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Saturday, 7 June 2014
FA World Cup warm-up Friendly Match

Honduras 0 England 0 [0-0]
Play stopped for 41 minutes (after 22:11) due to an electrical storm

Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens, Miami, Florida, United States
Kick-off (EDT): 4.45pm 9.45pm BST.
Attendance: 45,379;

Honduras kicked-off 94 minutes 45:15 & 49:07
match suspended 22nd min for 41 mins
Luis Garrido 26 25:30
Emilio Izaguirre 31
Victor Bernárdez 49 48:01
Brayan Beckeles

Brayan Beckeles 65 64:41

Adam Lallana

Gary Cahill
Leighton Baines 77 76:06
Expulsion: Brayan Beckeles 65 64:41
  first time expulsions for two matches-in-a-row
Commentator: Clive Tyldesley with Andy Townsend

Match Summary

Officials from United States

Honduras Squad


England Squad
Referee (yellow) - Ricardo Salazar
41 (6 September 1972)
, Bakersfield, California, FIFA listed 2005.

Assistant Referees - George Ganser and Adam Garner, 36 (29 September 1977), Texas.
Fourth official - Edvin Jurisević, 39 (7 June 1975), Omaha, FIFA-listed 2010.

8 Goal Attempts 17
3 Attempts on Target 8
0 Hit Bar/Post 0
3 Corner Kicks Won 4
1 Offside Calls Against 1
16 Fouls Conceded 9
33% Possession 67%

Honduras Team



FIFA (6 June 2014) 33rd
EFO ranking
ELO rating 46th to 45th
Colours: Made by Joma - Blue v-neck jerseys with paler blue shoulder flashes and white piping, blue shorts with white hem, blue socks
Capt: Noel Valladares Manager: Luis Fernando Suárez Guzmán, 54 (23 December 1959 in Colombia), appointed March 2011.
53rd match.
Honduras Lineup
18 Valladares Bonilla, Noel E. 37
35 days
3 May 1977 G CD Olimpia 121 0

Beckeles, Brayan A. 28
191 days
28 November 1985 RB CD Olimpia 24


16th expulsion vs. England
Beckeles cautioned in the 51st min. for a foul after he went into Welbeck. Cautioned again in the 65th min. for a foul as he elbowed Baines in the head. Sent-off.
Bernárdez Blanco, Victor S. 32
14 days
24 May 1982 CD San José Earthquakes, United States 77 3
Bernárdez cautioned in the 49th min. for a foul after he tripped up Ross Barkley as he was about to sprint away.
3 Figueroa Róchez, Maynor A. 31
36 days
2 May 1983 CD Hull City AFC, England 103 3
Izaguirre Girón, Emilio A., off 91st min. 28
28 days
10 May 1986 LB The Celtic, Scotland 66 1
Izaguirre cautioned in the 31st min. for a foul after he needlessly whacked the ball into Welbeck's groin after he was tripped.
23 Chávez, Marvin A., off 61st min. 30
216 days
3 November 1983 RM CD Chivas USA 42 4
Garrido, Luis F., off 46th min. 23
214 days
5 November 1990 CM CD Olimpia 20 0
Garrido cautioned in the 26th min. for a foul after he mistimed a lunging tackle into a sprinting Steven Gerrard.
8 Palacios Suazo, Wilson R. 29
313 days
29 July 1984 CM Stoke City FC, England 94 5
15 Espinoza Ramírez, Roger A., off 87th min. 27
225 days
25 October 1986 LM Wigan Athletic FC, England 42 4
11 Bengtson Bodden, Jerry R., off 75th min. 27
60 days
8 April 1987 RF New England Revolution, United States 44 19
13 Costly Molina, Carlo Y., off 69th min. 31
324 days
18 July 1982 LF RCD España 68 31
Honduras Substitutes
20 Claros Juárez, Jorge A., on 46th min. for Garrido 28
150 days
8 January 1986 CM CD Motagua 50 3
17 Najar Rodríguez, Andy A., on 61st min. (60:06) for Chávez 21
83 days
16 March 1993 RM RSC Anderlecht, Belgium 18 1
12 Delgado Zeron, Edder G., on 69th min. (68:15) for Costly 27
199 days
20 November 1986 LF RCD España 27 0
9 Palacios Suazo, Jerry N., on 75th min (74:08) for Bengston 32
25 days
13 May 1982 RF LD Alajuelense, Costa Rica 24 5
6 García, Juan Carlos, on 87th min (86:23) for Espinoza 26
91 days
8 March 1988 LB Wigan Athletic FC, England 36 1
10 Martínez Hernández, Mario R., on 90th+1 min. (90.50) for Izaguirre 24
312 days
30 July 1989 LM RCD España 37 3
result: Honduras 0 England 0
unused substitutes: 1-Luis Lopez, 2-Osman Chavez, 4-Juan Montes, 14-Boniek Garcia, 16-Rony Martinez, 22-Donis Escober.
team notes:  Jerry and WIlson Palacio's are brothers.
Coach Luis Suárez also coached the Ecuador team against England in the 2006 World Cup Finals.
4-4-2 Valladares -
Beckeles, Bernárdez, Figuero, Izaguirre
(Martínez) -
(Najar), Garrido (Claros), W.Palacios, Espinoza (García) -
(J.Palacios), Costly (Delgado).
Averages (Starting XI): Age 29 years 286 days Appearances/Goals 63.7 6.5
oldest opposing XI in 2013-14 most experienced opposing XI in 2013-14


