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Season 2020-21


Ian Foster
Friendly match
265 8 October 2020 - England 3 Scotland 1 [n/a]
St. George's Park, Burton upon Trent (bcd)
Match abandoned after 42 minutes
A second set of Covid-19 testing results for players and staff were received during the game and Scotland coach, Billy Stark had tested positive
England (unconfirmed): C.Boyce-Clarke, L.Matheson, Levi Colwill/H.Roberts, M.Azeez, C.Cresswell, T.Mengi, N.Madueke, Y.Musah, S.Greenwood, J.McAtee, M.Rogers. (also in squad announced on 2 October were: L.Bate, H.Elliott, J.Gelhardt, K.Kesler Hayden, A.Mighten, L.Moulden, Cole Palmer, D.Simeu, J.Trafford, J.Weir and N.Wood).  
A second game, scheduled for three days later, at the same venue was cancelled as a result.
Training Camp Games
u/o 17 November 2020 -
England 8 Derby County FC U23 0
St George's Park, Burton upon Trent
Delap, McAtee, Philogene (3), Greenwood, Gelhardt, Rankine HW
England: L.Moulden (J.Trafford), K.Kesler Hayden (L.Matheson), J.Dorsett (D.Cirkin), A.Ramsey (M.Peart-Harris), C.Cresswell (D.Simeu), J.Branthwaite, H.Elliott (D.Rankine), Cole Palmer (L.Bate), L.Delap (S.Greenwood), J.McAtee (J.Gelhardt), M.Rogers (J.Philogene).
England were drawn into Group 10 of the UEFA Under-19 Championship Qualifying round where they were due to travel to Wales in March 2021 (originally November 2020) to face Malta, Slovenia and the hosts for a place in the play-offs (in May 2021) for the finals in Romania, but the competition was cancelled due to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.
u/o 27 March 2021 - England 6 Arsenal FC U23 1 [2-0]
St George's Park, Burton upon Trent
Mighten, Gelhardt, Rankine (2), Greenwood, Palmer
England: B.Young (L.Moulden), K.Kesler Hayden (V.Livramento), D.Cirkin, M.Azeez (A.Devine), C.Cresswell, T.Harwood-Bellis (T.Mengi), H.Vale (J.McAtee), H.Elliott (L.Bate), J.Gelhardt (S.Greenwood), E.Anderson (Cole Palmer), A.Mighten (D.Rankine).

Season 2021-22
Friendly matches
266 2 September 2021 - England 2 Italy 0 [2-0]
St. George's Park, Burton upon Trent (tbc)
Scarlett (pen), Soonsup-Bell HW
England: T.Sharman-Lowe (M.Cox), D.Oyegoke (C.Egan-Riley), C.Doyle, C.Chukwuemekaᶜ, W.Fish, J.Baptiste, J.Soonsup-Bell (D.Jebbison), A.Scott (N.John), D.Scarlett (S.Edozie), S.Shoretire (A.Devine), H.Vale. (unused: F.Marschall, T.Oluwayemi, L.Mbete, R.Welch, J.Norris, A.Ramsey).
267 6 September 2021 - Germany 1 England 1 [0-0]
Bad Durrheim (tbc)
England: F.Marschall, C.Egan-Riley (D.Oyegoke), L.Mbete (C.Doyle), N.John (S.Shoretire), B.Humphreys, R.Welch (J.Baptiste), S.Edozie (D.Scarlett), A.Devine (C.Chukwuemeka), D.Jebbison, J.Balagizi (A.Scott), J.Norris (H.Vale). (unused: M.Cox, W.Fish, T.Sharman-Lowe).
International Marbella Cup
268 6 October 2021 - England 1 France 3 [0-1]
Marbella Football Center, San Pedro de Alcántara (tbc)
Doukoure, Edwards OG, Elye-Wahi
England: T.Oluwayemi, D.Oyeogoke, C.Doyle, A.Ramsey, R.Edwards, J.Baptiste, L.Dobbin (S.Iling-Junior), A.Scott, D.Scarlett, S.Shoretire (A.Devine), H.Vale.
269 9 October 2021 - Mexico 1 England 3 [1-0]
Marbella Football Center, San Pedro de Alcántara (tbc)
Ramsey, own goal, Vale
England: H.Davies, D.Oyegoke (A.Ramsey), L.Mbete, N.John, W.Fish, C.Egan-Riley, S.Iling-Junior (J.Baptiste), C.Patino, L.Dobbin (D.Scarlett), A.Devine, J.Norris (H.Vales).
