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Mexico are the 34th different opposition

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347 vs. Mexico

  Sunday, 24 May 1959
End of season Summer Tour of South America Match

Mexico 2 England 1
originally scheduled for Wednesday, 20 May.
The Mexican's wanted a switch of date, as they were certain the match would not be rained off on a Sunday morning.
Mexico is the 33rd nation visited by England
Estadio Olímpico Universitario, Avenida Insurgentes Sur, Chimalistac, Ciudad Universitaria, ciudad de México
Kick-off (local): 12noon 7.00pm BST (83°/7,218ft,2,200metres)
Attendance: '83,000';

[1-1] Raúl Cardenas header 26
 ran in to leap and head the ball past Hopkinson Alfredo Del Áugila's corner
[0-1] Derek Kevan header 17
from a Johnny Haynes corner

[1-1] Derek Kevan goal disallowed: offside 43
Salvador Reyes 47
 Carlos González final pass found Reyes to score from close range
[2-1] Salvador Reyes shot hit the crossbar
[2-1] Alfredo Del Áugila shot hit the post
[1-1] Jimmy Greaves goal disallowed: offside 46

[2-1] Derek Kevan goal disallowed: offside
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Officials Mexico FIFA ruling on substitutes England Party
Eunápio Gouveia de Quiroó
39 (22 August 1919) Brazil
Both teams could make two substitutions (one goalkeeper) during the match.
Mexico Team


No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 21st
Colours: Pale green jerseys with white v-neck collar/cuffs with red trim, white shorts, green socks.
Capt: Toto Carbajal Technical Director: Fernando Marcos Gonzalez, 45 (30 November 1913), appointed January 1959
third match, W 3 - D 0 - L 0 - F 7 - A 3.
Team announced on Saturday, 23 May.
Mexico Lineup
  Carbajal Rodriguez, Antonio Félix 29
351 days
7 June 1929 G Club León 24 33ᵍᵃ
2 Bosco Martínez Mora, Juan 23
264 days
2 September 1935 RB CF América 2 0
3 Jáuregui Diaz, Ignacio 20
297 days
31 July 1938 LB Atlas FC 1 0
Cardenas de la Vega, Raúl 30
206 days
30 October 1928 RHB CA Zacatepec 14 2
5 del Muro, Jos´ de Jesús 21
175 days
30 November 1937 CHB Atlas FC 6 0
6 Flores Córdoba, Francisco 33
101 days
12 February 1926 LHB CD Guadalajara 6 0
del Águila Estrella, Alfredo 24
141 days
3 January 1935 OR Deportivo Toluca FC 5 1
Reyes Monteón, Salvador 22
246 days
20 September 1936 IR CD Guadalajara 11 4
González Cabrera, Carlos, unknown timing off 24
42 days
12 April 1935 CF Atlas FC 5 2
10 Ponce Labastida, Sabás, off 23rd min 22
151 days
13 January 1937 IL CD Guadalajara 1 0
11 Arellano Villegas, Raúl 24
85 days
28 February 1935 OL CD Guadalajara 7 0
Mexico Substitutes
scoreline: Mexico 0 England 1
  Jasso Almaraz, Juan Antonio, on 23rd min. for Ponce 24
74 days
11 March 1935 F CF América 6 5 0
scoreline: Mexico 1 England 1
  Hernández, Héctor, on for González - timing unknown 23
169 days
6 December 1935 F CD Guadalajara 5 4 7
result: Mexico 2 England 1
reserves: not known
team notes: Sabás Ponce himself was a last minute replacement for the first-choice Antonio Jasso, who was unfit after injuring his ankle in a practice match on Sunday.
Hector Hernandez was also considered as a starter, but a collarbone injury meant he was not match fit.
2-3-5 Carbajal -
Bosco, Jáuregui -
Cardenas, del Muro, Flores -
del Águila, Reyes, González
(Hernández), Ponce (Jasso), Arellano
Averages: (start)
Age 25 years 87 days
25 years 126 days
Appearances/Goals 7.4 0.6
England Team


