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Season 2020-21
UEFA Under-21 Championship 2021 preliminary matches
398 group three
 4 September 2020 - Kosovo 0 England 6 [0-0]
Stadiumi Fadil Vokrri, Prishtinë
Nketiah (3 (1 pen)), Nelson, Sessegnon, Bellingham AW
England: 1.Aaron Ramsdale, 2.M.Aarons, 4.Ben Godfrey, 15.Marc Guéhi, 5.L.Kelly, 21.Conor Gallagher (11.K.Sessegnon), 6.T.Davies (8.Jude Bellingham), 16.O.Skipp, 17.Bukayo Saka (10.Callum Hudson-Odoi), 9.Eddie Nketiahᶜ (19.R.Brewster), 14.T.Cantwell (7.R.Nelson). Unused subs: 22.J.Bursik, 12.T.Lamptey, 18.James Justin, 20.P.Dasilva.
Goalkeeper, Brandon Austin was also in the squad for the two September fixtures. Eberechi Eze and Reece James withdrew with injuries. Lamptey was brought in as a replacement. 17-year-old Jude Bellingham came on as a substitute to become England Under-21s' youngest ever debutant, and scored the sixth goal.
399  8 September 2020 - Austria 1 England 2 [0-1]
Keine Sorgen Arena, Ried im Innkreis
Nketiah, Godfrey
England: 1.Aaron Ramsdale, 12.T.Lamptey (2.M.Aarons), 4.Ben Godfrey, 15.Marc Guéhi, 18.James Justin, 16.O.Skipp (6.T.Davies), 7.R.Nelson (14.T.Cantwell), 8.Jude Bellingham, 9.Eddie Nketiahᶜ (19.R.Brewster), 10.Callum Hudson-Odoi, 11.K.Sessegnon (20.P.Dasilva). Unused subs: 22.J.Bursik, 3.J.Panzo, 5.L.Kelly, 21.Conor Gallagher.
400 7 October 2020 - Andorra 3 England 3 [1-1]
Estadi Nacional, Andorra La Vella
R.Fernández (2), García
Davies, Dasilva, Nketiah
England: 1.Aaron Ramsdale, 2.M.Aarons, 3.J.Panzo, 14.B.Williams, 15.R.Williams, 6.T.Daviesᶜ, 17.Eberechi Eze, 19.S.Surridge (9.Eddie Nketiah), 20.P.Dasilva (8.Jude Bellingham), 21.D.McNeil (11.K.Sessegnon), 23.C.Jones (10.Callum Hudson-Odoi). Unused subs: 22.J.Bursik, 4.Ben Godfrey, 5.Marc Guéhi, 16.O.Skipp, 18.James Justin.
Ellery Balcombe, Rhian Brewster, Tariq Lamptey, Reiss Nelson and Japhet Tanganga withdrew from the squad for the two October fixtures with injuries. Reece James was taken out of the squad to make his full international debut as a substitute against Wales at Wembley on the day after the Andorra game. Over the next six days, he made two further Wembley appearances, in the Nations League, first as a substitute against Belgium, but then received a red card after playing the full game against Denmark. Surridge, Brandon Williams and Rhys Williams came in as replacements.
401 13 October 2020 - England 2 Turkey 1 [1-0]
Molineux Stadium, Wolverhampton (bcd)
Türkmen OG, Nketiah
Ramsdale saved a 53rd-minute penalty from Dervişoğlu, and Nketiah hit the post from an 85th-minute penalty.
England: 1.Aaron Ramsdale, 2.M.Aarons, 18.James Justin, 4.Ben Godfrey, 5.Marc Guéhi, 6.O.Skipp, 20.P.Dasilva (17.Eberechi Eze), 8.Jude Bellingham, 9.Eddie Nketiahᶜ, 10.Callum Hudson-Odoi (21.D.McNeil), 11.K.Sessegnon. Unused subs: 13.B.Austin, 22.J.Bursik, 3.J.Panzo, 6.T.Davies, 14.B.Williams, 15.R.Williams, 19.S.Surridge.
Postponed from 30 March 2020 at Turf Moor, Burnley, due to Covid-19 pandemic. Austin was the goalkeeping replacement for Balcombe.
