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Wednesday, 2 March 1955
International 'B' Friendly Match

Scotland vs. England
match postponed because of a waterlogged pitch


Match Summary
Scotland Party
England Party

Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow
Kick-off (CEST): tbc (floodlit)

Attendance: not available


Match Summary

Officials not known




Referee (-) -
x (-),

Linesmen -

"Heavy overnight rain was unable to seep through the layer of snow and ice covering the pitch and the ground was soon waterlogged."
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Scotland B Team

Rank: No official ranking system established; Colours: blue jerseys with white collars, white shorts, blue socks with white/blue tops.
Capt: was not confirmed after Cunningham's withdrawal Manager: Team chosen by Selection Committee on Wednesday, 23 February 1955
Scotland Lineup
  Martin, Fred 25 13 May 1929 G Aberdeen FC
2 Parker, Alexander H. 19 2 August 1935 RB Falkirk FC
3 Haddock, Harry 29 28 July 1925 LB Clyde FC
4 Neilson, John 25 1 April 1929 RHB St. Mirren FC
5 Malloy, Danny 24 6 November 1930 CHB Dundee FC
6 Cumming, John 24 17 March 1930 LHB Heart of Midlothian FC
7 Taylor, Samuel M. 21 23 September 1933 OR Falkirk FC
8 Morrison, Robert nk nk IR Falkirk FC
9 Davidson, Robert nk nk CF Falkirk FC
10 Wardhaugh, James 25 21 March 1929
born near Berwick-upon-Teeed
IL Heart of Midlothian FC
11 Urquhart, John 30 3 February 1925 OL Heart of Midlothian FC


Willie Paton (Rangers FC)

team notes:

Preston North End's William Cunningham, the captain, had a heavy cold, and was replaced with Falkirk FC's Parker. Heart's Willie Bauld was the original centre-forward, but he was unfit, and his spot went to Bobby Davidson, also of Falkirk FC.
2-3-5 Martin -
Parker, Haddock -
Neilson, Malloy, Cumming -
Taylor, Morrison, Davidson, Wardhaugh, Urquhart


Age   Appearances/Goals

England B Team



No official ranking system established; Colours: Possibly due to be the 1954 Umbro home uniform - White v-necked short-sleeved continental jerseys, blue shorts, black socks with white tops.
Capt: Dennis Wilshaw Manager:
Trainer: H. Wright (Luton Town FC)
Walter Winterbottom, 41 (31 March 1913), appointed as FA national director of coaching/team manager on 8 July 1946;
due to be his tenth B match
Team chosen by Selection Committee headed by Harold Shentall, on Sunday, 27 February 1955.
England Lineup
  Matthews, Reginald D. 22 20 December 1932 G Coventry City FC
2 Meadows, James 23 21 July 1931 RB Manchester City FC
3 Langley, E. James 26 7 February 1929 LB Brighton & Hove Albion FC
4 Flowers, Ronald 20 28 July 1934 RHB Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
5 Smith, Trevor 18 13 April 1936 CHB Birmingham City FC
6 Edwards, Duncan 18 1 October 1936 LHB Manchester United FC
7 Groves, victor G. 22 5 November 1932 OR Leyton Orient FC
8 Revie, Donald G. 27 10 July 1927 IR Manchester City FC
9 Swinbourne, Royston H. 25 25 August 1929 CF Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
10 Wilshaw, Dennis J. 28 11 March 1926 IL Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
11 Blunstone, Frank 20 17 October 1934 OL

Chelsea FC


Ken Armstrong (Chelsea FC) and Johnny Hart (Manchester City FC)

team notes:

The B team had the same practice strategy as the national side. They were due to play Manchester City FC under the floodlights on 28 February, but ice prevented that session, and then Manchester United FC the day after, that too being iced over. But they did manage to train at Preston North End's Deepdale ground, when the match was postponed. (PNE had won 1-0).
2-3-5 Matthews -
Meadows, Langley -
Flowers, Smith, Edwards -
Groves, Revie, Swinbourne, Wilshaw, Blunstone


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