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Saturday, 4 April 1891
Home International Championship 1890-91 (8th) Match

England 2 Scotland 1 [2-0]


Match Summary
England Party

Scotland Party
Team Records

Ewood Park, Bolton Road, Ewood, Blackburn, Lancashire
Attendance: 10,000; Kick-off 3.35pm GMT

England - John Goodall ('very obviously offside...registered the goal after a capital pass from Chadwick' 22), Edgar Chadwick ('Goodall centred from the right and Chadwick sent in a low shot, Wilson reaching the ball, but letting it through' 35)
Scotland - Frank Watt ('Moon for once erred and left an easy opening' 78)
Results 1891-1900

England won the toss, Scotland kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - William James Morrow
39 (16 November 1851), Irish FA President

Umpires - Sam Weller Widdowson, 39 (16 April 1851), Nottingham Forest FC, Hucknall TorkardThomas R. Park, 28/29 (1862), Scotland.

Goal-nets are used for the first time between the two countries.

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 2nd
Colours: "...his team being clad in white shirts and black knickers..."
Capt: Billy Moon, only captaincy Selectors: The seven-man FA International Selection Committee, on Tuesday, 24 March 1891 at the Midland Hotel, Birmingham, following trial games.
12th match, W 10 - D 1 - L 1 - F 52 - A 12.
England Lineup
  Moon, William R. 22 7 June 1868 G Old Westminsters AFC & Corinthians FC 7 8 GA
  Howarth, Robert H. 25 20 June 1865 RB Preston North End FC 4 0
  Holmes, Robert 23 23 June 1867 LB Preston North End FC 2 0
  Smith, Albert 21 23 July 1869 RH Nottingham Forest FC 2 0
  Holt, John 25 10 April 1865 CH Everton FC 3 0
  Shelton, Alfred 24 12 September 1865 LH Notts County FC 5 0
  Bassett, William I. 22 27 January 1869 OR West Bromwich Albion FC 7 2 or 3
Goodall, John 27 19 June 1863 IR Derby County FC 6 4 or 5
  Geary, Fred 23 23 January 1868 CF Everton FC 2 2-5?
Chadwick, Edgar W. 21 14 June 1869 IL Everton FC 2 2
  Milward, Arthur 20 12 September 1870 OL Everton FC 2 1


William Rose (Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, goal), Joe Marsden (Darwen FC) and Alf Underwood (Stoke FC, fullbacks), Jem Bayliss, Charlie Perry (both West Bromwich Albion FC) and Jimmy Forrest (half-backs), Joe Lofthouse (both Blackburn Rovers FC) and William Smith (Nottingham Forest FC, right wing), John Devey (Birmingham St. George's FC, centre), Harry Wood (Wolverhampton Wanderers FC) and Bill Townley (Blackburn Rovers FC, left).

team notes:

Alf Shelton is the younger brother of Charlie (1888).
In his last appearance, Billy Moon equals the record held by Herby Arthur in having the most appearances as a goalkeeper.
2-3-5 Moon -
Howarth, Holmes -
Smith, Holt, Shelton -
Bassett, Goodall, Geary, Chadwick, Milward.


Age 23.0 Appearances/Goals 3.8 0.9-1.2

England teams v. Scotland:


Moon P.Walters A.Walters Haworth Allen Shelton Bassett Currey Lindley Wood Daft


Moon Haworth Holmes Smith Holt Shelton Bassett Goodall Geary Chadwick Milward


Scotland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: "...whilst the Scots wore dark blue jerseys and white pants."
Capt: Wally Arnott Selectors: The Scottish Football Association Selection Committee, chosen, on Tuesday, 10 March 1891, following a trial match.
Scotland Lineup
  Wilson, James 24/25 1866 G Vale of Leven FC 4 6 GA
  Arnott, Walter 29 12 May 1861 RB Queen's Park FC 12 0
  Smellie, Robert 25 15 October 1865 LB Queen's Park FC 4 0
  Begbie, Isaac 22 4 June 1868 RH Heart of Midlothian FC 2 0
  McPherson, John 23/24 1867 CH Heart of Midlothian FC 1 0
  Hill, John nk not known LH Heart of Midlothian FC 1 0
Watt, Francis 25 16 February 1866 OR Kilbirnie FC 4 3
  Rankin, Gilbert 21 20 March 1870 IR Vale of Leven FC 2 2
  Sellar, William 24 21 September 1866 CF Queen's Park FC 6 0
  Berry, William H. 22 20 August 1867 IL Queen's Park FC 4 0
  Baird, David 18/19 1872 OL Heart of Midlothian FC 2 0


The Selection Committee named the three sides for Scotland's three matches on Tuesday, 10 March in Glasgow, reserves not named.  The team is as that which was selected, three and a half weeks earlier.
2-3-5 Wilson -
Arnott, Smellie -
Begbie, McPherson, Hill -
Watt, Rankin, Sellars, Berry, Baird.
notes: "on change of ends Berry went to his original position at the inside right and Rankin inside left."


Age 23.2-23.5 Appearances/Goals 3.8 0.4


    Match Report

Ewood Park, Blackburn, was the scene of the 20th annual match between England and Scotland on Saturday. The weather proved inclement, and the torrents of rain which had fallen during the morning caused the turf to be slippery. There was a great influx of visitors from Scotland, and about 10,000 spectators were present. Large as this number was, it would probably have been still larger but for the chagrin felt by many of the Lancastrians that not a single place was found in the English eleven for the Blackburn Rovers, who recently won the Association Challenge Cup, and on whose ground the match was decided. England were successful in the toss, and elected to have the advantage of the strong wind...

For a long time the Scotch kept up a gallant defence ; but after about 20 minutes' play it was broken through by Goodall, who received the ball from one of the left wings and shot it between the posts. There was a demur as to whether the off-side rule had not been infringed, which, however, was not sustained...

After half an hour's play, a pass from Goodall to Chadwick enabled the latter, by a brilliant shot, to place the second goal to the credit of England. A trifling objection was raised, but negatived...

...A few minutes later Watt guided the ball right up to the posts, and after a little opposition screwed it through, thus scoring for Scotland...

The defence on both sides was excellent, but the winners' advantage lay in their superior forward game ; they passed with great judgment, and their kicking was well-timed and accurate. - The Times - Monday 6th April, 1891


It was on 4 April 1891 that British forces were preparing to invade the tiny Kingdom of Manipur after five British officials were murdered following a clumsy attempt to reverse a palace coup. Within weeks, the perpetrators had been hanged for waging war on the British Empire, and Manipur came under British rule. It is now an Indian state.

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