402 13 November 2020 - England 3 Andorra 1 [1-1]
Molineux Stadium, Wolverhampton (bcd)
Jones, Wilmot, Hudson-Odoi (pen)
García (pen)
England: 1.Aaron Ramsdaleᶜ, 2.T.Lamptey, 3.J.Panzo, 12.B.Wilmot, 15.R.Williams, 19.R.Brewster (9.Eddie Nketiah), 8.Conor Gallagher, 20.P.Dasilva, 7.C.Jones (23.J.Musiala), 21.D.McNeil (14.L.Buchanan), 10.Callum Hudson-Odoi (11.Eberechi Eze). Unused subs: 22.J.Bursik, 5.Marc Guéhi, 6.T.Davies, 16.O.Skipp, 18.James Justin.
Postponed from 26 March 2020 at bet365 Stadium, Stoke-on-Trent, due to Covid-19 pandemic. Max Aarons withdrew from the squad for the two November fixtures following a head injury, and Ryan Sessegnon had to return to Hoffenheim in Germany and go into quarantine following a coronavirus outbreak at his club. Jude Bellingham was taken out of the squad to make his full international debut as a substitute against the Republic of Ireland at Wembley on the night before the Andorra game. He was then an unused substitute for two Nations League fixtures over the next six days, in Belgium, and against Iceland at Wembley. Davies was brought in as a replacement.
403 17 November 2020 - England 5 Albania 0 [3-0]
Molineux Stadium, Wolverhampton (bcd)
Hudson-Odoi, Justin, Musiala, Nketiah (2) HW
Nketiah's 81st-minute penalty was saved by Molla.
England: 22.J.Bursik, 12.B.Wilmot, 4.Ben Godfrey, 17.L.Kelly, 18.James Justin, 16.O.Skipp (20.P.Dasilva), 6.T.Davies, 14.L.Buchanan (21.D.McNeil), 23.J.Musiala (7.C.Jones), 9.Eddie Nketiahᶜ, 10.Callum Hudson-Odoi (8.Conor Gallagher). Unused subs: 1.Aaron Ramsdale, 13.B.Austin, 2.T.Lamptey, 3.J.Panzo.
Godfrey also came in as a replacement. Brewster, Eze, Guéhi and Williams withdrew after the Andorra game. Jamal Musiala went on to represent Germany as a full international.
UEFA European Championship 2021 Finals in Slovenia

group D
 25 March 2021 - England 0 Switzerland 1 [0-0]
Stadion Bonifika, Koper
Ndoye NL
England: 1.Aaron Ramsdale, 4.Ben Godfrey, 5.Marc Guéhi, 3.L.Kelly, 2.M.Aarons, 6.T.Davies (17.C.Jones), 16.O.Skipp, 21.D.McNeil (11.K.Sessegnon), 10.Callum Hudson-Odoi, 9.Eddie Nketiahᶜ (19.R.Brewster), 18.Emile Smith Rowe (20.Eberechi Eze).
Mason Greenwood withdrew from the squad for the tournament with an injury.
405 28 March 2021 - Portugal 2 England 0 [0-0]
Stadion Stožice, Ljubljana (bcd)
Mota, Trincão (pen) NL
England: 1.Aaron Ramsdale, 14.Z.Sessegnon (19.R.Brewster), 5.Marc Guéhi, 4.Ben Godfrey, 15.J.Tanganga, 18.Emile Smith Rowe (20.Eberechi Eze), 16.O.Skipp, 6.T.Davies (8.Conor Gallagher), 11.K.Sessegnon (21.D.McNeil), 9.Eddie Nketiahᶜ, 23.N.Madueke (17.C.Jones).
Hudson-Odoi picked up a shoulder injury on the day before the match and missed the rest of the tournament.

31 March 2021 - Croatia 1 England 2 [0-1]
Stadion Bonifika, Koper (bcd)
Eze (pen), Jones
Curtis Jones90
England: 1.Aaron Ramsdale, 2.M.Aarons, 15.J.Tanganga, 12.B.Wilmot, 3.L.Kelly, 8.Conor Gallagher (19.R.Brewster), 16.O.Skipp, 20.Eberechi Eze, 17.C.Jones, 9.Eddie Nketiahᶜ (7.T.Cantwell), 21.D.McNeil (14.Z.Sessegnon).
England's two-goal lead after 74 minutes would have taken them through to the quarter-finals at the end of May on goal difference, but Croatia's goal in the first minute of added time put them through and left England at the bottom of the group table. Davies, Godfrey, Guéhi and Smith Rowe all withdrew with injuries before the game. Cantwell had been a replacement for Greenwood.
20-year-olds in UEFA finals squad: Brewster, Bursik (unused), Guéhi, Hudson-Odoi, Jones, the Sessegnon twins (Kouassi Ryan and Zeze Steven), Skipp and Smith Rowe.
