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33 vs. Scotland
35 vs. Wales

Saturday, 7 April 1888
postponed from 15 February
Home International Championship 1887-88 (5th) Match

Ireland 1 England 5 [1-3]

Match Summary

Ireland Party

England Party
Team Records

Ulster Cricket Ground, Ballynafeigh Park, Belfast
Attendance: 7,000;
Kick-off 'play began at' 4.00pm DMT

England - Fred Dewhurst (10), Albert Allen (14, 39, 60 hat-trick), Tinsley Lindley (?).
Ireland - Billy Crone (32)
Results 1872-90

England won the toss, Ireland kicked-off.


Match Summary

Officials [umpires and referees are of equal relevance]




Umpires -
John Sinclair
31/32 (1856), Belfast, Ireland
(Irish FA) &
Richard Philip Gregson
35 (early 1853), England (Lancashire FA secretary).

Referee -
James E. McKillop

Scotland (Scotland FA)
(replacement for SFA's Mr McDonald)

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

Ireland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 6th
Colours: Royal blue and white halved shirts, white shorts.
Capt: Ollie Stanfield, aged 19 years, 41 days Selectors: Team chosen by Committee, on Tuesday, 27 March 1888;
Ireland Lineup
  Lawther, Ralph 22 10 August 1865 G

Distillery FC & Glentoran FC

2 15 GA
  Browne, Frederick W.J. nk not known RB

Cliftonville FAC

5 2
  Silo, Modesto 23/24 1864 LB

Belfast YMCA

1 0
  Forsyth, James 23 20 November 1864 RH

Belfast YMCA

2 0
  Rosbotham, Alexander 22 27 September 1865 CH

Cliftonville FAC

6 0
Crone, William 23/24 1864 LH

Distillery FC

10 1
  Gaussen, Arthur D.A. 25 1863 OR

Magharafelt FC

4 0
  Stanfield, Olphert M. 19 26 February 1869 IR

Distillery FC

6 1
  McVicker, John 19 29 April 1868 CF

Linfield FAC

1 0
  Wilton, James M. 19 21 November 1868 IL

St. Columb's Court FC

2 0
  Peden, John 24 12 July 1863 OL

Linfield FAC

4 1


reserves not known

team notes:

Barclay (Ulster FC) was the original named goalkeeper, Lawther taking his place, and Jimmy Watson (Ulster FC) was the original left-back, replaced by Silo.
2-3-5 Lawther -
Browne, Silo -
Forsyth, Rosbotham, Crone -
Gaussen, Stanfield, McVicker, Wilton, Peden


Age 21.9/22.1 Appearances/Goals 3.9 0.4


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 2nd
Colours: White shirts, navy blue knickerbockers
Capt: Tinsley Lindley, third captaincy. Selectors: The seven-man FA International Selection Committee, on Monday, 26 March 1888, following trial games.
3rd match, W 3 - D 0 - L 0 - F 15 - A 2.
England Lineup
  Roberts, Robert J. 24 18 December 1863 G

West Bromwich Albion FC

2 4 GA
  Aldridge, Albert J. 24 4 August 1863 RB

West Bromwich Albion FC

1 0
  Walters, Percy M. 24 30 September 1863 LB Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 9 0
  Holmes, Robert 20 23 June 1867 RH

Preston North End FC

1 0
  Allen, Harry 22 19 January 1866 CH

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

3 0
  Shelton, Charles 24 22 January 1864 LH

Notts Rangers FC

1 0
  Bassett, William I. 19
70 days
27 January 1869 OR West Bromwich Albion FC 1 0
Dewhurst, Frederick 24 16 December 1863 IR

Preston North End FC & Corinthians FC

8 11
Lindley, Tinsley 22 27 October 1865 CF

Nottingham Forest FC & Corinthians FC

9 10
Allen, Albert 21 7 April 1867 IL Aston Villa FC 1 3
  Hodgetts, H. Dennis 24 28 November 1863 OL

Aston Villa FC

3 1


reserves not known

team notes:

In the original line-up, goalkeeper Billy Moon (Old Westminsters AFC) was replaced by Roberts. Right-back Bob Howarth (Preston North End FC) was replaced by Aldridge taking his place. Bob Holmes took the place of right-half George Haworth (Accrington FC), and Albert Allen, who took the place of inside-left Nevill Cobbold (Old Carthusians AFC).
For the second time in two years, England have won three games in a row.
2-3-5 Roberts -
Aldridge, Walters -
H.Allen, Shelton -
Bassett, Dewhurst, Lindley,
A.Allen, Hodgetts


Age 22.5 Appearances/Goals 3.5 1.8


    Match Report

Many thousand spectators were present on the Belfast ground on Saturday to witness the seventh match between England and Ireland under Association rules. On each of the previous occasions success attended England, and Saturday's contest did not furnish an exception. The afternoon was favourable and the turf in excellent order. England won the toss, and at first elected to play with the wind in their favour. J. W. Vickers started the ball for the home team. The visitors soon acted on the aggressive, and, within ten minutes of the kick-off, Dewhurst obtained a goal for them. Quickly afterwards Allen also sent the ball between the posts. Ireland now played up in a very determined manner, and Crone scored a goal for them; but prior to half-time a third was kicked for England by Allen...

Allen kicked a fourth goal and Lindley a fifth for the visitors... - The Times - Monday 9th April, 1888


Halifax defeated the holders, Wakefield Trinity, at Leeds, to win the Yorkshire Cup, which had become the first rugby knockout competition. Both clubs would join the Rugby League seven years later, when it split from the Rugby Union.

It was on 6 April 1888 that five men were killed at Douglas Bank Colliery in Wigan. Three of them were being lowered into the shaft in a large iron bucket when the wires broke and they plummeted onto others down below.

Source Notes


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