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"From the bully that ensued the ball was sent through, but by whom is hard to say"
- Manchester Courier
Saturday, 13 April 1889
British International Championship 1888-89 (6th) Match

England 2 Scotland 3 [2-0]

Football League Record

Season Record

The Surrey Cricket Ground, The Oval, Kennington, Lambeth, County of London, SE
Kick-off (GMT): 'a minute or so after three o'clock'; 'at five minutes past three'.

Attendance: 'about 8,000 spectators'; 'about 10,000 spectators'; 'about 12,000 spectators';

Receipts: £63 17s. 6d.

England's tenth & final appearance at The Oval (W5 D 2 L3 F27 A22)
Percy Walters won the toss James Oswald kicked-off
[1-0] Jack Brodie 15
 'sent in a long shot that Wilson failed to reach'
Two Scottish reports give it to Brodie, but five publications say Goodall and six, Bassett. The players were both involved in the dribble that led to the goal
[2-0] not known free-kick 17
Two reports give it to Bassett, one to Goodall, but four to Weir. Three reports say it came from a scrimmage, two others say the ball was 'driven through'. But came from a free-kick for 'hands'.
[2-0] Munro header-disallowed: off-side
[2-0] Kelly scores-disallowed:
whistle had blew for h-t

some reports give this goal to James Oswald
[2-1] Neil Munro 60
'put in a smart run and scored a goal' another report calls him 'goal-sneaking' and that he 'headed the goal'
[2-2] Harry Allen own goal 82
'Moon threw the ball away, but Allen was running towards his own goal, returned the ball between the posts'
[2-3] James McLaren 90
 'from half-back sent in a shot which baffled Moon, and although he tried hard, just failed to stop it'

Match Summary

Officials [umpires and referees are of equal relevance]


Team Records


John Charles Clegg
38 (15 June 1850), Sheffield (Sheffield FA President)
J.A. Crerar
Third Lanark FC
(Scotland FA President)
played for England in 1872
John Sinclair

33 (27 August 1855), Belfast (Irish FA)
P 7 - W 2 - D 1 - L 4 - F 17 - A 12. played in the 1882 England-Ireland fixture

England Team

Rank No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 2nd
Colours "dressed in white shirts, the arms of England adorning their bosoms"

Percy Walters Selection The seven-man FA International Selection Committee
P 3 of 4, W 2 - D 0 - L 1 - F 12 - A 5. P 6 of 195, W 5 - D 0 - L 1 - F 27 - A 7.
  team chosen at The Oval, Kennington on Saturday, 30 March 1889.
England Lineup
  nine changes to the previous match (Brodie & Weir remained) league positions (6th April) ave lge pos: 4th
  Moon, William R. 20
310 days
7 June 1868 G Old Westminsters AFC & Corinthians FC 4 5ᵍᵃ
  Walters, Percy M. 25
195 days
30 September 1863 RB Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 11 0
  Walters, Arthur M. 24
77 days
26 January 1865 LB Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 7 0
166   Hammond, Henry E.D. 22
138 days
26 November 1866 RHB Oxford University AFC, Lancing Old Boys AFC & Corinthians FC 1 0
only app 1889
  Allen, Harry 23
84 days
19 January 1866 CHB

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL 3rd)

4 1ᵒᵍ
the third own goal conceded by England
  Forrest, James H. 24
294 days
24 June 1864 LHB Blackburn Rovers FC (FL 4th) 10 0
? Bassett, William I. 20
76 days
27 January 1869 OR West Bromwich Albion FC (FL 6th) 3 1 or 2
? Goodall, John 25
299 days
19 June 1863 IR Preston North End FC (FL Champions) 4 2 or 3
Brodie, John B. 26
227 days
30 August 1862 CF Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL 3rd) 2 2
? Weir, David 25
228 days
29 August 1863 IL Bolton Wanderers FC (FL 5th) 2 1 or 2
final app 1889
  Lindley, Tinsley 23
169 days
27 October 1865 OL Nottingham Forest FC & Corinthians FC 10  10
reserves: Alf Shelton (Notts County FC (FL 11th)).
team notes: Arthur and Percy Walters are the first set of brothers to play in the same team seven times.
appearance notes: Percy Walters is the third player to make eleven England appearances, whereas James Forrest and Tinsley Lindley are the fourth/fifth players to make ten (making this the first match to feature three players in double-figure appearances) and Arthur Walters the twelfth to make seven.
Billy Moon, Harry Allen and John Goodall are the 26th-28th players to have made four or more England appearances. 45 players have now appeared for England for more than three times, and only eighty have done so more than once.
Six players have now played four times for the ISC: - Billy Moon, Percy Walters, Harry Allen, John Goodall and Tinsley Lindley join Fred Dewhurst.
records: For the first time, owing to two matches being played on the same day, England's use of players in a season exceeds twenty. They have used 26 different players in the 1888-89 season alone.
England's twelve goals this year/season have come from a record eight different goalscorers.
2-3-5 Moon -
P.Walters, A.Walters -
Hammond, Allen, Forrest -
Bassett, Goodall, Lindley, Brodie, Weir.
Averages: Age 23 years 323 days Appearances/Goals 5.3     1.4