19-year-olds in UEFA finals squad: Griffiths (unused) and Madueke (Greenwood was also 19).
England are eliminated at the group stage of the 2021 UEFA Under-21 Championship. Germany are the eventual winners. 13.J.Bursik and 22.J.Griffiths were unused squad members.

Season 2021-22
x Lee Carsley
Friendly match
pp 3 September 2021 - Romania vs. England
Stadionul Naţional de Rugby Arcul de Triumf, București
Match cancelled on the day before the game after two members of the England playing and support staff tested positive for Covid-19 at St George's Park. App
Aston Villa's Jacob Ramsey had to withdraw from the squad for the two September fixtures to go into Covid isolation with his club.
UEFA Under-21 Championship 2023 preliminary matches
407 group G
 7 September 2021 - England 2 Kosovo 0 [2-0]
Stadium MK, Milton Keynes
Brewster (pen), Palmer HW
England: 1.J.Bursik, 2.M.Aarons, 3.L.Thomas, 4.Marc Guéhiᶜ, 15.T.Harwood-Bellis, 6.O.Skipp (14.T.Doyle), 7.R.Brewster (9.F.Balogun), 8.Conor Gallagher, 18.J.Garner, 20.Cole Palmer (12.T.John-Jules), 23.N.Madueke (21.V.Livramento). Unused subs: 13.E.Green, 22.J.Griffiths, 5.C.Cresswell, 16.Levi Colwill, 19.A.Ramsey.
Harvey Elliott and Ryan Sessegnon withdrew with injuries, whilst Curtis Jones was unavailable due to his red card, six months earlier, against Croatia. Emile Smith Rowe was a late withdrawal through illness and Palmer took his place in the line-up, with Balogun being added to the bench. Ramsey was promoted from the Under-19 squad as a replacement.
408 7 October 2021 - Slovenia 2 England 2 [0-2]
Stadion Z'dežele, Celje (457)
Španring, Stojinović
Gallagher, Palmer
England: 1.J.Bursik, 2.M.Aarons (21.V.Livramento), 3.L.Thomas, 4.Marc Guéhiᶜ, 15.T.Harwood-Bellis, 6.O.Skipp, 7.R.Brewster (9.F.Balogun), 8.Conor Gallagher, 12.J.Ramsey, 20.Cole Palmer (19.T.John-Jules), 10.Emile Smith Rowe. Unused subs: 13.E.Green, 5.C.Cresswell, 11.J.Gelhardt, 14.T.Doyle, 18.J.Garner, 23.A.Gomes.
Levi Colwill, Josh Griffiths and Noni Madueke withdrew from the squad for the two October fixtures with injuries. Gelhardt came in as a replacement, as did Clinton Mola and goalkeeper, Carl Rushworth, but neither was used.
409 11 October 2021 - Andorra 0 England 1 [0-0]
Estadi Nacional, Andorra la Vella (572)
Smith Rowe AW
 height=Rhian Brewster55
England: 13.E.Green, 21.V.Livramento, 3.L.Thomas, 4.Marc Guéhiᶜ, 15.T.Harwood-Bellis, 8.Conor Gallagher, 14.T.Doyle, 18.J.Garner (17.C.Jones), 20.Cole Palmer (23.A.Gomes), 7.R.Brewster, 10.Emile Smith Rowe (9.F.Balogun). Unused subs: 1.J.Bursik, 2.M.Aarons, 5.C.Cresswell, 6.O.Skipp, 12.J.Ramsey, 19.T.John-Jules.
410 11 November 2021 - England 3 Czech Republic 1 [3-1]
Turf Moor, Burnley (6,507)
Gordon (2), Balogun
Karabec (pen)
England: 1.J.Bursik, 2.M.Aarons, 3.L.Thomas, 4.Marc Guéhiᶜ, 5.T.Harwood-Bellis, 6.O.Skipp, 12.J.Ramsey, 8.Conor Gallagher (15.C.Cresswell), 19.Anthony Gordon, 9.F.Balogun (20.M.Gibbs-White), 10.Cole Palmer (11.A.Gomes). Unused subs: 13.E.Green, 22.J.Griffiths, 14.T.Doyle, 16.C.Mola, 18.J.Garner, 21.C.Drameh.
