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Saturday, 5 February 1887
Home International Championship 1886-87 (4th) Match

England 7 Ireland 0 [4-0]

Match Summary
England Party

Ireland Party

Team Records

Bramall Lane, Little Sheffield, Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire
Attendance: 6,000; Kick-off 2.55pm GMT

England - Fred Dewhurst ('scored an easy shot along the ground' 2, c.89), Nevill Cobbold ('shot' 25, 47), Tinsley Lindley (26, 43, 49 hat-trick).
Results 1872-90

Ireland won the toss, England kicked-off.


Match Summary

Officials [umpires and referees are of equal relevance]




Umpires -
John Charles Clegg
36 (15 June 1850) (Sheffield FA President) &
McRedy McAlery
37/38 (1849) (Irish FA Honorary secretary)

Referee -
Hunter Hunter
24/25 (early 1862), Tiverton, Devon (Welsh FA secretary)

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

The 1886 International Football Association Board meeting

Actual caps were awarded for the first time, consisting of royal blue velvet, at the suggestion of Nicholas Lane Jackson.

England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 2nd


White shirts, navy blue knickerbockers


Charlie Bambridge, second captaincy.


The Football Association Committee following trial games, with Secretary Charles W. Alcock having the primary influence, on Friday, 28 January 1887.
England Lineup
  Arthur, W.J. Herbert 23 14 February 1863 G Blackburn Rovers FC 6 4 GA
  Howarth, Robert H. 21 20 June 1865 RB Preston North End FC 1 0
  Mason, Charles 23 1 April 1863 LB

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

1 0
  Haworth, George 22 17 October 1864 RH Accrington FC 1 0
  Brayshaw, Edward 23 6 October 1863 CH

Wednesday FC

1 0
  Forrest, James H. 22 24 June 1864 LH

Blackburn Rovers FC

7 0
  Sayer, James 24 7 September 1862 OR Stoke FC 1 0
Dewhurst, Frederick 23 16 December 1863 IR

Preston North End FC & Corinthians FC

3 4
Lindley, Tinsley 21 27 October 1865 CF

Nottingham Forest FC, Cambridge University AFC & Corinthians FC

4 5
Cobbold, W. Nevill 24 4 February 1863 IL

Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC

7 5
  Bambridge, E. Charles 28 30 July 1858 OL

Swifts FC & Corinthians FC

16 12


Bob Roberts (West Bromwich Albion FC, goal); Francis Ingram (Corinthians FC) and George Wardle (Leek FC, back); Ralph Squire (Old Westminsters AFC), Charlie Shelton (Notts Rangers FC) and Andrew Amos (Old Carthusians AFC, half-backs); Joe Lofthouse (Blackburn Rovers FC), Kenny Davenport (Bolton Wanderers FC), Jem Bayliss (West Bromwich Albion FC), John Goodall (Preston North End FC) and George Farmer (Everton FC and ex-Wales forward).

team notes:

One newspaper report, The Derbyshire Times, names Old Carthusians FC's Smaley as the original centre-forward. But other newspaper reports name Lindley.
Herby Arthur equals Albemarle Swepstone's record of most appearances as a goalkeeper.
This is only the fourth time (1878-79, 1883, 1884-85) England have managed two victories in a row. However, they have gone on a record unbeaten sequence of eight matches, lasting nearly three years.
2-3-5 Arthur -
Howarth, Mason -
Haworth, Brayshaw, Forrest -
Sayer, Dewhurst, Lindley, Cobbold, Bambridge


Age 23.1 Appearances/Goals 4.4 1.7


Ireland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 6th


St. Patrick blue shirts, white shorts.


Johnny Gibb


Team chosen by Committee;
Ireland Lineup
  Gillespie, R. Shaw 19 23 January 1868 G

Hertford FC

4 25 GA
  Browne, Frederick W.J. nk not known FB

Cliftonville FAC

1 0
  Fox, William T. nk not known FB

Ulster FC

2 0
  Rosbotham, Alexander 21 27 September 1865 B

Cliftonville FAC

1 0
  Allen, James 27 12 May 1859 B

Limavady FC

1 0
  Crone, William 22/23 1864 B

Distillery FC

8 0
  Small, James M. 19 7 July 1867 OR

Clarence FC

1 0
  Gibb, John T. nk not known IR Wellington Park FC 7 2
  Stanfield, Olphert M. 17 26 February 1869 CF

Distillery FC

1 0
  Leslie, William 20 17 September 1866 IL

Belfast YMCA FC

1 0
  Brown, Nathaniel M. nk not known OL

Limavady FC

1 0


reserves not known

team notes:

Stansfield and Rosbotham were late replacements for Thomas Molyneux and Robert Wilson.
2-3-5 Gillespie -
Fox, Brown -
Allen, Rosbotham, Crone -
Stansfield, Gibb, Brown, Small, Leslie


Age tbc Appearances/Goals 2.5 0.2


    Match Report

Saturday last was also appointed for the sixth annual match between England and Ireland under Association rules at Bramall-lane, Sheffield, where, the weather being fine, several thousand on-lookers assembled. Successful in the toss, the visitors played with the wind in their favour and a little before 3 o clock Lindley started the ball. The English at once acted on the aggressive and Dewhurst kicked a goal. The play for a little while became more even, but the home side were faster and kicked more skilfully than their opponents. Cobbold, with a well-aimed shot from the left side, sent the ball between the posts. Lindley then finished up a fine run by securing a third goal for England, and prior to half-time the same player obtained a fourth. Ends were changed, and the home eleven speedily resumed the aggressive. Cobbold obtained a fifth goal and Lindley added a sixth. In spite of these continuous reverses, Ireland played in a very determined manner, and once they very nearly scored. Towards the close of the match however, Dewhurst gained a seventh point. - The Times - Monday 7th February, 1887


Aston Villa defeated Horncastle, 5-0, at their Perry Barr ground, in the fifth round of the F.A. Cup, ex-England international, Arthur Brown scoring a hat-trick. This put Villa into the quarter-finals for the first time and they went on to lift the trophy.

It was on 5 February 1887 that 38 people died when a train crashed off the White River Bridge in Vermont, onto the frozen river and was then engulfed in flames.

Source Notes

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