seventh career goal was actually an own goal.
Rooney's 75th minute fifteen yard shot hit the post and came back out, to hit the captain goalkeeper Jörg Stiel on the back of the 36 year-old's head before going into the net

40&41 25&26 2004-05        

8 September 2004, 2-1 vs. Poland, Stadion Śląski, Chorzów
Ashley Cole's low cross was diverted past goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek by 25 year-old centre-back Arkadiusz Głowacki at the far post, under pressure from Michael Owen, to help England regain a 58th minute lead.
26 March 2005, 4-0 vs. Northern Ireland, Old Trafford, Manchester
Wayne Rooney beat two defenders on the right, charged into the area close to the goalline and his pass deflected into the net off the 23 year-old right-back Chris Baird in the 53rd minute.

42 27 2005-06        

3 June 2006, 6-0 vs. Jamaica, Old Trafford, Manchester
A foul by Omar Daley on Joe Cole after 16 minutes provided David Beckham to whip in his trademark free-kick and as a clutch of players rose at the near post the ball deflected in off 21 year-old Jermaine Taylor's head from six yards.

43 28 2006 World Cup Finals           
10 June 2006, 1-0 vs. Paraguay, Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt
David Beckham's trade-mark free-kick was glanced past goalkeeper Justo Villar by the 35 year old centre-back Carlos Gamarra from six yards in the third minute. It was Gamarra's 107th appearance.

44 29 2007-08        

13 October 2007, 3-0 vs. Estonia, The National Stadium, Wembley
 In the 33rd minute, in an attempt to clear the ball from eighteen yards, outside his own box, 26 year-old Taavi Rähn cleanly headed Ashley Cole's cross onto his own post and into the net.

45 30 2008-09        

11 October 2008, 5-1 vs. Kazakhstan, The National Stadium, Wembley
Following a Frank Lampard free-kick, 27 year-old Aleksandr Kuchma scored the 64th minute own goal with a header under pressure from Wayne Rooney to put England two goals up.

46 & 47 31 & 32 2009-10        

(2) 30 May 2010, 2-1 vs. Japan, UPC-Arena, Graz
For just the second time (first since 1895), there are two own goals in a single match. Firstly, following a Joe Cole cross, 29 year-old Marcus Túlio Tanaka's 72nd minute equalising diving header beat Eiji Kawashima. Tanaka had already given Japan the lead on his 38th appearance.
Then Eleven minutes later, following another cross, this time from Ashley Cole, 32 year-old Yuji Nakazawa's diving leg deflected the ball past Kawashima, he was making his 103rd appearance. Two own goals are scored for England for the first time in match.

48 33 2011-12        

15 November 2011, 1-0 vs. Sweden, The National Stadium, Wembley
This was England's 2000th goal. Initially awarded to Gareth Barry, but his 11 yard header followed Stewart Downing's cross from outside the area was going wide of the goal, and behind him was the 34 year-old Daniel Majstorović, it was his header that redirected the ball between Andreas Isaksson and the goalpost.

49 34 2012-13        

22 March 2013, 8-0 vs. San Marino, Stadio Olimpico, Serravalle
Leighton Baines' twelfth minute cross was intended for Wayne Rooney, who was bearing down on the 30 year-old centre-back Alessandro Della Valle, prompting him to side-foot the cross into his own net.

50 35 2013-14        

11 October 2013, 4-1 vs. Montenegro, The National Stadium, Wembley
A Danny Welbeck 62nd minute cross was intended for Daniel Sturridge, who had already sublimely gifted the ball to Welbeck. 33 year-old midfielder Branko Bošković attempted a safe clearance, but only miscued it past his goalkeeper Poleksić.

51 36 2014-15        

9 October 2014, 5-0 vs. San Marino, The National Stadium, Wembley
Wayne Rooney's 77th minute cross hit 32 year-old Alessandro Della Valle in his chest and deflected past his own goalkeeper, Aldo Simoncini. Della Valle becomes the first player to score two own goals in favour of England, he did so eighteen months apart.

52&53 37&38 2015-16        

5 September 2015, 6-0 vs. San Marino, San Marino Stadium, Serravalle
Luke Shaws's thirtieth minute cross intended for Wayne Rooney was headed past his own goalkeeper Aldo Simoncini by the head-bandaged 23 year-old centre-back Cristian Brolli from seven yards.
12 October 2015, 3-0 vs. Lithuania, LFF Stadionas, Vilnius
27 year-old Goalkeeper Giedrius Arlauskis' own goal in the 35th minute rebounded into the net off his head after a fierce ten-yard Harry Kane shot had struck the post.

54 39 2018-19        

22 March 2019, 5-0 vs. Czech Republic, The National Stadium, Wembley
Callum Hudson-Odoi's 84th minute shot was brilliantly saved by Jiří Pavlenka, but it parried towards 25 year-old centre-back Tomáš Kalas, who could not get out of the way and it rebounded into an empty net.

55&56 40&41 2019-20        

10 September 2019, 5-3 vs. Kosovo, St. Mary's Stadium, Southampton
Jadon Sancho's hopeful 38th minute pass across the penalty area was tapped in by the 24 year-old left-back Mërgim Vojvoda from three yards

14 November 2019, 7-0 vs. Montenegro, The National Stadium, Wembley
Mason Mount's 66th minute strike found its way into the goal off 29 year-old centre-back Aleksandar Šofranac's shin from three yards out.

57 42 2020 European Championship Finals     
7 July 2021, 2-1 vs. Denmark, The National Stadium, Wembley
32 year-old captain and centre-back Simon Kjær, making his 113th appearance, put the ball into his own net from six yards after 39 minutes after Bukayo Saka's touchline cross hits him on the thigh under pressure from Raheem Sterlling.

58 43 2021-22        

15 November 2021, 10-0 vs. San Marino, San Marino Stadium, Serravalle
Bukayo Saka's right-footed shot from fifteen yards was parried past the goalkeeper by 19 year-old centre-back Filippo Fabbri. It was the second goal of what would be a drubbing. Fabbri is the first teenager to score an own goal in favour of England, and therefore, the youngest so far to do so.

59 44 2022-23        

16 June 2023, 4-0 vs. Malta, Stadium Nazzjonali, Ta' Qali
Bukayo Saka's cross from the right-hand side intended for Harry Kane was parried past the goalkeeper by thirty year-old right-back Ferdinando Apap. It was the first goal of the four.

60&61 45&46 2023-24        

17 November 2023, 2-0 vs. Malta, The National Stadium, Wembley
Phil Foden's pull back from the right-hand side six-yard line intended for Harry Kane was parried past the goalkeeper by 34 year-old centre-back Enrico Pepe. It was the first of the two goals and the twentieth home post-war own goal.

20 November 2023, 1-1 vs. North Macedonia, Toše Proeski Arena, Skopje
Phil Foden's right-handed sided corner intended for Harry Kane was shouldered past the goalkeeper by 24 year-old midfielder Jani Atanasov. It is the first time there has been own goals in consecutive matches since the 2006 World Cup Finals.