James Hill and Tino Livramento withdrew from the squad for the two November fixtures with injuries and were replaced by Drameh and Mola. Emile Smith Rowe was taken out of the squad to make his full international debut as a substitute in a World Cup qualifier against Albania at Wembley on the night before the game against the Czech Republic, and then started the next game, in San Marino, three nights later, scoring England's seventh goal in a 10-0 win. Brewster missed the Czech game through suspension, but was to captain the team in Georgia.
Friendly match
411 16 November 2021 - Georgia 3 England 2 [1-0]
Adjarabet Arena, Batumi (tbc)
Guliashvili (2), Gocholeishvili
Greenwood, Guéhi
England: 13.E.Green, 21.C.Drameh (2.M.Aarons), 3.L.Thomas (4.Marc Guéhi), 15.C.Cresswell, 16.C.Mola, 18.J.Garner (6.O.Skipp), 14.T.Doyle, 20.M.Gibbs-White (12.J.Ramsey), 11.A.Gomes (19.Anthony Gordon), 9.F.Balogun (17.S.Greenwood), 7.R.Brewsterᶜ (5.T.Harwood-Bellis). Unused subs: 1.J.Bursik, 22.J.Griffiths.
Cole Palmer withdrew from the squad after going off with a hamstring injury against the Czech Republic. Conor Gallagher was called up into the full England squad and made his debut as a half-time substitute joining Smith Rowe in a World Cup qualifier in San Marino on the night before the Under-21s' game. Greenwood came in as a replacement.
UEFA Under-21 Championship 2023 preliminary matches
412 group G
 25 March 2022 - England 4 Andorra 1 [2-0]
Vitality Stadium, Bournemouth
Balogun, Ramsey, Gibbs-White, Gordon
England: 1.J.Bursik, 21.V.Livramento, 3.L.Thomas, 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ, 4.Levi Colwill, 6.T.Doyle, 10.M.Gibbs-White (17.C.Jones), 8.J.Ramsey (19.A.Gomes), 9.F.Balogun, 20.C.Madueke (11.Anthony Gordon), 7.H.Elliott. Unused subs: 22.C.Rushworth, 12.D.Spence, 15.C.Cresswell, 16.B.Johnson, 18.J.Garner, 23.K.Lewis-Potter.
Goalkeeper, Etienne Green was also in the squad for the two March fixtures. Tariq Lamptey dropped out of the squad and ended the year playing for Ghana in the World Cup.
413 29 March 2022 - Albania 0 England 3 [0-0]
Elbasan Arena, Elbasan (700)
Balogun (2), Jones AW
England: 1.J.Bursik, 21.V.Livramento (12.D.Spence), 16.B.Johnson, 4.Levi Colwill, 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ, 10.M.Gibbs-White (19.A.Gomes), 17.C.Jones, 18.J.Garner, 9.F.Balogun, 11.Anthony Gordon, 20.N.Madueke (23.K.Lewis-Potter). Unused subs: 22.C.Rushworth, 6.T.Doyle, 7.H.Elliott, 8.J.Ramsey, 14.L.Buchanan, 15.C.Cresswell.
414 3 June 2022 - Czech Republic 1 England 2 [0-1]
Stadio Střelecký ostrov, České Budĕjovice (5,654)
Smith Rowe, Ramsey
England: 1.J. Bursik, 2.M.Aarons, 16.B.Johnson, 15.C.Cresswell, 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ, 6.J.Garner, 7.M.Gibbs-White (20.A.Gomes), 8.J.Ramsey, 9.F.Balogun (14.C.Archer), 10.Emile Smith Rowe (11.Anthony Gordon), 17.C.Jones. Unused subs: 22.J.Trafford, 3.L.Thomas, 12.D.Spence, 18.T.Doyle, 19.J.Hill, 23.K.Lewis-Potter.
Levi Colwill and Ryan Sessegnon withdrew from the squad for the four June fixtures with injuries.
415 7 June 2022 - England 3 Albania 0 [1-0]
Technique Stadium, Chesterfield (4,422)
Balogun (2), Archer HW
 height=Armando Dobra78
England: 1.J.Bursik, 12.D.Spence, 16.B.Johnson (3.L.Thomas), 15.C.Cresswell, 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ, 17.C.Jones (6.J.Garner), 18.T.Doyle, 20.A.Gomes, 9.F.Balogun (14.C.Archer), 10.Emile Smith Rowe (7.M.Gibbs-White), 11.Anthony Gordon (23.K.Lewis-Potter). Unused subs: 22.J.Trafford, 2.M.Aarons, 4.J.Hill, 8.J.Ramsey.
