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Chile are the 25th different opposition

first new opposition at World Cup Finals

'B' 07 vs. Italy
254 vs. Portugal
'B' 08 vs. Netherlands
previous senior match (38 days)
255 vs. Belgium
previous match (35 days)
'B' 09 vs. Luxembourg
next match (4 days)
257 vs. United States
258 vs. Spain
278 vs. Chile

At the time of England's first ever World Cup Finals match, the BBC were showing "The Eagle", followed by "Justice"
Sunday, 25 June 1950
The IV Campeonato Mundial de Futebol Taça Jules Rimet First Phase Pool Two match one/two

England 2 Chile 0 [1-0]

Players lost since last match
Bill Townley (30 May 1950) 84
David Mercer (3 June) 57
Brazil is the 24th nation visited by England
Estádio Municipal, Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Kick-off (BRT): 3.00pm, 7.00pm BST
Attendance: 29,703
although estimations put it closer to between 50,000 & 65,000;
unknown kicked-off 
[1-0] Stan Mortensen header 39
 'Dickinson pushed the ball to Jimmy Mullen who lifted it almost on to the head of Mortensen, waiting in the goalmouth, who nodded it neatly home'

[1-0] Hernán Carvallo strike hits the crossbar
[1-0] George Robledo freekick hits the post
[1-0] Manuel Muñoz strike hits the post
[2-0] Wilf Mannion 51
 'Mortensen crashed through and quickly passed to Tom Finney, who slipped the ball inside to be rammed home by Mannion.'
no TV or Radio coverage
"Rio 2-0 but it was really a walk-over" Daily Herald
Officials England Party FIFA ruling on substitutes Chile Party
Referee (black (white sleeves))
Karel Louis van der Meer
44 (29 July 1905), Den Haag, Netherlands.
replaced Alois Beranek (15 January 1900, Wien, Austria)
The continental ruling of allowing a substitute to replace an injured player prior to the 44th minute, and a goalkeeper at any time, is in place.
Mario Gardelli
(1908) Brazil
Gunnar Johannes Dahlner
47 (15 March 1903), Ljungby, Sweden
England Team
Rank No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 2nd
Colours The 1949 home uniform - White collared short-sleeved jerseys, blue shorts, black socks with white tops.
P 12th of 43, W 9 - D 0 - L 3 - F 36 - A 17.

Billy Wright
Manager Walter Winterbottom, 37 (31 March 1913), appointed as FA national director of coaching/team manager on 8 July 1946;
15th of 90, W 12 - D 0 - L 3 - F 44 - A 18. Trainers: Jimmy Trotter (Charlton Athletic FC) and Bill Riddings (Bolton Wanderers FC) P 30th of 139, W 23 - D 3 - L 4 - F 102 - A 31.
² Team announced by Arthur Drewry on Friday, 23 June.
England Lineup
  two changes to the previous match (Hughes & Mullen>Jones & Milburn) FINAL league positions (6 May)  
1 Williams, Bert F. 30
145 days
31 January 1920 G Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL RU) 8 8ᵍᵃ
youngest/oldest WCF goalkeeper so far
2 Ramsey, Alfred E. 30
154 days
22 January 1920 RB Tottenham Hotspur FC (FL2 Winners) 6 0
3 Aston, John 28
295 days
3 September 1921 LB Manchester United FC (FL 4th) 15 0
4 Wright, William A. 26
139 days
6 February 1924 RHB Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL RU) 30 2
the fourth & youngest player to reach the 30-app milestone
694 5 Hughes, Lawrence 26
115 days

