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'U23' 13 vs. Poland

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326 vs. Northern Ireland

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327 vs. USSR

'U23' 15 vs. Scotland (postponed)
'U23' 15 vs. France
Wednesday, 15 October 1958
International Friendly Intermediate Match

England 3 Czechoslovakia 0

Carrow Road Football Ground, Carrow Road, Richmond Hill, Norwich, Norfolk
Kick-off (GMT): 7.30pm

Attendance: '38,000' (floodlit)
unknown kicked-off
[1-0] Bobby Charlton 13
 'Setters sent inside right Jimmy Greaves streaking through. He flipped the ball to Charlton' to score
[2-0] Jimmy Greaves 33
 'Joe Baker flicked a square pass for Greaves to hit the ball into an empty net.'
[2-0] Albert Scanlon cross hits the crossbar 63
[3-0] Bobby Charlton 63
 'first-timed it from the edge of the box' following a Bert Scanlon cross
There is no Television or Radio coverage
"HEARTS OF OAK" Daily Mirror
Officials England FIFA ruling on substitutes Czechoslovakia
Albert Alsteen
42 (13 August 1916), Liége, Belgium
yellow flag             Linesmen                  red flag
Leonard Clifford Howes
44 (28 March 1914) Great Yarmouth
Gordon Dillon Roper
40 (11 May 1918) Newmarket
England Intermediate Team


No official ranking system established; Colours: The 1954 Umbro away uniform - Red v-necked short-sleeved continental jerseys, white shorts, red socks with white tops.
Capt: Jimmy Armfield
2nd, W 2 - D 0 - L 0 - F 7 - A 1.
Manager: Walter Winterbottom, 45 (31 March 1913), appointed as FA national director of coaching/team manager on 8 July 1946;
14th intermediate match, W 10 - D 2 - L 2 - F 43 - A 15.
Trainer: Ron Greenwood (Arsenal FC)
Team chosen by the Intermediate Selection Committee, headed by Frank Adams, on Monday, 29 September.
England Lineup
  unchanged from the previous U23 match league position (29 September)  
  Hodgkinson, Alan 22
60 days
16 August 1936 G Sheffield United FC (FL2 6th) 7 6ᵍᵃ
2 Armfield, James 23
24 days
21 September 1935 RB Blackpool FC (FL 7th) 4 0
3 Allen, Anthony 18
322 days
27 November 1939 LB Stoke City FC (FL2 5th) 2 0
4 Setters, Maurice E. 21
303 days
16 December 1936 RHB West Bromwich Albion FC (FL 8th) 6 0
5 Scott, Melyvn Douglas 18
19 days
26 September 1939 CHB Chelsea FC (FL 4th) 2 0
6 McGuinness, Wilfred 20
355 days
25 October 1937 LHB Manchester United FC (FL 6th) 2 0
7 Brabrook, Peter 20
341 days
8 November 1937 OR Chelsea FC (FL 4th) 5 1
Greaves, James P. 18
237 days
20 February 1940 IR Chelsea FC (FL 4th) 6 7
=most goals 1958 
Baker, Joseph H. 18
90 days
17 July 1940 CF Hibernian FC, Scotland (SL 8th) 2 0
Charlton, Robert 21
3 days
11 October 1937 IL Manchester United FC (FL 6th) 2 5
Scanlon, Albert Joseph 23
4 days
10 October 1935 OL Manchester United FC (FL 6th) 2 0
reserves: Tony Macedo (Fulham FC (FL2 TOP)), Alan Williams (Bristol City FC (FL2 3rd)) and Ray Parry (Bolton Wanderers FC (FL 3rd))... Parry was replaced with Jimmy Murray (Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL 9th)) on 10th October because of an injury. Murray then received his own injury, and he was replaced with Peter Dobing (Blackburn Rovers FC (FL 13th)) on 13th October.
team notes: The International Selection Committee were in attendance at this match, looking at any last minute alterations to their Senior team to face Russia next week.
2-3-5 Hodgkinson -
Armfield, Allen -
Setters, Scott, McGuinness -
Brabrook, Greaves, Baker, Charlton, Scanlon.
Averages: Age 20 years 260 days Appearances/Goals 3.7 0.9
Czechoslovakia Intermediate Team