Hill's number was changed from 19 to 4 which had been previously allocated to the injured Colwill.
416 10 June 2022 - Kosovo 0 England 5 [0-2]
Stadiumi Fadil Vokrii, Pristina (4,000)
Lewis-Potter, Gordon, Archer (2), Krasniqi OG AW
England: 22.J.Trafford, 2.M.Aarons, 3.L.Thomas, 4.J.Hill, 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ (15.C.Cresswell), 8.J.Ramsey, 21.H.Elliott (19.J.McAtee), 18.T.Doyle, 11.Anthony Gordon (20.A.Gomes), 14.C.Archer (9.F.Balogun), 23.K.Lewis-Potter. Unused subs: 13.C.Rushworth, 7.M.Gibbs-White, 10.Emile Smith Rowe, 16.B.Johnson, 17.C.Jones.
Harvey Elliott missed the previous two fixtures after testing positive for Covid. McAtee was a late addition to the squad and took Hill's previous number (19).
417 13 June 2022 - England 1 Slovenia 2 [0-1]
John Smith's Stadium, Huddersfield (5,236)
Spence OG, Zabukovnik
England: 1.J.Bursik, 12.D.Spence (2.M.Aarons), 16.B.Johnson, 15.C.Cresswell, 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ, 6.J.Garner (23.K.Lewis-Potter), 7.M.Gibbs-White, 8.J.Ramsey (21.H.Elliott), 9.F.Balogun (14.C.Archer), 10.Emile Smith Rowe (20.A.Gomes), 17.C.Jones. Unused subs: 13.C.Rushworth, 3.L.Thomas, 18.T.Doyle, 19.J.McAtee.
Third-choice goalkeeper, Rushworth was the only squad member not to make an appearance on the pitch in the four June fixtures. England completed their qualifying group over a year ahead of the finals, due to the World Cup taking place in Qatar in November and December.

Season 2022-23
Friendly matches
418  22 September 2022 - Italy 0 England 2 [0-2]
Stadio Adriatico, Pescara
Brewster (2) AW
 height=Nicolò Rovella86
England: 1.J.Bursik, 12.D.Spence (2.M.Aarons), 3.K.Sessegnon (11.Anthony Gordon), 4.Levi Colwill (17.L.Thomas), 15.C.Cresswell, 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ (16.L.Mbete), 6.O.Skipp (14.J.Garner), 20.A.Gomes (18.T.Doyle), 7.R.Brewster (9.F.Balogun), 23.Cole Palmer (19.H.Elliott), 10.Conor Gallagher (8.J.Ramsey). Unused subs: 13.J.Griffiths, 22.J.Trafford, 21.J.McAtee, 24.T.Morton.
Morgan Gibbs-White and Keane Lewis-Potter withdrew from the squad for the two September fixtures, with injuries. Morton came in as a replacement.
 27 September 2022 - England 3 Germany 1 [1-1]
Bramall Lane, Sheffield
Balogun, Gallagher, Palmer
 height=Ansgar Knauff90
England: 1.J.Trafford, 2.M.Aarons, 17.L.Thomas (3.K.Sessegnon), 4.Levi Colwill (15.C.Cresswell), 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ (16.L.Mbete), 14.J.Garner (6.O.Skipp), 19.H.Elliott (20.A.Gomes), 8.J.Ramsey (18.T.Doyle), 9.F.Balogun (7.R.Brewster), 10.Conor Gallagher (21.J.McAtee), 11.Anthony Gordon (23.Cole Palmer). Unused subs: 13.J.Griffiths, 22.C.Rushworth, 12.D.Spence, 24.T.Morton.
Joe Bursik withdrew from the squad and was replaced by Rushworth, who was given Trafford's squad number (22), so that Trafford could take the field in the number one that had been allocated to Bursik. Knauff received his red card after the final whistle, picking up a second yellow card following an altercation with Tommy Doyle. Germany's scorer, Felix Nmecha had played for England at Under-16, Under-18 and Under-19 level.
 25 March 2023 - England 4 France 0 [0-0]
King Power Stadium, Leicester (12,806)
Smith Rowe, Madueke, Jones, Ramsey HW
England: 1.J.Trafford, 24.D.Spence (5.B.Johnson), 2.M.Aarons (3.L.Thomas), 4.Levi Colwill, 15.C.Cresswell, 6.O.Skipp (8.J.Ramsey), 7.M.Gibbs-Whiteᶜ (14.J.Garner), 9.C.Archer (17.C.Jones), 19.H.Elliott (23.Cole Palmer), 10.Emile Smith Rowe (11.N.Madueke), 20.A.Gomes (18.T.Doyle). Unused subs: 13.J.Griffiths, 22.C.Rushworth, 32.A.Patterson, 12.N.Wood, 16.J.McAtee, 21.Rico Lewis.