England Team



FIFA (6 June 2014) 10th
EFO ranking Group 1 (3rd)
ELO rating 6th to 7th
Colours: The Nike 2014 away uniform - Red crew necked jerseys with shadowed pinstripes, white shorts with red trim, red socks.
Capt: Steven Gerrard
(36th (38) captaincy (5))
Joe Hart, 46th minute.
Phil Jagielka, 75th minute.
Manager: Roy Hodgson, 66 (9 August 1947), appointed 1 May 2012,
28th match, W 15 - D 10 - L 3 - F 56 - A 23.
England Lineup
1 Hart, C. Joseph J., off 75th min. 27
49 days
19 April 1987 G Manchester City FC 41 29ᵍᵃ
2 Johnson, Glen M. 29
288 days
23 August 1984 RB Liverpool FC 52 1
5 Cahill, Gary J. 28
170 days
19 December 1985 CD Chelsea FC 24 3
Cahill cautioned in the 69th min. for a foul after using Jerry Bengston as leverage to head the ball.
6 Jagielka, Philip N. 31
294 days
17 August 1982 CD Everton FC 26 2
Baines, Leighton J. 28
178 days
11 December 1984 LB Everton FC 24 1
Baines cautioned in the 77th min. for a foul after Jerry Palacios' over-reaction to a Baines' standing challenge.
4 Gerrard, Steven G., off 46th min. 34
8 days
30 May 1980 RDM Liverpool FC 111 21
14 Henderson, Jordan B., off 83rd min 23
355 days
17 June 1990 LDM Liverpool FC 11 0
Lallana, Adam D. 26
28 days
10 May 1988 RM Southampton FC 6 0
Lallana cautioned in the 61st min. for an alleged foul after a high footed challenge that did not touch Espinoza.
10 Rooney, Wayne M., off 46th min. 28
226 days
24 October 1985 AM Manchester United FC 92 38
11 Welbeck, Daniel N.T.M., off 79th min 23
193 days
26 November 1990 LM Manchester United FC 24 8
9 Sturridge, Daniel A. 24
279 days
1 September 1989 CF Liverpool FC 12 4
England Substitutes
7 Wilshere, Jack A.G., on 46th min. for Gerrard 22
157 days
1 January 1992 RDM Arsenal FC 18 11 0
21 Barkley, Ross, on 46th min. for Rooney 20
174 days
5 December 1993 AM Everton FC 6 1 0
22 Forster, Fraser G., on 75th min (74:30) for Hart 26
82 days
17 March 1988 G The Celtic FC, Scotland 2 1 2ᵍᵃ
18 Lambert, Rickie L., on 79th min (78:20) for Welbeck 32
111 days
16 February 1982 LF Liverpool FC 6 3 3
8 Lampard, Frank J., on 83rd min. (82:44) for Henderson 35
352 days
20 June 1978 LDM Chelsea FC 105 88 28
result: Honduras 0 England 0
unused substitutes: 12-Chris Smalling, 13-Ben Foster, 16-Phil Jones, 17-James Milner, 23-Luke Shaw, 24-John Stones, 25-Jon Flanagan.
4-2-3-1 Hart (Forster) -
Johnson, Cahill, Jagielka, Baines -
(Wilshere), Henderson (Lampard) -
Lallana, Rooney
(Barkley), Welbeck (Lambert) -
Averages (Starting XI): Age 27 years 356 days Appearances/Goals 38.5 7.2


    Match Report by Mike Payne

Sometimes, when you watch an England international, you think to yourself, why did I watch that?  This was one of those games.  Quite frankly it was awful! 

Roy Hodgson decided to go with what was almost a first choice eleven for this final 'friendly', but the problem was that it was painfully obvious that the England players were desperate not to receive an injury before the real action starts in a week's time.  That led to, what I call, 'don't pass the ball to me tonight' sort of play, as some of the England players shirked their responsibility.  Unfortunately the Honduras side had but one thought too, and that was to rough England up.  Their over-physical approach was hardly conducive to England's plan for a quiet night.  And then, of course, there was the weather!  With 22 minutes of the match gone the mother of all thunderstorms rolled round the stadium and the referee deemed that the horrendous lightening was a danger to life and limb!  So the play was suspended for a total of 41 minutes.  When the players returned there were more stoppages than there is in a rugby match, as player after player hit the deck with an injury.

