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'B' 18 vs. Yugoslavia

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302 vs. Scotland
Wednesday, 29 February 1956
International 'B' Friendly Match

Scotland 2 England 2
Dens Park, Sandeman Street, Maryfield, City of Dundee, Angus
Kick-off (GMT): 3.00pm,

Attendance: 11,500 Receipts: £1,200
Scotland kicked-off Joe Kennedy won the toss
  [0-1] Tommy Taylor 43
cracked into the net from a Alan Finney through ball
[1-1] Willie McCulloch 56
 took the ball from Wheeler and kicked from 25-30-yards - carried by the wind
[2-1] Jimmy Mulkerrin header 63
 headed in a Willie McCulloch centre

[2-2] John Atyeo 87
tapped in the Tommy Taylor cross after Brown missed the interception
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Robert Reid
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Scotland B Team
Rank: No official ranking system established; Colours: Dark blue jerseys, white shorts
Capt: Archie Glen Selector: Scottish 2nd XI FA Selection Committee
Team chosen on Monday, 20 February 1956
Scotland Lineup
  Brown, William D.F. 24
144 days
8 October 1931 G Dundee FC 1 2ᵍᵃ
only B app 1956
2 Kerr, Andrew 24
245 days
29 June 1931 RB Partick Thistle FC 1 0
3 Rae, Ian J. 23
41 days
19 January 1933 LB Falkirk FC 1 0
only B app 1956
4 Neilson, John 27
334 days
1 April 1929 RHB St. Mirren FC 1 0
only B app 1956
5 Malloy, Daniel 25
115 days
6 November 1930 CHB Cardiff City FC, Wales 1 0
6 Glen, Archie 27
319 days
16 April 1929 LHB Aberdeen FC 1 0
only B app 1956
7 Cullen, Michael J. 24
241 days
3 July 1931 OR Luton Town FC, England 1 0
only B app 1956
8 Yorston, Henry 27
265 days
9 June 1929 IR Aberdeen FC 1 0
only B app 1956
Mulkerrin, James 24
66 days
25 December 1931 CF Hibernian FC 1 1
only B app 1956
10 Turnbull, Edward H. 32
323 days
12 April 1923 IL Hibernian FC 1 0
only B app 1956
McCulloch, William B, 28
281 days
24 May 1927 OL Airdrieonians FC 1 1
only B app 1956


originally St. Mirren's Tommy Gemmell, but he too was also hurt and withdrew. Yorston was another reserve.

team notes:

As with the FA Cup sixth round ties affecting the English team, the SFA named Bobby Mitchell as outside-left, but his club, Newcastle United FC, refused to release him, so the name of McCulloch was the name announced in the following day's newpaper columns.
Two days before this match, Scotland suffered many withdrawals because of injuries and the remaining forward line was recast, Aberdeen FC's Graham Leggatt, Hearts' Alfie Conn and Willie Bauld, and Rangers FC's Sam Baird were replaced by Black, Yorston, Mulkerrin and Turnbull. Rae also replaced John Little (Rangers FC) at left-back.
The day before the match, Leggatt's replacement Bobby Black (Queen of the South FC) also had to withdraw. Cullen being the surprise selection.
2-3-5 Brown -
Kerr, Rae -
Nielsen, Malloy, Glen -
Cullen, Yorston, Mulkerrin, Turnbull, McCulloch
Averages: Age 26 years 84 days Appearances/Goals 1.0 0.0
England B Team


