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46 vs. Scotland
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Saturday, 25 February 1893
Home International Championship 1892-93 (10th) Match

England 6 Ireland 1 [4-1]

Match Summary
England Party

Ireland Party
Team Records

Wellington Road Football Ground, Perry Barr, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Attendance: 10,000; Receipts: £
187 1s. 11d.; Kick-off 3.25pm GMT

England - Walter Gilliat ('scored from a Sandilands pass' 8, 'the ball hitting the upright and bounding through' 18, 'from a pass by Topham, and another good opening' 30), Gilbert Smith ('gained another' 43), Norman Winckworth ('with a long shot' 60), Rupert Sandilands ('coming away, scored another' 75).
Ireland - George Gaffikin ('brilliant shot' 9)
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England won the toss, Ireland kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - Thomas R. Park
30/31 (1862), Glasgow, Scotland

Linesmen - T. Gunning, F.A., and W.S. Dawson, Irish F.A.

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  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
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The 1892 International Football Association Board meeting:
Law alterations
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England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: White jerseys and navy blue knickerbockers
Capt: George Cotterill, first captaincy Selectors: The seven-man FA International Selection Committee, on Saturday, 18 February 1893 after the Corinthians FC vs. West Bromwich Albion FC match, following trial games.
16th match, W 14 - D 1 - L 1 - F 66 - A 14.
England Lineup
  Charsley, C. Christopher 28 7 November 1864 G Small Heath FC 1 1 GA
  Harrison, A. Hugh 23 30 November 1869 RB Old Westminsters AFC & Corinthians FC 1 0
  Pelly, Frederick R. 23 11 August 1869 LB Old Foresters AFC & Corinthians FC 1 0
  Smith, Albert 23 23 July 1869 RH Nottingham Forest FC 3 0
Winckworth, W. Norman 23 9 February 1870 CH Old Westminsters AFC & Corinthians FC 2 1
  Cooper, Norman Charles 22 12 July 1870 LH Cambridge University AFC, Old Brightonians AFC & Corinthians FC 1 0
  Topham, Robert 25 3 November 1867 OR Wolverhampton Wanderers FC & Casuals FC 1 0
Smith, Gilbert O. 20 25 November 1872 IR Oxford University AFC, Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 1 1
  Cotterill, George H. 23 4 April 1868 CF Old Brightonians AFC & Corinthians FC 3 1
Gilliat, Walter E. 23 22 July 1869 IL Old Carthusians AFC 1 3
Sandilands, Rupert R. 24 7 August 1868 OL Old Westminsters AFC & Corinthians FC 2 2


reserves not known

team notes:

Gilliat replaced original choice, Cunliffe Gosling (Old Etonians AFC) the day before this match because of a leg injury.
2-3-5 Charsley -
Harrison, Pelly -
Smith, Winckworth, Cooper -
Topham, Smith, Cotterill, Gilliat, Sandilands


Age 23.5 Appearances/Goals 1.5 0.2


Ireland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 6th
Colours: "The Dark Blue..." jerseys and white shorts
Capt: Jimmy Small Selectors: Team chosen by Committee, on Wednesday, 15 February 1893;
Ireland Lineup
  Clugston, W. John 23 11 August 1869 G Cliftonville FAC 12 60 GA
  Gordon, R.W. Willis 21 28 February 1871 RB Linfield FAC 5 0
  Stewart, Robert K. 24 15 August 1868 LB Cliftonville FAC 7 0
  Crawford, S. Alexander 23/24 1869 RH Cliftonville FAC 6 0
  Spencer, Samuel nk not known CH Distillery FC 6 0
  Cunningham, William R. nk not known LH Ulster FC 4 0
  Small, James M. 25 7 July 1867 OR Cliftonville FAC 2 0
Gaffikin, George J. 24 17 May 1868 IR Linfield FAC 7 3
  Stanfield, Olphert M. 23 26 February 1869 CF Distillery FC 18 7
  Torrans, Samuel 23 27 October 1869 IL Linfield FAC 9 0
  Peden, John 29 12 July 1863 OL Linfield FAC 13 2


Linfield FAC's Sam Johnston is the reserve

team notes:

This is the most experienced team England have faced thus far, that includes Olphie Stanfield, Ireland's record appearance holder, who is also their record goalscorer.
2-3-5 Clugston -
Gordon, Stewart -
Crawford, Spencer, Cunningham -
Small, Gaffikin, Stanfield, Torrans, Peden


Age 23.9 Appearances/Goals 8.1 1.0


    Match Report

Over 8,000 people visited Perry Barr, Birmingham, on Saturday, to witness the first of the international matches under Association rules played this season. Since the institution of the contest at Belfast in 1882 England have always been successful, and the present encounter did not disturb their record. Ireland, who won the toss, at first played down the hill...

...Then Gilliatt got in possession and finished up a fine run by kicking a goal for England. The Irish forwards played up in a dauntless manner, and Small passed very judiciously to Gaffikin, who shot the ball between the posts. Each side scored with a goal within ten minutes of the start...

Several determined inroads were made by the English forwards, and Gilliatt, taking a fine kick, the ball glanced through off one of the posts. This success was quickly supplemented by a third goal gained by the same player. The home side continued to get the better of the game, and a fourth point was secured by G. O. Smith...

Winckworth, with an exceptionally brilliant shot, gained the fifth goal for England...

Sandilands then cleverly kicked another goal for the home side... - The Times - Monday 27th February, 1893

Source Notes

The venue at Perry Barr was decided at the FA Council meeting at Chancery Lane, on Wednesday, 8 February 1893. With arrangements spearheaded by William McGregor.

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