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Saturday, 3 May 1902
replayed from 5 April 1902
Home International Championship 1901-02 (19th) Match

England 2 Scotland 2 [0-2]

Match Summary
England Party

Scotland Party
Team Records

Aston Lower Grounds, Trinity Road, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Attendance: 15,000; Receipts £990 14s. 6d.;
Kick-off 3.30pm GMT

Scotland - Bobby Templeton ('from the ensuing "free", flashed it high past George' 3), Ronald Orr ('a header in off the post, after a Templeton cross' 28);
England - Jimmy Settle (Following clever work by Forman, Settle headed through, and his goal effected a transformation' 65), Albert Wilkes ('fine long shot into the top corner' 67);
Results 1901-14

Scotland won the toss, England kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - James Torrans

Linesmen - W.J. Albert, Chatham, Kent, and unknown

The replay was proposed at the meeting of the FA Council at 61 Chancery Lane on Saturday, 19 April 1902, and that it should count as a Full International.
Other proposals 1) Relief Fund set up 2) FA grant £500 to the fund 3) All clubs to play a fund match and 4) That this international match be played for the benefit of said fund.
Agreed to by the Scottish FA on Tuesday, 22 April.
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  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: "They were closely followed by the Englishmen, clad in opposite colours." That is, white jerseys and blue knickerblockers.
Capt: Steve Bloomer, first captaincy Selectors: The seven-man FA International Selection Committee, on Saturday, 26 April 1902, following the FA Cup Final replay match at The Crystal Palace.
45th match, W 33 - D 8 - L 4 - F 169 - A 41.
England Lineup
  George, William 27 29 June 1874 G Aston Villa FC 3 2 GA
  Crompton, Robert 22 26 September 1879 RB Blackburn Rovers FC 3 0
  Molyneux, George 26 24 July 1875 LB Southampton FC 1 0
Wilkes, Albert 26 6 September 1875 RH Aston Villa FC 5 1
  Forman, Frank 26 23 May 1875 CH Nottingham Forest FC 8 1
  Houlker, Albert E. 30 27 April 1872 LH Blackburn Rovers FC 1 0
  Hogg, William 22 29 May 1879 OR Sunderland AFC 3 0
  Bloomer, Stephen 28 20 January 1874 IR Derby County FC 17 25
  Beats, William E. 30 13 November 1871 CF Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 2 0
Settle, James 26 5 September 1875 IL Everton FC 5 6
  Cox, John T. 24 21 December 1877 OL Liverpool FC 2 0


George Hedley (Sheffield United FC)

team notes:

The team remained unchanged from that which was picked for the fateful Ibrox match. This set of eleven players raised £19 10s. for the Ibrox Disaster Fund.
This side equals England's oldest team thus far.
Kelly Houlker signed for Portsmouth FC at the conclusion of this match.
2-3-5 George -
Crompton, Molyneux -
Wilkes, Forman, Houlker -
Hogg, Bloomer, Beats, Settle, Cox.


Age 26.1 Appearances/Goals 4.5 3.1

England teams v. Scotland:


Sutcliffe Iremonger Oakley Wilkes Forman Needham Bennett Bloomer Smith Foster Blackburn


George Crompton Molyneux Wilkes Forman Houlker Hogg Bloomer Beats Settle Cox


Scotland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 2nd
Colours: "[they] presented a smart appearance in their blue jerseys and white "knicks"."
Capt: Andrew Aitken Selectors: The Scottish Football Association Selection Committee, of seven members, chosen after 21 April 1902, finalised on Thursday, 1 May 1902.
Scotland Lineup
  Rennie, Henry G. 28 1 June 1873 G Hibernian FC 6 7 GA
  Smith, Nicol 28 25 December 1873 RB Rangers FC 12 0
  Drummond, John 32 13 April 1870 LB Rangers FC 13 1
  Aitken, Andrew 25 27 April 1877 RH Newcastle United FC, England 2 0
  Raisbeck, Alexander G. 23 26 December 1878 CH Liverpool FC, England 3 0
  Robertson, John T. 25 25 February 1877 LH Rangers FC 10 1
Templeton, Robert B. 22 22 June 1879 OR Aston Villa FC, England 1 1
  Walker, Robert 23 10 January 1879 IR Heart of Midlothian FC 7 1
  McColl, Robert S. 26 13 April 1876 CF Newcastle United FC, England 12 13
Orr, Ronald 21 6 August 1880 IL Newcastle United FC, England 1 1
  Smith, Alexander 25 7 November 1876 OL Rangers FC 10 6


reserves not known

team notes:

The Celtic FC's George Livingstone was in the original foward line-up. He was replaced by Ronald Orr.
Of the chosen team that played last month, there were originally three changes (two after Orr was recalled). Goalkeeper Ned Doig could not play as he had broken his wrist in a club match between Sunderland and Celtic. John Campbell was released by his country so that he could play for his club, The Celtic FC, in their Exhibition Cup Final Match. Sandy Brown was also injured.
2-3-5 Rennie -
N.Smith, Drummond -
Aitken, Raisbeck, Robertson -
Templeton, Walker, McColl, Orr,


Age 25.3 Appearances/Goals 6.7 2.0


    Match Report

The replayed match between England and Scotland under Association rules was drawn on Saturday at Birmingham, the score being two goals all. Though there was no repetition of that general interest in the game which took the huge crowd to Ibrox Park, Glasgow, last month, when the collapse of the stand caused the great disaster, about 15,000 spectators were present, so that the Ibrox Park Relief Fund, which is to receive the gross receipts, should materially benefit. The game was to some extent spoilt by the rain and wind ; but each side had its spell of brilliancy, and England, after having all the worst of the early play, did so well in the second half that they ought to have won. The Scottish defence was consistently good, while their halves made a fine second line of attack before the interval. England faced the wind in the first period, and never got well together. Templeton scored in the first five minutes for Scotland, and a quarter of an hour before change of ends got a second goal...

Settle and Wilkes each got a goal just inside 25 minutes of restarting...

This result of two goals each will be entered in the records of England v. Scotland in place of the Ibrox Park match. - The Times - Monday 5th May, 1902


It was on 2 May 1902 that the entire northern half of the island of Martinique was covered in ash and pumice following explosions, earthquakes and dense black smoke from Mount Pelée. It was believed by many that they had experienced the worst, but six days later, the side of the mountain ripped open and the town of Saint-Pierre was destroyed in a matter of minutes, killing an estimated 28,000 people in the worst volcanic disaster of the twentieth century.

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