As for the actual football, there was very little incident of note.  Most of England's chances were only half-chances and they were all squandered.  Danny Welbeck shot wide, Rooney's free-kick was saved, eventually, and then Welbeck and Rooney messed up after good play by Adam Lallana had set up a half-chance.  Steven Gerrard saw a free-kick blocked and then just before the enforced break Daniel Sturridge had the best chance of the match to date, but just pulled his shot wide of the far post.  At the other end Honduras failed to trouble Joe Hart, although credit to Gary Cahill and Phil Jagielka for matching the physicality of the Central Americans.  The two central defenders certainly didn't shirk their duties, that's for sure!

There is no doubt the break was unsettling, and yet another hiccup to England's build-up to the tournament, but it was the same for both sides and when the game restarted it was Honduras who looked more up for the fight, quite literally.  Emilio Izaguirre was the first in the book for a foul on Sturridge, and he was lucky not to see red for kicking the ball into the Liverpool player's stomach after the free-kick had already been given.  Honduras certainly didn't take any prisoners with their challenges and there was a serious danger to England's players.

Jordan Henderson was one England player who did impress on the night, and he showed tremendous energy as he linked the play with Gerrard.  Henderson combined with Sturridge in one attack, but the ball was cleared.  Before half-time Lallana shot wide and Jagielka had a header easily saved.  Wilson Palacios shot wide following a deflection from the only real chance for Honduras.  The half-time score said it all as neither side looked remotely like scoring apart from that one Sturridge shot that went wide.  Surely the second-half would be better?

After the break Gerrard and Rooney went off and Hodgson sent on Jack Wilshere and Ross Barkley, and immediately the pair injected a little bit of life into the play.  But Victor Bernardez and Brayan Beckeles were both booked after more unfair physical play.  On 53 minutes, a good move down the left ended with Leighton Baines seeing his cross deflected for a corner, and then a minute later a superb burst by Barkley set up Sturridge again, but his attempted lob went well wide.  Sturridge was trying to be a little too clever with his effort when perhaps power might have been the better choice for his shot.  Wilshere and Barkley then combined but a saving tackle stopped the Everton player.  On 59 minutes Welbeck and Lallana also combined in a good attack but Welbeck's shot was saved by the keeper.  Two minutes later Lallana was booked as frustration grew within the England ranks.

There was some sloppy play from England at times, as when Glen Johnson ruined a good attack with some poor control.  The stop-start nature of the match made it a poor spectacle and the referee finally lost his patience after Beckeles went in on Baines with his arm hitting the Everton player first, before the rest of the challenge took him out, a second yellow followed by a red card for the Honduras player.

Worryingly, England had rarely troubled the goalkeeper, and more substitutions from both sides upset all of what little continuity there was left in the play.  Henderson's fine pass almost set up Lallana on 68 minutes, and Baines put in another 'nearly' cross, which came to nothing.  Then, out of the blue, on 73 minutes, England looked certain to score.  Johnson sent over a perfect cross from the right on to the head of Sturridge, but the 'in-form' striker only succeeded in heading the ball well over the bar.  In that one moment the quality of the match was summed up.  The remaining minutes was just a succession of substitutions, fouls, bookings, more fouls and bad-tempered exchanges.  If only they had ended the match when the storm came, because it wasn't a bad game up to that point!   

England now move on to Brazil with the nation's good wishes still very much with them.  Oh, how we all want them to do well!  This match was a necessary evil, but it is gone now and everyone can now focus on the real thing.  As for Honduras, well, if I never see them again it will be too soon!

Steven Gerrard accused Honduras players of committing 'horrific' tackles as tempers flared during England’s final pre-World Cup friendly in Miami, a match which was interrupted for 43 minutes by an electrical storm.
Gerrard was one of several England players subjected to rough treatment, and the captain was furious with Honduras, and American referee Ricardo Salazar, who sent off Brayan Beckeles for two yellow card offences in the second half.
He said: "There were some horrific tackles and we are just relieved there were no injuries. I certainly got one and so did some of the others. The referee was poor. I don't understand a referee who can see a player blast the ball at Daniel Sturridge and not be sent off."
England’s frustration was compounded as Sturridge appeared to be struck by a drink thrown from the crowd. The striker looked angrily at the stands after apparently being sprayed by the liquid thrown from above. Sturridge had missed two clear chances as Roy Hodgson's team failed to record a win ahead of Saturday's Group D opener against Italy.
Hodgson said: "It was one of the most frustrating games I've been involved in." The match was delayed for 43 minutes when Salazar took the players off the field for their own safety as an electrical storm struck. Salazar said he had no choice to but to withdraw the players because of a local rule which stipulates a delay when there is lightning within an eight-mile radius of the stadium.  - Jason Burt, for The Guardian, Sunday, 8 June 2014

Source Notes

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Mike Payne - football historian and contributor