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30 vs. Wales
32 vs. Wales

Saturday, 19 March 1887
Home International Championship 1886-87 (4th) Match

England 2 Scotland 3 [1-1]

Leamington Street, Wagtail, Blackburn, Lancashire
Attendance: 12,000;
Kick-off 3.35pm GMT

Scotland - James McCall ('McCall got off and outpacing Bailey and Walters had no difficulty in shooting' 30), Leitch Kier ('free-kick' 50), Jimmy Allan ('rushed the leather past Roberts, three goals being scored in three minutes' 53)
England - Tinsley Lindley (32), Fred Dewhurst (51)
The Daily Mail match report states that Cobbold deflected in Dewhurst's shot
Match Summary
England Squad

Scotland Squad
Team Records
Results 1872-90

England won the toss, Scotland kicked-off.


Match Summary

Officials [umpires and referees are of equal relevance]




Umpires -
Richard Philip Gregson
34 (early 1853), England (Lancashire FA secretary) &
Richard Browne
Queen's Park FC, Scotland (SFA President)
Other reports state that Tom Lawrie was the Scottish umpire.

Referee -
John Sinclair

30/31 (1856), Belfast, Ireland (Irish FA)

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  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 2nd
Colours: "some arrayed in their spotless white flannels and trousers, and others in white flannels and black unmentionables".
Capt: Norman Bailey, 15th captaincy. Selectors: The Football Association Committee following trial games, with Secretary Charles W. Alcock having the primary influence, on Monday, 7 March 1887.
England Lineup
  Roberts, Robert J. 23 18 December 1863 G

West Bromwich Albion FC

1 3 GA
  Walters, Percy M. 23 30 September 1863 RB Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 7 0
  Walters, Arthur M. 22 26 January 1865 LB Cambridge University AFC, Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 5 0
  Haworth, George 22 17 October 1864 RH Accrington FC 3 0
  Bailey, Norman C. 29 23 July 1857 CH

Clapham Rovers FC & Corinthians FC

19 1
  Forrest, James H. 22 24 June 1864 LH

Blackburn Rovers FC

9 0
  Lofthouse, Joseph M. 21 14 April 1865 OR Blackburn Rovers FC 5 0
Dewhurst, Frederick 23 16 December 1863 IR

Preston North End FC & Corinthians FC

5 5
Lindley, Tinsley 21 27 October 1865 CF

Nottingham Forest FC, Cambridge University AFC & Corinthians FC

6 8
  Cobbold W. Nevill 24 4 February 1863 IL

Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC

9 6
  Bambridge, E. Charles 28 30 July 1858 OL

Swifts FC & Corinthians FC

18 12


Herby Arthur (Blackburn Rovers FC, goal); Frank Coulton (Aston Villa FC) and Bob Howarth (Preston North End FC, backs); Andrew Amos (Old Carthusians AFC) and Frank Saunders (Swifts FC, forwards).

team notes:

Percy and Arthur Walters were brothers.
Norman Bailey extends his record appearance tally in his final match, in this, the most experienced England team thus far.
2-3-5 Roberts -
P.Walters, A.Walters -
Haworth, Bailey, Forrest -
Lofthouse, Dewhurst, Lindley, Cobbold, Bambridge


Age 23.2 Appearances/Goals 7.9 2.7


Scotland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: "Most of the Scotties wore a sombre costume, dark blue jerseys and black unmentionables being the prevailing dress".
Capt: Jimmy McAuley Selectors: The Scottish Football Association Selection Committee, chosen, following a trial match, on Tuesday, 8 March 1887.
Scotland Lineup
  McAuley, James 26 30 August 1860 G

Dumbarton FC

8 1
7 GA
  Arnott, Walter 25 12 May 1861 B

Queen's Park FC

7 0
  Forbes, John 25 13 January 1862 B

Vale of Leven FC

4 0
  Kelso, Robert R. 21 2 October 1865 HB

Renton FC

4 0
  Auld, John R. 25 7 January 1862 HB

Third Lanark FC

1 0
Keir, Leitch 25 22 June 1861 HB

Dumbarton FC

3 1
  Marshall, John nk not known OR

Third Lanark FC

3 1
  Robertson, William nk not known IR

Dumbarton FC

1 0
  Sellar, William 20 21 September 1866 CF

Battlefield FC

3 0
McCall, James 22 2 March 1865 IL

Renton FC

2 2
Allan, James nk not known OL

Queen's Park FC

1 1


John Lindsay (Renton FC, goal); Andrew Hannah and Archibald McCall (both Renton FC, backs); James McGhee (Hibernian FC), A. Martin (Abercorn FC) and J. Hutton (St Bernard's FC, half-backs); Alexander Hamilton (Queen's Park FC) and William Groves (Hibernian FC, right-wing); John Lindsay (Rangers FC, centre); James Lowe (St. Bernard's FC) and C. McLaren (Vale of Leven FC, left-wing);

team notes:

James McAuley played as a forward on his debut, scoring one of the five goals, against Wales, 25 March 1882.
2-3-5 McAuley -
Arnott, Forbes -
Kelso, Auld, Keir -
Marshall, Robertson, Sellars, McCall, Allan


Age tbc Appearances/Goals 3.4 0.2


    Match Report

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