270 13 October 2021 - England 2 Belgium 3 [1-0]
Marbella Football Center, San Pedro de Alcántara (tbc)
Scarlett (2)
Descotte, Engels, Bakayoko
England: F.Marschall, J.Baptiste, L.Chambers, A.Scott, C.Doyle, R.Edwards, J.Balagizi (N.John), H.Vale (A.Devine), D.Scarlett, A.Ramseyᶜ, S.Iling-Junior.
UEFA Under-19 Championship First Qualifying round in Sweden
271 group one
10 November 2021 - Andorra 0 England 4 [0-2]
Skytteholms IP, Stockholm (tbc)
Iling-Junior, Chukwuemeka, Scarlett (2 (1 pen)) NW
England: T.Oluwayemi, D.Oyegoke, C.Chukwuemeka, Levi Colwillᶜ (C.Doyle), S.Iling-Junior (O.Giraud-Hutchinson), A.Scott (N.John), D.Scarlett (D.Jebbison), A.Ramsey (J.Balagizi), H.Vale, L.Chambers, R.Edwards.
272 13 November 2021 - Switzerland 0 England 0 [0-0]
Skytteholms IP, Stockholm (tbc)
England: M.Cox, D.Oyegoke, C.Doyle, C.Chukwuemeka, Levi Colwill ͨ, J.Baptiste, A.Scott, D.Scarlett, A.Ramsey, H.Vale, L.Chambers (N.John).
273 16 November 2021 - Sweden 0 England 2 [0-1]
Skytteholms IP, Stockholm (tbc)
Scarlett (pen), Colwill AW
England: M.Cox, D.Oyegoke, A.Scott (C.Webster), C.Doyle, R.Edwards, C.Chukwuemeka, Levi Colwillᶜ, S.Iling-Junior (N.John), D.Scarlett (J.Soonsup-Bell), A.Ramsey (L.Chambers), H.Vale (J.Balagizi).
UEFA Under-19 Championship Elite Qualifying round in England
274 group three
23 March 2022 - England 3 Republic of Ireland 1 [2-1]
Banks's Stadium, Walsall (2,688)
Scarlett, Chukwuemeka (2)
England: 1.M.Cox, 2.B.Norton-Cuffey (12.D.Oyegoke), 3.C.Doyle (16.B.Humphreys), 4.T.Iroehbunam (14.X.Simons), 5.R.Edwards, 6.J.Quansah, 7.A.Devine (17.S.Edozie), 8.C.Chukwuemeka,.9.D.Scarlett (19.L.Delap), 10.A.Ramsey, 11.H.Vale.
275 26 March 2022 - England 4 Armenia 0 [2-0]
AESSEAL New York Stadium, Rotherham (tbc)
Devine, Manukyan OG, Quansah, Edozie HW
Liam Delap62
England: 1.M.Cox (13.T.Sharman-Lowe), 2.B.Norton-Cuffey (12.D.Oyegoke), 5.R.Edwards, 6.J.Quansah (15.J.Norris), 16.B.Humphreys, 8.C.Chukwuemeka, 14.X.Simons, 7.A.Devine (18.J.Balagizi), 17.S.Edozie, 11.H.Valeᶜ (20.D.Jebbison), 19.L.Delap.
276 29 March 2022 - England 2 Portugal 0 [2-0]
Technique Stadium, Chesterfield (6,005)
Scarlett (2 (1 pen)) HW
England: 1.M.Cox, 2.B.Norton-Cuffey (12.D.Oyegoke), 6.J.Quansah, 16.B.Humphreys, 3.C.Doyle, 8.C.Chukwuemeka (15.J.Norris), 4.T.Iroehbunam, 7.A.Devine (18.J.Balagizi), 10.A.Ramsey (14.X.Simons), 11.H.Valeᶜ, 9.D.Scarlett (20.D.Jebbison).
UEFA Under-19 Championship Finals in Slovakia

group B
19 June 2022 - England 2 Austria 0 [1-0]
Nárdony atletický štadión, Banská Bystrica (1,537)
Chukwuemeka, Devine NW
England: 1.M.Cox, 2.B.Norton-Cuffy (12.D.Oyegoke), 3.C.Doyle, 4.T.Iroegbunam, 5.R.Edwards, 6.J.Quansah, 7.A.Devine (18.J.Bynoe-Gittens), 8.C.Chukwuemeka (17.S.Iling-Junior), 9.D.Scarlett (19.L.Delap), 10.A.Ramsey (14.A.Scott), 11.H.Vale ͨ.
