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Wednesday, 23 March 1955
International 'B' Friendly Match

England 1 West Germany 1
The eligibility rules on this occasion are no more than one full international appearance.

Hillsborough Football Ground, Leppings Lane, Owlerton, Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire
Kick-off (GMT): 7.45pm,

Attendance: '32,630'
unknown kicked-off
[0-0] Roy Swinbourne scores disallowed: foul
[1-0] Roy Swinbourne header 26
 'Johnny Haynes placed a long free-kick beautifully into the penalty area, and Swinbourne, racing across to meet it, headed it under the diving body of Kubsch'.
  [1-1] Erich Juskowiak penalty 51
precision 'bullet-force' penalty kick
(Langley fouled Schlupp)
second half live - commentator: probably Kenneth Wolstenholme
Officials from England England IFA ruling on substitutes West Germany
John Holden Clough
45 (17 October 1909), Bolton, Lancashire
England had 14 Goal Attempts
James Ernest Bennison
40 (7 June 1914), Sheffield
Kenneth Raymond Tuck
34 (9 December 1920), Chesterfield
England B Team


No official ranking system established; Colours: 1954 Umbro home uniform - White v-necked short-sleeved continental jerseys, blue shorts, black socks with white tops.
Capt: not known Manager: Walter Winterbottom, 42 (31 March 1913), appointed as FA national director of coaching/team manager on 8 July 1946;
tenth B match, W 6 - D 4 - L 0 - F 27 - A 5.
Team chosen by the Intermediate Selection Committee, headed by Joe Richards, on Sunday, 20 March.
England Lineup
  nine changes from the previous B match (Edwards & Hooper remain) league position (20 March)  
11   Matthews, Reginald D. 22
93 days
20 December 1932 G Coventry City FC (FL3S 10th) 1 1ᵍᵃ
106 2 Hall, Jeffrey J. 25
197 days
7 September 1929 RB Birmingham City FC (FL2 7th) 1 0
only B app 1955
107 3 Langley, E. James 26
44 days
7 February 1929 LB Brighton & Hove Albion FC (FL3S 13th) 1 0
4 Wheeler, John E. 26
240 days
26 July 1928 RHB Bolton Wanderers FC (FL 11th) 3 0
108 5 Smith, Trevor 18
344 days
13 April 1936 CHB Birmingham City FC (FL2 7th) 1 0
6 Edwards, Duncan 18
173 days
1 October 1936 LHB Manchester United FC (FL 9th) 3 0
7 Hooper, Harry 20
282 days
14 June 1933 OR West Ham United FC (FL2 5th) 5 1
=mst B apps 1954-55
109 8 Atyeo, P. John W. 23
44 days
7 February 1932 IR Bristol City FC (FL3S TOP) 1 0
110 9
Swinbourne, Royston H. 25
210 days
25 August 1929 CF Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL TOP) 1 1
only B app 1955
Haynes, John N. 20
157 days
17 October 1934 IL Fulham FC (FL2 12th) 4 0
111 11 Kiernan, William E. 29
305 days
22 May 1925 OL Charlton Athletic FC (FL 8th) 1 0
only B app 1955
unused substitutes: Ted Burgin, Joe Shaw (both Sheffield United (FL 15th)) and Gordon Turner (Luton Town (FL2 2nd))
team notes: Two practise sessions were held in Sheffield prior to the match, on 21 March at Hillsborough, when they beat the Wednesday side 2-1 in a match lasting 35-minutes, and 22 March at Bramall Lane for a thirty minute session in which England won 1-0.
2-3-5 Matthews -
Hall, Langley -
Wheeler, Smith, Edwards -
Hooper, Atyeo, Swinbourne, Haynes, Kiernan.
Averages: Age 23 years 190 days Appearances/Goals 2.0 0.1
West Germany B Team
Rank: No official ranking system established; Colours: Green jerseys, white shorts
Capt:   Manager: Joséf Herberger, 57 (28 March 1897), appointed in 1950.
West Germany Lineup
  Kubsch, Heinz 24
246 days
20 July 1930 G Fk 03 Pirmasens
2 Hofmann, Rudolf 20
40 days
11 February 1935 RB Sv Viktoria 1901 eAschaffenburg
Juskowiak, Erich 28
197 days
7 September 1926 LB Düsseldorfer TSv Fortuna 1895
4 Link nk nk RHB nk
5 Hoffman, Herbert, injured off 26th min. 24
60 days
22 January 1931 CHB Braunschweiger TSv Eintracht von 1895
6 Göttinger, Richard 28
292 days
4 June 1926 LHB SpVgg Fürth
7 Schlump, Ludwig 26
280 days
16 June 1928 OR BC Augsburg 1907
8 Biesinger, Ulrich 21
229 days
6 August 1933 IR BC Augsburg 1907
9 Meyer, Ernst-Otto 27
332 days
25 April 1927 CF VfR Mannheim 1896
10 Demski, Willi 26
39 days
12 February 1929 IL SV 1912 Sodingen
11 Haase, Erich 22
276 days
20 June 1932 OL Sv Werder Bremen von 1899
West Germany Substitute
scoreline: England 1 West Germany 0
  Bauries, Walter, on 26th min for Herbert Hoffman 24
335 days
22 April 1930 CHB Karlsruher SC Mühlburg-Phœnix
result: England 1 West Germany 1
unused substitutes: Egon Loy (Eintracht Frankfurt)
team notes: There were two official changes from the original named line-up. Hoffman replaced Wevers, whilst Dembski replaced Islacker. They were both required by their club, Rot-Weiss Essen.
At some point, Link replaced Schicks (Eintracht Braunschweiger).
2-3-5 Kubsch -
, Juskowiak -
Link, Hoffmann
(Baureis), Göttinger -
Schlump, Biesinger, Meyer, Demski, Haase
Averages: (start)
Age 25 years 54 days¹⁰
25 years 82 days¹⁰
              Match Report by George Follows, Daily Herald, 24 March 1955

