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  Saturday, 19 December 1891
Unaccredited International friendly

England 6 North America 1 [3-0]

The Surrey Cricket Ground, The Oval, Kennington, London
Kick-off: tbc
Attendance: 1,500.

  North America kicked off
[1-0] George Cotterill 15
 headed in a Davies corner
[2-0] William Smith 40
[3-0] William Smith 42
[4-0] William Smith
[5-0] William Smith
 after a grand run by Cotterill

[6-1] Arthur Henfrey

[5-0] Davis goal disallowed for offside
[5-1] John Warbrick
another source states Buckingham scored
'The latter half of the game was played in semi-darkness and dense fog."                                                               

Match Summary


England Party


America Party

Referee - Nicholas Lane Jackson
42 (1 November 1849), West Hackney
(Corinthians FC & FA Hon. Secretary)

Linesmen - not known

"The title of the match, England v. Canada, turned out to be something of a misnomer. At the time when the fixture was made there was every reason to believe that the Canadian team would be representative of the football of the Dominion. Circumstances over which I am quite prepared to admit the promoters may not have had absolute control, however, necessitated alterations in the visiting team which deprived the combination of a strictly representative character, or, at all events, prevented their posing as exclusively Canadians." The Sporting Life.

England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 2nd
Colours: Probably white shirts and navy blue knickerbockers
Capt: not known Selectors: The seven-man FA International Selection Committee, on Friday, 11 December 1891 at The Royal Hotel, Manchester.
 (Messrs. Jackson, Clegg, Gregson, Hughes, Widdowson, Crump, Bentley and Gunning)
England Lineup
  Gay, Leslie H. 20 24 March 1871 G Cambridge University AFC, Old Brightonians AFC & Corinthians FC
  Pelly, Frederick R. 22 11 August 1869 RB Old Foresters AFC & Corinthians FC
  Fry, Charles B. 20 25 April 1872 LB Oxford University AFC & Old Reptonians AFC
  Brook, Arthur K. 23 10 December 1868 RHB Casuals FC
  Topham, Arthur G. 23 19 February 1869 CHB Casuals FC & Corinthians FC
  Thompson, Frederick nk not known LHB Nottingham Forest FC
  Stanbrough, M. Hugh 21 2 September 1870 OR Old Carthusians AFC & Corinthians FC
Cotterill, George H. 23 4 April 1868 IR Cambridge University AFC, Old Brightonians AFC & Corinthians FC

Smith, William 23 10 November 1868 CF Nottingham Forest FC
Henfrey, Arthur G. 24 19 December 1867 IL Corinthians FC
  Davis, Harry nk not known OL Birmingham St. George FC


not known

team notes:

Sheffield United FC's Mick Whitham, Old Westminsters FC's W.N. Winckworth, Rupert Sandilands and John Veitch were all in the line-up, their places going to Brook, Charlie Wreford-Brown (Old Carthusians AFC), Stanbrough and Cotterill on 17 December because of cup ties those players had to participate in.  Wreford-Brown dropped out before the match, the centre-half placing finally going to Topham.
2-3-5 Gay -
Pelly, Fry -
 Brook, Topham, Thompson -
Stanbrough, Cotterill, Smith, Henfrey, Davis


Age nk  


North America Team



No official ranking system established; Colours: not known
Capt: not known Selectors: The Western Football Association
North America Lineup
  Shea, Dennis 21 1870 G Fall River Rovers 35 81ᵍᵃ
  Gregory, E.J. nk not known RB Fall River Rovers 41 0
  Buckley, Joseph W. nk not known LB Fall River Rovers 29 0
  Waring, Henry nk not known RHB Fall River Rovers 41 6
  Dalton, James J. nk not known CHB Pawtucket 30 1
  Forrester, C. nk not known LHB Toronto Varsity 12 0
  Bell, Robert nk not known OR Fall River Rovers 23 5
  Bowman, Walter W. 22  11 August 1870 IR Toronto Scottish 37 12
Warbrick, John C. nk not known CF Toronto Varsity 28 1
  Buckingham, Walter E. 19/20 1872 IL Toronto Varsity 20 7
  Jeffrey, Alex nk not known OL Pawtucket 44 27


not known


appearance totals are the total number of appearances that had been made, including this one, since the beginning of the North American tour in August 1891.
2-3-5 Shea -
Gregory, Buckley -
Waring, Dalton, Forester -
 Bell, Bowman, Warbrick, Buckingham, Jeffrey.


Age tbc Appearances/Goals 30.9 5.4


    Match Report - The Times, Monday, 21 December 1891

The Council of the Football Association selected a strong eleven to oppose the Canadians, who have been touring in this country since the beginning of the season, and at Kennington Oval on Saturday the home side justified their choice by a very substantial victory. Cold, bright weather and a dry ground were the conditions under which the game took place. Quite early, the Englishmen showed better style and combination, and their ultimate success was in no way surprising. Soon after the start the visitors were driven back and, although defending well, they failed to stop a goal by Cotterill for England. Again the home side attacked and several times the ball was driven behind; but the Canadians occasionally acted on the aggressive and in one instance Gay narrowly escaped being beaten. However, Smith at last added a second goal, while a pass from the centre enabled the same player to register a third. There was no further scoring prior to half-time. On resuming, Shea, the visitors' goalkeeper, saved various shots during an attack that was kept up with great energy until a fourth point came from the foot of Smith on the English right wing. Momentarily the Canadians forced the game, but Smith obtained another goal, following which a point for the Canadians was noted, and also a sixth by Henfrey for England, who were left the winners by six goals to one.

Source Notes

Douglas Lamming's A Century of English International Football 1872-1972 & 1872-1988
Original newspaper reports, 1891