No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 6th
Colours: The 1954 Umbro home shirt - White v-necked short-sleeved continental jerseys, white shorts, white socks with red/white/blue calf hoop.
38th match, W 18 - D 12 - L 8 - F 93 - A 51.⁴³
Capt: Billy Wright³
89th W 48 - D 21 - L 20 - F 216 - A 131.⁹⁰
Manager: Walter Winterbottom, 46 (31 March 1913), appointed as FA national director of coaching/team manager on 8 July 1946;
107th match, W 61 - D 25 - L 21 - F 290 - A 152, one abandoned.¹³⁹
Trainer: Harold Shepherdson Team chosen by Selection Committee, headed by Joe Mears, on Friday, 22 May.
England Lineup
  two changes to the previous match (McGuinness & Kevan & Kevan>Flowres & Deeley) league position (20 April)  
  Hopkinson, Edward 23
207 days
29 October 1935 G Bolton Wanderers FC (FL 4th) 11 19ᵍᵃ
2 Howe, Donald 23
224 days
12 October 1935 RB West Bromwich Albion FC (FL 8th) 19 0
3 Armfield, James C. 23
245 days
21 September 1935 LB Blackpool FC (FL 6th) 3 0
4 Clayton, Ronald 24
293 days
5 August 1934 RHB Blackburn Rovers FC (FL 9th) 29 0
5 Wright, William A. 35
107 days
6 February 1924 CHB Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL TOP) 104 3
most apps 1952-59
6 McGuiness, Wilfred, injured off 31st min 21
218 days
25 October 1937 LHB Manchester United FC (FL 2nd) 2 0
final app 1958-59
7 Holden, A. Douglas, injured off 57th min. 28
238 days
28 September 1930 OR Bolton Wanderers FC (FL 4th) 5 0
final app 1959
8 Greaves, James P. 19
93 days
20 February 1940 IR Chelsea FC (FL 13th) 2 1
Kevan, Derek T. 24
79 days
6 March 1935 CF West Bromwich Albion FC (FL 8th) 12 7
Haynes, John N. 24
219 days
17 October 1934 IL Fulham FC (FL2 2nd) 31 12
11 Charlton, Robert 21
225 days
11 October 1937 OL Manchester United FC (FL 2nd) 11 8
England Substitutes
scoreline: Mexico 1 England 1
  Flowers, Ronald, on 31st min. for McGuiness 24
300 days
28 July 1934 LHB Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL TOP) 7 6 0
scoreline: Mexico 2 England 1
  Bradley, Warren, on 57th min. for Holden 25
338 days
20 June 1933 OR Manchester United FC (FL 2nd) 2 1 1
result: Mexico 2 England 1
reserves: Ron Baynham (Luton Town FC (FL 18th)), Graham Shaw (Sheffield United FC (FL2 3rd)), Roy Gratrix (Blackpool FC (FL 6th)), Norman Deeley & Peter Broadbent (Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (FL TOP))
substitute notes: For the first time, two substitutes are used by England. First time that both replaced players never played for England again. McGuinness is the youngest England player to be replaced so far.
Bradley is the first England substitution to be made in the second half.
Both were replaced because of the heat and the thin Mexican air - they both received an emergency intake of oxygen in the dressing room.
team notes: Billy Wright extends his record appearance tally, in his record 69th consecutive match.
Ron Clayton was playing with a heavily sunburned back, so much so that the blisters burst during the match. Following the match, a Mexican doctor bathed Clayton's back in methylated spirits!
It was after this tour that the FA heeded Winterbottom's advice to always travel with a team doctor.
Ron Flowers is the 45th player to have made seven-or-more appearances for England under Walter Winterbottom/ISC/post-war.
The starting appearances of Greaves and McGuiness means 105 players in the same period have won a second appearance, out of 129.
records: For the third time, England have lost three friendly matches in a row.
This defeat equals an England record of five away friendly matches without victory, set twice before in 1873-80 and 1954-55.
2-3-5 Hopkinson -
Howe, Armfield -
Clayton, Wright, McGuinness
(Flowers) -
(Bradley), Greaves, Kevan, Haynes, Charlton.
Averages: (start)
Age 24 years 229 days
24 years 246 days
Appearances/Goals 20.8 2.7
              Match Report by Mike Payne

ENGLAND suffered their third defeat in a row on this tour with this match in Mexico probably the most disappointing result of all. Having been well beaten in Brazil and Peru, they were looking to do better against a Mexican side not generally considered one of South America's strongest.