278 22 June 2022 - England 4 Serbia 0 [2-0]
Nárdony atletický štadión, Banská Bystrica (2,569)
Scarlett (2), Chukwuemeka, Jebbison NW
England: 1.M.Cox, 2.B.Norton-Cuffy (12.D.Oyegoke), 6.J.Quansah, 16.B.Humphreys, 3.C.Doyle, 4.T.Iroegbunam (7.A.Devine), 8.C.Chukwuemeka, 14.A.Scott, 18.J.Bynoe-Gittens (10.A.Ramsey), 11.H.Vale ͨ (15.L.Chambers), 9.D.Scarlett (20.D.Jebbison).
279 25 June 2022 - Israel 0 England 1 [0-1]
Mestský štadión, Žiar nad Hronom (tbc)
Delap NW
England: 13.T.Sharman-Lowe, 12.D.Oyegoke, 15.L.Chambers, 5.R.Edwards (3.C.Doyle), 6.J.Quansah (2.B.Norton-Cuffy), 7.A.Devine, 8.C.Chukwuemeka ͨ (10.A.Ramsey), 14.A.Scott, 16.B.Humphreys, 17.S.Iling-Junior, 19.L.Delap (20.D.Jebbison).
280 semi-final
28 June 2022 - England 2 Italy 1 [0-1]
Národné tréningové centrum, Senec (897)
Scott, Quansah
Miretti (pen)
England: 1.M.Cox, 2.B.Norton-Cuffy (12.D.Oyegoke), 3.C.Doyle, 4.T.Iroegbunam (14.A.Scott), 5.R.Edwards, 6.J.Quansah, 7.A.Devine, 8.C.Chukwuemeka, 9.D.Scarlett (20.D.Jebbison), 10.A.Ramsey (18.J.Bynoe-Gittens (15.L.Chambers)), 11.H.Vale ͨ.
1 July 2022 - Israel 1 England 3 [1-0]ᴭᵀ
Štadión Antona Malatinského, Trnava (tbc)
Doyle, Chukwuemeka, Ramsey
England: 1.M.Cox, 12.D.Oyegoke (2.B.Norton-Cuffy), 6.J.Quansah, 5.R.Edwards, 3.C.Doyle, 8.C.Chukwuemeka, 14.A.Scott (4.T.Iroegbunam), 7.A.Devine (15.L.Chambers), 18.J.Bynoe-Gittens (10.A.Ramsey), 11.H.Vale ͨ, 9.D.Scarlett (19.L.Delap).
England are the winners of the 2022 UEFA U19 Championship and qualified for the FIFA Under-20 World Cup in 2023. 22.H.Davies was an unused squad member.

Season 2022-23


Simon Rusk
UEFA Under-19 Championship First Qualifying round in Denmark
282 group nine Chambers, Perkins NW
21 September 2022 - England 2 Montenegro 0 [0-0]
Hobro Stadium, Hobro (tbc)
England: 1.J.Beadle, 15.A.Phillips, 5.B.Nelson, 18.L.Hall, 2.Rico Lewis, 8.D.Gyabi (6.A.Wharton), 4.S.Braybrooke ͨ, 3.L.Chambers (16.B.Chrisene), 7.S.Perkins (9.O.Cannonier), 10.G.Hall (14.S.Mather), 12.D.Mubama (11.O.Forsan).
283 24 September 2022 - England 6 Georgia 0 [3-0]
Hjørring Stadium, Hjørring (tbc)
Perkins (3 (1 pen)), Cannonier (2), Forson NW
England: 1.J.Beadle, 2.Rico Lewis (17.I.Mabaya), 3.L.Chambers (16.B.Chrisene), 4.S.Braybrookeᶜ, 5.B.Nelson (19.L.Jonas), 18.L.Hall, 7.S.Perkins (20.K.Pennant), 15.A.Phillips, 9.O.Cannonier, 10.G.Hall (6.A.Wharton), 11.O.Forson.
283 27 September 2022 - Denmark 2 England 4 [0-0]
Hobro Stadium, Hobro (1,032)
Ross (2)
Perkins, G.Hall, Forson, Gyabi
England: 1.J.Beadle, 2.Rico Lewis, 3.L.Chambers, 4.S.Braybrooke, 5.B.Nelson (19.L.Jonas), 6.A.Wharton (11.O.Forson), 7.S.Perkins (17.I.Mabaya), 8.D.Gyabiᶜ, 15.A.Phillips, 10.G.Hall (12.D.Mubama), 18.L.Hall.
13.J.Whitworth and 22.T.Simkin were unused goalkeepers.