Folarin Balogun withdrew from the squad for the two March fixtures with a tight hamstring, and then went on to represent the United States as a full international.
 28 March 2023 - England 1 Croatia 2 [0-1]
Craven Cottage, Fulham
Gibbs-White (pen)
Baturina, Beljo (pen)
England: 1.J.Trafford (13.J.Griffiths), 21.Rico Lewis (24.D.Spence), 3.L.Thomas (2.M.Aarons), 5.B.Johnson, 12.N.Wood, 14.J.Garner, 17.C.Jones (16.J.McAtee), 8.J.Ramseyᶜ (7.M.Gibbs-White), 18.T.Doyle (19.H.Elliott), 23.Cole Palmer (20.A.Gomes), 11.N.Madueke (10.Emile Smith Rowe). Unused subs: 22.C.Rushworth, 25.A.Patterson, 4.Levi Colwill, 6.O.Skipp, 9.C.Archer, 15.C.Cresswell.
Fourth-choice goalkeeper, Patterson's number was switched from 32 to 25.
 10 June 2023 - England 0 Japan 2 [0-0]
St George's Park, Burton upon Trent
Yamamota, Matsumura HL
England: 1.C.Rushworth (13.A.Patterson (22.J.Trafford)), 16.M.Aarons (14.L.Hall), 3.L.Thomas (6.J.Garner), 4.C.Cresswell (15.Levi Colwill), 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ (12.J.Branthwaite), 18.O.Skipp (17.C.Jones), 7.N.Madueke (21.C.Archer), 8.T.Doyle, 9.Emile Smith Rowe (19.J.Ramsey), 10.H.Elliott, 11.Anthony Gordon (20.M.Gibbs-White). Unused sub: 23.J.Griffiths.
James McAtee and Djed Spence withdrew from the squad with injuries. Though the match was played behind closed doors and reported as a training game, players were awarded caps for their appearances.
UEFA European Championship 2023 Finals in Georgia

group C
 22 June 2023 - Czech Republic 0 England 2 [0-0]
Adjarabet Arena, Batumi
Ramsey, Smith Rowe NW
England: 1.J.Trafford, 2.M.Aarons (16.B.Johnson), 4.Levi Colwill, 14.J.Garner, 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ, 21.A.Gomes (6.O.Skipp), 17.C.Jones, 7.M.Gibbs-White (19.H.Elliott), 8.J.Ramsey, 23.N.Madueke (10.Emile Smith Rowe), 11.Anthony Gordon (9.C.Archer).
424 25 June 2023 - England 2 Israel 0 [1-0]
Ramaz Shengalia Stadium, Kutaisi (5,106)
Gordon, Smith Rowe NW
England:1.J.Trafford, 14.J.Garner, 16.B.Johnson, 4.Levi Colwill, 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ, 21.A.Gomes (6.O.Skipp), 7.M.Gibbs-White (8.J.Ramsey), 23.N.Madueke (20.Cole Palmer), 17.C.Jones, 10.Emile Smith Rowe (19.H.Elliott), 11.Anthony Gordon (9.C.Archer).

28 June 2023 - England 2 Germany 0 [2-0]
Adjarabet Arena, Batumi (9,587)
Archer, Elliott NW
England: 1.J.Trafford, 16.B.Johnson (2.M.Aarons), 3.L.Thomas, 15.C.Cresswell, 12.J.Branthwaite, 6.O.Skipp, 20.Cole Palmer, 23.N.Madueke (14.J.Garner), 19.H.Elliott, 8.J.Ramseyᶜ (10.Emile Smith Rowe), 9.C.Archer (11.Anthony Gordon).

quarter-final Gordon NW
2 July 2023 - England 1 Portugal 0 [0-0]
Ramaz Shengalia Stadium, Kutaisi (6,920)
England: 1.J.Trafford, 2.M.Aarons (16.B.Johnson), 4.Levi Colwill, 14.J.Garner, 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ, 21.A.Gomes (6.O.Skipp), 7.M.Gibbs-White, 8.J.Ramsey (10.Emile Smith Rowe), 23.N.Madueke (20.Cole Palmer), 17.C.Jones, 11.Anthony Gordon.
