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Saturday, 15 March 1890
British International Championship 1889-90 (8th) Match

One of two games played on the same day.
Wales 1 England 3 [1-0]

The Racecourse, Mold Road, Wrexham, Denbighshire
Kick-off (GMT): 'quarter to four'
Attendance: 'presence of over 3,000'; 'presence of 4,000 people'; '5,000 spectators present';
Receipts: over £100
(new Welsh record);

Football League Record
England's fifth visit to The Racecourse, to Wrexham, to Denbighshire and to Wales
Billy Lewis kicked-off Percy Walters won the toss
[1-0] Billy Lewis 38
 'made a very fine run down and finished up by sending in a shot'
England's fourteenth equalising goal>
[1≡1] Edmund Currey 49
'a shot that Gillam could not get to'
[1-2] Edmund Currey nk

'a clinking shot'
[1-3] Tinsley Lindley nk
'a lightning shot'
Play was suspended several times due to the spectators encroaching.  

Match Summary

Officials [umpires and referees are of equal relevance] Wal es Team Records England
Umpires "The conference of the football secretaries on Saturday, in London, settled the fixtures for next season. The Football League wanted to get rid of many big matches not in their list, so they got it decided that the games England v. Ireland, and England v. Wales, be played the same day, meaning that England will have to turn out two International elevens"
James Davies
Sam Weller Widdowson
38 (16 April 1851), Hucknall Torkard
Nottingham Forest FC
played for England in 1880
James B. Walker
Scottish FA

Wales Team

Rank No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 5th
Colours Dark red and blue halved collared shirts, white shorts, black socks
Captain Alf Davies Selection The Welsh Selection Committee
P 4 of 4, W 1 - D 1 - L 2 - F 13 - A 8. team chosen on Monday, 3 March 1890.
Wales Lineup
  Gillam, Samuel Gladstone 23 early 1867
in Swindon, England
G Shrewsbury Town FC, England 4 9ᵍᵃ
  Davies, Alfred Owen 27
100 days
5 December 1862 RB Overton FC & Crewe Alexandra FC, England 9 0
was referee in the 1889 Ireland match final app 1885-90
  Jones, David 23
32 days
11 February 1867
in Trefonen, England
LB Bolton Wanderers FC, England 6 0
  Davies, Joseph 25
40 days
3 February 1865 RHB Newton Heath LYMR FC, England 4 0
  Jones, Humphrey 27
98 days
7 December 1862 CHB Queen's Park FC, Scotland & East Stirlingshire FC, Scotland 11 1
will referee the 1896 Scotland match
125   Evans, Walter Gwynne 22 summer 1867 LHB Bootle FC, England 1 0
  Challen, John Bonamy 26
354 days
26 March 1863 OR Ruthin FC, Swifts FC, England &  Corinthians FC, England 4 0
final app 1887-90
  Jones, Richard 25/26 1864 IR Crewe Alexandra FC, England 3 0
final app 1887-90
  Doughty, John 24
136-166 dy
October 1865 CF Newton Heath LYMR FC, England 8 6
final app 1886-90
  Howell, Edmund Gwynne 22
56-73 days
May/June 1867 IL Builth FC 2 2
Lewis, William 25/26 1864 OL Crewe Alexandra FC, England 10 2
reserves: Gillam and Evans were originally reserves. The others were the halves:- Peter Griffiths (Chirk FC) and Abel Hayes (Wrexham AFC), right wing:- D. Evans (Builth FC & Oswestry FC) and Ernest Pryce Jones (Newtown AFC), centre:- David Lewis (Bangor FC), left wing:- Bill Turner (Wrexham AFC) and Richard Jarrett (Ruthin FC).
team changes: James Trainer (Preston North End FC, England) was due to start in goal, but his club refused to release him, and his place went to Gillam. Similarly, Bolton Wanderers FC refused to release Bob Roberts, his place going to Walter Evans.
team notes: Challen only worked at Wellingborough Grammar School, he did not play football for them.
Alf Davies is the uncle (by marriage) to the Walter brothers, Arthur and Percy.
2-3-5 Gillam -
A.Davies, Jones -
J.Davies, H.Jones, Evans -
Challen, R.Jones, Doughty, Howell, Lewis.
Averages: Age 24 years 286 days-25 years 14 days Appearances/Goals 5.7 0.9
most experienced team that England have faced until 1893


England Team

Rank No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 2nd
Colours White shirts, navy blue knickerbockers