England kicked-off under a blazing sun and in the rarified air of Mexico City. Bobby Charlton was quickly in the action forcing a good save from Carbajal low down. The Mexicans who favoured a square passing style made little headway against the England defence despite enjoying most of the possession. After ten minutes, Billy Wright was forced into heading a dangerous Mexican centre over his own crossbar to rescue his side whilst at the other end, Derek Kevan put in a header which was well held by the goalkeeper.

Then after 17 minutes, England took the lead. A corner was swung over and this time Kevan made his header count. This stung Mexico into retaliation and Reyes shot wide in one attack. England always looked likely to break dangerously though and Charlton almost added a second goal with a typical effort which flew just past Carbajal's post.

In the 23rd minute, Mexico made a change in their line-up when they brought on Jasso as substitute for Ponce. This move soon paid handsome dividends as three minutes later the home side equalised. Again the goal stemmed from a corner and this time it was Cardenas who ran in to beat Eddie Hopkinson from eight yards with a header.

In the 31st minute, England also made a substitution with Ron Flowers replacing Wilf McGuiness and later in the half two fine saves by Carbajal foiled two more England goal attempts. In the opening seconds of the second half, Jimmy Greaves netted following a pass from Kevan but unfortunately the referee disallowed the goal for offside.

That was crucial because a minute after that incident, Mexico took the lead. Gonzalez had the England defence all over the place and his final pass found the unmarked Reyes who had an easy task to score from close range. The earlier poise of the visitors' defence was now gone and Mexico had most of the play in the remaining period.

Warren Bradley replaced Doug Holden in the 57th minute but it was Wright who saved England again with another timely intervention of a dangerous Mexico attack. At this stage the Mexicans were well on top and missed several fine opportunities to add to their score.

So, in the end it was another disappointing display from a very jaded England team. They had now won only two of their last 14 games.


              Match Report by Norman Giller

England scored first through Derek Kevan, but were burned out within an hour of kicking off in high-altitude ciudad de México. Despite officially using substitutes for the first time they were run off their feet in the last 30 minutes. Jimmy Greaves swept the ball into the net just after half-time, but the referee ruled it off-side. Moments later Mexico snatched a second goal and from then on England were on the retreat as they struggled to breathe in Mexico's thin air. Eddie Hopkinson performed wonders in the England goal, but he was often confused by the flight of the ball. Wilf McGuinness was the first player to be substituted after half an hour. He was affected by the heat and had to go to the dressing-room for an emergency intake of oxygen. Doug Holden was the next player hit by the heat, and he was replaced in the fifty-seventh minute by Warren Bradley. It was a match that Ronnie Clayton would never forget. He had been so badly burned while sunbathing that his back came up in a mass of blisters. They burst during the game, and in the dressing-room afterwards the Mexican doctor bathed the Blackburn skipper's back with mentholated spirits. It was this more than anything that finally convinced the Football Association that they should follow Walter Winterbottom's advice and always travel with a team doctor. It was hardly the best organised tour. Ron Flowers at one stage found himself sharing a hotel room with six complete strangers!

              Match Report as appears in the F.A. Yearbook 1959-60 page 36

After this depressing start to the tour, McGuinness and Kevan were included in the side to meet Mexico; two substitutions were also made during the course of the match. This time England started well, and deserved the lead which Kevan gave them when he headed home Haynes's pass in the 17th minute. They failed, however, to take full advantage of their early superiority, and slumped when Cardenas headed in Del Augila's corner—a rather easy equaliser. Mexico's winning goal came early in the second half, when Reyes scored from a pass by Gonzalez. During further attacks the Mexicans hit a post and, despite a late rally by England, they were worthy winners. Reyes was the architect of the Mexican victory, but the whole team played fast and accurate football suitable to the conditions. AGain Clayton and Greaves proved to be England's best players, but as in the previous matches, there were too many weaknesses elsewhere.

              Source Notes
Original newspaper reports
The Complete Book of the British Charts
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