2 March 1924

CHB Liverpool FC (FL 8th) 1 0
the 15th Liverpool player to represent England
6 Dickinson, James W. 25
62 days
24 April 1925 LHB Portsmouth FC (FL CHAMPIONS) 8 0
youngest WCF player so far
Finney, Thomas 28
81 days
5 April 1922 OR Preston North End FC (FL2 6th) 26 18
youngest WCF assist so far
Mannion, Wilfred J. 32
40 days
16 May 1918 IR Middlesbrough FC (FL 9th) 20 10
oldest WCF player & goalscorer so far the 22nd player to reach the 20-app milestone
9 Bentley, T.F. Roy 26
39 days
17 May 1924 CF Chelsea FC (FL 13th) 5 2
Mortensen, Stanley H. 29
30 days
26 May 1921 IL Blackpool FC (FL 7th) 19 20
youngest WCF scorer so far the fourth player to reach the twenty goal milestone (3yrs 31dys)
Mullen, James 27
170 days
6 January 1923 OL Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL RU) 5 2
oldest WCF assist so far
reserves: not permitted
World Cup Finals notes: A list of firsts for England - first World Cup Finals match. Mortensen scores the first World Cup Finals goal for England.
Laurie Hughes is the first England player to make his first appearance in the World Cup Finals.
The entire team wore oxygen masks during the half-time break.
Mortensen scores the first World Cup Finals goal for England.
opposition notes: Another list of firsts for England - first match in South America, first South American opposition,
team notes: This is also Billy Wright's record thirtieth consecutive appearance, he had injured his left knee which required three minutes' treatment while Mortensen replaced him.
records: Predominantly because of the World Cup Finals, England have played eight matches in a season for a fourth time. The first time they have won seven matches in a single season.
This victory, the seventh in a row, extends the post-war record, beating the record set back in 1946 but still short of the record of ten victories set in 1908-09.
2-3-5 Williams -
Ramsey, Aston -
Wright, Hughes, Dickinson -
Finney, Mannion, Bentley, Mortensen, Mullen.
Averages: Age 28 years 84 days Appearances/Goals 13.0 4.7
oldest & youngest WCF team so far most & least experienced WCF team so far
Chile Team
Rank No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 28th to 30th
Colours Red v-necked jerseys, blue shorts, white socks.
Captain Sergio Livingstone Manager Alberto Bucciardi, 46 (11 May 1914)
Chile Lineup
1 Livingstone Pohlhammer, Sergio R. 30
91 days
26 March 1920 G CD Universidad Católica    
oldest opposition WCF player so far
2 Roldán Campos, Fernando 28
253 days
15 October 1921 RB CD Universidad Católica    
3 Álvarez Jiménez, Manuel 22
33 days
23 May 1928 LB CD Universidad Católica    
4 Farías Barraza, Arturo 22
236 days
1 November 1927 RHB CSD Colo-Colo    
5 Busquéts Terrazas, Miguel 29
253 days
15 October 1920 CHB CD Universidad Católica    
6 Carvallo Castro, L. Hernán 27
310 days
19 August 1922 LHB CD Universidad Católica    
7 Mayanés Contreras, Luis L. 25
161 days
15 January 1925 OR CD Universidad Católica    
8 Cremaschi Oyarzún, Atilio 27
109 days
8 March 1923 IR CU Española SADP    
9 Robledo Oliver, Jorge 24
72 days
14 April 1926 CF Newcastle United FC, England    
10 Muñoz Muñoz, Manuel 22
58 days
28 April 1928 IL CSD Colo-Colo    
11 Díaz Zambrano, Guillermo E. 19
178 days
29 December 1930 OL CD Santiago Wanderers    
first opp. player from 1930's
youngest opposition WCF player so far
reserves: not permitted
team notes: Chile qualified without playing a match because of the withdrawal of Argentina from its qualifying group.
Sergio Livingstone was England's oldest opposing World Cup Finals player for seven days only, afterwhich he became the oldest opposing goalkeeper, a record he held until the final group match of the 1954 Finals.
3-2-2-3 Livingstone -
Roldán, Busquéts, Álvarez -
Farías, Carvallo -
Cremaschi, Muñoz -
Mayanás, Robledo, Díaz.
Averages: Age 25 years 161 days Appearances/Goals tbc tbc
youngest/oldest opposing WCF team so far
              Match Report by Mike Payne

This long-awaited first World Cup finals match for the England team was played in pouring rain in front of an estimated crowd of 50,000 - although the official attendance given by the Brazilian FA was much less than that.