No official ranking system established; Colours: 'The Czechs, wearing the white' jerseys, red shorts, and blue stockings
Capt:   Selector:  
Czechoslovakia Lineup
1 Holes, Júliuš 19
211 days
18 March 1939  G DŠO Dynamo Žilina    
2 Lála, Jan 20
35 days
10 September 1938 RB VTJ Dukla Pardubice    
4 Stary     LB      
16 Kos      RHB      
3 Horváth, Alexander 19
291 days
28 December 1938 CHB DŠO Dynamo Žilina   
4 Jarábek, Stanislav 19
300 days
19 December 1938 LHB VTJ Dukla Pardubice    
7 Pospíchal, Tomáš 22
111 days
26 June 1936 OR DSO Baník Ostrava    
8 Obert, Jozef, injured off 37th min. 20
284 days
4 January 1938 IR Ruda Hvĕzda Brno
9 Scherer, Adolf 20
193 days
5 May 1938 CF TJ ČH Bratislava    
10 Molnar, Pavol 22
244 days
13 February 1936 IL TJ ČH Bratislava    
11 Koiš, Ľudovít  23
67 days
9 August 1935 OL FC Spartak Trnava    
Czechoslovakia Substitute
scoreline: England 2 Czechoslovakia 0
12  Korinek, on 37th min. for Obert            
result: England 3 Czechoslovakia 0
unused substitutes: not known
pre-match notes: The Czechs were given a civic reception in Norwich on Tuesday, 14th. The team then 'put in a spell of training under floodlights at a ground on the outskirts of the city'
team notes: Kos was a last moment replacement for original left-half, Andrej Kvašñák
2-3-5 Holes -
Stary, Lala -
Jarábek, Horváth, Kos -
 Pospíchal, Obert (Korinek), Scherer, Molnar, Koiš
Averages: Age 20 years 355 days Appearances/Goals
               Match Report by Bill Holden, Daily Mirror, Thursday, 16 October 1958

ENGLAND'S Selectors meet tomorrow to pick the team to play Russia at Wembley next Wednesday—and the success of the Under-3 team hear tonight should leave them with no problems. The nimble Czechs with their guile and skill were a tremendously difficult handful for the England youngsters.
But these lads, playing in unfamiliar red shirts, were boys with the hearts and craft of men. Three of them, left half Wilf McGuinness; outside right Peter Brabrook and inside left Bobby Charlton, have already been in the full England side and I believe they will keep their places.
   The selectors are looking for a deputy for injured Tommy Banks. Tonight, Tony Allen, fair-haired Stoke City left back, only eighteen, showed that he can safely be given the job.
Unhappily there can be no room in the full England side for right half Maurice Setters, a dynamo of energy and inspiration. He was great, and if he had any fault, it was in trying to do too much work. Once the Czechs' initial thrusts had been blunted, it was only a matter of how long it would take England to go ahead. In the fifth minute Brabrook went on a great sprint down the right wing and his cross was clutched by the 'keeper at the foot of the post. Then Charlton brilliantly manoeuvred an opening for centre forward Joe Baker, but he was too slow to grasp it. The thirteenth minute was fatal for the Czechs, Setters sent inside right Jimmy Greaves streaking through. He flipped the ball to Charlton as the inside man yelled 'yes' and Mr. Dynamite Charlton blasted it in. Another Charlton thunderbolt was saved just as it was screaming inside the post, and he created another chance which Baker failed to take. Yet, in the thirty-third minute, Baker, the weak link of the England attack, harassed goalkeeper Holes and centre half Horváth into losing possession.
   Baker flicked a square pass for Greaves to hit the ball into an empty net.
Again Charlton, writing his name in flame, juggled through. But as the 'keeper catapulted across the goal Charlton's shot flashed inches wide. Promptly the Czechs brought on a substitute, Korinek, to replace Obert with the obvious job of helping to mark Charlton. It made little difference. In the first five minutes after the interval England forced four corners. The Czechs, still slick and dangerous were tamed every time by the England defence.
   Allen earned roars of applause for his cool work.
In the sixty-third minute Charlton hammered in England's third. He created an attack which the Czechs could never properly clear, and with the ball bobbing about the penalty area as if it were in a pin-table machine. Charlton first-timed it from the edge of the box—a shot that the 'keeper never even saw. On the one occasion that the Czechs managed to cut through the England defence Scherer shot wide. Baker, who improved and increased his pace as the game went on, came close to scoring in the 71st minute, but it was not his night.
   Put through perfectly by Scanlon nine minutes from the end, he slipped and missed his kick with only the keeper to beat.
Next when Baker went through brilliantly by himself, Charlton was not quick enough to run onto his pass. But these are minor quibbles. Baker undoubtedly fits in with this attack and will match the best.


               Match Report as appears in the F.A. Yearbook 1959-60 page 32

England, fielding the same Under-23 side that beat Poland, were again successful in this match at Norwich. This time their opponents fought hard all the way, and the match maintained its interest to the end. A move after a quarter-of-an-hour by Setters and Greaves gave Charlton the chance to put England ahead, and Greaves made it two before the interval after good work by Baker. In the second half Charlton scored a third after Scanlon had hit the post. Once again, Charlton stood out as the completer footballer, and he was well supported by Allen, Scott, Greaves and Scanlon. The Czech team tackled hard and cleanly, and were perhaps a little unlucky not to score.

               Source Notes
Official matchday programme
FA Yearbook 1959-60
  Rothman's Yearbooks
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