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Saturday, St. Patrick's Day, 17 March 1900
Home International Championship 1899-1900 (17th) Match

Ireland 0 England 2 [0-2]

Match Summary
Ireland Party

England Party
Team Records

Lansdowne Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin
Attendance: 8,000; Receipts £312; Kick-off 4.00pm DMT (possibly 4:25pm GMT);

England - Michael Cochrane ('Johnson cleverly dropped the ball in front of the Irish goal, Cochrane dashed up to kick away, but mis-judging sent the ball through his own goal' own goal 12), Charlie Sagar ('Smith dribbled down and passing out to Sagar, who shot a another splendid goal' 16)
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Ireland won the toss, England kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - John Marshall

Linesmen - not known

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
The 1899 International Football Association Board meeting:   Fouls Conceded  

Ireland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 6th
Colours: Probably blue jerseys and white shorts
Capt: George Sheehan Selectors: Team chosen by Committee, on Wednesday, 7 March 1900 in Belfast;
Ireland Lineup
  Reilly, Matthew M. 25 22 March 1874 G Portsmouth FC, England 1 2 GA
  Pyper, John S. 22 9 January 1878 RB Cliftonville FAC 8 1
Cochrane, Michael 25/26 circa 1874/75 LH Distillery FC 4 0
  McShane, John nk not known RH Cliftonville FAC 4 0
  Goodall, Archibald L. 35 19 June 1864 CH Derby County FC, England 4 1
  Maginnis, Hugh 19 5 September 1878 LH Linfield FAC 3 0
  Sheehan, Dr. George F. 25 22 December 1874 OR Bohemians FC 3 0
  Campbell, James 22 5 September 1875 OR Cliftonville FAC 9 1
  Pyper, James 21 18 April 1876 CF Cliftonville FAC 7 2
  McAllen, Joseph C. 23 11 March 1874 IL Linfield FAC 7 2
  Kearns, Alfred 23 7 February 1877 OL Distillery FC 3 0


reserves not known

team notes:

The original team line up had Preston North End FC's Andrew Gara at outside-left. He could not take his place, so Jimmy Pyper was called up, replacing Joe McAllen at centre-forward, McAllen in turn, went ins-de-left, moving Alf Kearns to the vacant outside-left position.
Jack and Jim Pyper were brothers.
2-3-5 Reilly -
Jn.Pyper, Cochrane -
McShane, Goodall, Magennis -
Sheehan, Campbell,
Jm.Pyper, McAllen, Kearns


Age 24.0/1 Appearances/Goals 4.5 0.6


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: White jerseys and navy blue knickerbockers
Capt: Gilbert Smith, tenth, eleventh or twelfth captaincy Selectors: The seven-man FA International Selection Committee, on Wednesday, 7 March 1900 at The Crystal Palace, London, following the North vs. South trial match.
37th match, W 30 - D 4 - L 3 - F 153 - A 32.
England Lineup
  Robinson, John W. 28 22 April 1870 G Southampton FC 8 6 GA
  Crabtree, James W. 28 23 December 1871 RB Aston Villa FC 10 0
  Oakley, William J. 26 27 April 1873 LB Corinthians FC 11 0
  Johnson, W. Harrison 24 4 January 1876 RH Sheffield United FC 1 0
  Holt, John 34 10 April 1865 CH Reading FC 10 0
  Needham, Ernest 27 21 January 1873 LH Sheffield United FC 11 2
  Turner, Arthur 23 early 1877 OR Southampton FC 1 0
  Cunliffe, Daniel 24 11 June 1875 IR Portsmouth FC 1 0
  Smith, Gilbert O. 27 25 November 1872 CF Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 17 11
Sagar, Charles 21 28 March 1878 IL Bury FC 1 1
  Priest, Alfred E. 24 24 July 1875 OL Sheffield United FC 1 0


Walter Bull (Notts County FC)

team notes:

Frank Forman (Nottingham Forest FC) was due to start at centre-half, but he was replaced by Johnny Holt.
2-3-5 Robinson -
Oakley, Crabtree -
Johnson, Holt, Needham -
Turner, Cunliffe, Smith, Sagar, Priest


Age 26.0 Appearances/Goals 6.5 1.1


    Match Report

In arranging for the annual match with England to be played at Dublin the Irish Association made quite a new departure, all Ireland's home international games having, until Saturday, been decided at Belfast. The experiment was a distinct success, the Lansdowne-road ground being visited by 7,000 or 8,000 people, who demonstrated very clearly their appreciation of the play. With the weather fine, if rather cold, and the turf in good order, the conditions were all in favour of a bright and interesting struggle. To some extent expectations were more than realized. Ireland had never beaten England at the Association game, and the matches with Wales and Scotland this season having both been lost it was not to be anticipated that the Irishmen would break their run of ill-success on Saturday. At the same time, Ireland's representatives, badly as they have fared in out matches, have of late years, when playing at home, generally been able to make a fair fight with England. Defeat was on Saturday once more their portion, the Englishmen winning by two goals to none, but it would be absurd to pretend that this score represented the merits of the game. As a matter of fact, play was more often in the English half than in that of the Irishmen, and Robinson had probably twice as many shots to stop as Reilly, the Irish goalkeeper. The Englishmen, however, were the quicker to settle down, and before the match had been in progress a quarter of an hour they had obtained their two goals. The first score came rather luckily, Cochrane, in an attempt to stop a shot from Johnson, merely turning the ball into the net and out of Reilly's reach. The second point was gained by Sagar, but the credit of it belonged mainly to G. O. Smith, who had dribbled half-way down the field and gave the ball to Sagar just at the moment the Bury man had a favourable opening...

With better combination between Sheehan, Campbell, and James Pyper, Ireland would no doubt have made a draw and might possibly have won. - The Times - Monday 19th March, 1900

Source Notes

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