England sprang a surprise by selecting Laurie Hughes of Liverpool to win his first cap. It was a tough match in which to make an international debut but Hughes acquitted himself well.

The football was disappointing. The England attack never really got going and the defence found the Chilean forward line lively, albeit weak in front of goal.

It was England who went ahead in the 38th minute. A centre by Jimmy Mullen found Stan Mortensen and he gave Livingstone no chance with a firm header.

England enjoyed territorial advantage for most of the first half but Chile were unlucky when Carvelho hit the bar and again when Robledo, the Newcastle centre-forward, who led the Chilean side, hit the post with a 30-yard free-kick.

Chile employed some robust tactics in the second half and the England players found it difficult to get into any sort of rhythm. Billy Wright and Wilf Mannion strove manfully, though, and England still remained in a comfortable position.

It was their turn for some bad luck in this half as they hit the bar twice. Roy Bentley and Mortensen both went close with headers and the two England forwards had looked sharp.

Robledo was Chile's main threat, but midway through the second half, England scored their decisive second goal. Mortensen sent Finney away down the right and his cross was put neatly inside the post with a low shot by Mannion.


              Match Report by Norman Giller

England made a far from impressive start to their World Cup campaign against Chile but got away with a victory. The vast Maracana Stadium, with workmen still putting the finishing touches, held 200,000 spectators and it looked and sounded deserted with fewer than 30,000 watching the game. The FA saw fit to organise a goodwill tour of Canada at the same time as the World Cup finals in Brazil, and then 'ummed' and 'ahhed' when Manchester United requested that none of their players should be considered because they had arranged a trip to the United States. Walter Winterbottom, battling against this blinkered club-before-country attitude, almost had to get on his knees to have first choice for the World Cup. As it was, he had to go to Brazil without without England's most famous player, Stanley Matthews, who was sent on the totally meaningless Canadian trip as a footballing ambassador. Special arrangements had to be made to fly him down to Rio for the World Cup, and he arrived after England had won this opening match 2-0 against Chile. Laurie Hughes replaced his Liverpool clubmate Bill Jones at centre-half. He won three England caps, all in this World Cup tournament. Stan Mortensen gave England a thirty-eighth minute lead against the run of play when he headed in a Jimmy Mullen cross. [Mannion] turned goal scorer just after the hour when he drove the ball into the net following neat approach work by Mortensen and Tom Finney. George Robledo, the Newcastle forward playing for his home country of Chile, rattled the England woodwork with a 30-yard free-kick, and neutral observers thought the Chileans unlucky not to get at least a draw. But an easier match against the United States was to follow!

Other World Cup Results (25 June 1950)
Pool 1:
Switzerland 0 Yugoslavia 3
   Estádio Independência, Belo Horizonte
Mitić60, Tomašević70, Ognjanov76

Pool 2:
Spain 3 United States 1
   Estádio Durival Britto e Silva, Curitiba
Igoa54, Basora56, Zarra63 ~ Pariani17
  Pool 3:
Italy 2 Sweden 3
Estádio Municipal Paulo Machado de Carvalho, São Paulo (56,502)
Carapellese7, Muccinelli78 ~
Jeppson25, 69, Andersson34
Italy suffered a first-ever World Cup defeat after winning the last two tournaments before the war. Meanwhile, Spain kicked off half an hour after England's game and joined them at the top of Pool 2. The tournament had opened with the hosts, Brazil's 4-0 win against Mexico in Pool 1, in the Maracanã, the previous day.

       In Other News....
It was on 25 June 1950 that the Korean War began when North Korean forces crossed the 38th Parallel (northern line of latitude) into South Korea, and so began three years of fighting in which three million people lost their lives.
              Source Notes
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