Harvey Elliott missed the game due to a family commitment.

semi-final NW
5 July 2023 - Israel 0 England 3 [0-1]
Adjarabet Arena, Batumi (11,801)
Gibbs-White, Palmer, Archer
Gibbs-White also shot wide from a 17th-minute penalty.
England: 1.J.Trafford, 14.J.Garner, 3.L.Thomas, 4.Levi Colwill, 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ, 21.A.Gomes (6.O.Skipp), 7.M.Gibbs-White (23.N.Madueke), 17.C.Jones (18.T.Doyle), 20.Cole Palmer, 10.Emile Smith Rowe (19.H.Elliott), 11.Anthony Gordon (9.C.Archer).
Jacob Ramsey picked up an ankle injury in the quarter-final and missed the rest of the tournament. Aarons and Johnson were suspended for the semi-final after receiving yellow cards against Portugal.

8 July 2023 - England 1 Spain 0 [1-0]
Adjarabet Arena, Batumi (18,498)
Trafford saved a penalty from Ruiz in the ninth minute of added time at the end of the game.
 Antonio Blanco90  height=Morgan Gibbs-White90
The goal was scored in the fourth minute of added time at the end of the first half, when Palmer's free kick hit Jones, stooping, with Garner, in front of, and facing the Spanish defensive wall, on the back and looped up and over the wall, past the wrong-footed goalkeeper, Tenas at the far post. The players sent off had both been substituted, but both received their second yellow card in the minutes after the penalty save.
England: 1.J.Trafford, 2.M.Aarons, 14.J.Garner, 4.Levi Colwill, 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ, 21.A.Gomes (6.O.Skipp), 7.M.Gibbs-White (9.C.Archer), 17.C.Jones, 20.Cole Palmer (19.H.Elliott), 10.Emile Smith Rowe (23.N.Madueke), 11.Anthony Gordon (18.T.Doyle).
20-year-olds in UEFA finals squad: Branthwaite, Cresswell, Madueke, Palmer and Trafford. Branthwaite celebrated his 21st birthday during the tournament.
19-year-olds in UEFA finals squad: Colwill and Elliott.
England are the winners of the UEFA Under-21 Championship 2023. 13.J.Griffiths and 22.C.Rushworth were unused squad members.

Season 2023-24
UEFA Under-21 Championship 2025 preliminary matches
429 group F
 11 September 2023 - Luxembourg 0 England 3 [0-1]
Stade Municipal, Differdange
Delap, Doyle, Palmer AW
England: 1.J.Trafford, 2.Rico Lewis, 3.C.Doyle, 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ, 23.N.Wood (4.C.Cresswell), 6.H.Hackney (8.C.Patino), 17.S.Iling-Junior (21.J.Bynoe-Gittens), 19.H.Elliott, 9.L.Delap (18.D.Scarlett), 10.Cole Palmer, 11.N.Madueke (7.J.McAtee). Unused subs: 13.J.Beadle, 12.B.Norton-Cuffy, 16.B.Humphreys, 20.S.Edozie.
Other squad members were Sam Tickle and Josh Wilson-Esbrand. Jarrad Branthwaite and Aaron Ramsey withdrew with injuries and Humphreys was brought in as a replacement.
 12 October 2023 - England 9 Serbia 1 [3-1]
City Ground, Nottingham
Philogene (2), Delap, Elliott (2), Madueke (2), Sobotić OG, Rowe
England: 1.J.Trafford, 2.Rico Lewis, 3.B.Humphreys, 4.C.Cresswell, 5.J.Branthwaite (16.J.Quansah), 6.H.Hackney, 23.J.Philogene (7.J.McAtee), 19.H.Elliott, 9.L.Delap (18.J.Rowe), 10.Cole Palmerᶜ (20.V.Livramento), 11.N.Madueke (21.J.Bynoe-Gittens). Unused subs: 13.J.Beadle, 8.C.Patino, 14.A.Ramsey, 17.S.Iling-Junior.
Captain, Taylor Harwood-Bellis dropped out of the squad for the two October fixtures with a hamstring injury.
