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Saturday, 8 April 1899
Home International Championship 1898-99 (16th) Match

England 2 Scotland 1 [2-0]

Match Summary

England Party
Scotland Party
Team Records

Aston Lower Grounds, Trinity Road, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Attendance: 25,590; Receipts: £2120.10s; Kick-off 4.00pm GMT;

England - Gilbert Smith ('a shot in off the upright' 25), Jimmy Settle ('from an Athersmith centre' 40)
Scotland - Robert Hamilton ('out of a hot scrimmage, rushed the ball thro' 52).
Results 1891-1900

England won the toss, Scotland kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - James Torrans
33/34 (1865), Belfast, Ireland, Irish Referee's Association

Linesmen - George Stuart Sherrington, 38 (20 August 1861 in Islington), Suffolk Football Association, England & not known

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England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: White jerseys and navy blue knickerbockers
Capt: Gilbert Smith, ninth, tenth or eleventh captaincy Selectors: The seven-man FA International Selection Committee, on Monday, 20 March 1899, at The Royal Hotel, Bristol, following the match against Wales.
36th match, W 29 - D 4 - L 3 - F 151 - A 32.
England Lineup
  Robinson, John W. 28 22 April 1870 G Southampton FC 7 6 GA
  Thickitt, Henry 27 early 1872 RB Sheffield United FC 2 0
  Crabtree, James W. 27 23 December 1871 LB Aston Villa FC 9 0
  Forman, Frank 23 23 May 1875 RH Nottingham Forest FC 5 1
  Howell, Raby 31 12 October 1867 CH Liverpool FC 2 1
  Needham, Ernest 26 21 January 1873 LH Sheffield United FC 10 2
  Athersmith Harper, W. Charles 26 10 May 1872 OR Aston Villa FC 10 3
  Bloomer, Stephen 25 20 January 1874 IR Derby County FC 11 19
Smith, Gilbert O. 26 25 November 1872 CF Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC 16 11
Settle, James 23 September 1875 IL Bury FC 3 4
  Forman, Frederick R. 25 8 November 1873 OL Nottingham Forest FC 3 3


Charlie Sagar (Bury FC)

team notes:

In the days leading up to this match, original right-half, Wednesday FC's Tommy Morren, dropped out after sustaining an injury. Frank Forman moved from centre to right, and Raby Howell was introduced.
Fred and Frank Forman were brothers.
This is the oldest England team thus far.
2-3-5 Robinson -
Thickitt, Crabtree -

Fk Forman, Howell, Needham -
Athersmith, Bloomer, Smith, Settle,
Fd Forman.


Age 26.1 Appearances/Goals 7.1 3.8


Scotland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 2nd
Colours: Dark blue jerseys and white shorts
Capt: Nicol Smith Selectors: The Scottish Football Association Selection Committee, of seven members, chosen on Saturday, 1 April 1899, following the inter-league match.
Scotland Lineup
  Doig, John Edward 32 29 October 1866 G Sunderland AFC, England 4 4 GA
  Smith, Nicol 25 25 December 1873 RB Rangers FC 5 0
  Storrier, David 26 25 October 1872 LB The Celtic FC 3 0
  Gibson, Neil 26 23 February 1873 RH Rangers FC 10 1
  Christie, Alexander J. 25 28 September 1873 CH Queen's Park FC 3 1
  Robertson, John T. 22 25 February 1877 LH Southampton FC, England 2 0
  Campbell, John 21 2 October 1877 OR Rangers FC 3 4
Hamilton, Robert C. 21 13 May 1877 IR Rangers FC 3 3
  McColl, Robert S. 22 13 April 1876 CF Queen's Park FC 7 10
  Morgan, Hugh 29 20 September 1869 IL Liverpool FC, England 2 0
  Bell, John 29 6 October 1869 OL The Celtic FC 8 3


Davidson Berry (Queen's Park FC) and Henry Marshall (The Celtic FC)
2-3-5 Doig -
Smith, Storrier -
Gibson, Christie, Robertson -
Campbell, Hamilton, McColl, Morgan, Bell.


Age 25.3 Appearances/Goals 4.5 1.9


    Match Report

The Association match of the year maintained its high traditions of excellence, and it was only after a great demonstration of the finer arts of football that England beat Scotland, at Birmingham, on Saturday, by two goals to one. To the average spectator perhaps the game was lacking in some of the picturesqueness which is expected in fixtures of this international kind, but to those of practical experience in the game Saturday's  match was full of excellence. And the thing that must have been most appreciated by those keener judges of the play was the work of the English half-backs, with whom lay really the secret of England's success. For some years now the development of the duties of half-back in Association football has made this line in the game as vital as it is in Rugby Union ; and that this is so was well illustrated on Saturday...

England scored their two goals in the first half of the game at periods of 25 minutes and 40 minutes from the start. The first was by G. O. Smith, to whom fortune was kind ; he lofted the ball at a 20 yards range over the heads of the halves and full backs, and the shot took effect in the top angle of the left post, the ball rebounding into the net off the post. But the second goal was a masterpiece. Athersmith got down on the right, and, with his opponents closing in on him, he middled to Settle, who had the goal at his mercy.

The Scotsmen played a tremendous game at the beginning of the second half, and in seven or eight minutes the ball was bullied through after the goalkeeper had fallen...

Their large ground at Aston was thronged by a company 40,000 strong, and the methods for dealing with such a company were perfectly carried out. - The Times - Monday 10th April, 1899

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