UEFA Under-19 Championship Elite Qualifying round in England
284 group seven
22 March 2023 - England 1 Hungary 0 [1-0]
Poundland Bescot Stadium, Walsall (1,832)
Webster HW
England: 1.J.Beadle, 2.R.Walters, 3.L.Chambers, 4.C.Webster (10.Kobbie Mainoo), 5.B.Nelson, 15.A.Phillips, 7.S.Perkins (14.W.Dickson), 8.D.Gyabi ͨ (6.A.Wharton), 18.L.Hall, 9.D.Mubama (12.O.Forson), 11.G.Hall (20.A.Cozier-Duberry).
285 25 March 2023 - England 0 Iceland 1 [0-0]
AESSEAL New York Stadium, Rotherham (4,177)
Óskarsson (pen) HL
England: 1.J.Beadle, 15.A.Phillips, 3.L.Chambers ͨ, 5.B.Nelson (2.R.Walters), 18.L.Hall, 6.A.Wharton, 11.G.Hall, 12.O.Forson (19.R.Cleary), 20.A.Cozier-Duberry (4.C.Webster), 9.D.Mubama (7.S.Perkins), 10.Kobbie Mainoo.
286 28 March 2023 - Turkey 0 England 2 [0-0]
Technique Stadium, Chesterfield (3,759)
Cozier-Duberry, G.Hall HW
England: 1.J.Beadle, 2.R.Walters, 3.L.Chambers, 4.C.Webster (6.A.Wharton), 7.S.Perkins (9.D.Mubama), 8.D.Gyabi ͨ, 10.Kobbie Mainoo (14.W.Dickson), 11.G.Hall (16.L.Jonas), 15.A.Phillips, 18.L.Hall, 20.A.Cozier-Duberry (19.R.Cleary).
13.J.Whitworth and 17.Z.Sturge were unused.
England are eliminated from the 2023 UEFA Under-19 Championship at the Elite stage.

Season 2023-24
Friendly matches in Spain
287 6 September 2023 - Germany 1 England 0 [1-0]
also 5-3 on penalty kicks
Oliva Nova Sports Center, Oliva (tbc)
Kömür NL
Penalty shootout: Mahmoud 1-0, Kellyman 1-0, Krattenmacher 2-0, Cozier-Duberry 2-1, Suso 3-1, Clark 3-2, Pejĉinović 4-2, Scanlon 4-3, Seimen 5-3
Seimen saved Kellyman's kick
England: L.Gunter (B.Cisse), S.Sachdev (E.Carrington), L.Sousa (A.Cozier-Duberry), J.Hinshelwood (A.Dorrington), M.Alleyne (O.Kellyman), A.Phillips, R.Esse (B.Clark), J.Bellinghamᶜ, D.Ballard (L.Miley), K.Doyle (C.Scanlon), A.Blake (N.Buck).
288 9 September 2023 - Switzerland 2 England 4 [1-2]
also 6-5 on penalty kicks
Oliva Nova Sports Center, Oliva (tbc)
Beney (2)
Cozier-Duberry, Ballard, Buck, Phillips
Penalty shootout: Ballard 0-0, Ligue 0-0, Phillips 0-1, Walker 1-1, Bellingham 1-2, Streit 2-2, Blake 2-3, Di Giusto 3-3, Doyle 3-4, Manzambi 4-4, Esse 4-5, Krasniqi 5-5, Dorrington 5-5, Neelakandan 6-5
England: T.Grant (B.Cisse), E.Carrington (S.Sachdev), C.Scanlon (L.Sousa), L.Miley (J.Hinshelwood), M.Alleyne (A.Phillips), A.Dorrington, A.Cozier-Duberry (R.Esse), N.Buck (K.Doyle), D.Ballardᶜ, O.Kellyman (J.Bellingham), B.Clark (A.Blake).
Jamie Donley was also in the squad, but was injured and did not play.
UEFA Under-19 Championship First Qualifying round in Central Region, Montenegro
289 group twelve   AD
11 October 2023 - England 0 Montenegro 0 [0-0]
Donja Gorica Arena, Podgorica (tbc)
England: 1.L.Gunter, 18.L.Sousa, 12.S.Sachdev (11.O.Kellyman), 5.A.Phillipsᶜ, 6.M.Alleyne, 4.J.Hinshelwood, 8.A.Gray, 10.J.Bellingham, 17.A.Blake, 9.D.Ballard (14.N.Lowe), 20.R.Esse (3.C.Scanlon). Unused subs: 13.B.Cisse, 2.E.Carrington, 15.A.Dorrington, 16.N.Buck, 19.K.Taylor.