Percy Walters Selection following the trial game, The seven-man FA International Selection Committee
P 4 of 4, W 3 - D 0 - L 1 - F 15 - A 6. Member in Charge:
Nathan Lane 'Pa' Jackson (Corinthians FC)
P 8 of 195, W 7 - D 0 - L 1 - F 39 - A 9.
  teams chosen at the Midland Hotel, Derby, on Wednesday 26 February 1890.
England Lineup
  six changes to match 37 league position (26th February) ave lge pos: 6th
  Moon, William R. 21
281 days
7 June 1868 G Old Westminsters AFC & Corinthians FC 5 6ᵍᵃ
  Walters, Percy M. 26
166 days
30 September 1863 RB Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 12 0
  Walters, Arthur M. 25
48 days
26 January 1865 LB Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 8 0
  Fletcher, Albert T. 23
348 days
1 April 1866 RHB Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL 4th) 2 0
final app 1889-90
171   Holt, John 23
150 days
16 October 1866 CHB Everton FC (FL 3rd) 1 0
the second Evertonian to represent England
  Shelton, Alfred 24
184 days
12 September 1865 LHB Notts County FC (FL 10th) 2 0
  Bassett, William I. 21
47 days
27 January 1869 OR West Bromwich Albion FC (FL 6th) 4 1 or 2
172 Currey, Edmund S. 21
260 days
28 June 1868 IR Oxford University AFC, Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 1 2
the 26th brace scored
Lindley, Tinsley 24
139 days
27 October 1865 CF Nottingham Forest FC & Corinthians FC 11 11
173   Wood, Harry 21
262 days
26 June 1868 IL Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL 4th) 1 0
the seventh Wanderer to represent England
  Daft, Harry B. 23
344 days
5 April 1866 OL Notts County FC (FL 10th) & Corinthians FC 2 0
reserves: As well as those named below, and those that took the field against Ireland, Bill Rowley (Stoke FC (FL 11th), goal), Harry Green (West Bromwich Albion FC (FL 6th), fullback), Harry Allen and Arthur Lowder (both Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL 4th), halfbacks), John Devey (Mitchell St. George FC, centre-forward), Davie Weir (Bolton Wanderers FC (FL 8th)) and Edgar Chadwick (Everton FC (FL 3rd), left wing).
team changes: Edmund Currey withdrew from the match against Ireland to take George Cotterill's (Cambridge University AFC) place in this match.
team notes: Arthur and Percy Walters are the first set of brothers to play in the same team eight times.
Alf Shelton's younger brother, Charlie, also played for England in 1888.
appearance notes: Percy Walters is the third player to make twelve England appearances, whereas Tinsley Lindley is the fifth to make eleven and Arthur Walters is the tenth to make eight appearances.
Billy Moon is the 21st player to make five appearances and Billy Bassett the 29th to make four.
86 players have now appeared for England more than once.
Percy Walters, Moon and Lindley are the first players to make five appearances under the ISC.
kick-off notes: "The English team arrived at Chester on Saturday morning. They dressed at the Queen Hotel in that city, and left for Wrexham by special train at 2.35, in charge of Mr. Jackson of the Corinthians, and were accompanied by several leading members of the English Association... Half-past three was the time announced for the kick-off, and about ten minutes after that time the Englishmen entered the enclosure, being received with loud cheers. A minute or two later the Welshmen came on the ground, and received quite an ovation. No time was wasted in getting the teams in position, and at a quarter to four the game commenced...."
records: For the first time since their second match, back in 1873, when England had a 75% success record, they have now achieved 60%.
At the end of the match, Percy Walters became the most experienced England player to have not scored a goal.
2-3-5 Moon -
P. Walters, A. Walters -
Fletcher, Holt, Shelton -
Bassett, Currey, Lindley, Wood, Daft
Averages: Age 23 years 169 days Appearances/Goals 4.4 1.1
       Match Report Sheffield Daily Telegraph, Monday, 17 March 1890
Played at Wrexham on Saturday afternoon in the presence of 4,000 people. A high wind blew across the ground. The Welsh team was as selected except that Gillam kept goal instead of Trainor, and Evans, of Builth, played half-back instead of Roberts, of the Bolton Wanderers. The English team contained one change, Currey, of Oxford University, playing instead of Cotterell. Wales kicked off, and the ball was taken to the English goal, but sent back. A corner taken by Shelton failed, and after general play Challon brilliantly ran, but failed. A fine shot by Lindley was splendidly saved by Gillam. After brilliant play all round Lewis took a rapid run and secured a corner. Humphrey Jones placed the ball well, but the goalkeeper saved. Hindley took a run to the Welsh goal, Gillam finely saving. A good run by Lewis was nullified by Challon kicking out. After a brief visit to the Welsh goal the ball was brought back, Howell making a good shot, a goal being narrowly saved. Other brilliant attacks on the English goal were made but failed. From a free kick for a goal A. O. Davies kicked away, Lewis scoring the first goal. After indifferent general play, in which both sides showed themselves to be fairly matched, but handicapped by the wind, corner kicks by England looked threatening. A severe struggle in goal ensued, but came to nothing. A good run was made to the English goal, but nothing was done to alter the positions of parties. Score as half-time:-Wales 1 goal, England 0 goal.