No official ranking system established; Colours: The 1954 Umbro home uniform - White v-necked short-sleeved continental jerseys, blue shorts, black socks with white tops.
Joe Kennedy
last, W 1 - D 1 - L 1 - F 8 - A 10.³
Manager: Walter Winterbottom, 42 (31 March 1913), appointed as FA national director of coaching/team manager on 8 July 1946;
twelfth B match, W 7 - D 2 - L 0 - F 34 - A 8.
The team chosen by the Intermediate Selection Committee, headed by Frank Adams, on Monday, 20 February,
 along with the Football Association party to South Africa, followed by the draw for the FA Cup quarter-finals.
England Lineup
  six changes to the previous B match (Langley, Wheeler, Kennedy, Atyeo & Perry remain) league position (20 February)  
Matthews, Reginald D. 23
71 days
20 December 1932 G Coventry City FC (FL3S 7th) 2 3ᵍᵃ
2 Cummings, Thomas S. 27
170 days
12 September 1928 RB Burnley FC (FL 5th) 2 0
3 Langley, E. James 27
22 days
7 February 1929 LB Brighton & Hove Albion FC (FL3S 2nd) 3 0
final B app 1955-56
4 Wheeler, John E. 27
218 days
26 July 1928 RHB Bolton Wanderers FC (FL 8th) 5 0
=mst B apps 1952-56
final B app 1952-56
5 Kennedy, Joseph P. 30
106 days
15 November 1925 CHB West Bromwich Albion FC (FL 6th) 3 0
final B app 1952-56
6 Shannon, Leslie 29
354 days
12 March 1926 LHB Burnley FC (FL 5th) 3 1
117 7
Finney, Alan 22
121 days
31 October 1933 OR Sheffield Wednesday FC (FL2 TOP) 1 0
118 8 Broadbent, Peter F. 22
290 days
15 May 1933 IR Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL 3rd) 1 0
only B app 1956
119 9
Taylor, Thomas 24
31 days
29 January 1932 CF Manchester United FC (FL TOP) 1 1
Atyeo, P. John W. 23
22 days
7 February 1932 IR Bristol City FC (FL2 5th) 3 2
11 Perry, William 25
172 days
10 September 1930
in Johannesburg, South Africa
OL Blackpool FC (FL 2nd) 2 2
final B app 1955-56


not named

team notes:

By the very fact this team was chosen at the same time as the FA Cup sixth round, meant many players would not be available. Having decided to to choose players who are still involved in the cup competition, being played three days following this international.
2-3-5 Matthews -
Cummings, Langley -
Wheeler, Kennedy, Shannon -
Finney, Broadbent, Taylor, Atyeo, Perry.
Averages: Age 23 years 347 days Appearances/Goals 2.4 0.4
              Match Report by Archie Ledbrook, Daily Mirror, 1 March 1956

ENGLAND were tricked by the weather here today. Victory in the "B" International was literally blown out of their grasp. When captain Joe Kennedy won the toss and decided to kick with the moderate wind at his back, he probably thought that conditions would grow no worse—and might even improve.
But the half-time blast of the referee's whistle brought another kind of blast. IT WAS A GALE STRAIGHT DOWN THE PITCH. England found themselves kicking against this tempest. To make matters worse, the sun came out and dazzled our players. England's one-goal lead, gained by precision play up to the penalty area, looked nothing like enough now. Soon Cowboy McCulloch, for fifty minutes a passenger on Scotland's left wing, got the idea. He robbed Johnny Wheeler thirty yards from goal and let fly.
   The ball rocketed down wind and into the net.
Then the Scots swarmed all over England. The match suddenly flared into a terrific struggle And when little Jimmy Mulkerrin headed another goal, a sensational result was in the making.
By this time England had only one effective forward. Bill Perry was strangely hesitant. John Atyeo was not the thundering forward he can be. Peter Broadbent had lost his first-half fire, and Alan Finney was mastered by Rae.
   That left Tommy Taylor to plough along on his own.
HE had already scored the first-half goal. Now he sought the equaliser.
HE forced Billy Brown to a fine save.
HE was tripped, but was denied a penalty.
HE missed another chance through over-kicking in his dash between the backs.
Three minutes from time Tommy tried again. He went off on a long dribble down the right. He beat Rae, then Glen Malloy dashed out to cut him off, but was left sprawling. Taylor drew the goalkeeper forward and then slipped the ball across. Atyeo had only to help himself to a goal.
   The crowd did not like some of the English tackling, and they booed Jim Langley after an incident which referee R.Reid (Ireland) dealt with quite correctly, by dropping the ball.
Langley, Kennedy and Tommy Cummings all did well, though Langley had some early trouble from Luton's Mike Cullen. Cullen, third choice winger, who was dropped by his club last week, made himself a great favourite with the crowd with his enterprising play.
CROWD DID I SAY? There were only 11,000 fans in Scotland's third biggest city who passed through the gates—the same gates which ten days ago were closed when 47,000 were inside for a Scottish Cup-tie..


              Match Report as appears in the F.A. Yearbook 1956-57 page 30

A 12,000 rain-soaked crowd at Dundee on February [29th] saw a mediocre game in which few reputations were enhanced. After a confident England side had taken the lead through Taylor just before half-time, McCulloch equalised with a tremendous down-wind shot. Mulkerrin headed a second for Scotland and it looked as if the home side would bring off a surprise win. But Taylor's perseverance was rewarded when at last he made a perfect opening for Atyeo to score the equaliser in the closing minutes.

              Source Notes
Official matchday programme
  Rothman's Yearbooks
Original newspaper reports