290 14 October 2023 - England 1 Wales 1 [0-0]
Donja Gorica Arena, Podgorica (tbc)
England: 1.L.Gunter, 8.A.Gray, 18.L.Sousa, 5.A.Phillipsᶜ, 6.M.Alleyne, 4.J.Hinshelwood, 3.C.Scanlon (16.N.Buck), 17.A.Blake (20.R.Esse), 19.K.Taylor (10.J.Bellingham), 7.J.Donley (11.O.Kellyman), 9.D.Ballard (14.N.Lowe). Unused subs: 13.B.Cisse, 15.A.Dorrington, 12.S.Sachdev, 2.E.Carrington.
291 17 October 2023 - Austria 0 England 0 [0-0]
Donja Gorica Arena, Podgorica (tbc)
England: 1.L.Gunter, 8.A.Gray, 6.M.Alleyne, 5.A.Phillipsᶜ, 3.C.Scanlon, 4.J.Hinshelwood, 10.J.Bellingham, 11.O.Kellyman (19.K.Taylor), 20.R.Esse (17.A.Blake), 7.J.Donley (2.E.Carrington), 9.D.Ballard (14.N.Lowe). Unused subs: 13.B.Cisse, 15.A.Dorrington, 12.S.Sachdev, 18.L.Sousa, 16.N.Buck.
21.T.Grant was an unused goalkeeper.
England are eliminated from the 2024 UEFA Under-19 Championship at the first qualifying round.
Marbella International Tournament
292 15 November 2023 - England 6 Romania 0 [3-0]
Marbella Football Center, San Pedro de Alcántara (tbc)
Cozier-Duberry, Donley (2), Castledine, Best, Lankshear NW
England: B.Cisse, K.Best (M.Alleyne), J.Hinshelwood (J.Duffus), A.Phillipsᶜ (J.Wright), A.Cozier-Duberry (R.Stutter), J.Donley (Kobbie Mainoo), D.Ballard (R.Esse), A.Dorrington, N.Buck (L.Sousa), C.Scanlon, L.Castledine (W.Lankshear).
Jobe Bellingham and Ezra Carrington withdrew from the squad, whilst Archie Gray was called up to the Elite League squad to play against Italy at Doncaster. Wright came in as a replacement.
293 18 November 2023 - England 3 Japan 2 [2-0]
Marbella Football Center, San Pedro de Alcántara (tbc)
Wright (pen), Lankshear, Donley
Shiogai (2)
England: L.Gunter, K.Best (C.Scanlon), L.Sousa, M.Alleyne, Kobbie Mainooᶜ (J.Donley), R.Esse (L.Castledine), J.Wright (N.Buck), J.Duffus (J.Hinshelwood), A.Dorrington (A.Phillips), R.Stutter (A.Cozier-Duberry), W.Lankshear (D.Ballard).
294 21 November 2023 - Mexico 1 England 7 [1-5]
Marbella Football Center, San Pedro de Alcántara (tbc)
Ballard (3), Donley (2), Stutter, Lankshear
England: E.Harrison (M.Young), L.Sousa (K.Best), J.Hinshelwood (J.Duffus), A.Phillipsᶜ (A.Dorrington), M.Alleyne, A.Cozier-Duberry (L.Castledine), J.Donley (R.Esse), D.Ballard (R.Stutter), Kobbie Mainoo, N.Buck, C.Scanlon (W.Lankshear).
England are the winners of the Marbella International Tournament.


Will Antwi
Friendly matches in Morocco
295 21 March 2024 - Morocco 1 England 1 [1-0]
Stade Prince Héretier Moulay El Hassan, Rabat (tbc)
Buck OG
England: T.Setford, A.Dorrington (K.Robinson), L.Sousa, T.Hall (G.Abbott), W.Gee, K.Best (T.Patterson), L.Castledine (R.Stutter), N.Buck, W.Lankshear (B.Cadamarteri), J.Donleyᶜ, O.Kellyman (J.Duffus).
296 24 March 2024 - England 2 United States 3 [1-2]
Académie Mohammed VI de football, Salé (tbc)
Cadamateri (pen), Castledine
Campbell (2), Zambrano
England: M.Merrick (B.Cisse), B.Arthur (L.Sousa), W.Gee (A.Dorrington), K.Robinson (K.Best), G.Abbott, N.Buck (T.Hall), J.Donleyᶜ, T.Patterson, B.Cadamateri (W.Lankshear), J.Duffus, O'Kellyman (L.Castledine).