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Tournament Records

Year First place Second place Third place Fourth place
1883-84 (1st) Scotland England Wales Ireland
1884-85 (2nd) Scotland England Wales Ireland
1885-86 (3rd) Scotland & England Wales Ireland
1886-87 (4th) Scotland England Ireland Wales
1887-88 (5th) England  Scotland Ireland Wales
1888-89 (6th) Scotland England Wales Ireland
1889-90 (7th)  Scotland & England Wales Ireland
1890-91 (8th)  England  Scotland Ireland Wales
1891-92 (9th)  England  Scotland Ireland & Wales
1892-93 (10th)  England  Scotland Ireland Wales
1893-94 (11th)  Scotland England Wales Ireland
1894-95 (12th)  England  Wales & Scotland Ireland
1895-96 (13th) Scotland England Wales Ireland
1896-97 (14th) Scotland England Ireland Wales
1897-98 (15th)  England  Scotland Ireland Wales
1898-99 (16th) England  Scotland Ireland Wales
1899-1900 (17th) Scotland Wales & England Ireland
1900-01 (18th)  England  Scotland Ireland Wales
1901-02 (19th) Scotland England Ireland Wales
1902-03 (20th)  England, Ireland & Scotland Wales
1903-04 (21st)  England  Ireland Wales & Scotland
1904-05 (22nd)  England  Wales Scotland & Ireland
1905-06 (23rd)  England & Scotland  Wales Ireland
1906-07 (24th) Wales England Scotland Ireland
1907-08 (25th) Scotland & England Ireland Wales
1908-09 (26th)  England  Wales Scotland Ireland
1909-10 (27th) Scotland England & Ireland Wales
1910-11 (28th) England  Scotland Wales Ireland
1911-12 (29th)  England & Scotland  Ireland Wales
1912-13 (30th) England  Scotland & Wales Ireland
1913-14 (31st) Ireland Scotland England Wales

Tournament Records

Year First place Second place Third place Fourth place
1919-20 (32nd) Wales Scotland & England Ireland
1920-21 (33rd) Scotland Wales & England Ireland
1921-22 (34th) Scotland England & Wales Ireland
1922-23 (35th) Scotland England Ireland Wales
1923-24 (36th) Wales  Scotland England Ireland
1924-25 (37th) Scotland  England Wales & Ireland
1925-26 (38th) Scotland Ireland Wales England
1926-27 (39th) Scotland & England Ireland & Wales
1927-28 (40th) Wales Ireland Scotland England
1928-29 (41st) Scotland  England Wales & Ireland
1929-30 (42nd)  England Scotland Ireland Wales
1930-31 (43rd)  Scotland & England   Wales Ireland
1931-32 (44th)  England Scotland Ireland Wales
1932-33 (45th) Wales  Scotland England Ireland
1933-34 (46th) Wales England Ireland Scotland
1934-35 (47th)  England & Scotland Ireland & Wales
1935-36 (48th) Scotland England & Wales Ireland
1936-37 (49th) Wales  Scotland England Ireland
1937-38 (50th)  England Scotland & Ireland Wales
1938-39 (51st)  England, Scotland & Wales Ireland

Tournament Records

Year First place Second place Third place Fourth place
1946-47 (52nd)  England Ireland Wales & Scotland
1947-48 (53rd)  England Wales  Ireland Scotland
1948-49 (54th) Scotland  England Wales Ireland
1949-50 (55th) This season's British Championship also served as the 1950 World Cup qualification group 1
England Scotland  Wales & Ireland
1950-51 (56th) Scotland  England Wales Ireland
1951-52 (57th)  Wales & England Scotland Ireland
1952-53 (58th)  England & Scotland Ireland & Wales
1953-54 (59th) This season's British Championship also served as the 1954 World Cup qualification group 3
 England Scotland Ireland Wales
1954-55 (60th)  England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland
1955-56 (61st) England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland
1956-57 (62nd)  England Scotland  Wales & Northern Ireland 
1957-58 (63rd)  England & Northern Ireland Scotland & Wales
1958-59 (64th) Northern Ireland & England Scotland Wales
1959-60 (65th) Scotland, England & Wales Northern Ireland
1960-61 (66th)  England  Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
1961-62 (67th) Scotland  Wales England Northern Ireland
1962-63 (68th) Scotland England  Wales Northern Ireland
1963-64 (69th) England, Scotland & Northern Ireland Wales
1964-65 (70th)  England  Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
1965-66 (71st) England Northern Ireland Scotland  Wales
1966-67 (72nd) This season's British Championship also served as the 1968 European Championship qualification group 8
Scotland England  Wales Northern Ireland
1967-68 (73rd) This season's British Championship also served as the 1968 European Championship qualification group 8
England Scotland Wales & Northern Ireland
1968-69 (74th)  England Scotland Northern Ireland Wales
1969-70 (75th) England, Scotland & Wales Northern Ireland
1970-71 (76th) England Northern Ireland Wales Scotland
1971-72 (77th) England & Scotland Northern Ireland Wales
1972-73 (78th) England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
1973-74 (79th) Scotland & England Northern Ireland & Wales
1974-75 (80th) England Scotland & Northern Ireland Wales
1975-76 (81st) Scotland England  Wales Northern Ireland
1976-77 (82nd) Scotland Wales England  Northern Ireland
1977-78 (83rd) England  Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
1978-79 (84th) England  Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
1979-80 (85th) Northern Ireland England  Wales Scotland
1980-81 (86th) Competition abandoned - unfinished with no winners
Scotland Wales England Northern Ireland
1981-82 (87th)  England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland
1982-83 (88th)  England Scotland Northern Ireland Wales
1983-84 (89th) Northern Ireland Wales England Scotland



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