England previous teams vs. Scotland:

1888: Moon P.Walters Howarth Haworth Allen Holden-White Woodhall Goodall Lindley Dewhurst Hodgetts
1889: A.Walters Hammond Forrest Bassett Brodie Weir Lindley


Scotland Team

Rank No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours "arrayed in dark blue tight fitting jerseys, with a Lion rampant embroidered on the breast"
Captain Bob Smellie Selection The newly formed smaller Scottish Football Association Selection Committee, chosen following a trial match.
P 2 of 2, W 2 - D 0 - L 0 - F 8 - A 3.
Scotland Lineup
  Wilson, James 23
281 days
6 July 1865 G Vale of Leven FC 2 3ᵍᵃ
  Arnott, Walter 27
336 days
12 May 1861 RB Queen's Park FC 10 0
  Smellie, Robert 21
112 days
22 December 1867 LB Queen's Park FC 3 0
  Dewar, George 21
267 days
20 July 1867 RHB Dumbarton FC 2 1
final app 1888-89
  Kelly, James 23
180 days
15 October 1865 CHB The Celtic FC 3 1
McLaren, James 27
351 days
27 April 1861 LHB The Celtic FC 2 1
  Latta, Alexander 21
201 days
24 September 1867 OR Dumbarton FC 2 2
final app 1888-89
  Berry, William Hall 21
236 days
20 August 1867 IR Queen's Park FC 2 0
167   Oswald, James 21
100 days
3 January 1868 CF Third Lanark FC 1 0
  McPherson, John 20
298 days
19 June 1868 IL Cowlairs FC 2 6
Munro, Neil 20
198 days
27 September 1868 OL Abercorn FC 2 2
final app 1888-89
reserves: not known
team notes: The Scotch team, in preparation, played a Dumbartonshire XI on Tuesday, 9 April. They won 2-1.
Although there were no alterations in the team line-up, two players did swap positions - Dewar and Kelly.
records: Normal service is resumed as Scotland record their third straight victory.
2-3-5 Wilson -
Arnott, Smellie -
Dewar, Kelly, McLaren -
Latta, Berry, Oswald, McPherson, Munro.
Averages: Age 22 years 333 days Appearances/Goals 2.8 1.0


       Match Report Dundee Advertiser, Monday, 15 April 1889

At Kennington Oval to-day in favourable weather the representatives of England and Scotland met in their eighteenth international match. There was an immense crowd present, and the teams were received with somewhat faint applause as the entered. The Scotchmen kicked off towards the gasometer end, and immediately commenced pressing, and were first over. The magnificent all-round play by the Scotch forwards, Macpherson being prominent, put the English goal in great jeopardy. A point was narrowly missed in the first three minutes. Scotland were playing grandly together, and were pressing most. England's defence was stubborn, the Walters shining. After the first quarter England took up the offensive, but the Scotch defence stood out well. In seventeen minutes Goodall beat Wilson. First point for England. Almost immediately after, from a free-kick for 'hand' right under the bar, England scored number two. Scotland played with increased vigour, and twice had corners. End to end play followed, both teams playing splendidly. Scotland was more than holding her own, but could not beat the Walters. It was a grand game, and very hard. It was a game in which every one of the players who took part excelled himself, and there was not a weak man on the field. At half-time England led by 2 goals to 0.
Scotland had certainly hard lines in not scoring on two occasions in the last minute, Moon saving miraculously. Scotland scored and the whistle blew at the same time, and the point was lost. On resuming with the wind the Scotchmen began to press; but the Englishmen took up the narrative, and the play raged from end to end. In fifteen minutes Scotland scored with a long high shot, and the game went on as merrily as before, with the Scotchmen having much the best of it. In twenty minutes the game was stopped for several minutes in consequence of M'Pherson being badly winded. Two minutes after resuming Scotland pulled equal. In a minute more a long drop from the foot of M'Laren gave Scotland the lead, amidst great cheering. Scotland was now beating up grandly, all the forwards taking a great share. A magnificent game ended in a win for Scotland.

       Match Report The Times, Monday, 15 April 1889

There were about 10,000 spectators at Kennington Oval on Saturday to witness the 18th annual match between England and Scotland.
Successful in the toss the Englishmen chose the Clayton-street goal, and Oswald kicked off for Scotland, who had a strong wind in their faces. After some good play on both sides, Goodall finished up a short run with a shot which completely beat the keeper, and placed the first goal to the credit of England, and before the interval Weir scored out of a scrimmage by a capital shot. Thus England had the substantial lead of two goals to none. In the second part of the game Oswald passed to Munro, and the latter registered a goal for Scotland; and not more than ten minutes had elapsed when Oswald sent in a shot which brought the score level. Quickly afterwards the Scotch forwards renewed their attack, and M'Laren, with a highland swift kick, placed a third goal to their credit...
              In Other News....

It was on 14 April 1889 that a French prosecution committee was set up to investigate the corrupt activities of the reactionary politician, General Boulanger, who was ultimately condemned by the Senate and deported.


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