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Season 2020-21


Ian Foster
Friendly match
265 8 October 2020 - England 3 Scotland 1 [n/a]
St. George's Park, Burton upon Trent (bcd)

Match abandoned after 42 minutes, Scotland coach, Billy Stark tested positive for COVID-19.

England: .
A second game, scheduled for three days later, at the same venue was cancelled as a result.

Season 2021-22
266 2 September 2021 - England 2 Italy 0 [2-0]
St. George's Park, Burton upon Trent (tbc)
Scarlett (pen), Soonsup-Bell HW
England: T.Sharman-Lowe (M.Cox), D.Oyegoke (C.Egan-Riley), C.Doyle, C.Chukwuemeka ͨ , W.Fish, J.Baptiste, J.Soonsup-Bell (D.Jebbison), A.Scott (N.John), D.Scarlett (S.Edozie), S.Shoretire (A.Devine), H.Vale. (unused: F.Marschall, T.Oluwayemi, L.Mbete-Tabu, R.Welch, J.Norris, A.Ramsey).
267 6 September 2021 - Germany 1 England 1 [0-0]
Bad Durrheim (tbc)
England: F.Marschall, C.Egan-Riley (D.Oyegoke), L.Mbete-Tabu (C.Doyle), N.John (S.Shoretire), B.Humphreys, R.Welch (J.Baptiste), S.Edozie (D.Scarlett), A.Devine (C.Chukwuemeka), D.Jebbison, J.Balagizi (A.Scott), J.Norris (H.Vale). (unused: M.Cox, W.Fish, T.Sharman-Lowe).
International Marbella Cup in Spain
268 6 October 2021 - England 1 France 3 [0-1]
Marbella Football Center, San Pedro de Alcántara (tbc)
Doukoure, Edwards OG, Elye-Wahi
England: T.Oluwayemi, D.Oyeogoke, C.Doyle, A.Ramsey, R.Edwards, J.Baptiste, L.Dobbin (S.Iling-Junior), A.Scott, D.Scarlett, S.Shoretire (A.Devine), H.Vale. (unused: C.Egan-Riley, F.Marschall, C.Patino, W.Fish, L.Chambers, J.Balagzi, J.Norris, L.Mbete, H.Davies).
269 9 October 2021 - Mexico 1 England 3 [1-0]
Marbella Football Center, San Pedro de Alcántara (tbc)
Ramsey, OG, Vale
England: H.Davies, D.Oyegoke (A.Ramsey), L.Mbete-Tabu, N.John, W.Fish, C.Egan-Riley, S.Iling-Junior (J.Baptiste), C.Patino, L.Dobbin (D.Scarlett), A.Devine, J.Norris (H.Vales). (unused: F.Marschall, R.Edwards, L.Chambers, J.Balagzi, A.Scott, S.Shoretire, T.Oluwayemi, C.Doyle).
270 13 October 2021 - England 2 Belgium 3 [1-0]
Marbella Football Center, San Pedro de Alcántara (tbc)
Scarlett (2)
Descotte, Engels, Bakayoko
England: F.Marschall, J.Baptiste, L.Chambers, A.Scott, C.Doyle, R.Edwards, J.Balagizi (N.John), H.Vale (A.Devine), D.Scarlett, A.Ramsey ͨ , S.Iling-Junior. (unused: C.Egan-Riley, T.Oluwayemi, W.Fish. L.Mbete-Tabu, S.Shoretire, L.Dobbin, J.Norris, H.Davies). 
UEFA Under-19 Championship First Qualifying round in Sweden
271 group one
10 November 2021 - Andorra 0 England 4 [0-2]
Skytteholms IP, Stockholm (tbc)
Iling-Junior, Chukwuemeka, Scarlett (2 (1 pen)) NW
England: T.Oluwayemi, D.Oyegoke, C.Chukwuemeka, L.Samuels-Colwill (C.Doyle), S.Iling-Junior (O.Giraud-Hutchinson), A.Scott (N.John), D.Scarlett (D.Jebbison), A.Ramsey (J.Balagizi), H.Vale, L.Chambers, R.Edwards. (unused: M.Cox, J.Baptiste, C.Webster, J.Soonsup-Bell).
272 13 November 2021 - Switzerland 0 England 0 [0-0]
Skytteholms IP, Stockholm (tbc)
England: M.Cox, D.Oyegoke, C.Doyle, C.Chukwuemeka, L.Samuels-Colwill ͨ , J.Baptiste, A.Scott, D.Scarlett, A.Ramsey, H.Vale, L.Chambers (N.John). (unused: S.Iling-Junior, T.Oluwayemi, R.Edwards, C.Webster, J.Soonsup-Bell, J.Balagizi, D.Jebbison, O.Giraud Hutchinson).
273 16 November 2021 - Sweden 0 England 2 [0-1]
Skytteholms IP, Stockholm (tbc)
Scarlett (pen), Colwill AW
England: M.Cox, D.Oyegoke, A.Scott (C.Webster), C.Doyle, R.Edwards, C.Chukwuemeka, L.Samuels-Colwill ͨ , S.Iling-Junior (N.John), D.Scarlett (J.Soonsup-Bell), A.Ramsey (L.Chambers), H.Vale (J.Balagizi). (unused: J.Baptiste, T.Oluwayemi, D.Jebbison, O.Giraud-Hutchinson)
UEFA Under-19 Championship Elite Qualifying round in England
274 group three
23 March 2022 - England 3 Republic of Ireland 1 [2-1]
Banks's Stadium, Walsall (2,688)
Scarlett, Chukwuemeka (2)
England: 1.M.Cox, 2.B.Norton-Cuffey (12.D.Oyegoke), 3.C.Doyle (16.B.Humphreys), 4.T.Iroehbunam (14.X.Simons), 5.R.Edwards, 6.J.Quansah, 7.A.Devine (17.S.Edozie), 8.C.Chukwuemeka,.9.D.Scarlett (19.L.Delap), 10.A.Ramsey, 11.H.Vale. (unused: 13.T.Sharman-Lowe, 15.J.Norris, 18.J.Balagizi, 20. D.Jebbison).
275 26 March 2022 - England 4 Armenia 0 [2-0]
New York Stadium, Rotherham (tbc)
Devine, Manukyan OG, Quansah, Edozie HW
Liam Delap62
England: 1.M.Cox (13.T.Sharman-Lowe), 2.B.Norton-Cuffey (12.D.Oyegoke), 5.R.Edwards, 6.J.Quansah (15.J.Norris), 16.B.Humphreys, 8.C.Chukwuemeka, 14.X.Simons, 7.A.Devine (18.J.Balagizi), 17.S.Edozie, 11.H.Vale ͨ  (20.D.Jebbison), 19.L.Delap. (unused: 3.C.Doyle, 4.T.Iroehbunam, 9.D.Scarlett).
276 29 March 2022 - England 2 Portugal 0 [2-0]
Technique Stadium, Chesterfield (6,005)
Scarlett (2 (1 pen)) HW
England: 1.M.Cox, 2.B.Norton-Cuffey (12.D.Oyegoke), 6.J.Quansah, 16.B.Humphreys, 3.C.Doyle, 8.C.Chukwuemeka (15.Norris), 4.T.Iroehbunam, 7.A.Devine (18.J.Balagizi), 10.A.Ramsey (14.X.Simons), 11.H.Vale ͨ, 9.D.Scarlett (20.D.Jebbison). (unused: 13.T.Sharman-Lowe, 17.S.Edozie).