 16 October 2023 - Ukraine 3 England 2 [2-0]
Košická futbalová aréna, Košice, Slovakia
Voloshyn, Ocheretko, Kvasnytsia
Madueke, Cresswell
England: 1.J.Trafford, 20.V.Livramento (12.B.Norton-Cuffy), 3.B.Humphreys (17.S.Iling-Junior), 4.C.Cresswell, 5.J.Branthwaite, 2.Rico Lewis, 6.H.Hackney (9.L.Delap), 7.J.McAtee (18.J.Rowe), 19.H.Elliottᶜ, 21.J.Bynoe-Gittens (23.J.Philogene), 11.N.Madueke. Unused subs: 22.M.Cox, 8.C.Patino, 14.A.Ramsey, 16.J.Quansah.
Cole Palmer withdrew from the squad after suffering a dead leg against Serbia, whilst James Beadle joined up with the Elite League squad and played against Portugal on the following night.
 18 November 2023 - Serbia 0 England 3 [0-2]
TSC Arena, Bačka Topola
McAtee (2), Elliott AW
England: 1.J.Trafford, 2.V.Livramento, 3.B.Humphreys (23.J.Wilson-Esbrand), 4.J.Branthwaite (16.J.Quansah), 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ, 6.H.Hackney, 7.J.Philogene (21.J.Bynoe-Gittens), 19.H.Elliott, 9.L.Delap (20.J.Stansfield), 10.J.McAtee (14.T.Morton), 11.S.Madueke. Unused subs: 13.M.Cox, 12.B.Norton-Cuffy, 15.C.Cresswell, 17.S.Iling-Junior.
Jonathan Rowe and Sam Tickle withdrew from the squad for the two November fixtures with injuries. Rico Lewis and Cole Palmer were called up into the full England squad to win their first caps in qualifiers against Malta at Wembley, and in North Macedonia. Palmer came on as a substitute in both games, whilst Lewis played the full game in Skopje. Stansfield came in from the Elite League squad as a replacement.
 21 November 2023 - England 3 Northern Ireland 0 [1-0]
Goodison Park, Liverpool
Morton, Elliott (2) HW
England: 1.J.Trafford, 2.V.Livramento (12.B.Norton-Cuffy), 23.J.Wilson-Esbrand (8.C.Patino), 4.J.Branthwaiteᶜ, 16.J.Quansah, 6.H.Hackney (10.J.McAtee), 14.T.Morton, 19.H.Elliott, 20.J.Stansfield (9.L.Delap), 21.J.Bynoe-Gittens (17.S.Iling-Junior), 11.S.Madueke. Unused subs: 13.M.Cox, 5.T.Harwood-Bellis, 7.J.Philogene, 15.C.Cresswell.
 22 March 2024 - Azerbaijan 1 England 5 [0-2]
Azərsun Arena, Baku
Elliott (2) , Madueke, Philogene, Gray
England: 1.J.Trafford, 2.Rico Lewis (12.B.Norton-Cuffy), 3.C.Doyle, 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ, 23.N.Wood, 6.T.Morton, 7.J.Philogene (21.J.Bynoe-Gittens), 10.J.McAtee (18.A.Gray), 11.S.Madueke (17.S.Iling-Junior), 19.H.Elliott (14.A.Scott), 20.M.Rogers. Unused subs: 13.S.Tickle, 4.J.Quansah, 9.J.Stansfield, 15.C.Cresswell.
Carney Chukwuemeka was also in the squad for the two March qualifiers, but dropped out after Azerbaijan. Kobbie Mainoo was taken out of the squad to make his full England debut as a substitute at Wembley, against Brazil, on the following day, but then started the game against Belgium, also at Wembley, three nights later, whilst the Under-21s were playing Luxembourg.
 26 March 2024 - England 7 Luxembourg 0 [2-0]
Toughsheet Community Stadium, Bolton
Madueke (2), Iling-Junior (2), Bynoe-Gittens, Rogers (2) HW
England: 1.S.Tickle, 18.A.Gray (12.B.Norton-Cuffy), 4.J.Quansah, 5.T.Harwood-Bellisᶜ (16.T.Mengi), 17.S.Iling-Junior (3.C.Doyle), 19.H.Elliott, 9.J.Stansfield (20.M.Rogers), 14.A.Scott, 10.J.McAtee (8.A.Wharton), 11.S.Madueke, 21.J.Bynoe-Gittens. Unused subs: 13.M.Cox, 6.T.Morton, 7.J.Philogene, 23.N.Wood.
Teden Mengi joined the squad for the game with Luxembourg. Rico Lewis and James Trafford were called into the full England squad for a Wembley friendly against Belgium on the same night, but both stayed on the bench. Tickle took over the number-one shirt and Cox acquired Tickle's number 13. Wharton came in as a replacement from the Elite League squad.