  On resuming Lindley handled the ball, but nothing resulted from the free-kick. Two corners given to Wales ended likewise. Much brilliant play resulted, and Currey scored, thus equalising. A sharp run by Daft looked likely, but the Welsh defence was firm and the attack failed. Currey made a fine shot, and after some sharp play England scored a goal, kicked by Currey. The English play was fine. After some general play, equally divided at either end, Wales rousing itself, several attempts at the English goal were made. Lewis did some excellent work, but it soon appeared that the English team was superior in combined play. Hands was given the English close by the Welsh goal. Fletcher kicked through, but no goal was scored. Shortly after a fine run was made to the Welsh goal, and Lindley scored the third goal. A corner was made by Daft and Shelton headed in, but the goalkeeper saved. Humphrey Jones kicked through the English goal, but scored nothing . A fine attack was made on the English goal. Wood made a fine run away, and 'hands' were claimed for England near goal, which came to nothing. Wood also made a rapid run and shot, but failed. A severe attack followed, but nothing resulted. Owing to bad arrangements the people crowded the ground, and the game was suspended frequently.
       Match Report The Times, Monday, 17 March 1890
"There was a large gathering on the racecourse at Wrexham to witness the annual match between England and Wales. Lewis started the ball for the home team, but the visitors soon acted on the aggressive...
Jones and Doughty effected good runs, after which a free kick was allowed to the Welsh. This was at once followed by a goal, secured by Lewis...
At length the English made an incursion into their rivals' territory, and Currey sent the ball between the posts, thus bringing the score level...
At length Currey got in possession, and with a skilful shot obtained a second goal for England...
Lindley, however, quickly afterwards scored another goal."
       In Other News....
It was on 16 March 1890 that the decision was taken to flood the Morfa Colliery at Port Talbot, as it continued to burn following an explosion, which killed 87 men, five days earlier. Some of the survivors described seeing ghostly apparitions below ground in the weeks before the disaster.
Domestic Football Results (15 March 1890)                                          Teams in a silver box denotes a player representing England
Accrington 2 Preston North End 2
   Thorneyholme Road, Accrington (5,000)
Kirkham, Barbour ~
Haworth OG,
George Haworth started for Accrington, and scored an own goal
Bob Howarth, Bob Holmes and Fred Dewhurst were starting for Preston
Burnley 3 Notts County 0
   Turf Moor, Burnley (4,000)
Stewart (2),
Notts County were without Harry Daft and Arthur Shelton, but did have Albert Smith
George Toone started for County
Everton 3 Derby County 0
   Anfield Road, Liverpool (10,000)
Milward OG,
Ferguson, Williamson OG
Everton were without Johnny Holt & Fred Geary, but did have Alf Milward and Edgar Chadwick
West Bromwich Albion 2 Stoke 1
   Stoney Lane, West Bromwich (1,600)
Bayliss, Woodhall
~ Owen
West Brom were without Billy Bassett, Charlie Perry and Bob Roberts, but did start with Joe Reader, and scorers, George Woodhall and Jem Bayliss.
Bill Rowley and Alf Underwood started for Stoke
Wolverhampton Wanderers 5 Bolton Wanderers 1
   Molineux Ground, Wolverhampton (3,000)
Wykes (3), Worrall, Brodie ~ Cassidy
Wolves were without Albert Fletcher, Harry Wood, Dick Baugh and Charlie Mason. However, they had Billy Rose, Harry Allen, Arthur Lowder and scorer, Jack Brodie
Bolton were without Kenny Davenport and Di Jones, but did have Davie Weir and Jimmy Turner

Team P
Preston North End 21 31
Everton 21 31
Blackburn Rovers 21 27
Wolverhampton Wanderers 22 25
Accrington 22 24
West Bromwich Albion 21 23
Derby County 22 21
Bolton Wanderers 21 18
Aston Villa 20 16
Notts County 20 16
Burnley 21 12
Stoke 20 8

Everton's win put them level on points with League Champions, Preston, with only one match remaining. Defeat at West Brom, the following week, effectively ended their chances, and Preston went on to retain the title with a victory at Notts County. It was to be their last League Championship success.
       Source Notes
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