Reading between the lines on the selectors' foreheads after the game at Sheffield last night, there are still a number of situations vacant for the England team to play Scotland on April 2.
Not at centre-forward, and not at left-back. Roy Swinbourne, of Wolves, and Jim Langley, of Brighton, must go in. But they were the only two men of true international quality in the "B" team that collapsed into chaos. It was a difficult occasion for individuals to shine, for this "B" team played in C Minor. As a side they were barely acquaintances. Swinbourne won his first cap for sure in a magnificently unlucky first half, when he scored one and might have scored five. Langley did enough in the second half to overcome the most powerful prejudices against throwing a Third Division player into the fiery furnace of Wembley.
The crowd made him man of the match—a bootlace in front of Germany's left-back, Juskowiak, who almost hypnotised some of the England forward line to do his will. The crowd were right. Germany saved the game in the 51st minute, after a penalty decision by Referee Jack Clough that seemed more of a gesture towards goodwill than a strict interpretation of Soccer law. Trevor Smith, unhappy against the Continental dodge of the decoy centre-forward, appeared to have played the ball properly for a corner before Schlump fell over his legs. But a penalty it was, and Juskowiak came up from full-back to prove that the Germans really can shoot, and scored. Thereafter, the Germans, by smoother and more studied use of the ball tied the English defence into all the Boy Scouts' knots, and one of two new ones. But there was always Langley—strong, bold, resolute and brainy, to boot—to interrupt these pleasant German exchanges and set that creaky attacking machine of England turning over again.
For most of the game that attack read, from left to right—Swinbourne, Swinbourne, Swinbourne, Swinbourne and Swinbourne. Except when Langley himself came up to do some forward work as well. Of England's 14 scoring attempts, I counted a dozen from the head and feet of Swinbourne. While others dallied and dithered, he shot hard and straight and often.


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