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Ibrox Disaster

76 vs. Scotland
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Saturday, 14 February 1903
originally scheduled for 14 March 1903
Home International Championship 1902-03 (20th) Match

England 4 Ireland 0 [1-0]

Molineux, Waterloo Road North, St.Peter's, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Attendance: 24,240;
receipts £597 (entrance fee a sixpenny); Kick-off tbc

Match Summary
England Party

Ireland Party
Team Records

England - Vivian Woodward ('with a neat shot from the left foot after receiving from Lockett' 19, 'from a scrimmage' 52), Jack Sharp ('added a third after Scott had cleared from Woodward' 63), Harry Davis ('scored' 83).
Results 1901-14

England won the toss, Ireland kicked-off.
Match delayed temporarily after twenty minutes after a dog ran onto the field.


Match Summary






Referee - William Nunnerley

Linesmen - not known and Joseph McBride, Ireland

The FA changed the date of this match to 14 February at the same FA meeting that decided the England team to meet Scotland on Monday, 24 March 1902.

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
The 1902 International Football Association Board meeting:
New pitch with new laws.
Dutch FA request an International Body.
  Fouls Conceded  

England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: White collared jerseys and navy blue shorts
Capt: Howard Spencer, first captaincy Selectors: The seven-man FA International Selection Committee, on Monday, 26 January 1903, following the North vs. South trial match at Tottenham.
46th match, W 34 - D 8 - L 4 - F 173 - A 41.
England Lineup
  Baddeley, Thomas 28 2 November 1874 G Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 1 0 GA
  Spencer, Howard 27 23 August 1875 RB Aston Villa FC 4 0
  Molyneux, George 27 24 July 1875 LB Southampton FC 2 0
  Johnson, W. Harrison 27 4 January 1876 RH Sheffield United FC 4 0
  Holford, Thomas 24 22 February 1878 CH Stoke FC 1 0
  Hadley, Harry 25 26 October 1877 LH West Bromwich Albion FC 1 0
Davis, Harry 23 8 November 1879 OR The Wednesday FC 1 1
Sharp, John 24 15 February 1878 IR Everton FC 1 1
Woodward, Vivian J. 23 3 June 1879 CF Tottenham Hotspur FC 1 2
  Settle, James 27 September 1875 IL Everton FC 6 6
  Lockett, Arthur 25 11 March 1877 OL Stoke FC 1 0


Kelly Houlker (Portsmouth FC) was a late reserve, called up the day before.

team notes:

Aston Villa FC's Billy Garraty withdrew from the original line-up, his place went to Jack Sharp.
Jack Sharp became the fiftieth player to score on his England debut.
2-3-5 Baddeley -
Spencer, Molyneux -
Johnson, Holford, Hadley -
Davis, Sharp, Woodward, Settle, Lockett,


Age 25.4 Appearances/Goals 2.1 0.5


Ireland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 10th
Colours: Green jerseys and white shorts
According to the match card
Capt: Archie Goodall Selectors: Team chosen by Committee, on Saturday, 17 January 1903 in Dublin;
Ireland Lineup
  Scott, William E. 20 17 May 1882 G Linfield FAC 1 4 GA
  McCracken, William R. 20 29 January 1883 RB Distillery FC 4 0
  McMillan, T. George nk not known LB Distillery FC 1 0
  Darling, John 25 30 October 1877 RH Linfield FAC 8 0
  Milne, Robert G. 32 1 October 1870
born in Inverarity, Scotland
CH Linfield FAC 21 2
  Goodall, Archibald L. 38 19 June 1864 LH Derby County FC, England 7 1
  Campbell, James C. 27 5 September 1875 OR Cliftonville FAC 13 1
  Maxwell, James nk not known IR Linfield FAC 2 0
  Sheridan, James 20 15 May 1882 CF Everton FC, England 1 0
  Sloan, Howard A. 20 25 August 1882 IL Bohemians 1 0
  Kirwan, John H. 25 9 February 1878 OL Tottenham Hotspur FC, England 4 0


reserves not known

team notes:

Woolwich Arsenal's Tommy Shanks was in the original named line-up, his place going to Sloan.
2-3-5 Scott -
McCracken, McMillan -
Darling, Milne, Goodall -
Campbell, Maxwell, Sheridan, Sloan, Kirwan.


Age 25.2 Appearances/Goals 5.7 0.4


    Match Report

For the first few minutes of their match with England at Wolverhampton, on Saturday, the Irishmen played so well that it looked as if the Englishmen might experience some difficulty in winning ; but when once they had settled down very little doubt could be felt about the result, and in the end England won by four goals to none...

...nearly twenty minutes elapsed before England scored, but then Woodward made amends, passing smartly out to Lockett, getting up to take that player's centre and putting the ball between the posts with a skilful left-foot kick...

...Woodward soon scored a second goal for England, Sharp put on a third, getting on the ball as Scott fisted it out from Woodward, and a few minutes before the finish Davis cleverly kicked a fourth...

The match took place under favourable conditions, the Wolverhampton ground being well protected from the wind, and a company of nearly 17,000 people assembled to witness the play. - The Times - Monday 16th February, 1903

Source Notes

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